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AMA with Jonas Čeika, concluded

Philosophy author and Youtube content-creator Jonas Čeika has done an AMA on LSC. See the announcement for details.

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  • Documenting of, and agitation against the rising tide of racist persecution in America

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Paying a fraction of a percent while making billions, definitely a "fair share"

06:00 UTC


Luxury prisons are the reason I don't believe putting rich people or politicians in jail does anything I say we just fine them a flat 75% of their worth if not more, pay to stay jails are literal cancer to the punishments these people should be getting

1 Comment
05:27 UTC


Getting kind of tired of seeing dead babies on tik tok. Maybe the Capital should stop funding a genocide.

1 Comment
01:22 UTC


Advice Welcome: What Do You Do After Realizing That You Will Not “Succeed” Within Capitalist Society?

I did everything “right”. I got into my state’s flagship university despite high school guidance counselors telling me my disabilities would never allow me to succeed in college. I finished a Bachelor’s Degree with high grades and no debt. I finished a Master’s Degree with a 4.0, still no debt, and an 800+ credit score. I served on multiple student government committees. For nine years, I took low-paying student jobs with no employee benefits to gain relevant experience, in my field, at the two most prestigious institutions in my state for my field.

Then I graduated three months ago. And I can’t even secure an interview. Not for full-time positions. Not for part-time positions. Not even for an internship program that accepts recent graduates in my field. I tanked my mental health over the past three months while constantly applying to jobs.

Last week, I came to three obvious revelations. The first: I won't apply to jobs unless I want it. (This week I applied to two: one sent me an email within twelve hours complimenting my qualifications *and* rejecting me, lmao.) Second: I can’t keep despising myself for being a “failure” in this American h—scape. Third: I must construct new meanings for myself that no longer define “productivity” via profit-generation or “success” via income-generation.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading books, working out, watching movies, listening to music playlists, and volunteering for an organization. I’m also learning how to grow indoor vegetable plants to offset my food insecurity.

However. There's a whole trauma to accepting one’s fate as a failure and trying to live life in spite of it. So, to you, I ask: how does one muddle through this? Any advice? I wish there were local “Failures Anonymous” groups for people who give up and are waiting for time or ecological/political collapse to unalive them.

00:59 UTC


Oh so now I need to give them control of my thermostat to save the grid. Welcome to Texas.

23:26 UTC


Young people WORK HARD - enough of this nonsense that they don't want to work...

I'm old, and much older than your average reddit user...this boomer nonsense about young people who just need to shaddup and be happy for what they get is asinine. We're in this mess because of them...were they not the ones who wanted all this Neo-Liberal shit?

Capitalist culture inverts reality where up is down and down is up. They call capitalism "freedom" and "democracy", which can't be farther from reality. Capitalism is tyranny, and if there's any choice at all it's the choice between participating in it or dying, no choice whatsoever. The perpetual inversions of reality keep everyone off balance and believing their reality is somehow "normal" instead of believing reality itself is what's fucked up, a perverted caricature of fantastic hell. Capitalist reality inversion is by design and serves solely a tool for social control...for the good of the few at the top...

Back to the young peeps: They are often working at least one job, highly likely for shit pay, often a second one or a "hustle" or a gig, all of which offer no real benefits, retirement security or long term stability. They are ceaselessly told to keep doing more with less. They are often cohabitating several or more at a time because rents are too high for one income. They have no real opportunities for home ownership since incomes are too low to save for a down payment and housing prices are too high to service the minimum income requirements for a mortgage. Food prices are to the moon. Utility costs are triple when I was their age, ages ago.

Car payments are higher than mortgage payments. Fuel costs are absurd. The culture of social media is constantly telling them they are inadequate. Student loan debt is simply outrageous (when I graduated from grad school one could actually pay the tuition without too much strain); If they do graduate from college they rarely work in their chosen field of study...They have no health care...they're facing the impending ecological calamity no people have faced...these young people are working their asses off...mentally exhausted, dejected and mocked...they are the future and they're marginalized as if they are not relevant. This madness stops right fucking now!

And people have the nerve to tell them to work harder...well fuck them for doing and I'm sick of it. Remember: the way to improve one's life is through political mobilization. The myth of hard work is just that, a fucking myth. When people unite around the most important issues they face nothing can stop them when they apply their will with great intent. collective action and forceful purpose. If the future has a chance to change for the good it will be young people who make it a reality. They goddam surely know how to work hard...and it will take hard work to do it...

Collective action is OUR Super Power!

21:10 UTC


r SocialistRA - are they centrist gun lovers or serious allies of communism?

Sincere question:

I believe the masses must be armed, trained and equipped at all time to protect ourselves from the tyranny of capitalism and its enablers. That said, is the Socialist Rifle Assn a sincere group committed to this end or are they more or less, generally speaking, gun loving centrists who don't want to be associated with the right wing fascists more than they wish to be fighting to end capitalism?

I personally have a very hard-core anti-capitalist point of view and see anything that doesn't agree with getting rid of it and its supporters with a jaundiced eye; iIt really needs to be eradicated. Perhaps "socialism" to some people is more of a kinder and gentler capitalism and the SRA is of that nature. Kindly discuss and I will read the replies.

21:07 UTC


“People totally want to work until they die! Trust us!”

21:01 UTC


We need a revolution more than ever before

20:19 UTC


The sooner you realize Brandon and Orange Man Bad are both out to fuck you over, the better

20:14 UTC


What stage of capitalism is this?

AI generated art used in a progressive ad. Honestly looks like they just used a free image generator smh

20:06 UTC


US imperialism, critical to latestagecapitalism, is often a focus by the left over other belligerents, not because others are seen as good, but because of how overwhelmingly one sided it is.

19:44 UTC


When the super rich do anything...

19:20 UTC


Based Deleuze

"There is no need to fear or hope, but only to look for new weapons."

"We are taught that corporations have a soul, which is the most terrifying news in the world. The operation of markets is now the instrument of social control and forms the impudent breed of our masters."

Deleuze quotes from "Postscript on the Societies of Control"

1 Comment
18:26 UTC


lindsey graham goes on unhinged rant creating streisand effect for his israel support and aipac bribes

18:11 UTC


4 month old kid get $30 million but we should work 70 hrs a week

17:27 UTC


Bread too expensive? Try killing your dog and selling your car.

16:48 UTC


The Us vs Them Mentality

“Borderline”, watercolor and ink on paper. 22x30 artist Kel Hudson (it’s me!)

16:10 UTC


Zionists explaining how they were treated by Palestinians in Gaza

1 Comment
15:23 UTC

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