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A place to post anything interesting/beautiful/cool you come across in Google Streetview.

Street View Explorers

To find the link of your street view:

  1. Go into Google Street View

  2. Find a view

  3. Hit the link button on the sidebar (Help)

  4. Copy the link it gives you

If you are using the preview version of the new Google Maps, you can just copy and paste directly from the top bar.

Please make sure you link to Street View, NOT Google Maps.

The link button will generate a link of the exact view you are looking at. To look Google Street View, hit the link button while you're in Google Street View. If you click it while looking at Google Maps it will generate a link to the map.


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is there a ''get to destination'' option on google maps that uses street view?

Hello, inquiring because I'm not sure if this ''feature'' exists or if there's an app/web page that allows this behavior.

What if we could ask for directions on google maps, and then click a preview, then it navigates on street view (at a chosen speed) to the destination. Is that something that already exists?


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Who do you think they voted for

40.28357024451571, -79.36755301190541

I'm on mobile and can post an image.

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My 360 Photos I Took On Maps

here is a link to my youtube short I made of shenanigans on maps street view https://www.youtube.com/shorts/O0G0o3xR5zQ

I am trying to jumpstart my youtube career and a subscribe will be really appriciated

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