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Burton CK Retro 148 insane deal

Ladies... you can pick up a 148 CK Retro for $229.21 + tax. Evo will price match St. Bernard.


use the SNOW10 code. Send that to Evo on price match and they should give you $229!

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03:10 UTC


Bouncing Back after an Injury

Hi lovelys! I wrecked my s**! earlier this year, and tbh it’s my first major injury. My PT said i’ll be good to go for this upcoming ski/ride season, but I have no idea what to expect. My PT also doesn’t ski or ride, so she doesn’t really have any insights.

Does the cold make the place of injury hurt more? Do your joint(s) become stiffer? Did you need to buy new gear to help re-acclimate to the sport?

I’m hopeful to gain a little color on this before the snowboarding season starts. I would greatly appreciate any and all of your thoughts / advice !

19:05 UTC


Missing those powder days something bad rn

Can it be winter again? Seriously guys I'm loosing my sanity without snowboarding 😩

14:04 UTC


What boots to choose?

Hi everyone!

I need your help. I want to buy new boots, but I dont know which ones between Nidecker rift, Ride Karmyn, Ride Hera or something like that.

I ride aprox 34 days a season, enjoy treelines, freeride, groomers and sometimes goofing arround the parks.

I think I'm intermediate rider (still trying to dominate switch riding). My board is a lovely Moonchild and bindings Union Rosa.

Thansk for you help in advance!


16:44 UTC


What bindings should I get?!

Hey friends! I've been riding for a long time but took a decent break in the middle because of knee injuries. This year, my partner and I finally got out for 25+ days this season and have our Epic passes ready for next season. I've upgraded to a 145 Jones Dream Weaver but haven't settled on bindings yet! I mostly ride powder/trees and groomers but may start trying the park again. I currently am riding in 10+ year old Burton Lexa's- they're so ancient I don't even know what I need out of bindings these days.

Any ideas?

03:07 UTC


Boarder Babes Unite!

I've been looking for cute stickers/ decals that celebrate girl snowboarders but I only found a few so I decided to make one and they just arrived!

availablehere if you want one ^^

01:08 UTC



Hiya! I’m looking for an all black bib with a drop seat. Did some googling but didn’t see any I was super into

I looove the Dope Snow Tigress pants bc they are fitted and slightly flared. They are also very black with no other colors. I wish they had drop seats :(

Any recs?

18:30 UTC


Any ladies ride a Season Forma or stiff swallowtail board?

Hi ladies! I just got a great deal on a 144 Season Forma and am excited to use it as my second board next year. Does anyone here ride a stiffer unisex board?

I’m worried I won’t be strong enough to control the board… most of the reviews I’ve seen are from larger men riding the bigger sizes of the board and they mention it takes a lot of focus to ride without catching an edge. I’m 5’7” 150lb and currently ride a 150cm Arbor Veda which I love, but I’m excited to push myself with a board that will theoretically let me go way faster without the chatter. Anyone have advice for training to ride on a stiffer swallowtail board next year?

18:42 UTC


Petite Snowboard Recommendations

With all of the off season deals around, I've been looking to buy a snowboard that does better in powder. Currently I have a Marhar Jade 144 that I would keep as my twin board. I'm looking for something with more float and directional. The jade is pretty narrow and just feels like I'm always sinking in powder. I was looking at the Ride Peace Seeker because the 138 is on super good discount right now at Evo, but I want to get some more opinions.

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 90lb

Boot size: 6

Location: Rockies

Skill/riding: Blue/Black groomers, trees, bowls, freeride/all-mountain

Edit: mobile formatting

16:38 UTC


High Cascade Snowboard Camp

Has anyone been to the adult camps? I have never been but always think about it after the season ends!!

21:59 UTC


What size board for weight and height?

Hey yall! I’m pretty new to snowboarding I’ve gone a few times and I’m really enjoying it! I’m looking to buy a board instead of renting again but I’m having a hard time figuring out a good size for me!

