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Dive at Sedgefield, South Africa

06:45 UTC


Cuddled up

15:01 UTC


Nembrotha lineolata among lollipop coral

f3.2 1/125 ISO250

02:13 UTC


Batfish (Platax teira), Anilao, Philippines, January 2024.

14:17 UTC


Remove backscatter quickly with AI?

Hi fellow photographers!

I haven't updated my process to edit photos in a few years. Surely with all the AI that appeared recently there must be a tool that could clean up photos like that in one click no?

Any recommendations/names would be greatly appreciated!



07:48 UTC


Insta360 ACE Pro or professional iPhone 15 pro Case? (Hobby, Vacation)

Can u help me with the decision..

I can't decide what is better for underwater shots & videos... (hobby, vacation)

Insta360 ACE Pro or iPhone 15 Pro with Log & Red Filter and a Divevolk Case with touch

In all tests in daylight and in bad light, the two perform almost equally.

Bonus for the iPhone: I have 3 focal lengths underwater with me and can switch back and forth between the three lenses

Bonus for ACE Pro: Sensor Larger, Ai-Noise-Reduction, 8K Sensor Tell me your thoughts

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20:19 UTC


Question about camera/strobe combo

Currently I'm shooting with an LX100 and an Olympus UFL-3 and it's a great duo.. sadly the camera is in need of repair and where I live is proving extremely unlikely to be able to get it fixed. I also haven't been able to track down another copy or I would happily gone that route.

So, I'm researching to find what system might be the one to upgrade to instead. Tossing between compact and mirrorless and availability.

I have shot with the RX100 VII but unfortunately the preflash renders the strobe useless. I'd like to avoid swapping to a different one and keep my strobe so I can continue building a full kit, so as long as I find a system that triggers it, it's not even a problem.

I must admit,, I've never been much of a Sony fan but they are widely available around here and considering my current situation, that now is a factor. I've also considered canon 5d IV but it seems the Sony might just be more bang for my buck in terms of tech. I've read that with the Sony trigger, auto TTL is not possible. This I presume means there is no preflash and I can control power directly on my strobe.

Anyone shooting the A7 IV can you give some pros/cons for you personally? Any chance you've used the UFL3 in conjunction?

12:14 UTC


Lost in the shadows beneath the waves.

08:47 UTC


Self Portrait & Animal Spirit

06:40 UTC


Can this be saved?

I'd love to clean up this pic to make it useable. Unfortunately it's not totally focused properly and the flash reflects on the particles. Any ideas? I'd be happy to pay a tenner for it if anyone knows where I can post it to have someone take a stab at it. https://imgur.com/a/i3xDTj1

08:59 UTC


Dive at Sedgefield, South Africa

07:17 UTC


Help with the jump to underwater photography

Hi guys

I have a Sony a7iii with a 85mm and a Tamron 24-70mm. I'm looking into getting a camera housing for surf and possible some scuba diving photography.
What are the basics that I have to have in mind? I know the lenses aren't the best for that purpose.
Any other insights?
I'm from Portugal (to have an ideia for availability of products).

Thank you for your time!

15:21 UTC


Anyone tried video light on Ikelite DS232 (and DS162)

Hi everybody!

Been trying to figure out which strobe to choose.

The price difference isn't this huge if you go up the line, but I see no reviews saying anything about them at all, only mentioning. Ikelite doesn't say anything about CRI, too.

In the manual, I saw that in "On with lite" position it will use the videolight on a low power to imitate the modelling light found on the cheaper models. I wonder if it's really similar or better comparing to DS230/160II modelling light experience.

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12:55 UTC


Submit Your Film to the Underwater Films Category: Kaş International Short Film Festival


Kaş International Short Film Festival welcomes filmmakers and film lovers for the 3rd time to the picturesque Mediterranean town of Turkey, Kaş June 2024. Looking over the endless turquoise Mediterranean Sea, an immersion of culture, art, and nature meets with carefully selected short films in the laid-back atmosphere of Kaş.

Looking over the endless turquoise Mediterranean Sea, an immersion of culture, art, and nature meets with carefully selected short films in the laid-back atmosphere of Kaş, Turkey. Everyone is invited and it is free to join. Kaş has always been an attractive location for filmmakers and artists throughout history, therefore with an international art event, we look forward to boosting Kaş’s already established art scene with great opportunities to mingle and network with international contacts.

Followed by Kaş, selected finalist films will be screened at the extraordinary movie theatre of Kadıköy Sineması in İstanbul, and the winning films will be screened at one and only Karaca Sineması, Izmir. Everyone is invited and the entrance will be free, as always. The festival covers 4-night accommodation, airport transfers, special dinners, cocktails, and closed events for the finalists.

