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/r/secretsanta and Reddit Gifts were started in 2009 to provide a Secret Santa exchange for the Reddit community. On January 24, 2022, Redditgifts was officially closed and we are no longer running exchanges. LONG LIVE REDDITGIFTS!

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/r/secretsanta and Reddit Gifts were started in 2009 to provide a Secret Santa exchange for the Reddit community. On January 24, 2022, Redditgifts was officially closed and we are no longer running exchanges. You can read more about this decision in the announcement post here. LONG LIVE REDDITGIFTS!


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  3. Asking for one-on-one exchanges outside of redditgifts.
  4. Offering to send a gift to someone who wasn't matched or who didn't get a gift.
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    Pride Day 2024

    1 Comment
    10:16 UTC


    Getting back into it...Any other Aussies??

    So I recently joined GivinGifts. I was lucky to find out I could transfer my points from RedditGifts to GivinGifts, which is a lot, and also joined as premium. Anyway, I have had 2 now, and didn't get anything in reply. Both were Domestic. Then I was like okay, so I signed up as International-->Worldwide and got no match. Am I not doing something right? I think there may be only one other Aussie at GivinGifts. Really need to increase the traffic of GivinGifts I think. Maybe a whole subreddit? There is also a lot of user exchanges which means the different exchanges are spread thin which reduces mass participation. Oh I used to love making amazing packages with tissue paper and wrapping mini presents and fun things. And now it's like...what's the point.

    04:22 UTC


    Bring back arbitrary day!

    14:24 UTC


    /r/givingifts is currently doing an Anime & Manga themed secret santa exchange. Signups are open until March 16.

    11:50 UTC


    My favorite gift I got back in 2018. Trying to find the artist for it, since I want to buy more art from him

    I absolutely loved the art style but couldn't read their signature and lost the card in a move too.

    22:20 UTC


    Giving gifts is a hit or miss

    I really miss reddit secret Santa. This giving gifts is hit or miss. Nor the original Santa or the rematch Santa are serious about sending gifts. Same with imgur.

    03:34 UTC


    Missing redditsecretsanta

    So I missing Reddit secret Santa… I found it after my husband passed away and it was a fun way to get a surprise gift during the holidays.

    13:04 UTC


    Alternative gift exchange

    I’m participating in the givin gifts exchange! Similar to the old one


    1 Comment
    21:08 UTC


    Will it ever come back?

    Christmas isnt a good time for me. And it got me through!

    16:51 UTC


    Remembering Reddit Secret Santa 2017 one of my many gifts was a home made paper flower. To this day still hangs in my kitchen.

    01:28 UTC


    I miss Reddits secret santa

    Not sure if I tagged the right r/

    05:05 UTC


    Can We Bring it back!?

    14:13 UTC


    I accidentally sent something to old exchanger 0 can I find info?

    It turns out that the last address I had in lego.com was for an exchange and I didn't notice. I need to contact them to get my legos back... how can I see my old exchanges?

    17:35 UTC


    Gift Exchange

    My son and I used to do a Reddit gift exchange...years back...was wonder if this is still something hat happens on here? Or does anyone have a site that does this type of thing?

    16:26 UTC


    Time to bring it back

    Came here to sign up and saw the bad news. I would love to send someone random a gift and make them smile.

    Edit, thank you for the advice. Happy to see this is still a kind and helpful community

    14:29 UTC


    Any Secret Santa Exchanges that still have open registration?

    I'm looking for any secret Santa exchanges that the registration hasn't closed on. I signed up for the Imgur one (registration closes tomorrow November 30) but I'm curious if there are any others.

    11:26 UTC


    Met for the first time IRL

    My first giftee ( u/detroittoatlanta ) and I finally got to meet in real life last night; we were supposed to meet two years ago, but I had some pregnancy complications and ended up bedridden and we couldn’t meet, but last night we finally got to have dinner and catch up in person! Forever grateful for the matching algorithm that selected her for me. She has been an amazing and supportive friend. Always so thoughtful and I love just being able to check in and vent about the world and share jokes, memes and many insta reels! To think our friendship all started here just is one of those amazing stories that this community made possible✨❤️

    18:54 UTC


    A gift exchange led me to one of my most cherished friends.

    Hi everyone! Like many of you, I miss the exchanges so much. It was such a positive time in a really dark place in my life and I will be forever thankful.

    In one of the small exchanges 11 summers ago, I was matched with one of the sweetest souls I have ever met. We ended up connecting after the exchange and stayed great friends after. She was a confidant during my first pregnancy, helped me through family struggles, and was just a constant friend that I will truly cherish forever. She knitted gifts for my babies, wrote letters monthly, called weekly, and truly became a part of my family.

    I flew across the country and attended her funeral today. It was gut wrenching, but I’m truly so thankful for this sub. It connected me with one of my sweetest friends, nearly 3,000 miles away. It was incredible to see what a beautiful life she lived. Her sweet children were so kind and asked that I pass on the sentiment that this sub brought her so much joy. Even in her 70s, she loved Reddit and participated in as many exchanges as she could.

    Anyway, now I’m crying and navigating a phase of grief I’m not sure how to process just yet.

    To my favorite penpal, I will miss you forever. xoxo

    02:20 UTC


    Has anyone done the Imgur Secret Santa?

