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How to stop Robin building a nest in my very small courtyard

Hi all - I have a very determined Robin (Dad, I think) who keeps building a nest along the grapevine we have in our townhouse backyard. I’ve spoken to neighbors who have lived here longer and they noted how it happened to them one year and the robins attacked them every time they went outside. I have two little girls (baby and toddler) and can’t afford to bird attacks at this stage of my life.

I’ve destroyed the nest a few times and they keep rebuilding it! I tried CDs to scare them, tried vinegar and lemon/peppermint oil, nothing seems to work. I don’t want their babies to die but I also need to protect my own. Any suggestions?

10:48 UTC


Birds in my stove vent

Need some advice!

For the past few weeks we've heard birds (I don't know what kind, some kind of black bird) in our vent over our stove. It vents to the side of our house and is covered by a hood and a flap. We've been able to observe the birds through a window as they enter and leave the vent from the outside. It seems they've built a nest in the vent (this is surprising since we use our vent nearly every day while cooking and figure this would've deterred such a thing). We have no ability to see into the vent. We think hatchlings have been born in the nest (we we think can hear their frenzied feeding in the morning). We've pretty much stopped using our vent for fear of harming them. How long will they occupy this space? Should we attempt to remove them or will they leave on their own accord? We've seen folks on YouTube removing birds from their stove vents—do we need to do the same?

12:52 UTC


Will a startled mourning dove return to the nest?

A snake scared off the mother tonight, and I heard the commotion, so I went outside and removed the snake. The babies were good. Will she return now that the snake is gone? I am so worried that the babies are now left alone. They're chirping for the mother. Any advice?

Also, any advice on how to deter snakes from getting to my nest box? I think he must have been climbing the walls because there is no other way. I am so scared of it happening again. I've had multiple successful clutches here, so I assume this is the first time.

04:16 UTC


Found this little guy in my garage, not sure if they need help

I think my cat dragged this poor bird into our garage. I’m not sure if something is wrong, or if it’s just a baby. It can’t really fly and when left alone the bird closes it’s eyes and kind of shakes. Anyone have any sort of idea on what might be going on or what I could do to help?

03:26 UTC


Found a dead wild bird in my yard, any ideas to what killed it?

This may not be the right subreddit, but I thought I would try here first. Found a dead American Robin in my front yard this morning. When I went to pick it up with a plastic bag it was super light, and looking closer it was all feathers and bones. No organs to be found anywhere, there was no smell or decomposition anywhere. The rib cage (?) was still intact, one of the wings was off but near the carcass, it was all very localized to one spot in the yard.

I wish i got a picture before throwing away the body, but unfortunately I didn't. Does anyone know what killed it? Old age? Infection or parasites? Another animal, like a fox or coyote?

I live in North America, in Connecticut about dead center of the state if location helps.

23:08 UTC


Proper care for Robin in hanging basket?

Hello, r/Orinthology! A week ago, my partner and I found a Robin making a nest in my coleus hanging basket. Trying to save the plant and nest, we took another hanging basket, padded it out and with gloved hands, transferred the nest and put the new basket where the coleus had hung. Mama didn't go for it, and built a second nest in the coleus the day after. I feel bad, as she didn't put as much effort into the second nest, and we had disturbed her initial nest from where she had placed it.

There are now 3 eggs! We try to disturb her as little as possible, but she is right next to our front door, and flies away when my car pulls in or we come and go out the door. I work nights, and it has been in the 50's in Central New York at that time as of late. I will be installing a water globe in the basket tomorrow so I don't have to disturb her to water the coleus and she can have the plant cover for protection still.

Is there a way for me to make her more comfortable with us walking by? I worry about her babies being without warmth for the time I am outside in the early morning. We have also put up a bird feeder 20 feet away from the nest, but I would like some suggestions for food to have close by for when the babies hatch.

Any advice is welcome, I thank you and appreciate you!

09:47 UTC


Does anybody know the temperature and humidity levels required to incubate the egg of an American Robin? And for how long? Thank you!

14:23 UTC


Who is this little guy? He’s been hanging outside and inside my patio all morning, like s/he is looking for something?

15:38 UTC

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