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A place where redditors can post ML-related jobs, resumes, and career discussion.

A place where redditors can post ML-related jobs, resumes, and career discussion.

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Looking for a new job opportunity as AI Engineer.

Hi guys, hope you are doing well.

I am actively looking for a new job opportunity as an AI Engineer. I have expertise in ML, NLP, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Data Science. Please reach out to me if anyone needs AI/ML Engineer. Thank you.

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15:34 UTC


[HIRING] Founding ML Engineer (LLMs) at Libra, a legal AI company, Berlin

Apply here: https://careers.merantix.com/companies/libra-2/jobs/32557463-lead-ml-engineer-llms

About Us

Libra is a category-defining, venture-backed generative AI startup. We’re building the infrastructure for the legal system of tomorrow.

In today's world, more people have access to the internet than access to justice. The rapid advancement of large language models offer an unprecedented opportunity not only to automate legal services, but to disrupt the whole industry. That’s why our mission is empowering every claim owner to make full use of their rights.

We’re developing a claims drafting factory, which will automatically produce legal claim packages using AI. This will allow us to deliver an easier, more efficient, and higher quality legal service for customers.

As a fast-moving venture, we’ve closed three pilots with prominent enterprise customers and raised 1mln EUR in a pre-seed investment from Merantix, Europe’s leading specialist AI Fund. Now we’re growing the team to make our vision a reality.

About the role

As the founding ML engineer you will help build our machine learning organisation, reporting directly to the CTO. You will develop and improve our AI systems, making automated legal claims generation possible.


  • developing and evaluating large systems of interconnected LLM-powered components,
  • prompt engineering,
  • fine-tuning large language models,
  • developing and implementing novel search and QA algorithms

Apply here: https://careers.merantix.com/companies/libra-2/jobs/32557463-lead-ml-engineer-llms

13:40 UTC


Physics or maths for ML

Hello guys, this question is due to no idea of whether which prospect will keep me busy and valuable for very long period. What meant is I wanted to focus on additional mathematics topics and few physics topics to either improve ML/DS or have a research position in them. Any suggestions of my initial thoughts, do you think will it work our for me? What should I focus on physics and maths too?

18:36 UTC


Asking for guidance and advice about a job

Hello everyone, I just to preface this by saying I don't posses a deep knowledge and I'm asking this for guidance and advice.I'm a junior ML engineer.

I'm recently got offered an unpaid internship in ML to create an ai trip planner for a travel app the thing is this company works in many different countries so I suggested fine tuning a pretrained model for each country they work in. The thing is I thing this is a big scale project is it possible to learn how to do it alone as an intern.

They want something similar to travel moji or trip planner AI. Which basically recommend fully planned trips based on user profile.

So my big question is is it possible to do this as a junior developer? and if so how what models should I use and how to use them?

Please any advice would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this if you have any advice please don't hesitate.

06:35 UTC


Looking for a DS or ML job in Europe?

Hey everyone! If you reside in Europe or have valid work permit on the EU, please check out EU Data Jobs for cool opportunities in Europe https://eudatajobs.com/search

12:13 UTC

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