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Forgotten manhwa/novel tittle

Hello everyone, I would appreciate any help. 

Help me find a manhwa with this description: The main heroine has brown hair(although I'm not entirely certain). Her family mistreats her, and her mother is deceased. The only reminder of her mother is a necklace. 

The story is divided into two timelines:
Timeline 1: The main heroine is married off by her father to a black-haired knight, who may have transmigrated from Korea,as his name sounded Korean. She is very happy with him. In the future, the transmigrated guy will be a future hero who slays a dragon and becomes a hero. Next, the main heroine is drugged and falsely accused of infidelity(cheating). Later on, she tragically dies in prison when her blonde stepsister comes to kill her, revealing that she and the transmigrated guy were plotting against her all along in order to eliminate her. 

Timeline 2: The main heroine has regressed and realized she is still alive. Determined to change her fate, she resolves to marry a white-haired duke(I believe he was white-haired) who defends the border against some sort of monsters. However, the duke hates her due to her family background.

Thanks and have a nice day.

22:11 UTC


Have you ever read this Manhwa called operation true love?

I sarted to read it this year to be honest I am a bing fan of romantic stories like that and if they have pictures are perfect to me . Recently I has been reading manhwa in webtoon or in other websites . They are a good way to enterntament when I don't have something to do and I love reading and apreciate their drawings.

22:08 UTC


which manga is this

i saw this on those tiktok slideshow videos but i forgot the name, i think it had "play" or "game" in the name : where a sister is killed by one of her classmates and to avenge her the brother is placed in a game where he must find who killed his sister and he becomes the teacher of the classroom she is in

1 Comment
21:58 UTC


Seven deadly sims worth it?

I've been considering going through it for awhile (really liked season one of the anime, two wasnt as good but I still liked it quite alot).

Its been a really long time since I watched and was curious as to whether the manga is worth going through today.

I also hear theres a sequel series. Is it any good?

21:55 UTC


Big 3 Of Seinen

Wanted everyones opinion or preference on what manga you like that are the big 3 Of Seinen. I have seen many posts and alot of people go towards Berserk, Vagabond and Vinland Saga. I have read all 3 but I have dropped Vinland Saga not one but twice with the latest chapter I could read up to was chapter 72. For this post my big 3 seinen below:




Also please be respectful to each and everyones opinion or preference as everyone will have a difference on manga that they like more than others.


21:52 UTC


Successful manga that have yet to get a complete adaptation?

By "successful" I mean series that got either a full complete run or are still on going. And "complete adaptation" as in one that adapts the entire series in full, from beginning to end. Examples:

  • Berserk

  • 20th Century Boys

  • The Five Stars Stories

  • Rave Master

  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

  • Zatch Bell

  • Hoshin Engi

  • Slam Dunk

  • Toriko

What other examples can you think of?

21:33 UTC


Looking for the manga title

I am looking for the title of a manga I recently watched from a manga recap channel in YT.

It's about a boy who was expelled from his party because he still hasn't found a suitable job for him. He does the chores of the party like cooking, cleaning etc while being an intern of one of the members so that he may discover his calling (like vanguard, scout, mage etc) However, after a few months or years he still hasn't found the class that will fit him so he was kicked out of the party. It was unbeknownst to them that he was a promising alchemist and was hired by the alchemist/merchant guild to be their alchemist and he's been making a lot of great potions...

That's what i remember from the recap...it is possible i might have mixed a few details because of a lot of this genre I watched 🤣

And no.. I can't find it on my watch history because I also recently cleared it.

1 Comment
21:33 UTC


Is there any manga with psyical disabled boys with romance

Hi, guys, I know that this is specific however I want a manga about a disabled boy who falls in love with a girl sorry if I am confusing

21:22 UTC


Кто поможет найти порно если описать его я просто не могу найти его

Общем там есть парень кудрявый с голубой фидболкой и Штаны в клетку синие там девушка дрочить ему член и он делает вид тип не причем Девушка была в очках чуть бландинистая они разгаваривали и она взяла смазку и начала еще дрочить и все это была на большой синей кровати

1 Comment
21:13 UTC


Help finding manga

Trying to find a "manga" I remember reading a while back. I only remember that the main character at one point fights monks 1 on 1 in rooms. After beating a monk, the one in the next room was harder and the room I think got darker too. I think it is a "game" system for deciding a reward and I think it was colored so it might be a webtoon or manhwa. I also think the monks were demons. In the final room, it was pitch black and the MC can't even feel his own body. Please help!

