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Whonix is a desktop operating system designed for advanced security and privacy. It realistically addresses attacks while maintaining usability. It makes online anonymity possible via fail-safe, automatic, and desktop-wide use of the Tor network.


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minimal size distro possible? just the browser with few necessary tools, less system resource as requirement

currently whonix takes a large amount of storage over 8 GB and this actually seems small but imagine if what most would be using it for? mainly connecting to Tor browser, maybe few other apps, sothis got me thinkingg what if Whonix creates a trimmed down version which could further benefit systems running on low specs? thank u for ur work as always

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DUG#6+vPub-0xB opensource firmware online Party! Today at 4 PM UTC

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Can you install Firefox with proxy to not get blocked by tor ip

I like whonix but what if I want to do l things like go on eBay and don't want tor ip? Can I install Firefox and use a proxy for this. All I care about is protecting my real ip from leaking for privacy reasons. Whonix Firefox--dedicated proxy --eBay ok for this purpose ?

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Multiple Whonix Gateway

I'm new to whonix/tor. I plan to use Qubes-Whonix and my question is:

Is it more "secure and anonymous" to use multiple Whonix-Workstations on the same Whonix-Gateway or to have one Whonix-Gateway for each of the Whonix-Workstations?

I also have another question: If I use only one whonix-Gateway for several Workstations, will each one have its own circuit of Relays?

Forgive me for the confusion in case I'm saying it in a way that's hard to understand.

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Computer hangs after choosing to install Qubes 4.2.1


I have an HP 650 G1 laptop.

I has an ssd and is setup in UEFI mode. Secure boot is disabled. I already have windows 11 and debian 12.5 installed on the computer.

I'm having alot of problems with installing Qubes-OS. The main issue being that I right after booting to the installer's grub menu, and choosing to install qubes, I just get a black screen.

I've tried following the instructions in the documentation, but those instructions are either not clear or outdated. I can't seem to find the BOOTX64.cfg the instructions are telling me to edit. I grepped the installation media and still couldn't even find any cfg files on the installation media itself.

Some help would be greatly appreciated.

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Portable usable PC setup while traveling as developer and creator

Guys. Software developer. Creator. Traveler.

How to be private on PC?

And still maintain usability

And use a laptop without having most of its performance wasted?

I will have to continuously travel.
I already know all I could find about browser fingerprinting and browser and network setup in general, also the mouse/keystroke fingerprinting thing that as far as I know only kloak tries to prevent. But here I need help for the OS because the OS will be the roots of my setup after the hardware.

From what I know, there are 4 alternatives

  1. Windows. Not private, but secure.
  2. macOS. Not private, but secure (more than Windows?)
  3. Linux. The OS is usually private but there is no sand-boxing so as soon as you install apps, they can fingerprint your device and see also basically everything about the user they're in. Not secure but you can use Kicksecure and that's better.
  4. QubesOS. The one with best privacy potential, and also probably the most secure. But you cannot use GPU, it requires higher hardware resources, and even if you have these higher hardware resources, it will "consume" them compared to the other OSes.

Also, on QubesOS you probably can't manage apps, I think, because you don't have the access and context to do that. So this one is, for me, already a tradeoff. The second biggest one is the lack of GPU use. And the third one is the consume of resources (less battery life, more heat, less performance)

I absolutely need the possibility of being able to enforce policies and manage apps.

I don't think QubesOS can do that?

Also I need to be able to do software development and create/edit photos/videos.

And I need to be able to do this on a portable device (as far as I know a laptop or Mini PC are the only possibilities). Because I will be traveling.
Already thought of using cloud PC (even leaving a PC at home in my country), and using it with a thin client remotely, but I realized latency would be too high.

So, am I right to think that QubesOS isn't right for me?

So, I'm left with the first 3 options.

I care only about privacy because I know that I will be able to manage security.

