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Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.


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Operation SISO 6 - Mes Sea Rescue

Check out this great video highlighting the successes of Operation SISO 6:


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IUU Patrols off Gabon 2022

🇬🇦This is a shot from our drone operator while we were conducting a boarding/inspection of a fishing vessel within Gabonese waters. Gabon is leading the way for ocean conservation in West Africa, setting up marine parks and continuing its partnership with Sea Shepherd to keep illegal fishing vessels out of their territories. Due to our activities, 10+ vessels have been arrested, many more inspected, and many many more have avoided Gabonese waters all together. 😎🤙🏴‍☠️

PC: Sea Shepherd

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Éviction illégale de Paul Watson et Lamya Essemlali : l’audience du 8 Novembre 2023

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The mighty AK 💪🏴‍☠️

This is the “replacement” (can’t truly replace the legendary Bob) for the Bob Barker in the Sea Shepherd Global Fleet. An ex-fishing vessel turned ocean conservation/anti-poaching vessel. I worked several months on this ship and I have to say it’s my favorite in the fleet. An excellent addition with one campaign under its belt and many more to come. Excited to see the future this ship creates 😎🤙

What’s your favorite ship in the fleet?

23:10 UTC


The Mighty Bob

Felt it would be cool to share this photo of the Bob Barker from when we were in Gibraltar. At the time, I was finishing up a 7 month stint on this vessel doing IUU patrols in West Africa. Loved this ship, very homey and the history involved in the vessel is incredible.

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New look, Old name

Okay so lets take this page back to Sea Shepherd and its supporters.

We will be working on a Neptunes Pirates page that you can support if you wish.

If you have questions please ask.

Lets hope Sea Shepherd becomes bigger and better for the Oceans.

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Sea Shepherd International Donations

Hello, I have a small hobby store in which I make jewellery, decorations, and table-top figures. As a part of my business I always donate 10% of an items cost to one of six charities; One of which being Sea Shepherd International.

I am writing here because I am uncertain at the moment, after reading a few posts in this subreddit, what has actually happened and what my customers are currently donating towards.

I know that SS and the Captain split, because SS wants to observe and work more scientifically, whilst the Captain prefers a more direct hands-on approach to stop illegal whaling and the like.

My dilemma is that I don't know what the money really goes towards, or how I should explain it to customers whom are interested in helping. I've seen fancy photos and such on the SS Instagram, but what is really being accomplished?

To be honest, I'd like a direct approach alternative to "just" another office text compiling photo-dump.

Please help me understand the nuances.

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Why is this a Sea Shepherd Reddit if the admins are negatively biased against Sea Shepherd?


Long term Sea Shepherd crew member here. Came here to join some like-minded individuals and support the Sea Shepherd movement/campaigns but it seems you can’t discuss their campaigns without getting bashed for no good reason.

I would encourage anyone here to actually provide a decent reason as to why Sea Shepherd deserves that? Are you here for the oceans or just here for the drama/what you see on TV?

Sea Shepherd has been an amazing movement and continues to be an amazing movement with campaigns that help conserve/defend our oceans, their habitats, and the marine life within. In no way am I saying you should only support this movement and not others but I just don’t understand the bashing and I don’t understand why the admins create another page strictly for Paul’s new organization. I’d like to see this be a Reddit for and about Sea Shepherd and their campaigns. Not the drama that’s being fueled by only a few online.

If you want, comment your thoughts, I’ll remain civil. I’m not here to bash. If you want more in depth conversation, feel free to DM me 😎🤙

#ForTheOceans #NotForDrama

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Two whale entanglements in two days in Queensland shark nets

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CPWF & Sea Shepherd

Glad to see this. The infighting, squabbling, and bullying going on was awful on socials. Completely detracted from Sea Shepherd and Captain Watson’s work.

I don’t know what happened internally, but the story kept shifting so much and too much focus was on attacking Sea Shepherd instead of on campaigns. I’ve been a big fan of Captain Watson for years, but I still can’t believe how toxic people have been since last year. It was so cult like.

Hopefully now people can just focus on important work like saving the oceans instead of “he said, she said” and the attempts to diminish valuable work being done by Captain Watson’s group, as well as all the Sea Shepherd groups.

I’ve always had the mentality of “mission over ego”, but I seemed like a minority over the last year.

