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Revenge airs Sundays 10:00/9:00c on ABC.

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This is not a story about forgiveness; Revenge is a show about retribution. Meet Emily Thorne, the newest resident of The Hamptons. More...

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Jack Actor Nick Wechsler

When I was younger and first watched Revenge, I did not care for Jack because I could not stand the way the show forced its viewers to try and imagine some kind of connection between he and Emily. I actually ended up dropping the show halfway through, kind of accidentally. I have watched through it now 2 and a half times. As I got older, I came to understand the appeal of Jack. I know people on here have relatively mixed feelings about him, but I felt like I grew to like him more because the actor seemed very...invested in the role. He did such a good job playing him at his best and worst moments, and he is so handsome. I think he has great on screen chemistry with the rest of the cast, especially Nolan.

I was also really excited to find out he was born in New Mexico cause that's where I was born too!

21:07 UTC


Victoria’s animosity towards Emily

I watched this show as it aired and I’m doing another rewatch now.

I feel like Victoria was antagonistic towards Emily from the day they met - before there was any reason to be suspicious. I’ve always wondered if Victoria did this because:

A) she was the smartest and savviest Grayson so could tell there was something off about Emily from the start. Even if she couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was that was wrong.


B) she would have hated any woman who showed interest in Daniel and who could have a future with him.

I feel like it’s a bit of both but I’d love to know what the writers thought.

19:08 UTC


One of my favorite shows of all time

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01:18 UTC


Who are your 2 favorite characters in Rvenge?

02:52 UTC


Hey I’m new here

Hey I’m 5 years late to this community,but I’m glad I found this page. A lot of people that I’ve been around have no idea about this wonderful show Revenge. So as a new member to this community I hope I can properly engage with you all as we all reflect on this amazing show that we tuned into every Sunday for 5 seasons.

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11:38 UTC


Emilys mum timeline

I'm watching for the first time so haven't seen it all.

I'm so confused about Cara's time line.

We see flashbacks to Cara in the mental facility and Emily is there as a young child with David. Cara is crying for her child. Then in a later ep we see Victoria bring white haired man to her and she leaves the facility with him, she was supposed to meet her end when she left.

But in the ep when Emily remembers what her mum did to her. She's a young child waking up from a coma and David tells her that her mum died. We seen how Cara is at her bedside and she speaks with David about how it's best for their child if they believe she died and is out their lifes. They hug and she walks away.

So at what point did she get sectioned, did Emily see her mum restrained in hospital after her coma and when she already thought she was dead? I just can't make sense of it.

13:35 UTC


Without spoilers, where is this from? Emily and Nolan which season and episode?

17:11 UTC


Jack, Sammy and Emily

I just started watching the show and every time Sammy is so excited to see Emily and reacts the way he does, it really makes me wonder if Jack ever twigged that she might actually be Amanda, especially when fake Amanda shows up and he doesn't trust her as his alleged original owner. Maybe it's a reveal later on, it just makes me wonder if it ever crosses his mind or he's completely oblivious to it and just thinks it's nice his dog has taken to a supposed stranger and seems to keep match making them. I figure at some point fake Amanda would expose herself accidentally and that would be it, but surely an animals instincts would make you question a person.

18:29 UTC


Emlily's training in Japan : school of revenge

So Emily went to train for revenge in Japan with Takeda. It was a sort of "school of revenge", but we don't have much information about what was the training specifically. In your opinion, what would it have been ? like sports, what type of food, what type of schedule, what type of training... etc

18:18 UTC


Emily and Ashley

Emily and Ashley were pitted to be really close in the first few episodes but then they just started pitting them against eachother and let their friendship die. I really wish Emily had more female bonds.

21:38 UTC


Did ABC ever release this show on Blu ray?

13:26 UTC


So i’m watching Riviera on HBO max/Sky Atlantic and it’s really amazing for Revenge fans, as it’s really similar! It’s set in the gorgeous glamorous South of France, so it’s a pleasure to watch. The characters are even similar. Really recommend it!!!!

The title speaks for itself, amazing show. Especially season 2 is really good!

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15:35 UTC


Shows to watch if I love revenge?

I’m finishing up revenge and I don’t know what to watch next… any recs? Love drama / suspense.

19:54 UTC


Craziest Line from Revenge

So been rewatching the whole series, currently in season 3 post Emily wedding. Just watched an argument scene with Daniel & Emily, the line from daniel "sterilizing you was my gift to the universe" is actually insane. She HAD to be in shambles after that one

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12:56 UTC



I’m watching this amazing show for the first time! i was wondering does charlotte ever find out that daniel shot emily?

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12:16 UTC


I'm watching again

I'm watching with a family member because she has never seen it. I like the series but guess I didn't realize the first time just how violent the last season was, the whole Malcolm Black story line.

I liked the 1st season the best. Emily not hurting people just ruining them.

