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    Coin and claudius's wigs are a crime against humanity

    I hate her stupid hair. Even Katniss wanted to see if it was fake. Obviously, claudius's looking like a british aristocratic. I hate that little worm

    03:23 UTC


    Snow says the most hilarious shit

    I just finished listening to the BSS audiobook and there were times when Corio’s cruel fucked up inner monologue had me GASPING for air. Do y’all have any favorite moments from Coriolanus’ inner monologue that just cracked you up?

    The one that truly made me cackle was when the tributes and Snow are dumped in the zoo and people start to recognize who Snow is, and he gets so frustrated he thinks to himself “Who are all of these people hanging around the zoo on a weekday?! DONT YOU PEOPLE HAVE JOBS???”

    Another one that killed me is when he thinks about how Pluribus is one of the only people he trusts when Pluribus is kind enough to lend Snow a guitar for Lucy Gray’s performance. But when Pluribus dares to kindly tell Corio that the Snows deserve some good fortune, suddenly Corio HATES this guy and thinks to himself “Silly old man with his ridiculous powdered wig and his decrepit cat”

    00:58 UTC


    On a Capitol kick. Give me your best Capitol headcanons!

    -During the off season of the Hunger Games escorts have to supplement their income in… other ways. Whether that be odd jobs or something more sinister. To me, escorts aren’t part of the upper class in the Capitol, rather they are used by the Capitol as a way to separate the districts, to remind them of wealth and poverty all at the same time. Being Capitol does not mean you are protected by them.

    -Most Capitol citizens do drugs, some do them for fun and others because they wish to live life in a haze, maybe because they subconsciously know about the brutal society they live in.

    -Polygamy is legal and wives have ranks, the 1st wife has the most power over the others.

    -The underbelly of the Capitol is where they keep undesired people. Before a new Hunger Games start these areas are cleaned up and made to look beautiful to keep up appearances to the districts. You will find black markets and brothels in these places, and in my head these areas were the first to side with the rebels in the Second Rebellion.

    -The upper class does not raise their own children, but Capitol citizens are rewarded for each child they have, similar to other fascist states in history.

    23:40 UTC


    Do you think the movies did a good job with adapting the relationship of Katniss and Peeta from book to movie? Was it overall true to their relationship in the books?

    I wouldn't say the movies did a bad job but I do think their relationship was stronger and deeper in the book. I also feel the movies made Gale a slightly more appealing option than he was in the books.

    23:26 UTC


    Did Katniss and Peetas clothes get torn apart in the arena?

    I finished reading the first and second book a while ago and i have a vague memory of their clothes getting torn apart in the arena. I don’t really remember how exactly it happened but I do remember being confused about how their clothing-situation was at the time. The way it was described in the books was really confusing to me. Does anyone else have that memory? Or is it just me making things up And just to be clear I don’t mean the part in the first movie where Katniss pants get a small hole from being burned on her thigh.

    23:07 UTC


    Is it a good idea to drink the throw-up beverage publicly ? Just noticed that after telling Peeta about the drink, he took a sip. Ready to throw-up in plain sight. Am I missing something here?

    22:29 UTC


    A drawing of my OC from my writing

    "One of the 12 District exchange students brought in the Capitol Academy by the program "Making Panem United" organized by the First Lady, serving as one of the two group chiefs."

    "Being best friends with the president's daughter also made her the reluctant ally of Aster Snow, whose position inside the Academy forced him to work with her all to avoid the massive blow up, which as always was the conflict between the Districts and the Capitol, now that those two groups were close like never before..."

    1 Comment
    22:13 UTC


    100th Games??

    What do you think the game makers would have done for this year. I saw someone suggest that they could use the adults that were never reaped. There are many other things like the tributes only being of one gender, so double the amount of female or male tributes. But what do you think?? I'm curious.

