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Went to an open mic last night and some random dude started soloing along to me; was I in the right to call him out?


My girlfriend and I are starting an acoustic project (me on guitar and her singing). We have had a few paid gigs so far and are trying to reach out to new venues. We decided to do an open mic last night to get some more live video clips to use in a live compilation we can use when we reach out to new places.

We sign up for the open mic. The host plays 4ish songs then it’s our turn. We play some covers. We start playing “Love Me Like A Man” by Bonnie Raitt. During this, a random person who signed up starts playing/soloing along to us on his acoustic , mind you loudly and poorly. For a second, I thought maybe he was tuning but then I heard some in-tune notes. This went on for about 40 seconds. I stop playing, look at the guy at say “Is it your time right now or is it my time?” He seems high/drunk and says “Oh you guys sound great man.” The audience seems quiet and you could cut the tension with a knife.

He killed the vibe of that song, so we go into our last one. Once we are done and packing up the host comes up to me “Some people get excited and want to play along” which was annoying to say as he didn’t acknowledge that what the guy did (at least in my opinion) was very rude. We leave.

Thoughts? Was I in the right? I don’t care if I burnt a bridge with this venue as it’s kind of a seedy place.

14:18 UTC


Is it possible to pull metal guitar riffs out of rap?

I'm having a lot of hard time completing some of my songs and one thing I like to do is listen to a song I like and has general tones that I want in my song.

For this example I was listening to Cult of Thoth by Ghostemane.

I was trying to think of how to mimic it and spin it my own way but there's only really a melody in the back ground that would be like a slide down the fretboard and then back up. Then I had the thought of somehow transposing the voices into a midi clip and playing whatever came out. Maybe changing it up a bit to be more cohesive.

Have any of you done something similar in the past?

12:41 UTC


Low end troubles

I'm not sure if this is the right subreddit for my question, so if not, could someone please direct me to the appropriate place? Gracias.

I want to mention that I am a hobbyist, not a professional music producer; that is, I am unknowledgeable in many aspects of music in general. What I know is what I've learned from the internet. I work in FL.

Currently, I'm putting the finishing touches on a track. I'm listening to it on my headphones, speakers, phone, and in my car to check if it sounds good. However, I'm encountering a problem: I can't hear the lows, particularly the 808, on my phone nor car. Interestingly, when I listen to a reference track to gauge how the 808 hits on those systems, it's clearly audible. I've tried the following in FL:

  1. Increasing velocities on the midi.
  2. Using FL’s sampler with precomputed effects like Boost and EQ Upwards, and clipping.
  3. EQing the 808 to fit with the instruments. It's worth noting that I have a high pass filter on the instrument bus set at 120 Hz.
  4. Ensuring the 808 and kick are not clashing.
  5. Applying compression/limiting to reduce peaks and increase volume.
  6. Experimenting with parallel processing:
  • Routing the 808 to another mixer track, applying FabFilter’s Volcano 3 to low pass at 40 - 60 Hz, changing the style to tube for even harmonics, drive to maxed, and lower resonance. Then, adding Saturn 2 with warm tube and maxed drive. Following this, another Volcano 3 to high pass at 80 Hz, set to tube, drive maxed, and lower resonance. Finally, blending with the volume fader. I do this to isolated the lows, saturated them, and isolated the saturation.
  • Simply saturating heavily with Saturn 2 and blending with the volume fader.

Any combination of these has been futile. This is why I'm asking in this community for guidance, techniques, enlightenment, and, most importantly, knowledge.

What I haven't tried:

  1. Changing the 808 sample. I prefer to make what I have work, as it already sounds good on other systems.
  2. Exploring other techniques.

I think it's worth noting that when the 808 part plays on those systems, I can just hear the kick clearly.

07:28 UTC


/r/WATMM - Free Talk Friday Weekly Thread

Welcome to the /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers "Free Talk Friday" Thread! Feel free to talk about anything and everything - This is a text-only thread, but otherwise anything goes!

05:01 UTC


How do you guys go about writing albums?

I know there’s no right or wrong answer and really this is about having an open discussion on the topic. It always interests me how people go about their ways of writing music.

When you are at the moment you or your band decide to start working on your next album (or EP) what is your process like? When starting from scratch.

