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News on shark attacks across the world. This subreddit is not intended to spread fear about sharks but to document and explore the realities of most shark attacks as cases of mistaken identity.

Welcome to r/shark_attacks. This is a work in progress to document & discuss the facts of shark attacks around the world. Stay tuned for more!

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Sharks, the predators are always afraid of dolphins when they swim underwater!

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Killer whales chase huge White Shark

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I'm back!

Had a computer blowout. Will try to post links from mobile. Thanks to those of you who stuck with the sub!

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Wall St. Journal Article: Cape Cod Study Finds No Easy Way to Stop Shark Attacks

Cape Cod Study Finds No Easy Way to Stop Shark Attacks. Excerpts:

A new study considered everything from kelp-forest barriers to seal contraception to ward off sharks along Cape Cod’s beaches but found no magic-bullet method for guaranteeing public safety.

Instead, the study, which several local towns helped launch after a deadly shark attack last year, amplified a message Cape Codders have already had to digest: the only way to completely avoid sharks is to stay on dry land. The report from Woods Hole Group Inc. found some potential utility in methods like buoys to detect tagged sharks, but also warned that merely spotting sharks swimming near people may not reduce attacks.

“Modifying human behavior may be the most effective form of mitigating shark-human interaction,” said the 192-page study, which Cape Cod officials were set to release early Wednesday...

The expectation of stopping all shark attacks, "guaranteeing public safety," is unreasonable, and has always been. The nations/communities that have engaged in culling sharks for public safety realize some attacks will occur. Their objective: to reduce the number of attacks, to bring about a tolerable level of shark attack.

What is a tolerable level? Something each community has to decide for itself. The shark attack level on Reunion Island from 2011 - 2017, 23 attacks, 9 dead would qualify as intolerable, in some people's mind.

Reunion has taken a variety of measures, including killing sharks. This video chronicles Reunion's shark attack situation. The island has culled 70 bull sharks.

This video, Great White Lies, is broadly critical of culling. There as been an impasse over the effectiveness of culling for at least 25 years; the debate started in earnest in 1994 when Hawaii scientists published their no measurable effects paper.

Cape Cod, which has a rising great white population, is very early in its experiences with sharks. Cape Cod will have to see how the situation evolves in coming years.

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Hawaii disappearance at sea a shark attack?

Police: Missing diver’s recovered clothing had damage consistent with shark bites. Excerpts:

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Authorities say recovered clothing that belonged to a diver missing off the Big Island had damage consistent with shark bites. The news comes a week after 45-year-old Alan Delatorre, of Kailua-Kona, went out for a solo night dive and failed to return.

Hawaii Fire Department divers found his clothing and diving equipment in waters off Kailua-Kona, but there was no sign of Delatorre.

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