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Victorious is a Nickelodeon sitcom revolving around aspiring singer Tori Vega, portrayed by Victoria Justice, who is accepted into Hollywood Arts, a performing arts high school. While the invitation comes as a surprise, Hollywood Arts might just give Tori her chance to make it shine.

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    I’d sure hate to be stuck as Tori’s character in the episode Sleepover at Sikowitz

    I hate raisin bran.

    15:33 UTC


    Victoria just dropped the best single of her career --- "RAW" --- Go stream and support this Queen 👸

    It's such a bop & deserves to be on the charts

    05:10 UTC


    Victoria Justice - RAW

    04:03 UTC



    Hi! I wanna do a Victorious RP! I'm looking for someone to play Beck Oliver for my oc!

    02:17 UTC


    tori's friends were lowk fake in the ping pong episode

    idk if im the only one who thinks this but i feel like it was pretty fake of tori's friends to not tell/invite her when they hang out after school to mess around. ik jade was the captain of the "ping pong team" and didnt want her knowing abt it but still, i feel like tori's friends shouldve told her abt it and not make her feel excluded. literally all of them were in the team besides tori, who is one of their friends

    Episode - The Great Ping Pong Scam

    23:45 UTC


    Facebook Post...

    Why, Nickelodeon & Dan... Why...

    18:09 UTC


    Jade after Being in Tori's Room

    08:34 UTC


    Wow! I didn't know that they went in this direction for Hollywood Arts in the brand new Victorious reunion show!

    Did anybody else get that? That when Tori, Beck, Jade, Cat, Robbie and Andre were randomly at a restaurant and some random guy went up to them and randomly asked them if they all went to the same high school, Andre randomly said that it turned out HA was fake! That the state ended up doing a big investigation and that it was all just a big money scam and that Sikowitz took all the kids' tuition and went to Vegas!

    Nah just kidding there is of course no Victorious reunion show. But imagine if there was another show that was just like what I said? Man, that would be so annoying if say the older sister of a former Nickelodeon actress who dated Joey Bragg just started randomly writing reunion movies for some reason and did stuff like that!

    06:04 UTC


    Robbie girl or a boy??

    Is Robbie a girl or a boy? Now most people would believe he’s a boy due to his voice body ect. But in multiple instances he was mocked such as in the locked uk episode he was out on the girl side and he asked why and they asked if he wanted to show and he said no. So either he is a bot and just shy or something more is going on???

    05:58 UTC


    How many of guys watched victorious when it aired

    03:35 UTC


    Does Avan do Anything besides take selfies and date Halsey nowadays

    Like i’m sorry but his new life updates and instagram stories are so boring it’s like he just has the app against his will. I follow the whole cast on Instagram and he has been doing the most uninteresting stuff out of the cast. like Leon is posting about the music she’s been producing and his tours, Matt Bennett been doing his teen shows nostalgia tour and posting the videos at his pop up concerts, Ariana Grande’s been launching her makeup brand and the Wicked promo, Liz Gillies was touring with Seth Meyers and still posts about Victorious, Victoria went to Coachella and has been promoting her music as well, Daniella acts the most like an insta adult and then there’s just Avan.

    edit: It wasn’t that deep, My head just hurts

    02:59 UTC


    Y’all remember this scene

    Everybody blames tori for this but don’t blame Daniel for leaning into the kiss.He should’ve backed up because he was dating cat.Tori’s wrong I’m not defending her actions but nobody’s blaming Daniel because he’s wrong too

    01:42 UTC


    Is there a lot of kissing in Victorious

    My 7 year old loved iCarly, then we moved to Drake and Josh, but I didn’t like that Drake was kissing a different girl every episode.

    Is there a lot of kissing going on in victorious ?

    01:15 UTC


    Love Victorious but hate Tori.

    Is this something common? Tori's ego and status is completely undeserved. And even if she stopped beeing so mean in the later seasons i couldn't stop seeing her as the typical rich bully girl. Everyone praises her and respects her in the show but her singing is so boring and repetitve. She's literally the least talented, most generic and egotistical member of the cast.

    01:00 UTC


    Rex being a sentient being?

    Do we all agree that rex was sentient? There was multiple hints to to say it could be true like in Rex dies and in blooptorios he was a person named Christopher cane who played Rex and in the game shakers episode where Rex runs over him. So there is belief to think he's sentient but there is also other signs to think that he's not. What do you think?

    21:51 UTC


    Debate: Andres the only naturally funny main character

    If u think about it, Jade is mean funny, we laugh at her insults and her sayin some dark shit, and Cat is weird funny like says anythin bubbly and strange and it causes laughter, Trina is just a preppy Jade to me plus disgusting a lot, Robbie is Robbie, and I thought Tori was funnier in the later seasons when they made her weirder, and hey Beck’s there!😃

    08:33 UTC


    After watching the Documentary, I'm shocked that Victorious was canceled since Dan was so powerful.

    After watching the "Quiet on Set" doc--- Dan had a ton of power and control at Nickelodeon. He was their golden boy. He could do no wrong.