  • Do you have an idea of what you want it to sound like? And write each song catered to the vibe you’re going for?
  • Do you not have any idea how it sounds and will figure it out along the way after you got some songs written?
  • Do you write the exact amount of songs you need for a complete record or do you write a batch of songs and dwindle them down to your top 10-12? (5-7 for EP)
  • How about deadlines? Do you give yourself a deadline to make sure you don’t stay on it for to long? Or do you write for as long as you want?

I’m not looking for advice or tips. Like I said I’m just curious how other artists go about things. And if there’s anything else you want to add about your experiences feel free to!

22:10 UTC


Rules to Follow when Layering Instruments?

I'm still very beginner-intermediate and I'm trying to make industrial at the moment. I want that epic wall of sound and that bands like Rammstein get with the guitars and drums and none of my vst/samples/etc... seem to just do it out the gate (I have the full Komplete 11 from Native Instruments). I've seen lots of tutorials start stacking layers to get that sound with the guitars and kick/snare but not a lot of rules to follow in how they did it (usually you see them drop something they've already tweaked off camera). I'm terrified it's just gonna be a wall of mud in EQ as well as kill my performance while tracking. One of the tutorials even double tracked all the guitars on 3 separate digital guitar amps.

What's your advice on this? How do you go about stacking layers for 1 complete sound? Should I not do something like this with guitars? Is this a sparing thing? Is there some rule like looking at space in frequency to place these added layers?

20:07 UTC


Musescore sounding midi

Does anyone here use musescore to create music compositions the classical way? Do you have any tips on how I can get the scores to sound less MIDI? I have downloaded some different instrument plugins and they sound decent just I can tell that it's very midi

16:18 UTC


/r/WATMM Weekly Gear Thread

Welcome to the /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Gear Thread! This is the place to ask what item, program, or service you should buy or use. It is also a great place to get help using your equipment if you are confused about something you found in the manual or in an online tutorial. This thread is active for one week after it's posted, at which point it is automatically replaced.


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15:00 UTC


Postproduction: How to handle dynamic/volume differences between quiet singers and loud audience applause?

I'm a sound designer by trade and a little embarrassed that I can't figure this out on my own, but I don't have much experience editing recordings of live music.
I volunteered to record an a cappella concert, and set up 4 different pairs of mics and a soloist mic (9 total tracks). Each pair recorded to a different device (nightmare) so I was not monitoring or adjusting gain once the show started. Now dumped into ProTools, the audience applause meters around -10 but jumps up to 0 (it probably clipped when recording). The actual singing, particularly the quieter songs, are much too quiet, some of them metering around -35. One group had only 5 people, and they were VERY quiet.
I'm not sure what my plan should be to work around these volume changes for the two-hour project. I sorta want to put a hard limiter WAY down at -30 and then add 30db of make-up gain, but of course the applause would get squashed flat. Should I duplicate each track, delete all applause on one and delete all singing on the other? That way I could simply have two different strips of effects, and maybe just make a VCA for "applause" moments... it just seems like there should be a more streamlined option. I could automate parameters like compressor/limiter thresholds and/or make-up gain, but again it seems inefficient to do that dozens of times for every track (there was applause not just for songs but also some speechifying and stories between songs).
A twist in all this is that of course there are songs in which the audience applauds right in the middle, after a particularly fun chorus or whatnot.

21:21 UTC


Another "should I use 48Hz or 44.1Hz" post but heard me out

I've been checking the song quality of my reference artists as well as my all-time favorite artists in apple music (which has loseless audio) and all songs are 44.1Hz. 80% are 16bits, about 20% are 24bits.

I've being working in my songs at 48Hz and 24 bits simply because I understood as if 44.1 or 48 "it didn't really matter" with today's technology.

From years now of auto learning, this is the insights I have. Please tell me if this is fake news:

  • 44.1 is the standard for CDs
  • 48 is the standard in video production
  • The difference between 44.1 and 48 is barely noticeable.
  • Downgrading 48 to 44.1 is okey.
  • Upscaling 44.1 to 48 should be evitable but is not the end of the world.
  • If doing timestreching, working at double and then downgrading is the best (recording at 96 but exporting the song at 48)
  • exporting in 16 bits needs dithering
  • exporting in 24 or 32 doesn't need dithering. Also, if working with this, you can't clip in digital domain.