  1. Windows. Which version? Which privacy settings (no badness enumeration...)? Is there Windows 11 Enterprise and can it be trusted with disabling telemetry (really), was it tested by someone inspecting network traffic? If having the same telemetry as Linux, this would be the best choice for me I think, even if unfortunately macOS laptops are generally better than Windows ones if you want battery life, nice screen, little heat etc, because Apple uses Arm instead of x86/x64...
  2. macOS. I think there is only one "version", right? And it cannot be much customized, or am I wrong? Also, it's closed-source and I won't have privacy in the OS.  
  3. A Linux distro. Privacy-safe OS (no telemetry/spying). I could have security using Kicksecure (modified Debian distro). I don't know which apps would be supported, but I seriously think that I will need Windows anyway for app compatibility in everyday use and work.

Each of these three still have anyway complete lack of privacy between the apps.

As far as I know (tell me if I'm wrong), in these OSes if you have an app installed on an user, it can know anything about that user, and probably even lots of hardware details. If you give admin/root permissions, obviously it can do whatever it wants.

So if for example I install Visual Studio Code or Android Studio (with default settings without preventing telemetry in these individual apps in someway), or some closed-source app, like some app for photo/video editing etc, it will be absolutely able to fingerprint all the things on that user and the device in general, see also other apps data etc.

I cannot block Network access like on GrapheneOS or use multiple profiles and prevent, doing this, IPC and seeing other apps installed.

Now: my threat model is preventing fingerprinting and tracking as much as possible by companies. I don't care about the government because, yeah, I just want to have a life, hopefully a decent life.

So what can I do?

Seriously, which OS and eventual settings would you recommend?

Are Windows and macOS already to be discarded because they are closed-source and have telemetry, spying etc? If so, can Linux at least protect me from OS spying? But: any of these 3 can't do shit regarding to protect an app from spying, right?

An app could take screenshots, generally access the filesystem, see all the running processes on the user, get data from registry keys, get hardware details, and much more right?

Could I use a Linux distro (for example Kicksecure) as Host OS and then an offline Windows VM?

Would the offline Windows VM be usable? (probably many apps need some kind of internet connection?)

Please help. I've been studying for months and now I need to show someone in my life that I'm improving our digital life and not just wasted time. Thank you in advance.

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Probably a dumb question, but i gotta be sure

For whatever reason geforce experience hates and loves me at the same time because i deleted all the files but it still shows up in control panel and stuff. tried about every fix with regedit and all that other stuff and ive resigned to resetting. technically the vms are saved as files right? so if i choose to just erase apps and settings i should be able to reinstall the vm and pick up where i left off right?

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unable to post on forum! (sending msg to mods here), Virtual Box new release gives error 7.0.18


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Issue with virtualbox on ubuntu

Hi all, I had to re-install my whonix on a USB as I had a tor browser not starting error.

I deleted the files on the USB (encrypted hidden partition) and downloaded the whonix file - imported it with virtual-box onto the USB drive, it has installed the gateway and that is working - but there is only a .vdi file in the workstation folder on the USB.

Did I do something wrong?


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Is possible to create a VPN gateway to provide Internet to another VM, akin to whonix but not necessarily strictly over TOR?

So if the title doesn't make any sense at all I was asking GPT four If it was possible to replicate a kind of Whonix tunnel VPN instead of the TOR network, simply use a "gateway" VM that tunnels traffic to a "workstation" VM, and then install a VPN on the gateway. Thoughts?

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Whonix with RDP?

Is this a good way of staying anonymous and undetected? A lot of sites block Tor IPs for spam/abuse and I was wondering if I could do this with a residential RDP to remain undetected using Tor. Any downsides to it? Thanks

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Can't install VirtualBox on Windows

Hi r/Whonix, I have been trying to install VirtualBox, but keep getting this error before I can even run the installer. I'm running Windows 11.

Error message: https://imgur.com/a/V7sRDza

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Why does Whonix Gateway need a display? Shouldn't it be headless since the gateway shouldn't be used for anything else?

I am running both gateway and workstation virtual machines via UTM on a M1 Macbook Pro. I am curious, from a resource perspective, why the default script spins up an UTM image for the gateway with a desktop? Why is there even an option?

PS I know that there is a CLI option but, for whatever reason, I can't get it to start in UTM.

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Webapp hosted inside Whonix

If I have an app installed inside whonix workstation, and I wanted to access it from just inside the workstation, how would that work?

I just want to be able to open the webgui of said app in the browser at or localhost:9443.


