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We would like to refer you to https://discord.gg/fsp to learn more about New Hampshire and the Free State Project. Alternatively, check out http://fsp.org/connect in order to see our social media presence on other platforms.

The Free State Project is a movement of thousands of freedom-loving people to New Hampshire, where we are working to reduce the size and scope of government in order to achieve Liberty in Our Lifetime.

Our efforts have the potential to demonstrate the benefits of liberty and to set an example for the rest of the nation and the world to follow.

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NOTE: This subreddit is specifically for the liberty movement in NH. For general libertarian discussion, see /r/GoldAndBlack


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What do you think is the most libertarian state?

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Are you starting to "get it" now?

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Porcupine Report #1: "Defend The Guard" feat. Representative Tom Mannion

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Eric Brakey on Using State-Level Politics to Fight For Liberty

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Can I put a double wide on private land

I am currently in MA but obviously not a very liberty loving place and very expensive. I am at a point where I am almost ready to buy a place and the prospect on having to take out a loan is not very attractive. I would have 160-180k in cash. I was wondering if that's enough to buy a tiny piece of land in NH and a double wide but not sure if there are towns that would allow this? Or maybe there is some town with cheap enough housing that I could buy a very small home with that possibly? I work in tech so as much as I'd love to be in the middle of nowhere, i probably need to stay somewhere with good internet access and driving distance to people.

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Great news!

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Any more info about Free Sate Project in New Hampshire?

Is there a particular hotspot of libertarians in a certain area? What is the job market like in said place. Copilot from Microsoft told me Keene, is that true? Im coming into some money and would love to start a new in the free state. BTW, Discord makes no sense to me, its a bunch of random convo's with no definite start and end and I cant make sense out of it.

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FSP the Globogym of libertarians?

The biggest problem with New Hampshire is the increasingly douchey attitude from its most vocal inhabitants.

Fr acting like they are the globogym of the libertarian microcosm.

Globogym?!? If only.

New Hampshire libertarians have recognized that libertarians are too thin on the ground to defend ourselves against the statist hordes of the entire nation.

If we want to win, we have to concentrate our forces to a defendable territory, much as the Swiss have done in the Alps.

If we're irritating, it's because we're desparately trying to persuade our friends to stop throwing their lives away in the pursuit of quixotic dreams, and to join us in the only strategy to date that's shown any signs of real world success.

In other words, let's show that we can win a single state before trying to win nationally. If we can't win New Hampshire, how can we possibly win in the national arena?


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Eric Brakey to Become Executive Director of the Free State Project

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Libertarian Javier Milei wins presidential election of Argentina!

Holy crap! Good news for Argentina! I did not think it possible for a large nation state to elect a libertarianish candidate. This gives me hope that libertarians can win the governorship / Congress of New Hampshire.

"Argentina elected right-wing libertarian Javier Milei as its new president on Sunday, rolling the dice on an outsider with radical views to fix an economy battered by triple-digit inflation, a looming recession and rising poverty.

Milei, who rode a wave of voter anger with the political mainstream, won by a wider-than-expected margin. He landed some 56% of the vote versus just over 44% for his rival, Peronist Economy Minister Sergio Massa, who conceded."


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Defend the Guard Makes Gains in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire Zoning Atlas - Interactive map

I've become aware of this site, which shows what zoning laws apply to each area in New Hampshire.

The Saint Anselm College has reached the follwoing conclusions:

  1. In New Hampshire, it is hard to find land to build small homes or starter homes in an economically viable way. Most communities have prohibited single family homes on small lots over most or all of their territory.
  2. In New Hampshire, there is less area zoned for small lot two-family homes than there is for any other type of housing. There are also 70 jurisdictions that do not allow two-family by right anywhere.
  3. Many of New Hampshire's communities, including those close to job markets, require larger lots for multifamily housing, thereby driving up the cost of these homes and making them unaffordable to residents.
  4. A parcel analysis of New Hampshire's largest metropolitan area (Manchester & contiguous communities) shows that once existing development and land use restrictions are taken into account, the percentage of land available for by-right buildable small lots for single-family shrinks from 21% to 7.8%.
  5. Under New Hampshire law, communities are required to allow attached ADUs, but the approval process is often time-consuming and expensive. In some communities the requirements for additional parking limits ADU development.
  6. New Hampshire law requires communities to allow manufactured homes, but they can choose how to meet that requirement. Manufactured homes on small lots and in parks are allowed on only 9.9% of developable land statewide.
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Libertarian Republic of New Hampshire Flag

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I tied to direct somebody to freestateproject.org. The server seems to be out of service.

