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Libertarianism is a political philosophy that is in short anti-authoritarian. Libertarianism as a political philosophy was initiated by French anarchist DeJacque in the 1850s with his letter to Proudhon and his journal, "The Libertarian". This tradition was developed and enriched by many including Kropotkin, Chomsky, Makhno and many more. Later on in the 1950s, the term became extended to encompass right wing libertarians as well, such as anarcho-capitalists and other deviations, with thinkers such as Rothbard and Mises. There are also modern right libertarians who build off the ideas of classical liberalism developed by Smith and others. Anarchist philosophies that are center left such as mutualism (per Proudhon) is also considered libertarian in nature.

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Libertarian Uncensored Podcast #234 (Jimmy Mitchell)

1 Comment
12:52 UTC


Another Republican politician caught pretending to be a black person online

02:37 UTC


A huge blow to libertarians (Liam McCollum)

00:20 UTC


The Dems telling their NPC base they raised “$81 million in grassroots donations”, right after Alexander Soros endorsed Kamala, is to convince them other people are super duper excited about Kamala. Because that’s what matters— What other people think. (TRHL)

00:05 UTC


The Employment Effects of a Guaranteed Income

From a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper ("The Employment Effects of a Guaranteed Income: Experimental Evidence from Two U.S. States", emphasis added):

We study the causal impacts of income on a rich array of employment outcomes, leveraging an experiment in which 1,000 low-income individuals were randomized into receiving $1,000 per month unconditionally for three years...The transfer caused total individual income to fall by about $1,500/year relative to the control group, excluding the transfers. The program resulted in a 2.0 percentage point decrease in labor market participation for participants and a 1.3-1.4 hour per week reduction in labor hours...The transfer generated the largest increases in time spent on leisure...We observe no significant effects on investments in human capital, though younger participants may pursue more formal education. Overall, our results suggest a moderate labor supply effect that does not appear offset by other productive activities.

Basically, recipients of guaranteed income generally worked less but they didn't spend the new "free" time looking for better jobs or gaining education. Instead, they just spent more time on leisure. And interestingly, there was some spillover effect as recipients' partners also worked less by a "comparable amount" for a greater combined (negative) impact on household income.

However, recipients did show more interest in entrepreneurship (which has the potential to increase future earnings).

Overall and in my opinion, these aren't encouraging results for guaranteed income ideas if policymakers have long-term economic benefits in mind (and hopefully they do).

You can read the full paper here.

18:02 UTC


Reddit: ACAB

Also Reddit: We need to vote for the cop over the convicted felon so we can save our democracy

12:39 UTC


Republicans can’t make up their minds [humor]

02:33 UTC


NAZI vote gets Taiwan invaded.

So what's on the line? Doesn't matter to us real libertarians. We recognize authoritarianism like a wolf recognizes rabbit. There are NAZIs afoot in America in 2024. A libertarian nose knows.

Libertarian means power to the people. Taiwan has been more libertarian than China. China wishes to invade Taiwan, and very likely will if Americans turn less libertarian, and more authoritarian.

China has an army they do not need and are not selling. They mean to threaten their neighbors. This is not in Americas interest. Their neighbors are fruitfull. They are more libertarian than China. More power to the people. We love them. We devour all cultures, just like our colonial era American brothers.

Taiwan is good for the US, and if China sees America turn more authoritarian it will attack it's neighbors. With that expensive army that they don't need. And have been investing in. That's whats at stake with your vote. If you vote NAZI, then the Pacific will join the carrying capacity war.

02:29 UTC


(poll) Will Biden resign the Presidency prior to election day?

Voted No

Dems have quite a predicament, they want to market Kamala as the incumbent and they know that Biden is publicly unfit to lead but they need to keep dangling that first female POTUS carrot above voters heads.

View Poll

20:29 UTC


Redditors are getting sterilized because Biden dropped out (Reddit Lies)

20:08 UTC


With Biden stepping aside and endorsing Harris, let's review Harris's public service record.

Reason TV

19:26 UTC


Libertarian Uncensored Podcast #233 (Jimmy Mitchell)

1 Comment
17:45 UTC


'We're close to the end': Biden world braces for the possibility he steps down (MSNBC)

00:18 UTC


Don’t let them get away with this deadly omission. 🙄🤗 (Carey Wedler)

23:29 UTC


What do you think about "libertarians" who argue against democracy?

Is this just a case of edgy ancaps being edgy ancaps, or is it a sign of fascist infiltration of libertarian spaces?

22:31 UTC


Why does it seem that seemingly every Redditor acts like the Daily Wire stereotype of SJW's?

17:25 UTC

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