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Please help

Guys, I have been posting My self writtin light novel on this sub reddit. Am I doing right or wrong? Should I continue posting my Light novel on reddit?

17:32 UTC


SHAH MAHAL: A Tale Beyond Borders. ; Prologue

Why do we hate someone or something? Ofcourse because something had happened or done that gave us a reason to hate. why do we love someone or something? Answer is quite similar to first answer but with word love.

Hating is natural, no one is forced to hate something, But love comes more naturally doesn't need anyone's order to do so.

Countries can also hate each other, Taking a form of wars.

In period 17th century In the realm where hate thrives, two nations, Puma(at North) and Kuma(at South), stand divided. Paints a picture of their bitter rivalry, etched with distrust and animosity.

If Kuman person sees a Puman person he'll run to beat him and vice versa

This hate took a form of infamous war namely Kumo-Pumo War, a war between Puma and Kuma, The force recruitment, armies will filled , and So many innocents were killed , many kids became orphan, many women became widows

War ended with victory of

No one

Both of them retreated due to equal rivalry.

So many were killed, But the hate rate was still there.

Wild Fire of hate was spreaded rapidly Each citizen of those country carried those fire of hate towards their enemy country ,burning in their hearts.


In the mudy swamp of hate, Bloomed a lotus of love.

This story is about a curious girl who enters the enemy country just to see a monument to fullfill her desire ignoring all the risks ? where she meets an aly who helps her who don't know her true identity? how she enters the country ? how she manages to maintain her disguise? how she returns back safely? the answer will be found in the story so just keep reading.

16:48 UTC


[REC] Recommend LN with Female Protagonist.

Anything is fine even Yuri (Homosexual) or Male on Female + Female on Female Romance (Bisexual)

It's fine if it doesn't have any romance.

My main reason for choosing Female Protagonist is because they give a different perspective compared to Male Protagonist.

Tearmoon Empire

I liked how the Protagonist is so simple minded. In other words the protagonist is stupid and Brain dead. But I still liked how simple it was.

Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average

I liked it since the Protagonists goal was to have adventure with bizarre results "like a magician wanting to plant his dead dogs brain into a little girls head" and live a happy life insted of getting as strong as possible gathering lands and making a great kingdom.

Accomplishments Of A Dukes Daughter.

The writings different compared to a Male Protagonist series. Basically Violence is not always the answer you can just make your enemies so proud and full of them selves that they mistakenly say treasonous things and gets arrested and gets decapitated.

Sorry for being to simplified and not including any context.

15:34 UTC


What volume did classroom of the elite end on?

I wanna start reading the light novel but idk what volume to read

I googled it and it said volume 7 but I just wanna make sure I don’t accidentally spoil it for myself

14:32 UTC


And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

I finished the anime and saw that there isn't a second season, does anyone know which volume of the novels I should continue from?

12:31 UTC


I found these two at the thrift store!

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12:30 UTC


Light novels like The Reincarnated Assassin Is a Genius Swordsman?


I'd like some light novel recommendations if possible. I've been reading The Reincarnated Assassin Is a Genius Swordsman and I'm loving it. Other novels I've found myself liking are:

- The Second Coming of Gluttony

- Overgeared

- My Vampire System

What I love about these novels is the companionship that can be found in them. The MC has people and friends he goes on adventures or does things with. For some reason, I do not like reading light novels where the MC is a lonesome person (like Solo Leveling).

Thanks a lot!

1 Comment
10:58 UTC


Top Action novels recommendation

Mention some of the novels which you like a lot and on top of your list

06:15 UTC


New RightStuf pre-orders arrived today, continuing several series and starting a new one

22:49 UTC


Is chapter 414 the end of "undetectable strongest job: rule breaker"?

Is the WN chapter 414 the end of "undetectable strongest job: rule breaker"? And is the LN any different?

20:16 UTC


Mushoku Tensei vol 1 released 2 days early (Sept 26) on audible.

15:19 UTC


Help me find this light novel

Heres is the plot: basically the demon king has died, and a kingdom held a tournament for the title of a true hero and invited the strongest people around the world to fight to the death and fight for the title and they do that to lessen the threats for the kingdom and put people at ease knowing about the hero. There is no mc at all and any charcters could have been the mc

12:47 UTC


[REC] I want recommendations for the most demented light novels where the protag is OP

I am looking for light novels where the protag is OP in their respective verse, and doesn't give a fuck about life's value. As in, they will kill for the sake of killing. No harem-building, no quirky little moments, just straight them fucking shit up.

Already read: Instant Death and Overlord

12:21 UTC


Fantasy with romance and equally capable male and female leads

I’m looking for fantasy recommendations in which there is a strong romantic subplot, and the female lead is equally or close to as capable as the male lead. No damsels or harems. Isekai would be a strong negative, I already read Mushoku which is pretty much the peak of the genre

Cradle would be a good non LN example

06:48 UTC


[REC] Kingdom building light novels

Guys can anyone recommend me some kingdom building Light novels.