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What happened to "speed" of Whonix Tor circuits?

after spending many years i thought to write here about this strange thing where earlier when rest of the projects used to lag behind in terms of network connection speed, today Whonix is lagging and I dont know why! Is it because of new more bloated Firefox or something else.

hope this gets sorted and of course a big thanks to you as always for keeping the project running

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After ubuntu whonix gateway configuration, my onion localhost site stopped working

Hello, I installed Ubuntu via whonix oracle virtual box and created a localhost onion site using nginx in it. My onion site was working fine until I configured the whonix gateway. By manually changing the IPv4 part, the address was, the netmask part was, and the gateway part was I changed the DNS section to But after that, my onion site stopped working. In the torrc file, HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service3/ I have a port as HiddenServicePort 80 Could it be related to this port? Maybe I should have written instead of I tried this but it didn't work. I don't know much about this. So I might be talking nonsense. It's important for me. I would appreciate it if you could help me. Thank you in advance.

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Tor problem

I'm using Whonix, and I've been doing some work on using Tor and anonymity, but I get this error.

(This is what my screen looks like when I open Workstatin. WHAT SHOULD I DO?)



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Find fastest possible TOR circuit?

I'm running a few VMs which rely on TOR, however I want to be able to configure my Whonix gateway to use the fastest TOR circuits possible.

If not, how can I select custom TOR circuits for my Whonix gateway VM?

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Need help simulating Whonix/Tails with Docker

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this is normal? Malicious link.


Could someone explain to me how Whonix works? I'm hosting whonix in a VM, and this is the second time that my antivirus has detected a suspicious website, (even though I'm not accessing anything). Can anyone tell me if this is normal?

• I downloaded whonix and virtualbox from the official website 2 days ago.

• Antivirus: Bitdefender

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Read-only in live issue

Hey, I'm currently having issues with booting Whonix into live mode. For some reason it keeps telling me to change the disk to read-only. I've searched nearly everywhere how to do it and have found nothing. One thing I did try to do was set the disk to immutable and , well, when I did that nothing happened, it still tells me to set the disk as read-only. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Can't figure out what is wrong with my workstation. Im on virtual box on mac. any help is appreciated!!!

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Whonix vm is too slow

Made a whonix custom vm with kvm using the xml in the documentation but it is too slow compared to any other vm. The OS runs too slow and I don't know if it is the xml that slows it down or not. Why is whonix so slow?

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Why image upload doesnt work? Why i cant upload photos to photo sharing places?

11:23 UTC


Blinking underscore


Does anyone know how to fix this issue:

Installed whonix on Intel Mac Boot up gateway Boot up workstation Get a blinking underscore and black screen instead of gui

Any help is appreciated

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Using two computers, one for workstation, one for gateway

I have 2 computers with 4 Gb and 2 Gb of RAM respectively, I can't Run Whonix in one of them since it requires more RAM, but is there a way/technique/tutorial that shows if it's possible to install only the workstation in one computer and use the other computer as the gateway ? How can we configure this ?

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Question on IP Problems

So, I have a VPN and I also have Whonix. I typically run a Windows host machine with a Linux guest on a virtual machine.

Now, I have used a service online that typically limits usage based on your IP address. You can use a VPN like Express VPN with limited success as a workaround. (It works for a bit, but then the website in question catches on and bans your IP.)

So ... I tried to do the same thing with Whonix without using the VPN and the website in question identified my IP immediately.

This makes me question the supposed anonymity offered by Whonix.

Has anyone else experienced this? And what does this say about the privacy claims of Whonix?

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Latest update made the LIVE MODE disappear

I installed the latest update on the Whonix VM and the option to choose live mode on grub is gone now.

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Questions about the ISO Whonix-HOST project


I did read about this project and it seems great, it has the gateway/workstation system advantages + it has the advantages of Tails OS when it comes to anti forensic (amnestic) (please correct me if wrong)

I just wanted to know wether it does only run on the RAM as tails OS does ?

Is Tails OS closer to the live boot or the ISO Whonix Host ?

And also I have one more question, what's the difference between a live ISO on a USB (https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Whonix-Host) and a live boot running on a USB (https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Live_Mode) ?

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