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    Feeding Reading 2023 book list (as of 6/7/23)

    With the following caveats:

    • at the time I first retrieved the list from the website a few weeks ago, it was in no particular order. Which means that beyond dividing it up by age groups, my list isn’t in any particular alphabetical order either.
    • fortunately for you, now the list on the website is sorted alphabetically!
    • unfortunately for all of us, the website list is not broken up into age categories like it used to be. So I’ve done that here.
    • also unfortunately this year you can’t view the book list until you’ve got credits to redeem, so here we are.
    • the list is subject to change over the course of the promotion; this is just the list as it was in late May (and remains unchanged from that as of 6/7).
    • I will come back and organize this better later if I can, but for now I just wanted to get the info out there. I see that it looks bad on mobile, I’ll try and get to that.
    • age categories mostly based on Amazon’s recommended reader ages. You are responsible for researching for yourself whether a book is appropriate for your readers.
    • further info including authors and plot summaries on the website.

    Spanish books

    • Corduroy
    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar/La Oruga Muy Hambrienta

    Graphic Novels and Mad Libs

    • Comics Squad #2: Lunch!
    • The Cardboard Kingdom
    • Doodleville #2: Art Attacks
    • First Day of School Mad Libs
    • The Original #1 Mad Libs

    Non-Fiction Who Is/Was series

    • Who Was Isaac Newton?
    • Who is Zendaya?
    • Who Was Claude Monet?
    • Who Are Venus and Serena Williams?
    • Who Was Anne Frank?
    • What is the World Cup?
    • Who Was Susan B. Anthony?
    • Who is Shaquille O'Neal?
    • Where is Our Solar System?
    • Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?

    Early Readers

    • A Pig, A Fox, and Stinky Socks (level 2 reader)
    • Grumpy Monkey Get Your Grumps Out (level 2 reader)
    • This Makes Me Happy (level 2 reader)
    • Big Shark, Little Shark Go to School (level 1 reader)
    • Mighty Twins! (Level 1 reader, paw patrol)
    • I Am Strong (level 2 reader)
    • How to Bake an Apple Pie (level 2 reader)
    • School Day! (Level 1 reader)
    • The Firefly With No Glow (level 2 reader)
    • I Am Born to be Awesome! (Level 1 reader)
    • Pizza and Taco: Who's the Best? (Early reader in graphic novel format)

    Picture Books (including board books)

    • The Berenstain Bears Don't Pollute Anymore
    • Corduroy (possibly a board book but I don’t know)
    • Diggersaurs (board book)
    • Grumpy Monkey
    • Always With You, Always With Me
    • All-Star Pups! (Paw patrol)
    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar (maybe a board book, I don’t know)
    • Good Night, Gorilla
    • How to Babysit a Grandpa
    • I Am Amelia Earhart
    • Hello, World! Solar System (board book)
    • Corduroy Takes a Bow
    • All By Myself (Little Critter)
    • The Berenstain Bears Go Out for the Team
    • I Was So Mad (Little Critter)
    • Llama Llama Loves to Read
    • Pirate Pups! (Paw patrol)
    • I Am Amazing!
    • Me and My Family Tree
    • Save the School Bus! (Paw patrol)
    • Duck and Goose, How Are You Feeling?
    • The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eats Breakfast (board book)
    • The Gruffalo
    • Last Stop on Market Street
    • How to Babysit a Grandma
    • Tomorrow I'll Be Brave
    • I Am Every Good Thing
    • My Two Moms and Me
    • The Story of Ferdinand
    • Llama Llama Loves His Mama (board book?)
    • Richard Scarry's Please and Thank You Book
    • Change Starts With Us (board book?)
    • Cool Cuts
    • Happy Hair
    • The Name Jar

    Early Chapter Books

    • The Magnificent Makers #2: Brain Trouble
    • Afternoon on the Amazon (Magic Tree House #6)
    • Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Middle-Grade Chapter Books

    • The BFG
    • Because of Mr. Terupt
    • One-Third Nerd
    • Finn and the Intergalactic Lunchbox
    • The Smartest Kid in the Universe Book 2: Genius Camp
    • Echo Mountain
    • Fast Pitch (Mike Lupica)
    • Mr. Lemoncello and the Titanium Ticket
    • My Side of the Mountain
    • Triple Threat (Mike Lupica)
    • The Friendship Code (Girls Who Code #1)
    • Saving Mr. Terupt
    • Orphan Eleven
    • Fish in a Tree
    • The Smartest Kid in the Universe
    • Spotlight on Coding Club! (Girls Who Code #4)
    • Beyond the Bright Sea
    • A Bird will Soar
    • Birdie and Me
    • Amal Unbound
    • Counting by 7s
    • Defending Champ (Mike Lupica)
    • The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora
    • Puzzlooies: Oliver and the Infinite Unknown
    • Dress Coded
    • See You in the Cosmos
    • Shouting at the Rain
    • Planet Omar: Incredible Rescue Mission
    • Shine!
    • Strange Birds: A Field Guide to Ruffling Feathers
    • The First Rule of Punk
    • How to Find What You're Not Looking For
    • Jake the Fake Keeps it Real
    • Lyddie
    • The Seventh Most Important Thing
    • The Night Diary
    • Shoot-Out (Mike Lupica)
    • Wink
    • Song for a Whale
    • Take Back the Block
    • The Stars Beneath Our Feet
    • The Perfect Star
    • Rez Dogs
    • Squirm
    • Things Seen From Above
    • The Lonely Heart of Maybelle Lane
    • When Life Gives You Mangos
    • Lucky Broken Girl
    • Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe
    • Two Roads