    21:03 UTC


    Mockingjay screenplays

    Does anyone know where I can find the screenplays for both Mockingjay movies? I need them for a school assignment on screenplay writing as my project is based around the two films

    1 Comment
    20:54 UTC


    the District 1 girl’s mentor could be a perspective we see in SOTR

    So Suzanne said she was inspired by the spread of propaganda. The D1 girl losing to the D12 boy is definitely not in line with typical HG expectations. Maybe SC will write about how the mentor did damage control as well; Haymitch outsmarting the last tribute didn’t just look bad for the Capitol, it looked bad for D1, too.

    They’d also have incentive to put a different propagandized spin on it because it would be even worse that a rebellious attitude won over the tribute who was going to follow the rules/expectations (no weapons so just duke it out mano a mano).

    The other perspectives I would be interested in seeing would be Haymitch’s stylist because I think Cinna would have been a fascinating POV and maybe Haymitch’s stylist was really good, too. Cinna and Fulvia seemed pretty involved with Peeta and Katniss in CF, so likely Haymitch’s mentor would be there to see how Haymitch would be pressured to spin his win on the victory tour. Of course, still dependent on Haymitch’s stylist being like Cinna rather than like Johanna’s.

    Another would be a Gamemaker, but I doubt we’ll get that POV.

    1 Comment
    20:52 UTC


    75th games

    During the 75th games the tributes were chosen from the existing pool of victors. What would have happened if a district didn't have a female or male winner? Would they try and substitute them, and how would they if they tried?

    20:36 UTC


    Omg I did not think he looks like that

    So I’m about half way through TBoSaS and I pictured Casca Highbottom as being tall, skinny and looking like he’s 19 and I’ve never seen the movie and I decided to look up the cast and I did not expect that at all.

    20:31 UTC


    I just realized that BOSAS as a whole has the underlying theme of poisons...

    We, of course, have rat poison which is featured heavily throughout the book, being used both in the Capitol Zoo and as Snow's murder weapon against Highbottom. Then we have Dr. Gaul's snake mutts- their venom poisons Clemensia, altering her appearance as well as giving her neurological damage (according to Capitol doctors).

    And then we get to metaphorical cases. From Snow's in-universe POV, we have Lucy Gray "poisoning" him with love and weakness (according to both the epilogue and Grandma'am's anti-district mentality) and The Plinths poisoning Capitol society and traditions. And from the reader's perspective, Dr. Gaul's philosophy could also be interpreted as a poison spreading through Snow and affecting Panem as a whole.

    Just something interesting that I realized.

    19:02 UTC


    Were you surprised at getting a new book?

    I for one thought Suzanne wouldn’t write another book. I certainly didn’t think she would write a book about the second quarter quell. I think the fact she has chosen the second quarter quell despite us being given many details about Haymitch’s games means that she will be focusing her attention to other areas of that time period. Not to say that the games won’t be covered, but I think it will be less about the events of the games, and more so what’s going on in the background. The games themselves will be a thrilling backdrop to tell a deeper story.

    17:40 UTC


    Will they ever make a television series…and would it be wise for Lionsgate to do so?

    With the advent of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter as television series, is it possible or even inevitable that Lionsgate could remake the Original Trilogy into a television series? There are pros and cons to this, but with the messages of the novels being as prescient and relevant as ever, could we see a reboot in TV form in a few years’ time?

    Some pros to doing this, with the added time of an eight or nine-episode season per novel.

    1. The inclusion of Lavinia, the Avox, Madge, Darius, and a whole host of other District 12 characters.

    2. Memories and flashbacks of Katniss’ childhood, her time with her father, her meeting Gale, not saving the runaway Capitol boy and girl, and her father’s death.

    3. Casting biracial/indigenous actors as MC’s in District 12.

    4. More time for world building, including District culture, Capitol TV spots, clips of previous Games, and Capitol technology.

    5. Room for added information about the rebellion, black market, and Capitol underground…

    The cons:

    1. No Elizabeth Banks as Effie or Woody Harrelson as Haymitch or Lennie Kravitz as Cinna.

    2. No cameos from Donald Sutherland or Philip Seymour Hoffman.

    16:17 UTC


    Why was Prim a medic at Snow's mansion?

