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TeenTitans Review - Titans Go!

00:14 UTC


THE BATTLE HAS BEEN WON! /r/teentitans is liberated!

Today is a great day fellow titans as we have managed to free this subreddit of the completely lack of seriousness from the former moderators and me and /u/Invoker have been given moderators of this subreddit!

My only question now is, where do you think should we continue with the subreddit, here or /r/teentitans ?

01:10 UTC


Today is a sad day, the day the last episode of Teen Titans, "Things Change" aired on TV

January 16th, 2006, was the day the 13th episode of the 5th season, "Things Change" first aired on TV. It would later officially be the last episode and finale of the whole series.

How did this episode made you feel after watching it?

21:09 UTC


Series Discussion Monday: In which moment do you think the show was subtly hinting at a relationship between the characters?

00:08 UTC


Teen Titans Episode 15: Every Dog Has His Day Discussion Thread

Short summary: Beast Boy is bored and wants to hang out with his friends in whatever activities they're doing but he's not that much wanted. He goes downtown alone and an alien dog that's green bumps into him that's on the loose from his master Sodo. Soto mistakenly takes Beast Boy and the Titans try to bring him back.

Discussion points:

  1. What did you think about the Titans denying Beast Boy to hang out with them? Was it okay or was it unfriendly of them?

  2. What impressions did you have on Soto and his dog?

  3. Why did the dog prefer jumping on Raven and licking only her and not the rest of the Titans? Even more importantly, why didn't the Titans find that strange in the beginning, that it's not typical Beast Boy way of acting, or is it behind the scenes? Hm...

  4. Did you think that the Titans gave Soto too much of a beating after Beast Boy freed himself, they already won even before they kicked his butt?

  5. What was your favorite moment of this episode?

  6. Which character was the most fun watching this episode?

  7. What was your favorite quote said during this episode?

Interesting trivia from teentitans.wikia.com

  • This episode features the only appearance of Soto and his Dog.

  • Soto's Dog was credited as Alien Dog.

  • Soto's dog being intelligent may be a reference to Mister Peabody from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

23:47 UTC


We officially present to you the final look of /r/Teen_Titans!

I would like to thank /u/SpopovabgS so much for helping out tremendously in working with CSS to give this look to the subreddit, if it wasn't for him, this wouldn't be possible, so a huge thanks again for everything, the flairs, the sidebar, the comment section and the thread section. For now, this will be the visual look of this subreddit, if you are having problems with something that needs to be fixed, please say what in the comment section below.

Also wanted to say thank you for all the subscribers, we are 122 at the moment in just 13 days, I don't know for anyone else, but for me this is a success, so thank you all for coming here and having fun with all of us ! We will continue our hard work on this subreddit in the hopes of attracting more and more fans so we can be larger in numbers and have more fun/discussion.

15:31 UTC


Teen Titans Episode 14: How Long is Forever? Discussion Thread

Short summary: It is Blorthag, the friendship festival in Tamaran and Starfire wishes to celebrate with her friends, but they are too busy arguing with eachother which upsets Starfire. They fight a time-travelling villain and Starfire accidentally goes in the future where she finds all the Titans seperated from eachother.

Some discussion points:

  1. Why would Starfire think that her friends would drift apart, especially when they were arguing for silly things, like the Beast Boy's nailclipper or Robin's music being too loud?

  2. If they trully did split up shortly after Starfire vanished, then how did Raven actually manage to defeat Trigon's arrival after she turned eighteen?

  3. What would the reasons for their departure have been, we only saw them arguing for silly things?

  4. What kind of message did this episode have in your opinion?

  5. What was your favorite moment of this episode?

02:16 UTC


Teen Titans Go! Thursday Discussion: What is your favorite episode?

Since the release date for a new episode is until January 27th, I thought we could fill that time gap and give some attention to this series aswell. So what has been your favorite episode of this series?

23:15 UTC


Teen Titans (Comic) Rebirth #3 (Spoilers) Discussion

In this issue:

• A page of each character describing themselves intricately.

• An obvious evil base. You’d think Superman would do a sweep once a week and mark sinister islands for investigation.

• Beast Boy hitting on Starfire.

• Damian with more self-pity.

• Damian suddenly sees those he captured as friends. Reverse Stockholm?

• Kid Flash, somehow still kind of a mystery, getting to know Raven. Here I was worried Damian would steal BB’s soulmate and KF swoops in.

• Beast Boy refers to Damian as a “little bastard” which works two ways.