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PublicSq is doing a $500 giveaway for anyone interested

PublicSq is one of the largest conservative marketplaces out there letting people buy from non-Woke businesses.

They make it easy to shop high-quality pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom businesses.

I’ve been really surprised at the quality of things on there.

The challenge ends tomorrow on Sept 30th at 11:59pm PST.

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The New Brunswick FreeProvince Project

The NBFP encourages the migration of libertarian and liberty-oriented Canadians to a relatively small, coastal, Conservative-voting province of New Brunswick with the goal of restoring, expanding, and preserving liberty. The movement advocates for building a vibrant, free-market economy, and increasing New Brunswick’s political and fiscal autonomy within Confederation. As well as export, popularize and implement the "Free State" concept in Canada within a Canadian context in lieu of federal immigration restrictions to NH.

Over 700 people have expressed their interest in participating via registering in an online database, with 30–40 core members attending face-to-face strategic meetings in the province. Some 25 “liberty pods” (micro-communities) have been created across the province. The organization is soon to be incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, a status that allows political campaigning and collecting donations tax-free. The bylaws will be based on those adopted by the Free State Project. As of late, they are also looking for a communications director.

Strategically, the FreeProvince Project pursues four goals: inspiring liberty-minded individuals to move to New Brunswick, assisting them with relocation, educating people in the spirit of liberty and the rule of law, and organizing face-to-face events to build a strong community. The project does not promote specific political candidates or parties — instead, it encourages its activists to self-organize in a decentralized, bottom-up manner.

As of 2023, the FSP have successfully managed to successfully push for the legalization of statewide permitless concealed carry of firearms, abolition of stingray usage by the police without a warrant, prohibition of the use of state and local police from enforcing federal gun regulations, abolition of the death penalty, restrictions on the teaching of Critical Race Theory by public school teachers, creating an amendment in the state constitution preventing the future establishment of a state income tax, establishing school choice through their Educational Freedom Accounts and prohibiting the state government from enforcing vaccine mandates. The FSP has been so far extremely effective in keeping New Hampshire the freest state in America according to the Cato Institute's Freedom in the 50 States index: https://www.freedominthe50states.org/

The idea to create a FreeProvince and emulate this strategy, by making use of Canada's federal system (particularly sections 91 and 92 of the Constitution Act of 1867 which clarify property and civil rights being the exclusive jurisdiction of the provinces) was proposed in 2021 by former Canadian army veteran and civil rights activist in the Grand River Land Dispute, Mark Vandermaas. This being a response to Canada’s intrusive lockdown policies and the failure of the People's Party of Canada to influence policy at a federal level, also noting that the amount of people who voted for the People's Party was over 840,000 and that New Brunswick has roughly 569,000 eligible voters. The NBFP has received ample help from individual Free Staters and Mark has recently appeared at their flagship freedom festival known as PorcFest to give a talk and gauge support.

The project specifically focuses on influencing the three key policy areas on a provincial level: education, policing, and healthcare. On top of that, individual community members and micro-communities (“liberty pods”) are involved in numerous initiatives, for instance, enhancing school choice options, expanding self-defense rights, protecting freedom of speech and religious freedom, lowering taxes, defending property rights, and so on.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the website at nbfree.ca

Look up the FSP community wiki to see the bills they've managed to pass and some of the things FreeProvincers would like to emulate: https://libertywin.org/index.php/Main_Page

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Greetings! Do you help non-residents from abroad to relocate to NH?

We are a family of two – 34 and 23 y.o. Both are moderate conservative libertarians, entrepreneurs and digital nomads. We're Russian citizens. Currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. We've been dreaming of becoming free staters for a while.
My Twitter – https://twitter.com/Freemonade

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The Stages of Grief [OC]

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THREAD: How Javier Milei Suceeded in Popularizing Libertarianism in Argentina | Maggie 🕊 on Twitter

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Rep. Keith Ammon on Twitter | Statist Massachusetts is the Empire, Libertarian New Hampshire is the Mos Eisley Cantina

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