I am 5’5 and more midsize at 200 lbs
shoe size 8.5

My first rental I was given a 155 And my second rental was 145 I think?? Both felt fine! Looking at other threads are making me think those might be too small for my size so I need some help!

Any recommendations would help a ton !

20:04 UTC


Any board recommendations for charging down mountain?

Hi there! basically the title! looking for a board recs - something that can really handle charging down the mountain!!! currently ride a bataleon push-up and though i really love the board want something that feels less chattery when going fast. Thank you in advance for any help!

16:13 UTC


Got to do a pond skim this year!

🎥:@breannakaylanna on Insta

13:09 UTC


Bindings (+boot) recs for bataleon thunderstorm?

Just picked up a bataleon thunderstorm at 40% off, what bindings and boots would y'all recommend for it? I'm fully replacing my current craigslist setup (2007 burton air 148 board, similarly aged bindings and boots). I've been eyeing the nidecker supermatics/other step-in bindings since I mostly ride with skiers, but also would love to hear recs for standard bindings. I don't really want the burton step-ons since it seriously limits my boot choice. I ride < 7 days in a season, so mostly looking for gear that'll let me have fun while casually learning to ride more aggro.

height: 5'4
weight: 140lb
location: ice coast (yes, I know 3bt and ice blah blah I'm willing to give it a try lol)
board: bataleon thunderstorm 152N
boot size: 23.5? (womens size 6.5/mens size 5)
riding preferences: blue/black groomers, looking to learn carving, moguls, and trees, spend like 2% of my time in the park

x-posting here since I'd like some opinions on female-specific gear if this looks familiar :) I think my top contenders right now are the nidecker supermatics and union forces, have y'all had any issues with using men's bindings/actually found women's bindings to fit better for you?

Happy to provide more info, and thanks for the help!

01:16 UTC




09:34 UTC


How can I tell if my boots are too big for my board? Finally got boots that fit correctly and I'm not sure about the overhang

18:08 UTC


Anything I need to know about bindings before buying? (looking at burton Lexa)

My only personal requirements are adjustable highbacks, normal 4x4 discs and cap toe strap. Otherwise I don’t feel any difference and so I didn’t do any research. For my previous bindings I just bought what shop assistant suggested (Rome Shift for an inexpensive beginner setup).

My boots are nitro crown in EU39/US W6. Flex is 5 or 6. I didn’t set on the board yet, but I’ve got a shortlist and it’s going to be 6 or 7.

Burton Lexa seem to be popular, easy to find, they have matching and overall quite universal flex and my boot size is well in the middle, so they should fit well and also any potential new boots as well.

Is there anything about these bindings in particular that I need to know, or about choosing bindings in general that I don’t take into consideration?

10:24 UTC


How to find local girl gang

I’ve been getting back into longboarding and want to find other girls in my area to ride with. Im not big on social media but I’ve looked around a little and haven’t found any local groups. I follow grlswirl on insta and wish so badly I lived near where they do meet ups! Does anyone know of any ways to connect with other girls the longboard or skate? Thanks 😊

18:53 UTC


Jones flagship vs Stratos

Hey. I'm looking for an upgrade from my jones dream catcher. I love it so much, floats like a dream in powder, but I definitely need something that can handle more speed, and that is more stable though ice and chunder. I can't decide between the flagship and the stratos though. My favorite terrain is powder and trees. I worry the flag ship might not be as good for trees, but maybe better for powder? I like to carve hard on groomers, but also like to slow it down and be playful. I like small jumps and to ride a bit of switch (but I will be getting a true twin also)

Any help would be so appreciated!!! Thanks :)

16:29 UTC


Few of my boards this season.

14:27 UTC


Rossignol diva

Has anyone tried the rossignol diva? I'm super interested in it, but can't find many reviews. I'm looking for a twin board that's fun, but that can also handle ice, speed, and chunder. I'm also interested in the salomon rumble fish and jones airheart, but I like that the rossi is a true twin. Thanks 😊

00:44 UTC


You helped me pick a board - now I need bindings!!