20:51 UTC


Need help finding some manga/webtoon kind humans :( , warning Bl (shounen ai)✓!

Yo guys,i cant seem to find an old manga/webtoon. (!!)WARNING(!!) It is shounen ai, so if you dont like this kind of genre than gladly,kindly dont read this post,thanks! .......summonary........

It was abou a character,a male, being reincarnated as a side character in a novel story with i think it was like solo levelling ,gates and all that ,i do remember some pieces of the story.

I think the main and side char were trapped by the enemy but couldnt get out of the barrier caused by the enemy in question,the side managed to find the source of the dome that was casted on them and on the city.Vividly remember the side char ,he climbed to the rooftop as he felt the residentual energy of the ritual¿? for the barrier to cut them out of the real world and the one who casted it. He managed to climb the stairs after the pressure from the source (the caster)there was some woman,i think he couldnt win,bcs he knew who she was so yeah he made some kind of deal if he managed to win (she loved playing games,bets and such) she would cast down the barrier or he managed to distract her while he was destroying the ritual? Idk the details anymore sorry! Also,remember him being scared shitless lol as he couldnt climb the stairs through the pressure she was emiting(he managed through it).

My bad this this is kind of a long post but thank you if you do take your time reading this shi XD,it keeps bothering me bcs i cant find it anywhere. Anyhow thanks a lot in advance!!

20:41 UTC


Can anybody help me find this manga

So I’m pretty sure the manga is about a girl who gets kidnapped by the most rich guy in the world or most popular guy in the world and she is forced to be in his mansion and I’m pretty sure he kidnapped her because he think he got her pregnant or had sex with her or was his wife I can really remember that’s why I can’t find it please tell me some names and I’ll tell you if it’s the right one or not Thanks 😁 (look for newer manga im talking 2019 and up because i can remember the art being more new)

1 Comment
20:36 UTC


Shonen Note : Boy Soprano volume 7?

Hello! This is my first time posting here, and I have no clue where else to ask. I collect Shonen Note : Boy Soprano and I have not seen volume 7, and I’ve also seen the date pushed back several times. Apparently, it released today and I was wondering if anyone received it physically before I order it and get stuck in a forever waiting loop.

20:32 UTC


Help find manga/manhwa I was reading

I started reading this ages ago but trying to find it again. It started with like a points collection stage in a battlefield with a safezone where most of the people hid and the mc went off, found some people and used then to farm loopholes to get tons of points. The administrator gives him a shop to buy stuff from, theres different levels of administrators etc. If I remember stuff I'll add more info

20:25 UTC


Please Help Me Find a Manga I Forgot About!

It follows the troupe of the Heros/ S Rank Party betrays the Mc in a dungeon. However, The S Rank female party leader had no idea that the rest of the party planned to betray the Mc. She goes out of her way to look for the Mc after the dungeon disappears. I believe he was pushed down to the bottom of the dungeon. I am sorry for the sparse details but I can't remember the name of the manga to save my life!

20:12 UTC


Who knew Tokyo Revengers spines looked so good next to each other? (It says art but idkw this ain’t art)

20:10 UTC


Anyone know what happened to Irodori Comics?

I check back in to it and it and all the sites are just dead and non of their social media are available... I thought because it had manga so I might get some help asking here.

20:05 UTC


[Rt!] Tune In to the Midnight Heart (Romance, school, slice of life, harem)



When Arisu Yamabuki was all alone in bed at night, he was able to find solace in the voice of a radio host who went by "Apollo." However, one day, she simply stopped broadcasting without any explanation. Years then passed, and Arisu is now a second-year high-schooler. He makes it his mission to search for Apollo, as there is something he wants to tell her. He doesn't know what she looks like, or even what her real name is, but he manages to get some leads on her in his school's broadcasting club. That's where he meets four girls who all dream to get a job where they can make full use of their voices! Just who is Apollo, and how will those four's dreams pan out?