We accept submissions from all around the world, and we especially encourage underwater films to submit for the special underwater film category. Kaş is famous for its bustling and pristine aquatic life, just as the fascinating wrecks or even an underwater archeology park to discover. There's a great interest and awareness for underwater life in this charming town, so it is the right place to promote your underwater productions whether it's fiction or documentary.

- Free Submission
- Max. 20 mins. and any genre is welcome!
- Underwater films produced after the 1st of January 2020 are accepted

Submit your films via: www.filmfreeway.com/KasFF


07:45 UTC


Added a second strobe, us-d2, now pictures are black

Please bear with me as I’m super new to underwater photography. I recently purchased a second strobe, a ys-d2, to compliment my ys-d1 and Olympus tg-6. I will be diving in the morning and went through prepping everything and taking a few test shots. I am using the backscatter settings for wide angle with strobes (Aperture priority, f2.8, flash set to fill in, etc). Well my shots are completely black! I turn the d2 off and just shoot with the d1 and the shots are fine. I’ve tried switching cables between the two and no difference. I’ve confirmed that both are firing, but for some reason the d2 causes the pics to not turn out. I am running both on ttl and am scratching my head. If anyone has any suggestions I’d greatly appreciate it. Cheers.

06:00 UTC


Help with underwater photo color correction!

I’m struggling with getting my underwater photos to have the nice colors that I see online. I followed an online tutorial, which was basically: adjust white balance, adjust HSL (hues, saturation, luminance), adjust color grading, and adjust light + dehaze. I still feel like my images come out weird and not as nice as what I see. I try to start over and over again but something is always slightly off but I can't figure out how to fix it? I’m using Lightroom btw. I’ve attached three attempts and then the original photo at the end. Please help!

I know incorporating lights to my set up is important to achieve what I want, and I’m working towards saving up for a nice set of strobes. I have a Sealife Sea Dragon 2500F light coming in the mail soon and am hoping to start from there.

EDIT: Ugh no idea why Reddit didn’t attach my photos cause I swear I attached them. But here is attempt 1, attempt 2, attempt 3, original

05:49 UTC


Flying with Sardines

00:37 UTC


Getting into underwater photography

So I've taken a huge liking into underwater photography, I have a Canon rebel t7 and some other attachments but what else would I need and what recommendations are there?

16:02 UTC


Weefine WFS07 or Sea&Sea YS-D3

I am just getting started in underwater photography (waiting for the Fujifilm XT30 housing to arrive).

I am considering purchasing 2x WFS07 or 2x YS-D3.

They are both priced similarly but have quite different specs. Weefine is 3-in-1 strobe/video/torch with GN22 where Sea&Sea has GN33 but it is only a strobe.

I am travelling for long periods mostly in South East Asia so compact setup is priority. Initially considered TG-6, but since I already have mirrorless camera, housing for it was a wiser choice. I also like that Weefine uses 18650 batteries so I don’t need to carry another charger.

I don’t care about TTL as my camera doesn’t support it.

Given these points, would it be wise to pick up Weefine as I want to do video as well. I worry that GN22 vs GN33 may be a major difference or I wouldn’t really notice that diving in e.g. Indonesia mostly. Primary focus is photography.

What would you do? 2x strobes and 2x video lights may be too much for me.

02:56 UTC


Sony RX100 in Seafrog Housing + Wide Angle?

Hi everyone,

I have a Sony RX100 (Mark1) and a Seafrog housing. I love taking macro shots and I am very happy with my results. I use 2x Inon S2000 flashes and a 10+ Saga Wetlens. However, I would like to practice some wide angle photography.

With the housing I bought a Seafrog (Meikon?!) correctional dome port. In general it was fine, but I could not get rid of white flash reflections. I thought it was due to the wrong orientation of the lens hood and tried to fix it. Didn't work --> broke it.

TLDR: I would like to take wide angle pictures and would like to have the possibility of split screen shots as well. What would be a suitable upgrade to my RX100 in a Seafrog Housing (M67)?

Thanks a lot for your help ;)

20:06 UTC


Camera Upgrade

I’m looking into saving up for a new camera. I currently have a TG-6 and I absolutely love the macro features! I am wondering if it would be worth upgrading to an Olympus E-M10 IV or if I should look into something that can take me farther. I am very open to suggestions as I probably will be saving for a little while!

Edit: I have been using a pretty good quality video light and have been really liking the results from that. But my first step is definitely going to be getting strobes (and maybe a snoot). I am mostly just wanting to see what people suggest as an upgrade when I am able to afford a better set up as I want to have a goal to save for.

01:38 UTC


Knysna Heads, South Africa

21:32 UTC

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