02:18 UTC


Sea Shepherd: on a mission to save the Greek seas

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How long did it take you to get a response on your application to join a ship?

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What happened to the M/Y Farley Mowat?

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knew what has happened to the Farley Mowat. Was it scrapped like the Sharpie and JPD and White Holly? Is it being prepared for this year's Operation Milagro?

23:12 UTC


I'm new here

I'm new here on reddit, I thought I'd try it out. I'm mainly on facebook and twitter/X .

So do you all support the Captain Paul Watson Foundation, and if so, does he endorse this reddit?

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Report Beached Whales To Main Offender! - Wanna hear about a conflict of interest? If you find a beached whale in Scotland, and would like to report it, you contact SMASS...

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Cocktails, Anyone?

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SS Global Traitors

#istandwithpaulwatson #paulwatsonfoundation In their ongoing efforts to censor Paul Watson, cancel and erase his history, and prevent him from informing our supporters about our campaigns, Sea Shepherd Global has reported him for “trademark violation” and Facebook has shut down his ability to post or comment for an indefinite period on all his Facebook pages.

Please repost this to call out Sea Shepherd’s censorship and harassment of the founder of Sea Shepherd who was ousted by a hostile takeover by a small group that is trying to change the long-held objectives and strategies into something non-controversial and non-confrontational.

They want Captain Paul Watson to disappear.

13:19 UTC


Thoughts on Sea Shepherd Italy?

I hear that they’re directly managed by the Guardia Finanza, and act in conjunction with the Italian Police. Is this true? How associated are they with Sea Shepherd Global and/or SSCS?

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What happened to the Origins website?

I tried to access the Sea Shepherd Origins website, but it’s completely blank except for “FOR THE OCEAN” on a black background. What happened? Has there been legal action against SSO/Captain Watson?

12:54 UTC


Weathering The Storms of Deceit

Commentary and a poem from Captain Paul Watson

As we return from a summer of opposition to Icelandic whaling and the horror of the Faroese Grindadrap we discover yet another frivolous lawsuit from those who stole Sea Shepherd and ousted those of us who remained true to Sea Shepherd values and objectives.

Their intention is to bury us in legal bills and to dissuade us from our actions in defense of life and diversity in the sea.

Although they think they have what they wanted they continue to be driven by jealousy, hatred, And an irrational desire to control our movement.

As I said many times before. An individual can be removed, an organization can be compromised and bought off, but a movement cannot be destroyed.

In 1977 I created a movement. That movement survives and will once again flourish. Of that I have no doubt.

I keep my center and my focus by allowing myself to keep my mind and emotions clear through The unleashing of both thoughts and emotions into the words of poetry.

This is my poetic response to the latest assault by the mutineers. They know who they are.

What do you do when your life’s work has been taken? What do you do when they erase your history? What do you do when they hijack your creations? When your life has been torn apart and shaken? When you have been tricked by arrogant sophistry? Meant to undermine your long-held foundations?

What do you do when old friends betray you? When they sell you out for power and money? And continue to kick you when you’re down? What you do is set your sights on something new, Smile, be amused at how the situation is funny, Because those who betrayed you are clowns.

Their deceit ripples through the airwaves, Revealing their deception to humanity. Extinguishing their credibility, Guaranteeing shame until their graves, Disturbing forever their tranquility.

They can’t deny their insidious game, No matter how they justify their decisions. Because decisions have consequences. What they have taken, they can never claim, They cannot survive on stolen visions, Just to guarantee security and personal expenses.

The backstabbers know who they are, No need to mention their dishonored names, They sold their souls and changed the rules. But mediocre never gets far. We’ll let them play their duplicitous games, For history will condemn them as fools.

As for me I’m a very happy clam, I have the same supporters and a ship, They have only the shadow of what I created, These usurpers in Vermont and Amsterdam, I retain the spirit of my authorship. Despite the assets that were confiscated.

What we retain is our passion, our courage, and our focus, These are tools of survival and success, With these tools we shall see a new dawn, As they catfish the public with hocus pocus. And we emerge strong from the whole damn mess. Now that the divisive lines have been drawn.

We retain our loyalty to those who cannot speak. For them we will risk both life and freedom, No matter the obstacles, no matter the cost. Aggressive nonviolence is our technique, And with that we continue to carpe diem, For what is important has not been lost

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A Connecticut Yankee in a Faroese Court

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

The mood was deadly, super seriously somber as David Michel stepped into the Torshaven courtroom. This was Thor’s House after all and the specter of Nordic justice was all pervasive.