    Never quite understood this. Prim was a medic in 13, so why was she sent to Snow's mansion to save Capitol children? The goal of the bombing was to make Snow look like he'd sacrifice Capitol children for his own safety. That could've been achieved without medics from the Districts there. This whole thing just caused unnecessary loss for District 13. Why would Coin do this? Is she really so evil that she'd sacrifice her own people for a point that was already proven (that Snow doesn't care about anyone)?

    16:06 UTC


    Her or Rue

    14:30 UTC


    What parts of Canada have the highest odds of forming a remnant state like Panem?

    Lower density areas.

    1 Comment
    14:21 UTC


    Hunger Games Movies on YouTube for Free!

    Hey everyone! If you aren’t aware, YouTube has free movies that are available to watch (with ads), and the hunger games is currently on there!

    It’s only the original 4 movies, ballad isn’t included.

    Here’s the link to the first film ❤️ enjoy my friends


    1 Comment
    14:09 UTC


    Saw this in the news and thought the bow looked similar

    13:18 UTC


    A day late lol!

    1 Comment
    12:48 UTC


    Final Results

    Mr. Everdeen got the most upvotes. Honorable mentions go to Prim and Madge.

    12:14 UTC


    Favourite quote from this cinematic masterpiece?

    12:01 UTC


    How do we know that bombing the hospital in district 8 was by Snow and not Coin ?

    Recently I read this comment from a fan who suspected that Coin was the one who ordered the bombs on that hospital in 8, where Katniss was sent to shoot, because she never wanted Katniss to become the mockingjay in the first place. She didn't like her and after the first proppo she didn't believe she could do it. So she had decided to kill her in that hospital to get it on camera( just like Katniss told her herself in the movie) and also to blame the Capital for it. In the movie we got that scene with President Snow ordering the bombs himself which leaves no doubt that capital was behind it and also makes the plot twist at the end hit harder. But is there such a scene in the book as well? Which confirms that the bombers were undoubtedly sent by the Capitol? Or is there left a doubt to assume it was actually Coin who did it after unfolding Coin's last move in the end, the double bombing trick to villanize Snow even more? I haven't read the book obviously so I appreciate if you who have help me out here...

    08:20 UTC


    Tell me some of your Hunger Games opinions

    10:24 UTC


    No one could have made sense of it

    08:57 UTC


    Lore i guess

    I was rereading the first book and I noticed this it just kinda eludes to Lucy not fully being erased from district twelves memory I don't know if I'm really late on realising this or not but I thought I might point it out because I've never seen it discussed

    06:50 UTC


    Unpopular opinion: the capitol people were not ugly enough

    Cinna is the only normal looking person that Katniss described. The movies only show people with weird bright makeup and clothes, and dyed hair. But they had implants, fillers, surgical enhancements, etc. In fact, I'm pretty sure president Snow has lip fillers because it really mentions his "puffy lips" a lot lmaooo. The only person who looks as bizarre as I expected everyone to was Tigris. And even then she looked very human. I feel like the capitol population are not supposed to resemble natural or real people at all.

    So in a way, Instagram models and Hollywood actors look more like Capitol citizens than the extras in the films lol

    03:49 UTC


    I was going to binge watch the trilogy but accidentally ended up rereading book 1

    Omg I fucking love Peeta so much. Funny, charismatic, handsome, caring, kind, patient, romantic, generous, should I continue? The perfect man. Haymitch was right, Katniss doesn't deserve him. Give him to ME. I'll love and appreciate him ffs.

    Anyway, the movie really doesn't show how long and brutal the first games was. Or Katniss showing compassion and vulnerability. Jennifer Lawrence really seemed like a soldier from beginning to end, she looked like the perfect person to start a rebellion on purpose. There was no innocent little girl anywhere. And the films didn't accurately show her cunning and manipulative personality.

    Was there a better way to film the movies? Because a large part of her character is not expressed out loud, this really leaves the character feeling flat if you remove all of her thoughts, especially since Jennifer can't convincingly portray all of those little feelings. What would be a better way to film with a character like that?

    03:42 UTC

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