Tune into the Midnight Heart is a very traditional manga yet exceptional in its own right.

The author flushes out the story with a mostly romantic background story, in which the ML spends his time encouraging and being fans to his friends hobbies and passions. While the ML is dense and does follow some manga protag stereotypes, the FLs are depicted realistically as fully flushed characters with their own unique insecurities and interests. It's this depiction of characters that truly makes it stand out.

All the characters are flawed, not just in the traditional "neet introvert way" but with their own trauma the shows as the story progresses. It escapes from the unprovoked romance and damnsel in distress stereotypes found in the genre. Add in the mystery of who the true love Apollo is and you have a happy yet deep, feel good manga that gets you invested in the world and characters in it.

Watching the characters grow, really puts a smile on your face. Which in a world of knock offs story's can be pretty rare.

I don't dare say it's something on the level of My Dress-up Darling, but you won't regret starting this manga.


Plot 7.5/10

Characters 9/10

Romance development 8/10 (aka not Rent-a-girlfriend)

Overall 8/10.

1 Comment
19:41 UTC


Request: online version in English for Watashitte Sabasaba Shiteru kara

19:32 UTC


How is Hikari-Man? By Hideo Yamamoto

I like Homunculus. And I see that Seven Seas has licensed Hikari-Man. Worth it? Thanks.

19:29 UTC


Does anyone knows this manga?

Even though I don't remember the manga I am looking for very well, I will try to describe it to you. A young man goes to a place that looks like an orphanage in the back of a truck for work. In this seemingly abandoned orphanage, there are only children, and an older girl, who is slightly older than the other children, is in charge. Almost all of the children are wary of the young man who has come to work, but he warms up the atmosphere by being kind to all the children. The real events start after this because in the evening, all the children begin to kill and dismember all the adults who have come to the orphanage one by one. The young man who has come to work faints after witnessing this and wakes up in the morning with the children around him. This is all I remember from the beginning of the story. Towards the end, two adults who constantly bring supplies to the children start hunting down all the children. In the end, the two adults, the young man who came for work, and almost all the children die. Only a few manage to adapt to normal city life; one of them is blind and wears glasses throughout the series, and the other always wears something like a wig. Although my memories are fragmented, this is all I can recall. I hope this helps you find the manga.

19:27 UTC


I might be that type of person

I want to read manga that has a twist in it. You think it is about to go one way, but then it goes into a different direction.
I think its called "subversion of expectations"
"Oh look the main character keeps running into hot women who all are in love with them."
But turns out.
"For what ever reason he does not even humor the idea of him getting with any one them" And I do not mean he freak out at their advances, just dodges, ignores etc etc. Wanting to not be in any relationship.
The loli who calls him big brother, NOPE!
The large breasted thicc girl who wears clothes to tight for her, NOPE!
The tsundere who acts a bit mean but crushes on the main character, NOPE!

I just get a giggle when ever the plot looks like its going to go one way, subverts that.

19:24 UTC


[DISC] My Hero Academia: Something about the Final War arc that makes me feel kinda bad/sad and that I had to get off my chest somewhere [Spoiler warning, obviously]

So... this is about Jiro, specifically about how Horikoshi treated her during this arc.

Those who know probably have an idea what this is about and those who don't... what are you doing here? This is SPOILER territory, get out of here! This is your last warning.

I haven't really followed MHA since the latter half of season 6 (didn't even finish that one), but for certain reasons I got slightly invested in some of it again recently (mainly the early parts for now). Yesterday I was looking through Jiro's wiki entry to find some basic information about her... and spoiled myself about her losing an ear against All for One. This... kind of sent me on a little spoiler frenzy as I read through a rough synapsis of the whole (or atleast a big part of) Final War arc, consequently learning about Edgeshot's death (which hurt, but it's not my main talking point) among other things.

My main "problem" now (it's really more just that it's been bothering me since then and it kinda dragged down my mood for the rest of the day) comes from a couple of things.
And yes, this will be a bit of criticism towards Horikoshi's writing. This doesn't mean I think he or the manga/show overall are terrible, so please don't kill me for saying something negative about them.