    Imgur seems less of a community than Reddit but it does have a wide user base. Not sure how many people participate in that. Just wondering if it is a worthwhile alternative to Reddit Gifts

    21:23 UTC


    is there any alternative to redditgifts?

    I really loved redditgifts, it was even the reason I started to use reddit.

    is there any alternative to it? also possible outside reddit.

    23:02 UTC


    Still time to sign up for the gift exchange!

    A few years ago after reddit secret santa stopped... The members came up with a new one. I have participated every year and it's lot's of fun!

    It's not as big as reddits secret santa was but it could be! I'm hoping by spreading the word that more people will join in! You can sign up below.


    00:08 UTC



    I didn’t realize RSS shut down… I came to get ready to this year and am so sad that they stopped in 2022.. why?? I had so many good memories and was excited to do it again. Last year & the yr before were my only times skipping secret Santa , I was on a social media break for a couple years so I wasn’t aware..

    What was the reason for shutting down Reddit Secret Santa? :(

    14:23 UTC


    Miss you guys :((

    I'm in my last year of college and I can recall being so excited to sign up for it as a freshmen. The anticipation of getting your info pulled, checking the timeline and thinking every gift going to your state were for you, and then seeing the email that your gift shipped, but also getting the perfect gift for your giftee, figuring out out to send a package (lol), and then seeing your giftee post with excitement... It's just not the same anymore :(

    22:07 UTC


    It's that time of year again, the Happy Holidays exchange is back!

    Since we launched in September 2021, Givin Gifts has come a long way. We were founded by a community of like-minded people in 2021 after it was announced that Reddit would be sunsetting Reddit Gifts at the end of the year; and we haven't looked back since.

    Since launching - we've facilitated over a million dollars worth of gifts being sent, with an average value of a little over $36. There's over 27,000 posts in our gallery; and we've hosted 700 exchanges (123 official, 577 user).

    This year marks our third Happy Holidays exchange, and we're hoping that people have as much fun as they've had in previous years. Why not come and join us?


    16:33 UTC


    Missing Reddit Secret Santa? Head on Over to Givin' Gifts!

    Hi everybody! Just a reminder that the amazing folks over at r/givingifts have taken on Secret Santa, and signups for 2023's exchange just opened up today! So if you're interested in participating, head on over!

    21:30 UTC


    Halloween Card Exchange

    If anyone is craving a small exchange r/givingifts is doing a Halloween card exchange under user exchanges. I haven't been the happiest with givingifts but feel a need to do something little and this is perfect. Cause I love Halloween!!

    00:51 UTC


    I miss our Secret Santa

    It meant so much fun for this older lady. Secret Santa, you are missed along with you brothers Reddit Gift Days. Their Great Moderators did a wonderful job and I imagine doing all the behind the scenes work became overwhelming and unwieldy for the volunteers. But I still miss Secret Santa to this day and imagine I always will.

    02:50 UTC


    Confessions of a very shamed man

    A long time ago, like 2017-2018, I made a reddit account (cannot remember the email or password) and just signed up for secret santa. I got free protein powder and gave nothing for it. If you were that person, it wouldn't even matter anymore since I moved halfway across the continent a couple years afterwards. But I am sorry. I was a kid at the time just exploring the internet and doing random shit.

    00:30 UTC


    Missing Reddit Gifts like I am? A new Secret Santa/gift exchange alternative has appeared! <3

    Hey r/SecretSanta!

    My name is Greg, and you may already know who I am. I previously worked for Reddit, and actually ran Reddit Gifts for several years, from around 2015 to 2021! You may remember me as u/bluepinkblack :)

    These days, I’ve been teaming up with an awesome new team at Throne.com—a wishlist site for online creators— whose co-founders were HUGE fans of Reddit Gifts, and were absolutely crushed when RG shut down two years ago.

    So crushed, that when they launched Throne, they decided the world needed a new place for Gift Exchanges as well. Cue my entrance music!

    This year, Throne has launched a Gift Exchange platform that is similar to Reddit Gifts in many ways. There are a few differences compared to what you may have been accustomed to, but the mechanics and thoughtfulness is here, and it’s been exciting to participate! One huge addition that is different than Reddit Gifts…?

    Deposit based participation! Meaning, a 100% gift guarantee. In order to sign up and participate in any exchange, a deposit is required at signup (which is used to purchase your giftee’s gift online). This is a major element which eliminates the necessity for rematching—i.e., there is no rematching, everyone is guaranteed a gift when participating on Throne!

    Themed exchanges, like Halloween, Snacks, Plushies, and more are all here (and open now for signups!) And of course, the big one later this year:

    Throne Secret Santa! That’s right, a brand new Secret Santa exchange is available for participation, and we would love for you to join us! <3

    Items that we’re currently working on:

    • Updated and functional profile pages for each user

    • A ‘Thank You’ page where users can return to thank their Santa’s for their gifts

    • A rating system for gifts that allows good gift givers to be matched in the future with fellow good gifters

    • A robust Discord server for gift givers around the world to hang out

    So if you miss gift giving (as I know I do), then come check us out over at Throne for our latest batch of exchanges, and get ready for Secret Santa landing later this year!

    16:32 UTC

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