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Why do only goldfinches use my water jars?

Maryland,USA. I have other water sources available,but they love the jars.

11:32 UTC


Injured adult or fledgling?

Found on the ground after a storm. Can’t fly but flaps its wings.

12:45 UTC


Mourning dove nestling jumping/falling out of its nest?

Looking for some advice on how to help some mourning doves nesting in my backyard. They had two eggs, both hatched and one of the hatchlings disappeared at some point with no trace. Now the other one is starting to show some behavior that seems strange based on my limited knowledge.

It hatched only 5 days ago, and from what I’ve read they aren’t supposed to leave the nest until about 2 weeks after hatching. It fell out this morning and I put it back in the nest, then fell out again shortly after. I put it back again, but now I’m wondering if it’s doing it on purpose? It’s now teetering very close to the edge even though I put it back as far from the edge as I could. That said, it can't even stand at this point, just scoots around (and once it’s on the ground it doesn't look like it's trying to move at all).

Both times the parent (not sure mom or dad) seemed in distress, stayed very close as I moved it (the second time it was just a couple of feet from me), and came back into the nest quickly after I left.

Any advice on what to do if it falls out again (if anything) would be appreciated!

EDIT: yep, it’s on the ground again….. EDIT2: forgot to add that it is very hot this week with today being the worst of it (high of 97, heat index 103), not sure if that could have something to do with it?

18:42 UTC


How to catch a robin.

There were some feathers in my lawn that looked like the result of a fight. Later I saw a robin sitting in the yard with its partner near by. After observing for a while, it’s clear that the robin is injured. It can hop and fly short distances. Its partner won’t leave its side.

There is a bird rehab nearby and I want to catch it. I tried approaching slowly with towel in hand, but that was a bad plan. It hopped into some grasses.

I also worry about separating the partners because I also have a robin nest in my fern and I wonder if it’s their nest.

Any advice?

Tldr: injured but mobile robin. I have a reputable bird rehab nearby. What should I do?

22:23 UTC


Hummingbird visits robin

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02:20 UTC


Sparrow took another birds eggs out of her nest, along with the just hatched baby (we can’t find it). Why???

Friends of ours got us a birds nest with video feed a few weeks ago. The day after we set it up a mourning dove started building a nest.

Day 2 a sparrow kept undoing her work…he went in and took the sticks out.

Day 3 mourning dove keeps building nest and we don’t see the sparrow anymore.

She laid 5 eggs and one hatched about 5 days ago. It was fun watching its yellow mouth open and close while looking for food, and to see Mama going in and out and settling down with it.

Yesterday morning I looked at the video feed and the baby was gone, as well as the eggs! I looked at the memory video feed and there I see it…sparrow popped in, grabbed and egg and flew out. We ran outside to see if perhaps the baby and eggs were on the ground, but we don’t see them anywhere.

My family is so sad…we were so excited to watch the babies grow up.

Is this normal bird behavior? Should we leave the nest in there, or clean it out? What are the odds of another bird building a nest and laying eggs this year?


10:22 UTC


Is there a way I can help the birds

So I live in an apartment complex and we have this active birds nest right at the top of the stairs we have tons of kids in this complex and I’m worried someone or someone’s pets or even the 3 stray cats (that I’m aware of) will try and disturb or hurt the birds so I was wondering if I built or placed a birdhouse next to the nest is it possible the bird would move in or would I be able to use chicken wire or something to add protection to the nest without pissing off mama bird and having her abandon it I’d really like to help add some protection to mama birds nest any advice is greatly appreciated Ps: I am aware it’s against the law to move an active nest I don’t really care about the laws i care about mama bird and her babies the nest was was finished being build by mama bird 4 days ago I’ve been watching as I have a window in my apartment that gives me a direct line of sight with the nest

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15:26 UTC


Bird ordeal in my small backyard

Hello, sorry in advance for the lack of bird knowledge, but I could maybe use some help.

This morning, I was watering my small garden in my small backyard (30'x20' enclosed by fences on both sides townhouse) when I was startled by a baby bird attempting to fly out of one of my pots.

Over the course of the day, I came to realize that there are two baby birds who cannot fly stuck in my backyard. Their parents are perching on ledges and branches above the backyard, but will rarely approach the babies or get ground level. They have been returning throughout the day with worms and other food in their beaks seemingly wanting to feed their children.

However, the babies have also seen me watching them through our sliding glass door and side window. They seem very fixated on me, but ignore their parents. Is the movie/cartoon trope about baby birds fixating on a human as a parent real? I've been observing them all day, and they won't give any acknowledgement to their parents who are clearly fretful and waiting for them to learn to fly, but they look right at me and tend to congregate near my back door when I approach them to take photos from inside. I've stopped doing this for fear of letting them get attached to me.