  1. What are your predictions for the future dynamics between characters? For example, friendships, rivalries, romances, and one sided crushes.

  2. Do you think Damian has the mental stability to lead this team, and if not him, then who?

  3. Was a volcanic island with a skull head a cost effective base of operations or are the Lazarus Pits taking their toll?

  4. Do you think Beast Boy’s jokes hold up to his reputation and the jokes of previous iterations?

  5. The first story leans heavily on Damian’s backstory, who do you think may be the focus of the next story and how would you implement it?

  6. Do I sound too critical of something I enjoyed reading?

  7. If Beast Boy turned into a woodchuck and could chuck wood, how much wood would he chuck? Discuss.

  8. The writer must innovate and separate their stories from those of their predecessors while remaining true to the characters. How would you tell a different story, yet keep the character’s unique voices?

  9. Could you see Starfire and Beast Boy as a couple? If not, why are you a monster that wants to stand in the way of their happiness?

  10. The cover has the villain standing over the dead/dying heroes. Is this cover format overdone, and based on the issues’ content what would you have done differently?

  11. Writer, Benjamin Percy wrote for Batman for a few issues and currently also writes for Green Arrow. Knowing this do you think he will depart from the type of villains those books dealt with to galactic bad guys or demons the team will eventually encounter with Starfire and Raven as members?

  12. Ra’s al Ghul appears surprised at the end of the book by Damien’s surrender. How do you predict he will react?

  13. We hear Mara’s backstory and Raven relay’s the feelings of jealousy the Demon’s Fist feels towards them, do you feel sorry for them, and what outcome would you like to their arc?

16:44 UTC


Will Raven and Beast Boy work out?

According to the new series (TTGo) Raven will break up with Aqua man and Beastie will break up with that earth girl. Is that true with the comics?

03:13 UTC


Series Discussion Monday: Season 1 Recap

Yesterday we wrapped up season 1 of the original Teen Titans series and I have to say for me at least, that I had tons of fun talking with you guys and making these threads. Some episodes were clearly favorites over others in terms of how many people joined the discussions, so for this thread we will be doing a Season 1 Recap in which you will write your own opinion about the topics I'll write down.

  1. What was your favorite episode of season one and why?

  2. What was your most boring episode of season one and why?

  3. What was your favorite moment of season one?

  4. What was your most intense moment of season one?

  5. What was your saddest moment of season one?

  6. What was your funniest moment of season one?

  7. What would you have changed in order to improve the season?

  8. Who was your favorite villain in season one?

  9. Which relationship that was portrayed in season one between two of the Titans was your favorite and why? (i.e Car Trouble - Raven/Cyborg, Nevermore - Beast Boy/Raven, Sisters Robin/Starfire etc.)

  10. Which Titan did you grow to like more from just season one?

  11. How would you rate this season as the opener for The Teen Titans?

  12. Favorite quote said from the characters in season one?

Related Videos on Youtube:

Raven's Best Moments and Funniest Lines from Season One:


Robin and Starfire moments - Season 1


BBRae Moments From Season 1


Teen Titans - funny moments (Season One)


And for last, to close off this Season with a quote from Filip Vukcevic from IGN that reviewed the season that showed to be very true and hit home hard:

"It's clear that Teen Titans is primarily aimed at children, so you're obviously not going to have anything too mature here. However, what you do get is some very focused, funny, and entertaining storytelling from a group of characters that, when they're gone, you'll actually miss."

00:58 UTC


Does anyone have any good mobile links for the Teen Titans comics?

I'm trying to read the New Teen titans and the Teen titans go comics on my android. Does anyone have any good links to these series and a good comic book reader app from the play store. I downloaded a zip file for the Teen titans go comics, downloaded rar, unzipped the file, and it didn't let me read the comic. Please let me know if I did anything wrong in the rar app. Any feedback or answers is much appreciated. Thank you

21:28 UTC


Teen Titans Episode 13 Season 1 Finale: Apprentice Part 2 Discussion Thread

Short summary: Robin now goes on missions for Slade. When the Titans come after Robin, Slade orders him to attack the others. Fearing what will happen to his friends, Robin obeys. When the others finally figure out why Robin has joined Slade, they'll stop at nothing to save their friend.

Discussion points:

  1. What are your thoughts on Robin's arc that this show made? Was it good, was there any room for improvement and what would that improvement had been?

  2. This episode showed the relationship between Slade and Robin while Robin was working under Slade and Slade even went as far as to say he can be like a father to him, why do you think he would want Robin so badly?