The people of the Faroe Islands had never seen a crime as egregious as this, well at least not since the last time we were here.

Afterall, the crew of the JOHN PAUL DEJORIA had violated the sensitive and sacred territorial waters of the Danish Faroe Islands and the crime was exceedingly deplorable.

According to Prosecutor Katrin Thorsvig Hansen, Neptune’s Navy crew had willfully, knowingly, entered Faroese waters for the insidious objective of trying to stop the horrific mass slaughter of defenseless pilot whales.

We were unable to retain a lawyer because not a single lawyer in the Faroes or in Denmark would represent us. After all, our crime was so morally reprehensible that even the lawyers were traumatized by the thought of representing us.

The court appointed a lawyer named Bjørn Á Heygum He seemed to take his duties seriously and professional and seemed unconcerned with our legal ostracism.

Bjørn tried his best but the cards were stacked from the beginning. In a press conference after the three-hour trial, Bjørn said: ‘They admit that they were not 100% sure the client received the summons.” (We did not).

What is the point of serving a summons if the case can go to court without a summons?

However, a little detail like that was not going to deter Katrin. Nor the fact that she did not know who the Captain was. It was myself, but they did not accept that, choosing instead to blame First Mate Dan Binyon

When the media asked if it was unusual to represent clients not in court, Bjorn said, “I am not used to that, it is hardly ever the case.”

Bjørn said he would file an appeal soon.

Katrin Thorsvig, the prosecutor, was excited, prepared, and aggressive. A victory over this case of these immoral and sinful saviors of whales, the scourge of the Grindadrap, would be a nice feather in the cap of her legal career. She was as legally blood thirsty for a guilty verdict as the Faroese whalers are blood thirsty in their lust driven drive to torture and maim.

None of the crew were served nor even informed of the nature of the charge or charges against us.

We had one member on shore who did attend the Faroese trial of the century and that was Connecticut member for the 146th District to the Connecticut General Assembly, David Michel.

It was difficult for David to follow the proceedings. He was told that there would be no translator.

“As a legislator, I am astonished that you can accept charges and run a full trial, or a kangaroo court within a week and a half of these charge without allowing for adequate representation in a trial. Even if the defendants are not there, considering this is an “international” case, not having a translator is a joke, for the record.”

We had requested a stay of the trial until such time that we could secure proper council. Our request was denied.

David Michel noted, "What stands out is that the police running the trial, are themselves involved in the grind making it a direct conflict of interest. They are the perpetrator, prosecutor and executor."

The result was predictable. Guilty as charged on all counts and a fine of 157,000 Danish Krone. This converts to $23,400 U.S. dollars. The prosecutor had called for a fine of 207,000 Danish Krone or $31,000. The lawyer was able to get this reduced.

Pretty hefty fine for an act of compassion. No one was injured, there was no property damage. Nothing was stolen. But of course, what could we expect?

There has never been a case of Grind interference where the defendants were found not guilty.

Interference with the almost religiously barbaric tradition of the Grindadrap is a super, super serious offense on the Ferocious Isles.

The Faroes police have a very poor record in solving crimes, so they were nervously anxious for an easy victory to distract from their failures.

Last year Prosecutor Katrin made this comment: “There are many reasons why police do not solve all such cases,” says chief police prosecutor Katrin Thorsvig Hansen in a recent interview.

“The most common reasons are a lack of witnesses and that too much alcohol is involved for any meaningful investigative work to take place.”

Was she saying that the police are too drunk to properly investigate crimes? Just our blooming luck to get a trio of sober cops.

How does the Faroes stand on more serious cases?

Let’s look at rape where the Faroese are much more lenient to the rapist than in Denmark.

The Faroese coercion provision states that a sexual act must be done by coercion, violence, physical force or threat of violence or physical force for the act to count as rape.

Rape is punishable by up to eight years in prison. However, in most Faroese rape cases, sentences range between eight months and two-and-a-half years.

Let’s look at murder, admittedly not as serious as interfering with the Grind.

In 2014, a 36-year-old man was stabbed multiple times in the throat. The killer had the book thrown at him in the Danish court with a whopping punishment of a 13-year sentence. Probably out of prison by now, it being only 9 years. He was lucky he did not kill a whaler. That would have seen a much harsher penalty in a mercury brain scrambled pseudo-nation that worships atrocities against non-humans and justifies the most depraved acts of sadistic violence.