And finally, should I trust those who says "is better to work in 48Hz if you can" ? Even when I see big artists dropping 44.1 songs? Am I missing something?? Who is right?

18:06 UTC


Addictive Drums 2 and ghost notes

I am using my Roland TD1DMK kit as a trigger for Addictive Drums sounds in Mixcraft 10.5

When I barely hit the snare, the sound of it is like I am hitting only maybe 15% softer than my biggest smack of the snare. I am trying to do a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover, Chad Smith loves his ghost notes, the way it is working out makes it sound like I don't know how to play soft.

Anyone know if it's possible to make the drum trigger volumes more dynamic? If I just play off my kit, my snare has 3 volumes, big hit, midhit, and ghost notes. So it does have the sensitivity for it, but Addictive Drums is still registering the soft hits as I would say midhits.

16:37 UTC


Melodyne Exporting Issue

Hello this post is for anyone who uses Melodyne on a vocal of a song that is still in the mixing stage. I have been using Melodyne on a vocal stem and I’ve made all of my adjustments, now when I go to export it the audio file has no Melodyne effect on it but the project still does. I’m using FL and I have tried numerous times to tweak how I export it: exporting just the stem by itself, tweaking export settings, and deleting out of frustration and completely redoing everything over again. I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced something similar and could offer advice?

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15:38 UTC


Could I get away without a PA at a small gig? Guitarist accompanying vocalist


My girlfriend and I might be playing at a small restaurant that is opening this weekend. I play acoustic guitar and she sings.

The room is probably about 600 sq feet. Do you think we could away without a PA for this gig? If worse comes to worse I’ll borrow one from a friend or buy one but I was just curious.

Edit: Seems like I should have something. If worse comes to worse my gf can use the house karaoke speaker and I can just run my acoustic through my Fender Deluxe Reverb.

Edit 2: Thank you all for your replies! I might either rent something from Guitar Center for it or I might pull the trigger and get a Yamaha StagePas 1K or a pair of Yamaha DBR12s with a Yamaha mixer.

14:35 UTC


What method do you use to keep track of your production tasks?

I'm realizing I need to have some kind of log or dashboard to keep track of what I've done, what I need to do next, and where any number of projects stand at the time. I've seen Mike Monday's "music machine" which is Trello based and looks promising. What is your preferred organization system?

To this point, I've just followed my heart and that hasn't led to finishing any recordings.

13:58 UTC


Does playing live help you create better music?

I played with a band in college for a few years and haven't since 2017. I'm curious, has anyone felt a noticeable difference in their quality of songwriting after performing live? Did anything in your songwriting process change after performing live? Different mindset? Goals?


12:58 UTC


What to do if my songs sound too different from each other.?

I have some songs that sound like hiphop, some sound like marching band beats, others like full on electronic music, some hard rock, some ambient. Idk how I would ever go about releasing my music. Do I just start releasing under a certain genre? Then expand from there?

08:40 UTC


Weekly Quick Questions Thread

Welcome to the /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Quick Questions Thread! If you have general questions (e.g. How do I make this specfic sound?), questions with a Yes/No answer, questions that have only one correct answer (e.g. "What kind of cable connects this mic to this interface?") or very open-ended questions (e.g. "Someone tell me what item I want.") then this is the place!

This thread is active for one week after it's posted, at which point it will be automatically replaced.

###Do not post links to promote music in this thread. You can promote your music in the weekly Promotion thread, and you can get feedback in the weekly Feedback thread. Music can only be posted in this thread if you have a question or response about/containing a particular example in someone else's song.

#Other Weekly Threads (most recent at the top):

Questions, comments, suggestions? Hit us up!

08:00 UTC


CLAP Plugins

Is anyone using CLAP format plugins? Is there an advantage to using them over standard VST? It doesn't seem like a lot of vendors are on board. All I could find were less than 100 vendors putting out CLAP plugins.


22:51 UTC


How could I recreate this effect/tone ?

I’m seeking advice on replicating the distinctive drums/percussions sound at the beginning of Eric Serra’s score for The Big Blue. It seems to involve a gated reverb effect, which I’ve attempted without success. Could someone recommend a specific reverb plugin or settings to achieve a similar tone? Should I also incorporate a particular delay effect? Additionally, I’m unsure about the proper setup for sidechaining. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR-IGipxXI8

22:12 UTC


If you could pick only one VST synth to use for all future projects, what would it be?

