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This is r/pigs a subreddit dedicated to pet pigs!

We welcome discussion of pet pigs and questions about them. We would like to see you pictures and videos, and hear your stories.

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This is r/pigs a subreddit dedicated to pet pigs!

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My wife videoed me and this little guy napping and snoring. More about him in the comments.

18:41 UTC


I was taking a well deserved nap with Fiona.

21:35 UTC


Well, he looks like he is the head of a secret world criminal organization and just opened his secret plan to Bond

20:51 UTC


My next door neighbor has a pig and I’m seriously concerned about how outgrown the hooves are. Am I wrong?

Hi guys, So my next door neighbor has a pig. I was out walking my dog one morning and noticed that they had a pig! I just moved in and was pleasantly surprised. I love all animals and of course I love pigs as well. I then noticed it was struggling to stand on its leg. I took a video and zoomed in because my eyesight is not the best and then I noticed his/her hooves were severely overgrown and it was struggling to stand on its front leg. Now I’m not super familiar with pigs and I’m asking you guys your opinion on if I did the right thing on calling animal control. I am now receiving retaliation from my landlord saying I should not have called anyone and that the pig is well taken care of. Can you please tell me if I’m wrong? I have a video for reference so you guys can see.

17:36 UTC


celebrating her sixth birthday

14:53 UTC


Love these two hams

17:17 UTC


Cuddle time with my girl.

08:03 UTC


Show ur minipigs down here!

03:57 UTC


PSA: Any post with emojis will get removed by automod.

We had an enormous amount of posts coming in with entirely emoji titles. Most of which were spam or people asking for money without clearing it first.

So I instituted a automod rule to auto remove posts that have emojis in the title. I did this about 2 years ago. This cut down on spam and bots by a huge amount.

I recently have noticed a increase of posts that would normally be ok getting removed by automod. So I figured I would remind people.

01:25 UTC


Finally I got my pig tattoo

12:00 UTC


What skin vitamins can you give pigs? My lil Cookie HATES lotion

19:18 UTC


What plants will pigs not eat?

We have a large outdoor area dedicated to our pigs and chickens, but I would like to plant some things over there to make it little less barren and more pleasant. Everything I’ve found online is lists of plants pigs shouldn’t eat because they are toxic, but I can’t find any information on stuff they just don’t like, apart from citrus. Any ideas? Bonus points for AZ heat tolerant.

18:45 UTC


Spoiled pig is best pig.

Two months ago, we couldn't touch Wilbur. Now he's living his best piggy life with lots of belly scratches and fresh veggies.

23:20 UTC


My neighbors pig sleeps, bathes in the sun, eats,and goes back to sleep all the time. Is that normal behavior?

Every time I see it he's sleeping. He doesn't like being woken up and if you try to he lets off some big groans and his stomach vibrates which I think is kind of cute. If he sees food he instantly wakes up . He is 12 years old.

He gets a little grumpy to especially if you stop feeding him. Its like a hmm, you're not gonna feed anymore?Im going back to sleep! I feel like he's got an attitude but is a content pig to.

23:14 UTC


How much can pigs normally their heads?

I absolutely adore pigs, and I've been trying to learn more about them. Recently, I've been reading up on their anatomy and physiology. At one time, I was told that pigs can't tilt their heads to look up. I later found out that they can tilt their heads back, just not nearly as far as many other animals, and often they have a layer of fat around their necks that prevent them from being able to tilt their heads back to their fullest extent. (Granted, I've also heard a few times that dogs can't look up either. 🤦)

I have also heard that pigs can't tilt their heads sideways in order to bite/eat something that is standing straight up. For example, they would have the ability to pick up a large stick that had fallen lengthwise on the ground, but they couldn't tilt their heads to bite a vertical fence post, as this ability isn't really needed for feeding. Is that true? I've tried Googling the answer, but everything I keep finding talks about tilting their heads upwards, have a head tilt as a sign of illness, or something regarding the preparation of pigs' heads. (DEFINITELY not what I'm looking for!)

Is there any other really interesting facts about pig anatomy and physiology you think I should know?

Thanks in advance for helping me learn more about these adorable animals!

04:16 UTC


How much does your pig understand?

Piggybacking on another post about speaking to your piggies, I'd like to know how much your pig understands human.