  3. Slade had all five of the Titans in his hands and if he wanted he could've destroy them and have Jump City under his control, but he decided against it. Robin mentioned that he will lose his apprentice aswell if he didn't throw away the controller, but surely Slade knew he would lose him anyways no matter what he did? What made him destroy his controller to save Robin and the rest of the Titans?

  4. One question that's related to the whole season since it's the finale, what did you think of this season as being the first opener to the Teen Titans? Would you have changed anything in some of the episodes or would you have put another character's story arc to be first?

  5. What in the name of god would make RAVEN out of all the Titans to suggest having a celebration at the end? Boy did she regret that.

Some interesting trivia from teentitans.wikia.com

  • Half of Slade's face is seen in the shadows in this episode. In the comics, Slade has hair that is white and a beard, but in this episode, Slade is shown to have brown hair and no beard.

  • It is interesting to note that when Slade had the chance to

destroy all 5 of the Teen Titans he refused.

  • Oddly, Raven is the one that suggests having a party at the end of the episode.

  • It is unknown how the other Titans located Slade's lair after discovering that Robin is only working for him to save them.

  • In the comic Wayne Enterprises does not sell weapons due to the CEO being a superhero.

Also, something I found very interesting, Slade implied during these two episodes that he and Robin were quite alike, but it was considered that to be in personality traits, but when Robin broke Slade's mask in half, we can see half of his face in the shadows, but what's interesting we can also see his hair. It was spiky, just like Robin's. It's definitely not something to think about, but it's just a little thing I noticed.

01:53 UTC


What Teen Titans Merchandise do you Own?

Besides comic books are there any other merchandise that you own? I own some Teen Titans Go figures, almost a complete collection of the collectible card game that came out back in 2005 that's based off the original animated series, a Raven funko pop figure, the complete series including Trouble in Tokyo on DVD, a Raven t-shirt I got from Redbubble, two black shirts that have the logo and the entire team on the front, and I almost own all the video games. (I'm just missing the Xbox version of the console game.) I'm missing only two trading cards then my collection will be completed.

00:59 UTC


Link Flairs/Post Tags, Spoiler Tags, and Post Filters Added.

We reached 100+ subscribers! Thank you all so much for supporting the subreddit. :)


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12:07 UTC


What do you think of Teen Titans GO?

IMO it's horrible compared to the original one. It's kind of a shame they rebooted the first one. I kind off loved the story.

09:43 UTC


Create Your Own Live Action Teen Titans Roster

If you are the creator of a Live Action Teen Titans Show, which characters would you add?

Note: They don't need to be from the Arrowverse.

04:42 UTC


Teen Titans Episode 12: Apprentice Part 1 Discussion Thread

Short summary: Slade is at it again. He has the fate of all of Jump City in his hands and Robin is more intimidated to defeat him than ever.

Discussion points:

  1. The first scene was Robin and Slade fighting in the desert in Robin's dream and Slade continues to imply that Robin and him are very much alike. What traits do they both share in your opinion?

  2. What were your thoughts on the team wanting Robin to not interfere anymore with Slade and have him sit the mission out while they try to catch him without Robin?

  3. What did you think about Slade's plan to get Robin to join him the hard way? Could he have done it in a better way to keep Robin loyal to him?

  4. Was it really a good idea to yet again Robin to tell his friends to leave him alone with Slade while they tried to destroy the detonator? I don't see how Beast Boy could've helped in a situation like that, but he could've been a vital factor to helping Robin out and actually defeating Slade 1 on 2?

  5. What was your favorite moment of this episode?

Interesting trivia from teentitans.wikia.com about this episode that you might want to discuss about:

  • The title refers to Slade making Robin his apprentice.

  • When Starfire sneezes Raven says "Gesundheit". It is the German expression for such occasion and means "health". In Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo , it is revealed that Raven speaks German.

  • In Robin's dream when the unmasked "Slade" is revealed to be himself, is a loose parody of The Empire Strikes Back.

  • A section of the fight between Robin and Slade is reminiscent of the first fight between Clark and Bizarro in Smallville.

00:55 UTC


Subreddit Poll about Comics

Hi everyone! It's u/fearlesslydrifting here, working with our lovely moderators.

This subreddit is a celebration of all Teen Titans media, and so as well as holding discussions about the show, our favourite episodes and the current (and upcoming) animated movies, we'll also be holding some discussions about the ongoing comics (Teen Titans and Titans). Since these comics are released monthly (and on the same Wednesday) we wanted to ask if you had any other suggestions on how we should run the comics side!