I am looking to pair down my overwhelming amount of samples and plugins that I use for projects.

I've noticed the choice paradox has really slowed down my ability to make decisions on the fly when in the studio with clients.

I am looking to simplify my workflow and was curious what ya'll consider your go-to VST synth for most projects, whether it be for versatility or sheer sound quality, would love to hear some recommendations!

17:10 UTC


Mastering/dither question

Hey folks, I have a track that is wrapped up and mastered by a pro ready for release. I put it down for a couple years while the band had a mini hiatus, and now that we’re back and ready to release, I notice just the slightest clip at the start of the track. I’m not able to get a hold of my engineer unfortunately, so I’m just wondering if I just add a slight fade myself to the master and re-bounce, will that be enough to fuck with the dithering or cause any issues? I don’t think it will be noticeable, but I’m not finding a whole lot about messing with anything post-production (likely because normally it’s a big no-no). Any thoughts?

15:41 UTC


Guitar signal cutting out when using Behringer UMC204HD and Tonocracy

I prefer to use amp simulators to real amplifiers when playing guitar, as I can get a wider range of tones with amp simulators and can record my practice more easily. However, I'm having a problem with the sustain. I'm currently practicing vibrato exercises using a metronome. I've noticed that the guitar(I have a squire strat) cuts out sharply after it gets under a certain volume. At first I thought it was a guitar issue, however after playing around with turning up the gain on my audio interface, I noticed that I got more sustain(however the signal started distorting very badly). Does anyone have any idea what the underlying issue causing the lack of sustain and what I can do to help get more sustain.


13:16 UTC


/r/WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Collaboration Thread

Welcome to the /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers Weekly Collaboration Thread! If you're looking for help with, or wanting to pitch in on a project, post up your details here. Other threads looking for collaboration will be deleted and redirected here.

This thread is active for one week after it's posted, at which point it is automatically replaced.


  • No feedback requests - use the feedback thread.
  • No promotional posts - No contests, No friend's bands, No facebook pages. Use the promotion thread.

#Other Weekly Threads (most recent at the top):

Questions, comments, suggestions? Hit us up!

08:00 UTC


Is it possible to route a VST output on ableton through the korg monotron delay to use it as an effect?

Basically the title. I've seen people do it with hardware where you route it through as an effect but I was just wondering if this was also possible to do with only ableton synths (MIDI etc) and be able to use the monotron to effect them.

Thank you in advance, been scratching my head about this for a while!

05:59 UTC


Questions about getting some critiques

I have a few songs I’m working on but before I upload anything I just wanted to ask if that’s cool to do on this sub. I’m not close to done with the mixing but the sound is what I’m going for.

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02:20 UTC


I'm trying to make sure my delays are nice and tight using an external sequencer with a DAW

Hey I just want to know that my delays are as tight as possible because i've got a lot of delays going on simultaneously up until the point where it creates a texture by its self. I'm triggering vst notes from an external sequencer which is clocked through ableton link to the DAW and i'm used a bunch of synced delays in the DAW.

Now if i'm using a synced 1/4 delay in the DAW and the midi trigger note from an external sequencer has some jitter and a bit of latency, then this should mean that the 1/4 delay tails are slightly off time in relation to the input source would it not?

I'm testing with a white noise impulse into a short delay and i'm adjusting the latency offset of the external sequencer and i'll be honest I can't actually hear the difference. But when I bounce two versions and have one that is bang on quantized in the DAW and then a second on that is bang on quantised in the DAW but with a time offset I can actually see a micro timing difference in the position of the delay tails in relation to the input source when zooming very far in on the wave form.

Now i'm wondering if i've essentially got a sea of reverbs and delays going on across the whole project then perhaps the cumulative effect of this could create a kind of muddiness in terms of the rhythms, especially when considering the jitter from the midi notes them selves in addition to the latency when the triggers are coming from and external seq.

Because if a synced delay is essentially clocked to your DAW and your input source is slightly offset and varied with latency and jitter then then this should in theory sound less tight in comparison to notes sequenced exclusively from the DAW with out the external sequencer factor and latency and jitter that comes with it. Or does a synced clocked delay reproduce timed delay intervals synced to a 1/4 beat from the initial input signal rather than the DAW clock? Any insights on this? Thanks.