    All of his series by 2012 had nice finales & ended on Dan's terms. Shows like Drake & Josh, Zoey & iCarly.

    However Victorious was his 1st series to randomly get canceled.

    I'd figure Dan was embarrassed by such a cancelation and he was likely vocal about it towards the Executives.

    Now since Victorious, 2 other of his shows got canceled abruptly. Sam & Cat and Game Shakers.

    With Sam & Cat, we know it was that the cast didn't want to do it anymore & rehearsals become unproductive- with either Jennette or Ariana showing up late etc. Truly can't blame Nickelodeon for canceling it. It was basically self-canceled by the cast.

    The other show, Game Shakers, was canceled in March 2018- right when Dan was fired too. It was "reported" back then that a main reason why Dan left Nickelodeon was due to him being upset about Game Shakers getting canceled and for office space issues.

    So looking back, I assume Dan was really upset about Victorious being canceled. Knowing his power & golden boy status -- some $h!t must have went down for Victorious to be randomly canceled....

    Always thought it was a budget thing... but hit shows make $$. Doesn't really make sense. Maybe Victoria was eager to move on? Maybe the cast was being inappropriate with drinking on/off set (as it's been rumored)

    All I know is... pretty much nothing. But Dan was powerful. Dan was a hit maker. Dan was control. Dan was to be feared.

    And the network STILL canceled our Victorious.

    In 2013, Dan was also active and vocal on Twitter that he really wanted to do a Victorious TV movie. So.. why didn't Nickelodeon grant Dan such a wish?

    04:04 UTC


    Andre's Been Spotted! 👀

    20:36 UTC


    Lip sync

    Do the actors actually sing in the episodes or is it lip syncing with a studio recording. I’ve seen people who say the lip syncing is bad but is it actual lip syncing.

    04:13 UTC


    Tori Singing Her Song for Trina's Birthday

    00:41 UTC


    Your genuine thoughts on Beck?

    I talked about Tori and Jade before, so I’ll do the same with Beck. Out of all the characters in the show, it seems like Beck is the most criticized as of now (aside from the excess anti-Tori backlash that peaked during 2019), such as pointing out how toxic he was to Jade or how he was just bland in general. Now, I know that Bade is like one of those toxic relationships we still love for the drama, but I’m gonna put aside that fiasco for now and focus on his character in general.

    I don’t think he’s necessarily that bland as he’s made out to be. Yeah, he’s not super humorous or iconic as Jade or Andre are, but he has some charismatic vibe going on that I like. I also say the same thing with Freddie Benson; both characters remind me of those iconic spicy attractive white guys from Disney Channel sitcoms, minus Avan being part Indian. Bade aside, he was a pretty wholesome friend with the gang, such as when he took Tori’s persona to do the stunt scene for her, and Cat and Andre for everything. I could especially imagine a cool friendship duo with Freddie.

    I do think Beck has been super underutilized regarding his talents. I know he’s more into the acting perspective, but it doesn’t seem to be as acknowledged as often as the musical and dancing stuff. For the most part he just seemed to be the pretty tall boy with nice hair. I feel that his potential was wasted for the most part in sacrifice for being the focal point of a love triangle between Tori and Jade.

    So what are your general thoughts on Beck?

    19:50 UTC


    How old is everybody in this sub

    I’m 15 turning 16 I watched the show when it was airing when I was young with my older siblings so I was wondering how old was everybody in this sub

    15:25 UTC


    Why Didn't Victorious Become Bad Like iCarly Did?

    So Victorious and iCarly were created by the same person and aired the same time each were still producing new episodes. iCarly for 6 seasons ans Victorious ran for 3 full seasons before both being Cancelled/Ending in 2012. However compared to iCarly, Victorious didn't really become bad when the show was still running. iCarly started to decline after season 3, starting because Gibby and T-Bo became main characters, the show stopped focusing too much on iCarly webshow, the writers made Sam less of a main character, Carly became a punching bag, Spencer's Haircut. Chuck, Lewbert, Mrs Briggs, and Mr Howard were written off, Miranda, Jeannette, Nathan, and Noah were going through puberty so no kids content anymore, Soundtracks and Transition Scenes were changed to a more modern esthetic. You get the jist. So the question stands why didn't Victorious become bad? The only thing that happened in Victorious to make it bad was just Cat acting more of a pet and Tori being more whiney and annoying. I assume it's because the show didn't go far to become bad but iCarly became bad when season 3 started and season 3 of Victorious is the best in the series. So what do you guys think?

    14:32 UTC


    Why did they gaslight tori into thinking that she had "southern" accent?

    In some episodes where jade "imitates" the way tori talks, she seem to be reaching, talking in a southern/country accent and then keeps saying she talks that way after tori repeatedly told her she didn't.

    Even on one occasion the whole gang agrees with jade, telling tori that she does indeed talk like that (and it wasn't even sarcastic).

    I'm just wondering why this is, like, is this some kind of joke? Or is the show just messing with her? I don't get it

    12:17 UTC



    Does anyone know where the original pear phones from the show are now? (Not the replicas or recreations)

    08:40 UTC

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