One of the suggested ideas is a Subreddit Read where we all read and discuss an older Teen Titans comic series! The poll has most of the information about it.

Please complete the poll, even if you're currently not reading any comics/don't have any interest in them, as it'll give us a good idea on how many people are interested in it. The poll will be open until 27th January (although that may change to a later date)

Link for the poll.

Hope you're having a lovely day!

21:46 UTC


Teen Titans Episode 11: Car Trouble Discussion Thread

Short summary: Cyborg has finally finished working on his latest master piece the T-Car, Cyborg is especially proud of his work and even calls it his baby. During it's first test drive it soon gets stolen by two punks named Sammy and Cash. Cyborg will go to great lengths to get it back but it seems that he isn't the only one interested in his "baby".

Discussion points:

  1. Before the T-Car, how did you think the Titans travelled, having only two that can naturally fly?

  2. In the beginning, Raven showed less than zero interest in Cyborg's car and couldn't care less when it got stolen, what do you think made her change her mind to actually go the lengths to even help Cyborg the most to get it back?

  3. What were your impressions firstly on the two punks Sammy and Cash, how do you think they stole the car with all the security measures and what were your impressions on the car chase between Cyborg/Raven and Gizmo?

  4. How do you think this episode portrayed the true relationship between Raven and Cyborg?

  5. What were your favorite moments of this episode?

00:25 UTC


What got you into Teen Titans?

As the title states what made you a fan of the franchise? Was it the comic books, original animated series, or TTG? For me it was the original animated series. I didn't even know about the comic books, until one day in 2004 while I was watching Teen Titans my older cousin told me he used to have some New Teen Titans comic books from the 1980's but they got washed away in a flood... Since 2003 I've been a huge fan. I've branched out and have a few comics from various different years. I'm wanting to collect all the issues of the New Teen Titans as the original animated series is loosely based on those comics.

18:31 UTC


GREG CIPES BIRTHDAY THREAD: What was your favorite Beast Boy moment of all time?

Original, GO! and comics all included!


23:41 UTC


Raven found a friend.

23:54 UTC


What images would you like to see as user flairs?

We are working on adding user flairs, if you have a recommendation for a flair, send the image below!

(Size doesn't matter, I will clear background and resize if needed.)

Edit: For certain scenes from episodes, please provide the episode name so i can find them easier.

Edit2: If you use the current added flairs, please do not add text with the flair, flair text centering is not finished and the text will look really bad.

21:49 UTC


Hypothetical: Based on Geoff Johns' Teen Titans: The Future is Now

In Teen Titans: The Future is Now, the new Teen Titans get stuck in the future and discover their future selves are villains that had defeated the JL and rule half the United States in a militant fashion.

  1. If the show versions of the Teen Titans traveled into the future and found their future selves as bad guys, how would they react?

  2. What would their future selves be like?

  3. What do you think would've made them turn evil?

02:51 UTC


Series Discussion Monday: If you could change something about the characters' story arc, what would it be?

Story arcs:

Robin's Apprentice Part 1 and 2

Cyborg's Titans East Part 1 and 2

Raven's The End Part 1,2 and 3

Beast Boy's Homecoming Part 1,2 and Titans Together

Terra's Aftershock Part 1 and 2

For the sake of it, you can also use your creativity and write your own perfect Starfire story arc if you like.

00:14 UTC


Teen Titans Episode 10: Mad Mod Discussion Thread

Short summary: Mad Mod captures the Titans and tries to brain wash them. The Titans are trapped in a weird virtual world, can they find their way to the real world without being brain washed?

Discussion points:

  1. First time we've met this british villain, Mad Mod. What were you impressions on him?

  2. Out of all the Titans, which one do you think got the worst classroom?

  3. What did you think of the comedic written chase scene in this episode?

  4. Why was Beast-Boy the most prone to being hypnotised in your opinion, when Starfire is just as similar to him personality-wise?

  5. How do you think Mad Mod trapped the Titans, since the episode began after they got captured? (Just speculation, use your creativity.)

  6. What was your favorite moment of this episode?

01:36 UTC


Any fans that want new content, I highly recommend Teen Titans Rebirth

So far, it's damn good. It's not exact, but Beast Boy, Raven and Star are in, Robin is a different ("edgier") version, and cy is in Justice League. But so far, great fucking read, 3 issues are out currently

17:53 UTC


Loved the original show for the drama and funny yet seriousness. How's Go?

I never tried it because it seems too silly. Should I go for it ( pun intended )

08:46 UTC

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