The Faroes have the Danish courts to do their dirty work for them. It’s incredible that the killing of whales and dolphins is illegal in Denmark but the Danish courts in the Faroes aggressively defend the slaughter under Danish law as they do nothing to stop the abuse of children forced to consume toxic whale meat. If children in Denmark were found to be eating methylmercury contaminated pork, the pork producers would be shut down in a Copenhagen minute.\

In 2016, the Danish Parliament unanimously decided to double the maximum penalty for serious cases of animal cruelty. Serious neglect, violence and other forms of animal abuse will be punishable by up to two years in prison. Fines for the seriously irresponsible handling of pets and other animals in private ownership was increased from 5,000 to 10,000 kroner. Abuse of livestock and animals used in other types of businesses can be fined by up to 20,000 kroner instead of the current maximum of 10,000. Compare these meager fines to our 123,000 Krone fine for merely passing through Faroese territorial waters.

Not a single whale killer in the Faroese has ever been fined or jailed for abuse of dolphins, however a few years ago, our crew were found guilty and fined for cruelty to animals by causing stress the whales that were being driven to shore to be slaughtered.

On January 1st, 2021 Denmark passed a new animal welfare law that recognizes that all animals are sentient. The law authorized the Minister of Food to set specific rules for ALL species, from pets to millions of farmed animals. Denmark proudly announced that this made Denmark a “true leader in the international animal welfare movement.”

It seems the message did not reach the Danish court , the Danish Prosecutor or the Danish Judge in the Danish Faroe Islands.

14:28 UTC


Bloody Faroe Islands

#faroeislands #stopthegrind #bloodyfaroes #barbaricfaroes #boycottfaroes #thrillkillers #Denmark

The Pride of the Faroes? Does this image promote tourism? Do tourists know how they kill Puffins? Boycott Barbarian Thrill Killers...

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Op Bloody Fjords Update

The John Paul DeJoria is off the coast of the Faroe Islands shadowed by a Faroese Patrol vessel. We are looking for sightings of pilot whales or dolphins. The shore crew is monitoring the situation on land in the Faroes.

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Where to follow whaling news?

All - looking to see if there are message boards, sites, orgs, etc. that track whaling in any of the following: Japan, Norway, Iceland, Denmark.

Captain Paul Watson Foundation and their UK chapter (formally Sea Shepherd UK) post often as they are literally on the ground and on the seas. But who else, where else? I don't see a lot coming out of Greenpeace or Sea Shepherd Global. Nor does the media or independent media seem to be covering it beyond CPWF.

Where else is whaling being tracked?

23:34 UTC


What has the M/Y Ocean Warrior been up to?

Hi everyone. I was curious what the Ocean Warrior was up to? I haven't heard any news on it since it was on Operation Vanguard late last year?

20:45 UTC


CPWF Icelandic Expedition

Folks - I am very excited about this Operation, seeing as they left port and are currently in Canadian waters. There's plenty of variables too: -will Hvalur even embark ? -will Iceland shut his hunt down for safety or other reasons? -what will Iceland decide for 2024 onward?

But a few questions/concerns I wanted to discuss: -CPFW has one ship, Hvalur has two. In Whale Wars having man-to-man coverage was exponentially more effective than trying a zone-coverage approach. Anyone else worried he will be effective in preventing Hvalur 8 but losing sight or ability to stop the Hvalur 9?

-who else is going? Usually Greenpeace observes whaling but I haven't seen anything from them. SSG hasn't indicated anything about going to observe. No other organization with actual ships has spotlighted this to my knowledge. Is it really just CPFW?

What are your thoughts?

16:53 UTC


Should I volunteer at sea?

Hey guys!

I've been absolutely obsessed with Sea shepherd since I was 10 and am about to graduate, I was wondering if I should volunteer at sea this summer before uni, I do not have enough time for the minimum 3 months required, unfortunately I do maximum 2 and maybe a half month and I do not have any qualifications as an 18 year old.

Should I deposit my cv for Neptune's navy, knowing I probably will not be called in?

Do I have a chance to be called in for 2 and a half months instead of 3?

15:35 UTC


It's time to build solidarity with our comrades of the deep - propaganda design, free to use

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