My current setup is VERY old and I am looking to score some end of season sale deals if possible to be ready for next year. After much great advice on here and lots of internet research my new Yes Hel Yes 146 is sitting here in my room!

Now, I need new bindings. I actually have been riding old old old Flows all this time and honestly liked them a lot, but it’s been a LONG time since I rode traditional bindings. Honestly, I’m 46 with 3 elementary school aged kids learning to board, so there’s a lot of up and down and in and out and I feel like traditional bindings might drive me nuts - and I’m East Coast so lots of shorter runs.

I’m debating new Flows - I know they aren’t for everyone, but I also know people that like them. They’re polarizing for sure. I really thought Burton step-ins would be my thing, but I demo’d a pair and while I really liked them, there is a serious design flaw where if your pants slip out of the clip in the back of the boot they can get stuck in the bindings and it’s hellish to get them undone. Yes, that’s what happened, it was brutal. So I’m not going with those - it will either be new Flows or traditional bindings. So…

  1. Anyone here ride newer Flows? I was eyeing the Omni Fusions.

  2. Probably most of you don’t - recommendations for great all around bindings, budget not an issue? I don’t do park, I like cruising groomers for the most part, intermediate or slightly to the advanced side of intermediate, occasional trips out west but mostly east coast riding. Was looking at the Union Legacy or Burton Escapade maybe?

ETA: Also looking at Now Conda after reading it’s a great fit with this board…

21:16 UTC


New board advice

Hi girls! I'm looking for a new all mountain board for myself. I currently have a burton feather as my learner board which I've had for 4 seasons and a jones hovercraft which I love but looking for something I can also learn some tricks and jumps on. Currently can do small jump lines on my burton, but I don't love riding it over all mountain anymore because it feels too slow/chatter at speeds. I like to bomb down blues and want something stable at speed like the hovercraft but less directional that I can jump with too. Grip and edge hold on ice is important too as most of my riding is in Australia which can get icy. A couple I'm looking at is the yes hel yes, yes rival and BOAF. I'm not sure if the rival is too much park board for me though? And I like the sound of BOAF but maybe not fast enough for what I want? The best reviews I can find are for the hel yes

07:33 UTC


Bought a new snowboard

Half a winter I have been thinking buying a new snowboard. Begin to get info about different boards and watched many reviews on them. Tried to look second hand, but for around 142cm women’s board selection was very limited (also old & very used). So finally today bought a Nitro Mercy 142cm on sale. Sadly no snow anymore, so can’t get it tested, but next season then.

Other boards that was in my possibly purchase list were Jones Dream Weaver, Rome muse, Capita Birds of a feather and Yes women’s basic. It would been nice to get demo different boards, but no chance for that. Have you snatched or looking something from spring/season end sale?

10:44 UTC


Looking for affordable and cool jacket and snowpants

Had to trash my torn-up Patagonias and need a new snow jacket and pants. Now is sale season so trying to capitalize. I used to get all my jackets from Zumiez (typically Aperture Brand) because they looked cool and had fun designs, but once I had some income and was riding more frequently, I got an expensive Patagonia set. However, both the jacket and pants got tears and rips almost immediately (that the company said it couldn't fix), and I learned that it's pointless to pay extra for the fancy brands. So I want to go back to a jacket that is stylish and functional, but also affordable. I like colors and patterns, not really into monochrome unless I find cool pants to match. Went to my local Zumiez and they have zero snow gear. Any suggestions for brands or websites where I can shop? (Looking for a full set for under $500, ideally ~$350)

22:00 UTC


In honor of the uninvited invitational being this weekend

20:51 UTC


Strava club?

Are there snowboarding strava clubs/groups? Should we create one?

Give me a feel with up/downvotes and I’ll update this post with a link if the crowd is up for it.

05:18 UTC

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