23:29 UTC


I completely forgot that Jack lived in Philly for a while and he was kind of a jerk! 😂

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18:51 UTC


Big realization

I realized the main reason this show feels so strange and eery even though I love it is that whenever they’re in NY, they don’t have any sirens. Felt like sharing

00:12 UTC


This show has a lot of similarity with Arrow

As a person who loves the Arrow TV show, this show have a lot of similarity with it!

  • Main Character checks off checklist in book/notebook to get rid of them
  • Evil person are the rich guys
  • Both have grounded super powers
  • Both have Sensei (Takeda/Yao Fei)
  • Have some soap opera element
  • Have hackers/IT partners (Nolan/Felicity)

Both show dipped in quality after season 2 lol.

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01:33 UTC


Character Names

Do you think there were other possibilities that were tossed around for character names? Do you think they all seem fitting?

Victoria for sure - I’ve always felt that name sounded powerful. Also fitting seeing how her “couple” name with Conrad is ConVict hehe

Daniel seemed kinda plain/old school to me compared to say Charlotte.

02:05 UTC


where can i watch revenge?

is it on disney+? or what other streaming services? thanks!

08:21 UTC


Victoria keeping David from Emily

I discovered the series again and watched it Start to finish the first time ever. I know that the decision to revive David was a weird one overall, but when Victoria Trier to keep him from his daughter again, it sent me over the edge. She did it when Emily was a child. This woman is so freaking evil.

13:17 UTC


On season four!

Why didn’t they just tell David that she’s alive? I don’t understand they’re getting on my last nerve.

23:49 UTC


Charlotte is very annoying. This last season is very annoying. I hope Victoria is taken out.. not finished, but Emily is starting to get on my nerves too!

01:46 UTC


I am doing a rewatch and…

Daniel’s 180 is so bizarre to me. I know that what Emily did was wrong on so many levels, but Daniel just did a 180 and became so cruel. I expected him to be upset and angry, but that level of cruelty surprised me because he always chastised his mother for her cruelty.

Anyone else?

22:53 UTC


S4 “retaliation” REALLY, Margaux?

Season 4 ep16- listen, season 4 is objectively not good in my opinion but I appreciate campy stories and convoluted plots in the background while I’m cleaning or working and I had to rewind to fully try to grasp Margaux’s goal here:

Is she seriously threatening to tell an abuser where the woman who escaped from him is? Seriously? There are just so many other ways to press someone and considering that this is a plot point we weren’t hinted beforehand (all we got is “Ben was married once” as foreshadowing) but there are so many BETTER REASONS to put leverage on someone than to send THEIR ABUSER after them in front of the person who helped them get out. That’s not even “fighting dirty” that’s disgusting. If she can give Jack a pass because they dated can she not leave an innocent person alone? Has she not been kind of feminist coded in the past??

Maybe I’m just not understanding correctly? Which I hope?

Idk. I’m gonna finish out the season but this was gross writing choice that I expect was to make us hate Margaux but it feels like there were steps before this one.

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04:15 UTC


Who do you think is the villian of the show? Conrad or Victoria?

They're both are terrible people, but which one do you think is the worst?

14:57 UTC


I don't know how to feel about Daniel

He is SO annoying and infuriating, he makes me want to throw something but then he shows so much compassion towards his sister and is good to Emily and Idk how to feeeeeeeeeel. I am having a full on crisis rn.

Also I'm on season 3, no spoilers <3

04:21 UTC


Ranked Seasons 1-4

I’ve rewatched the show for the first time since I tuned in weekly a decade ago. I wanted to share my rankings and thoughts on all four seasons.

I think it’s safe to say that season 1 was the best the show had to offer. It was well thought out and the character’s relationships and motives made sense. Season 1 was such a great setup to what could have been a perfect show.

The second best season for me was season 3. It went back to the basics and focused on taking down the Graysons instead of some random larger corporation. Bringing it back to the family made the crimes feel more personal and the takedowns so much sweeter. Plus that season finale was incredibly satisfying. They could have ended the show here.

Third best/ second worst is season 2. I’m not a fan of the initiative. I feel like Emily and the show lost track of their goal. The best thing to come from season 2 was Aiden. I love watching him and Emily scheme, fight (even each other) and kick butt. Other than Nolan/Emily they had one of the best dynamics in the show and imho they should have ended up together.

My least favourite by a long shot is season 4. I could barely get through it. They brought a “certain someone” back but it took away from the glory Emily achieved in season 3 and everything she did for the last 3 years. I get that they’re showing us that revenge is never worth it but I hated the execution. Emily VanCamp’s acting this season was excellent especially when she’d see and confront her father. It was still fun to see Victoria and Emily’s rivalry but it dissipated mid season and then Victoria does a 180 so quickly I’m surprised she didn’t get whiplash. I feel like they rushed everything including forcing “Jemily”. But at least they ended the show here.

Despite a dip in quality in later seasons revenge was/is good fun. I still can’t get enough of the lavish parties and the insults thrown.

What do you think? I know some people prefer season 2 to season 3 but I want to know what others think.

02:38 UTC

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