    Teen/Young Adult

    • Between Shades of Gray
    • Chinese Cinderella
    • The Truth About Forever & Lock and Key
    • Everything, Everything
    • Legend, Book One
    • The Sun is Also a Star
    • Rumble Fish
    • The Downstairs Girl
    • Salt to the Sea
    • Bad at Love
    • Bronx Masquerade
    • 145th Street: Short Stories
    • 11 Paper Hearts
    • Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute
    • Flygirl
    • That Was Then, This is Now
    • Jackpot
    • The Running Dream
    • Super Fake Love Song
    • Mexican WhiteBoy
    16:57 UTC


    Feeding Reading 2023 - website already sucks?

    So, as I'm sure many of you remember, the 2022 feeding reading program's website was absolute trash that presented an endless display of unloading windows, looped page links, and generally attempted to take years off our lives.

    I HOPE this year is different. However I'm already thinking it's not.


    So this is the website, which I believe is how far we can get into the site so far. Can anyone get past this page?

    It says "Check back on 5/21/23" and I am writing this on 6/2/23. The site itself says the promotion has already started. If you think you know what's up on their end, please share!

    tldr; feeding reading 2023 already looks off to a crap start/do you know why the page says a date in the past on it/when will it start actually functioning like a multi-billion dollar company's website ought to

    07:07 UTC


    Anyone know the name of that song in the new Kellogg's TV advert?

    I think the song was also in Wolf of Wall Street

    1 Comment
    22:39 UTC


    Go With Tony - my fav swimming towel

    1 Comment
    17:54 UTC


    Keebler CHEESE crackers now contain peanut flour

    Seriously Kelloggs, Club Cheddar Sandwich Crackers now contain peanut flour! Why! What's next, shredded cheese will contain peanut flour cause it saves you 1 penny.


    17:47 UTC


    New mascot just dropped

    1 Comment
    20:22 UTC



    19:46 UTC


    Little Debbie cosmic brownie cereal 🥣  review

    15:05 UTC


    Little Debbie nutty buddy cereal review 

    13:24 UTC


    Got all these books for FREE just by eating cereal, pop tarts, and eggo waffles lol. Love their feeding reading program! 📕 📚

    22:53 UTC


    Kellogg® and Little Debbie® Recreate Childhood Memories at the Breakfast Table with New Kellogg's® Little Debbie® Nutty Buddy® Cereal

    Kellogg® and Little Debbie® Recreate Childhood Memories at the Breakfast Table with New Kellogg's® Little Debbie® Nutty Buddy® Cereal
    Kellogg's® and Little Debbie® are bringing back sweet moments of nostalgia by expanding their lineup of classic treat-inspired cereals with their latest collab: Kellogg's® Little Debbie® Nutty Buddy® Cereal.
    This new cereal evokes a sweet chocolatey and peanut butter aroma, while featuring smooth, creamy chocolate and lightly roasted peanut butter flavors. The flavors meld with the crunchy cereal pieces coated in fudge for the quintessential Nutty Buddy experience.

    21:31 UTC


    anyone else remember when froot loops in canada had artafical colors like the amercian ones

    22:38 UTC


    did they rebrand this bar or is this a weird mistake?

    1 Comment
    19:55 UTC


    They digest so easily!

    1 Comment
    22:17 UTC


    Coco Pops Code


    19:44 UTC


    FeedingReading.com Website has a lot of problems

    I've been participating in the Feeding Reading promotion and the website has been completely full of issues. Submitting a receipt generally works the first time. However, there are multiple stages to the process of redeeming your credits: log in, verify email code, load book list, select book, confirm address, place order.

    At each of those stages, the website is very likely to simply display a blank window with a spinning circle loading. So, to get to the very end is extremely lucky.

    I've tried multiple devices, browsers, private browsing windows with no cookies, different networks, etc and it makes no difference - so this clearly seems to be a website issue.

    I've been able to redeem 3 of my 6 credits after many frustrating attempts.

    Has anyone else had issues with this or figured out a way to more reliably redeem your credits?

    05:30 UTC


    I was just wondering what these squares on cereal boxes meant

    15:21 UTC



    Has anyone noticed that family sized Cheezits taste different than normal ones?

    1 Comment
    01:53 UTC


    This is what happens when you buy General Mills. This is what you get. Are you happy now? How many more innocents must needlessly suffer?

    02:58 UTC


    Nobody ever asks how Tony is

    20:42 UTC


    “A New Way of Living: Come Over to the Sunny Side of Life” (Copyright 1932 by the Kellogg Company)

    01:33 UTC

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