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17:32 UTC


In order to prevent impaling each other, the first striped marlin (Kajikia audax) in a hunting pack will flash its stripes before moving in to grab fish. The next marlin in line will then move forward and repeat the process. The display only occurs during hunting.

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15:43 UTC


Monthly Science Summary

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17:20 UTC


On average, eastern cottontails will have 3-4 litters a year, with 3-8 offspring per litter. While they generally start breeding at one year, some are ready as early as 2-3 months old. In just 5 years a single pair of eastern cottontails can have 350,000 descendants!

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00:51 UTC


Tunicates belong to phylum Urochordata, which is closely related to phylum Chordata - which includes all of the vertebrates! That means these little goo balls are more closely related to vertebrates, like us, than they are to most other invertebrates.

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20:35 UTC


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Monthly Science Summary

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Monthly Science Summary

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The hindwings and abdomen of the death's-head hawkmoth resemble a queen honeybee. They use this disguise to raid hives to steal honey. The disguise is not only visual, they also make some sounds and odors to deceive the bees.

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16:21 UTC

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