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13:21 UTC


How do you hear yourself without monitoring performing live?

Recently, I started singing songs and playing guitar at a local bar, and found out that I barely can hear myself from the speaker. They've got one big speaker on a tripod, near a small stage for 2-3 people max.

Sometimes I do hear the voice better (when the other instruments and the audience are not particularly loud), sometimes not, but quite often I find myself wondering if the guitar is plugged in to the mixer at all. It goes to the point where I have no idea how good or awful it sounded right after performing, until I get to see some piece of video someone shared to me.

What are your tips? How do you hear yourself, do you learn it as a skill? Of course, I thought of buying in-ear monitors, but I think it would be too much of a hassle for an open mic to plug them into the mixer (if there's a free channel for them at all). The other thing I'm going to do is to start renting a rehearsal room to practice singing with a mixer, speakers and mic, I think that should let me get used to the sound and be better on the stage.

I must say, playing and singing at home or at the park with acoustic guitar is a totally different story, I can hear myself well and the outcome sounds better to me. With the mic and speaker, I sometimes tend to sing off-tone, or with a weird voice (nervousness doesn't make it easier, obviously).

12:14 UTC


How accurate is my iPhone recording of my live vocals with full, loud band

I've been a performing musician a long time but am singing in a band for the first time ever. I'm actively recording our rehearsals iPhone and listening back but no matter how on-note I heard myself in rehearsal, the voice memo playback is like a midsummer's cat orgy set to otherwise engaging post-punk. How much stock should I place in what I'm hearing? Could at least part of the issue be that the tiny iPhone mic picks up limited frequencies, or somesuch? Curious for thoughts on this. Thank you!

In the event that it matters, I am singing baritone over distorted and modulated guitars and live drums in a 10' x 15' room. Mackie Thump PA.

06:40 UTC


How do i learn to leave songs alone

So if its song i remixed in thr past but never finished it or put it out i feel justified redoing it and actually finishing it, but theres this one song i like a lot, but listening back to it now i feel like its still slightly lacking, and i know i could do better now, but ive already done one version, put it out, then re-did it and put that out. Doing it a 3rd times a bit much isnt it? Just i love the song, i feel like theres so much potential with it but i just havent gotten there with it, but i feel like i csn get it there this time. Would doing it a 3rd time be too much? Shluld i just work on new stuff and leave the past in the past?

22:06 UTC


Crackling Issue/CPU spikes with Ableton 12 and ASIO interface drivers

Hey all, I've got a strange issue with audio crackle and brief CPU spikes since the Ableton Live 12 update (not that that's necessarily the cause, it could just be coincidence.) FYI I'm running the following:

Audio Interface: Audient EVO 4
Laptop: Dell Precision 5570 (it's a workstation, computing power is not likely the issue)
OS: Windows 11 Pro, version 23H2
DAW: Ableton 12 Standard, version 12.0.1

Since the update, I get constant audio crackles, and can watch the CPU usage constantly maxing out the realtime "current" CPU meter while running a lenient buffer size of 512 samples in ASIO, which was perfectly fine for Ableton 11.

Here's what I've tried so far:

  • My headphones/interface/cords are all fine, the issue is exclusive to running Ableton with the interface's ASIO drivers specifically
  • Battery settings are on "high performance," checked BIOS too
  • Nothing else is running, plenty of CPU and RAM freed up in Task Manager
  • Updating the process priority of Ableton within Task Manager didn't have much effect
  • Latest firmware on the Audient EVO, and I don't think there's been any complaints about the current version
  • Downloaded LatencyMon to try and track down any troublesome processes; all the worst offenders are standard drivers for windows processes like kernel, TCP/IP, and ACPI (which is suspicious, but I can't really shut that down).
  • (Update) Verified that the Audient drivers work correctly and have not been replaced by Windows.

Here's the kicker: for some reason the CPU loads and crackle vanish whenever LatencyMon is running. I've been using that as my patchwork solution and just been keeping it running in the background, but this is evidently a fixable problem that I just don't know enough about my computer to fix. If one of you nerds knows the permanent solution, I'd be glad to have the help!

18:49 UTC

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