The first problem I have is something that many people have already talked about in the past: The way Horikoshi writes female characters. MHA unfortunately suffers from the same problem that many manga/anime, especially Shonen, have: The female characters are... not that great, being reduced supporting roles and never being on the same level as the male cast.
MHA has this problem to a much lesser extent than some other anime, having overall well written female characters I think, but its problem comes more from how it uses them in the story. Can you remember any big fight against a villain where a female hero or student was the one to defeat the opponent? I don't mean "assists in defeating the opponent", I mean knocking out or killing the villain themselves, without a male character doing that job. It doesn't happen a lot. And even when heroines get to have some badass moments, like Mirko in that raid on the doctor's lab, they still usually need to be saved by a male hero afterwards.
This might sound like me just calling the show sexist because it doesn't have a bunch of "Independant Women who don't need no man!"^(TM) in it, but that's really not what I mean. I don't want the female characters to all be lone wolves and caricatures of modern day feminism. I just want them to be on the same level of relevance and overall power as the male characters. And that... just isn't the case. To put it differently perhaps: "I want to see a male character assissting a female hero or student in bringing down a bad guy for once. "
Maybe if you try to look out for this on your next rewatch you will get what I mean.

I wrote far too much on this, which should've been the introduction to my first point...
Anyways, Jiro lost her ear and the only thing she's allowed to do as compensation for that is to hit All for One with a move that doesn't even phase him... despite being her strongest move... I know she's not the strongest fighter, but c'mon.
I'll admit that her determination being so strong it caused the former quirk users within AfO to rebell against him was a cool moment for her... or atleast it would've been if the opening it created wasn't mostly pointless in the grand scheme of the fight. Imagine if this happened later and it was the opening needed or even the reason AfO finally got defeated, not by brute force, but by an unbreakable will, that caused all of the people, who AfO had stolen his quirks from who he had tortured and murdered, to rise up and rebell against him and cause his end. Wouldn't that have been much cooler (and also more fitting, since he was ultimately defeated by losing control of his reversal quirk)?

Anyways, let's get to my second "problem": Body mutilation.

Horikoshi really likes removing his characters' arms, legs, eyes and internal organs, huh? It probably should've been obvious from the start, considering how One for All consistently busted up Midoriya, but... was this one really neccessary? Just taking away half her quirk and damaging her hearing? And for such an inconsequential payback?
Idk, maybe I'm just weird, but whenever I see something like that and know that it cannot be reversed and that the character now has to live with that part of them missing, as well as the consequences of it for the rest of their life... it's like a knife twisting in my stomach. I'm usually not phased very much by fictional violence... but this is different.
And considering that it's basically half of her quirk gone, as well as part of her hearing (which is really important for a musician, in case you weren't aware), it just hurt to read even more.
Wait, did I say something about "can't be reversed?" Wasn't there something about "reversing" things in this anime? Oh... right...

My third point: Eri

So as the manga isn't finished yet, we obviously don't know where she will end up and if she will still be able to use her quirk again at some point, after having broken off her horn. From what I read, it apparently was never confirmed that she couldn't? But that's not as important right now, I digress.

My problem is that, despite Eri having an immensely useful and incredible quirk, it wasn't really used between her giving Milio his quirk back and then the Final War, where she regenerated Midoriya's arm. Why did she not reverse Hawks to grow back his wings? Surely that would've been a good idea, right? And while we're on that, assuming that she does get her quirk back in one way or another, that being through some form of healing, be that natural or quirk-based (or perhaps by Monoma simply spending some time with her, repeatedly copying her quirk until he gathers enough power to reverse Eri back to when her horn was still intact), she should be able to help... basically anyone who lost a limb, right? Not just heal Jiro's ear (which, yeah, obviously that's my main concern) but also Endeavor's arm and any other injuries sustained by heroes, both in the Final War as well the future.

I'm aware that I'm basically just rambling about my personal head canon at this point (though honestly, it just seems like the most logical thing to happen), but as I said in the title of this post...

I just had to get it off my chest. This has been on my mind ever since yesterday. I had to write it out somewhere, so I could put this thought to rest.

Please... don't be too harsh on me.

1 Comment
19:17 UTC

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