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Anybody else fascinated by Late period Pictland/Kingdom of Alba?

The Gaelicisation of the Picts, the battle of 839, Kenneth MacAlpin, Viking activity/Kingdom of the isles, Moray, Macbeth, Gaelic poetry, the conquering of Strathclyde, Lothian and the Hebrides, Margaret the Maid… I could go on.

04:47 UTC


Do we have any Archeologicaly found weapons that we know were from the Picts?

As the title says I did some research and all o could find was a Pictish stone Art depicting (pun intended) a warrior with a spear that what looks like a pummel at the bottom of the spear.

Anybody know or knows of some pictures of any weapons found in archeology that belonged to the picts? information would be appreciated!

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14:12 UTC


How effective would Warwolf have been against Constantinople? Why did no army besieging the city ever attempt to build a replica of Warwolf or even larger? Even assuming a single is not enough, could a bunch of Warwolf replica enable successful capture of the city?

It never ceases to amaze me that the most powerful trebuchet ever built was in off all places in Scotland a relative small player compared in Europe and that none of the other European superpowers in the continent esp in France and Germany ever attempted to construct soemthing ina similar scale to capture the most powerful fortress......

But having read about how the earliest giant canons (which were small compared to what the Ottomans would later use) from after the decline of the Mongol empire but before gunpowder reached Europe in the Chinese dynasty that followed the expulsion of Temujin's heir in China shot shells at 300 pounds of force which was roughly the same force War Wolf propelled stones at.........

How come nobody before Mehmed ever tried to recreate a replica of Warwolf in sieges at Constantinople or at least some pre-gunpowder mechanical siege equipment with similar size and firepower? Could Warwolf threaten Constantinople at least enough to be a gamechanger even if it couldn't damage the walls effectively enough to create a breach? If one Warwolf wasn't enough could a bunch of them say 20 have been able to allow capture of the city?

You'd think something like Warwolf would have been used first in the big leagues such as the Byzantium and France or the Holy Roman Empire in the DACH. But instead it was only built in an unimportant campaign in the backwaters of Europe! And never been replicated by major powers like the late Abassids and the Seljuks to besiege Constantinople. Why did no one attempt to built a ballista or onager or other siege weapon of similar scale before gunpowder whenever they tried to besiege the prized mighty city?

05:07 UTC


Beyond The Witch Trials: The Sinister Truth of Thomas Weir (The Occult)

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14:32 UTC


Beginner here, wondering about the Maid of Norway

Among historians, is it universally accepted the Scottish fight for freedom never were if only Margaret arrived well and some years later would have married (the future) Edward II?

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12:09 UTC


History of the Piscies - Episcopal Kirk (Scottish Episcopal church)

Is it true that in the Episcopal Kirk is:

(a) In the 18th and early 19th century, a Jacobite minded faith for all the Jacobites that were not Catholics or Presbyterians, and mainly concentrated in the north east / Aberdeenshire / parts of Perthshire.

(b) In the late 19th and early 20th century - a church for wealthy aristocratic Scots and socially mobile middle class Scots who sent their children to the local fee paying merchant schools/private schools (e.g. Basically all the private schools in Edinburgh have historic links to Episcopal churches rather than presbyterian or Catholic ones)

(c) In the late 20th century and early 21st century - a church for the large English immigrant community in Scotland (well, the ones that still care about organised religion).

Is that an accurate summary historically?

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13:05 UTC


Any Information on the Picts of eastern Scotland

Hey guys so i was just intrigued i am a bit of an obsessor over iron age England, Wales and or Ireland tracing back to the Celtic just something about the tribal culture fascinates me and i have gotten a taste for the Picts recently and surprise surprise i can find even less about the Picts than i can the Celts (or whomever was in the England and Wales you know history always surprising us)

But yes if any of you guys have some interesting sources or new information id happily give it a read and to leave my own little information there was some fantastic pieces of Pictish silver work that was discovered a while ago really beautifully intact pieces found by a young archeologist, anyway thanks guys!

18:37 UTC


Battle of Lochmaben in 1458?

I have ran into a supposed battle named Lochmaben in 1458 in several books now, not to be confused with the much bigger Scottish victory at Sark near Lochmaben Stone in 1448. Lochmaben in 1458 is said to have been commanded by James II against a force of Yorkists? Supposedly the English lost 600 dead and 1500 captured. Is there anyone familiar with this?

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04:36 UTC


historic scotland job searching

(remove if not allowed)

hey all

was wondering if anyone has worked for historic scotland as a steward before... been looking on indeed and saw the placements up at a few local historical sites but not much of a description as to what the job entails. If anyone has any insights would be greatly appreciated.

thanks :)

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22:08 UTC


Book recs

Im an American college student that’s interested in studying in scotland and i was wondering what are some good books to help me learn more about scotland and its history

21:41 UTC


Who were the lenders who lent money to the highlander chiefs prior to the clearances?

English? Bank of England?

07:22 UTC


Glasgow Cathedral - Discover the history within the oldest building in Glasgow

Historic Tour of Glasgow Cathedral

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23:22 UTC


Kenneth I King of Scots and Picts sites.

I was wondering if there are any historical sites of Kenneth I King of Scots and Picts that a person could visit. I also was wondering if there books that has good info on him. I'm having a hard time with Google outside of wiki or very general info. Thank you!

22:53 UTC


A question about resources for old kirk records

Hello!I'm wondering if there is a resource for burial records kept by historical societies, universities or government agencies in Scotland. I'm on ancestry.com but the records for oldchurch yards seem to be sparce for me. Any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

20:18 UTC


Ewen of the Little Head: First Headless Horseman (Scottish Folklore)

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17:17 UTC


Swan Show Ep 7: Rome Abandons Britannia; Picts and Scots Unleashed!

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15:56 UTC


One of UK's rarest RM post boxes - Edward the 8th 1936 Cecil Street Hillhead Glasgow

17:03 UTC


The Murder Hole: A Scottish Horror Story (Scottish Folklore)

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16:06 UTC


Need help identifying Scottish military dress uniform

I have a photo. I’m looking for suggestions of where to go to get help with identifying the Scottish military dress uniform of my husband’s grandfather. I’m hoping to be able to learn more about him in general, and this seems like a good place to start. TIA!

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13:15 UTC


In depth Scottish history

So, I'm really interested in Scottish history and I am aware of the basic timeline and significant figures, but I want to start reading material that's fairly accurate, reliable and goes in depth.

I'm not sure where to start though, any books/authors to recommend? My focus is predominantly medieval Scottish history, the Scottish wars of independence and the aftermath.

20:19 UTC


Resources Similar to Jackson Crawford

Hi all,
I'm looking for resources (particularly in an accessible video format such as YouTube) similar to Jackson Crawford. For example, professionals/academics talking about other ancient cultures (rather than, say, a layperson). A few I'm interested in are the various Celtic groups, particularly the Gaels, Britons, Picts, and Gauls.
Thank you for any suggestions!

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00:49 UTC


Information on Clans Cochrane

Hello! I’m new to this sub, but I recently found out that my maternal grandmother has old ties to the Cochrane (and McRae by marriage) families. Anyone know of a good resource to learn more about their histories? Specifically their pre-Christian culture/religious beliefs. I love learning about Scottish history but unfortunately don’t know much. Thanks to all who can help!

19:16 UTC


Exploring a wee hidden gem in Scotland

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12:39 UTC


Glaistig: Scotland's Haunting Green Lady (Scottish Folklore)

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18:34 UTC

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