Baby #1:


The baby birds have attempted flight several times but are stuck in my backyard. What should I do?

EDIT: I'm in the CA Bay Area if that helps.

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03:40 UTC


Birds using same nest twice

Do you know if small birds use the same nest twice in a row? We have a nest that's been used within weeks of each clutch. Is it the same hen? And do you recognize the type of bird from the egg? Wren? Finch? (Pacific Northwest)

18:48 UTC


Screech owl

Earlier this morning, a not so smart mourning dove became breakfast to a screech owl. My question is does this look like a juvenile? The reason I ask the screech owl in our tree is a red morph and this one looks white.

I apologize in advance for the quality pic, it was taken with my backyard camera and this attack was speedy quick.

11:42 UTC


Why does he do this?

This sweet baby keeps flying into my windows as if he is trying to get in. He has been doing this daily for almost a week. Some days it’s for a few minutes and other days he hits it for hours at a time. He’s a beautiful blue with a red bib.

12:22 UTC



So it's now the third day this has occurred: a female great-tailed grackle will follow me a short distance, flying tree to tree, to chatter at me. My assumption is her nest is probably close by to those trees, and she's trying to scare me off. Is it that or something else?

I do tend to feed the grackles near there at the store I work at.

23:15 UTC


Goldfinch with infected eye? Is there anything I can do?

18:11 UTC


Mallard nested high in tree

Mallard nested in what appears to be an old squirrels nest about 20 ft high in this tree. Won’t ducklings die from that height?

21:32 UTC


Bird nest front door wreath was destroyed 😔

A week ago I noticed a robins nest in the wreath that's on my front door with one egg. I made sure not to use the front door and stay away from the area. My front porch has a large portico so it was covered from the elements. Today when I pulled in the driveway, I saw a large clump of bird nest on my doormat, so I went to look at it, and one the egg was smashed in the insides were gone , just shell and the other was intact but cracked on ground. Over half the nest was on the ground. Do we know why this happens? I'm so sad and heard finding a nest on your door is a good omen, does this now mean a bad omen?

23:26 UTC


What is this egg in this Robin nest?

Robin's built a nest at my grandparents and this big dark egg is in it now... is this a parasitic bird egg? If so is it native to Kentucky?

19:50 UTC


3rd abandonment

Our first year of bluebirds, we had 3 successful broods. We live in Texas; good weather, copious food, neighborhood, so few predators. Our last 3 nests with eggs, parents abandoned after egg laying. This occurred the end of last season and beginning of this one. Thoughts?

14:52 UTC


How to protect a robins nest

I have a robin nest on my porch with 4 eggs. I have become worried because I know nature is cruel and I want to protect mama and her babies. Any tips on inexpensive ways to deter squirrels, raccoons, and crows from disturbing the nest? I also set out a big shallow bowl of water and a few live meal worms for her. Is this a bad idea?

19:21 UTC


How to end bird feud

A wild bird is mad at me and has been pooping on my car and dive bombing me, because I accidentally watered its nest a while back. How do I apologize?

18:33 UTC


Need help with preventing Stellar Jays from nesting in my carport

Hello! I absolutely love the birds in my area, however some of my favorite birds, a Stellar Jay couple keeps trying to build a nest in a highly trafficked carport area.

They have not laid any eggs or finished a nest because my housemate (the homeowner) stops them when seeing them building it. My housemate doesn’t want the nest due them supposedly getting aggressive in nesting spots in the past and again, this area/spot is used multiple times a day.

I have a bird feeder nearby and treat them with shelled peanuts and other fun stuff so I might be a part of the problem. My first plan is to temporarily move the feeder to a further away location, but it’s there any good/cheap/easy things I can put in that particular spot to prevent them from trying to build there? Thus far I have tried putting a little owl figurine (didn’t work at all). Thank you in advance!

16:25 UTC


ID: Large Bird

I apologize for the terrible quality of this video. This bird was almost eagle sized and didn’t look familiar to me. Much larger than the red tailed hawks that are daily visitors around here. Their chest was bright white. They had white stripes on both sides of their head and at the top edge of their wings. Their back and wings were gray-brown. NJ

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01:38 UTC


What is this bird?

Spotted in San Antonio, TX.

23:29 UTC


This is Bad Ass. About a month ago, he was attacked by a Cooper's Hawk in my backyard. The hawk was on top of him but he still managed to take off and shake him. Will his feathers grow back?

03:24 UTC


What kind of duck species is this? I’m stumped.

Thank you for anyone who can help

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16:19 UTC


Blue heron

I love living on the pond just to see these apex predators

17:09 UTC

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