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Pictures taken from the front page of reddit and given context changing titles.


  • Must be a picture taken from the front page of reddit

  • Do not link to the original reddit post in your post, just link to the picture

  • Put a link to the original post in the comments of your post

  • Make the titles believable. Don't just slap ridiculous titles over your posts.

  • Please leave a comment to your post on this subreddit on comments of the original post. Since this subreddit is small now, this will help us grow.


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This subreddit needs moderators. If you’re interested click here

I realize this sub is basically dead. This sub needs mods to take on not only running it but bringing it back from the dead. Finding ways to promote it and get traffic and return it to its former glory!

More info: So the existing mods on this sub are either gone or spread too thin to adequately moderate this sub, so it needs some active members to take the job. It’s pretty straightforward. It is mainly just removing occasional spam, answering modmail questions from users and fixing small occasional post errors, and removing rule breaking content. It’s only a few minutes a day at most.

Modding is a rewarding experience and is fun. Helping to keep a community you enjoy running smoothly is fulfilling, and knowing you’re helping other people enjoy it as well is just awesome.

Previous mod experience not required. The rules are already laid out, so just understand those and the rest isn’t hard to learn. Reddit even has a training site:


My only requirement is that you actually be active on an ongoing basis. Inactivity is why I’m making this post to begin with. It’s really a tiny amount of work so don’t be intimidated BUT PLEASE if you apply make sure you will be available to check the sub regularly, check modmail once a day or so. It really isn’t hard but don’t apply it you’re just gonna disappear.

Just reply to this post to express interest and for added bonus list your favorite thing about this sub and a positive benefit you’ve found here. I will review and add a few within maybe a week or two ish. If you’re selected I’ll notify you by Reddit pm.

Thank you for reading

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Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr

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