For instance, my pig understands certain highly critical words like snack, food, eat, dinner (and she seems to have also picked up on D-I-N-N-E-R spelled out). She understands the word “outside.” And I'm pretty sure she knows her name (though you'd never be able to tell with how completely she chooses to ignore it at her convenience).

The thing is, I am almost certain that she understands more words than I know. It seems like she picks up on a lot of what's said around her, much more than my dogs do.

So I'm curious, what words do your piggies understand? Do you think they understand more than it seems?

02:58 UTC


Kune kune sow injured/sick?

We have an almost 3 year old sow who has been fine, living with 2 of her piglets that just turned a year. This morning she all of a sudden is having a hard time moving around, looks mainly like her back leg(s) or hip(s), she has a hard time turning or walking backwards. She still ate and drank. Her poop is normal and don't see any worms. One of the male piglets kept pushing on her rearend when she was trying to lay down which seemed odd. We removed the other pigs to another pen. She has gone outside a couple times today to lay in the sun even though it is chilly out. She is pretty crazy when we feed her and jumps up on the wooden pen when it's time to eat, so I've always worried about her getting hurt doing this but can't say it's from that. Does this sound like an injury or a sickness? We dont have vets around here. I've been looking so I'm trying to see what else we should do. We never had an issue with one of our pigs. She also was exposed and could be about 5 or 6 weeks pregnant. She did escape and get by the male a couple months ago but she doesn't look swollen enough to be ready to give birth. Looking for ideas of what we can do for her or what else to look out for.

21:56 UTC


Do you talk to your pigs in people or pig?

A lot of times I find myself greeting or responding to bumper in grunts and Meh’s. He seems to enjoy it. Anyone else here “communicate” with your pig?

16:17 UTC


Piglet bit me. Should I be worried?

Exactly what the title says. My sons show pig (month old) bit me on the side of my pinky and drew a TINY bit of blood. Now I’m all in my head thinking I’m going to get every sort of infection known to god because of it. Should I be worried?!

22:00 UTC


Help! Sick pig!

So, my pig randomly got sick about two days ago, it was raining pretty heavily that day if that's relevant but they have a house they can go into for shelter although there looked to be a slight leak in the roof. He won't eat any of his food that he had no problems eating before and he's acting sluggish when he's normally really active. He'll still drink water, go to the bathroom, and he has no problem walking if we bug him to get him up, but he's still sluggish. Just yesterday I could still get him to eat his treats or scraps, but now he won't eat that either. One of his back legs looks slightly swollen, perhaps from a spider or snake, but we can't really tell for sure so we don't know. He was perfectly fine the day before he started acting like this, and even seemed to be fine in the morning although I didn't see him much then. If anyone has any idea of what could be wrong and/or any solution, please let me know!

18:49 UTC


New to owning pigs

Is it possible to have pigs without an electric fence? Our fenced in area is big. Its 2400 sq ft. We have 4 weaner pigs now. We buried our hog panels 6 inches into the ground and wrapped another 2x4 inch wire garden fence around it as well. I have a feeling its ok while they are young but possible problems when they get bigger?

18:31 UTC


Harness and walking help with a lazy adult boar


I am struggling with my 3 year old American mini pig Kevin. In the past year he's gone from exploring 2 of our 5 acres to barely leaving the back patio to do his business (and he immediately comes back in afterward). He sleeps the rest of the day, only waking up for meal times and to root in his routing box very briefly. He's not destructive at all, so I don't think he's understimulated. His vet is not concerned about his lethargy.

Earlier this year, I was putting him in his Pigglz XXL harness (he's probably 180- 190 lbs) and kind of dragging him on longer walks around the property. But he's figured out that he just needs to wriggle out of his harness and take off back to the house.

He's always been timid and easily spooked. We live in Canada where the ground is pretty snowy and icy for 4-5 months of the year. In the summers he sleeps in the shade on the patio but rarely roots around in the yard.

Two questions:

  1. is it a good idea to try and force him to be a little more active at this stage in his life? He was more curious on his own when he was younger. I feel bad that he just sleeps all the time.

  2. If yes, is there a harness that will fit a pig that he can't wriggle out of so easily? I feel like I've seen mini pigs in harnesses other than Pigglz, but I can never find a brand.

Any help is appreciated

15:08 UTC

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