I read "slime series", "Realist prince", "genious prince", "Release the witch", "Re:Monster", "I am the monarch", "Evil lord of the intergalactic empire".

I am looking for something similar.

03:41 UTC


Read light novel then switch to web novel

Is it okay if I read light novel half way then finish it off with the web novel?

Ex: Read LN volumes 1-5 then switch to web novel to finish the story.

I found a good web novel and it has a light novel but it's on hiatus so I was thinking if it is okay to read the LN first until I reach where the volume is stop then switch to web novel to where I left off....but I feel like it might ruin the story a bit but at the same time I thought it might be okay since they're both similar?

01:04 UTC


help! I can't remember the name of a light novel I read year's ago!

I'm trying to remember the name a a light novel I read at one point, the MC is a Male character that lives in modern times, he suddenly got a system that pretty much made him talented in everything. He went to the city and started many businesses all going by Y something, like Y cosmetics ect. Anyone have any clues?

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21:59 UTC


Looking for novel to read.

Something like a genius sword master who want srevenge preferably not reincarnated or regressed. Or a good revenge novel.

19:15 UTC


Looking for something similar to Reincarnation paradise

I really like this novel and recommend it to everyone. it's talks about our protagonist who get transported to multiple realms (anime world) to do some tasks.

1 Comment
17:55 UTC


[REC] novel or whatever where you feel uncomfortable without DOOM music in the background

title says it all, the music genre is argent metal in general but preferably Doom music.

16:23 UTC


[REC] Recommend Space and or Sci-Fi LN with massive artifacts Structure like Ships and buildings.

I Recently Read I'm the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire!

It was a story about misunderstanding. Similar to the character King From One Punch Man.

The protagonist is evil in nature and tries to do Evil Deeds. But mistakenly does Good Deeds instead. The protagonist is not Wise or Kind but people misunderstand that he a Kind and wise. Etc that's the mains premises with other plots here and there like android maid robot, Pirates and an person who can control other people's FATE. I quite enjoyed the story but these aren't the reason why I am making this Post.

The reason why I am making this post is because the story also detailed Massive Super Structure. Examples 3 Kilometer long battle ships.

A Capital Planet of the Empire which is completely surrounded by a Huge spherical Metal Structure which protects the planet and regulated it's weather. It was one of the first Sci-Fi LN that I read but I Loved this Mega Structure part of the story. So I am looking for stories that depicts similar Structure in Greater Detail.

15:40 UTC


Finally getting back to The Saga of Tanya the Evil

15:31 UTC


{SPOILER} The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody

Hi I wanted to ask that does this series later down the line have some romance like does Ard get a harem or does he only get together with Ireena since she was very much against the idea of a harem does the series end with a harem or just unconclusive cause i saw that the series has ended with 10 volumes but YP has only translated 8 so far if anyone has read the JP can they spoil the ending and if there is a harem or primary love interest till V8


13:24 UTC


Book walker alternatives

Need a book service that allows me to download PDF/Epubs to my new pocket book colour. I just want to be able to transfer/download bought books to my E-Reader

12:13 UTC


do you speedread?

Hi guys, I was wondering how many of you use the “speedreading” method to read LN and in case I wanted to know more info about it.

08:35 UTC


Is it better to read Light Novels in Japanese rather than English?

Whenever it comes to localization of light novels (albeit being major titles like Sword Art Online) it's different from the original narration the author wrote, as instead you're reading someone elses intepretation of the plot as it's been translated from Japanese to English, meaning some of the content has been lost in translation or completely altered from the original narrative.

For example, I've started reading 陰の実力者になりたくて (>!The Eminence in Shadow!<) in Japanese, which is the source language, as of now, there's a 6th volume that'll be relased in Japanese next month, the only difference is that the reading orientation in the original is from right to left along with the text being written and read from top to bottom vertically printed in paperback, as opposed to the western localization where it's binded in hardcover and reading orientation is flipped into being read from left to right, translated into English.

By the way, I know Japanese but when I read the translated version, it's just horrible at times when knowing the plot told from the author's perspective as it's either content is omitted or completely mistranslated.

02:29 UTC


Got rid of some clothes to fit some novels

00:48 UTC


Requesting for series with a female protagonist, but…

  1. No villainness or otome game settings

I simply do not like the setting and the cast of characters it tends to generate aside from the main protagonist. I was disappointed with Silent Witch for this reason.

  1. No adventurer party, guild receptionist, and its associated lukewarm JRPG elements

I enjoy Ascendence of a Bookworm & Apothecary Diaries, but is there anything else good out there?

22:41 UTC

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