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Is it easy?

Is it easy to be human and humane at the same time? Why?

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Looking for Literature on Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

Dear all,

Looks like a great community!

I have a question for you;

I'm working on a paper discussing Hak Kyung Cha's Dictée through Glissant's poetics of relation. While I have found some interesting sources already, there is one book that I would really love to take a look at: Kang, Laura Hyun Yi., and Alarcón Norma. Writing Self, Writing Nation: a Collection of Essays on Dictée by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. Third Woman Press, 1994. Unfortunately, my (Dutch) library does not carry this collection.

Is there, by any chance, anybody among you who knows how or where I could find this source? My paper is due Thursday, which makes it short notice. I only received a good-to-go on my proposal yesterday (though, admittedly, I should have just requested it per ILL weeks before anyway).

Happy weekend!

13:14 UTC


[academic] English Bachelor Thesis Holland (everyone)

Dear everyone,

I am currently researching gay slang, and I am trying to find out how 'gay' gay slang actually is, so I need your help. I have a few questions regarding the users, meaning and context of the following ten terms, please answer them as you see fit.

You can answer in the comment section or on this survey: https://nl.surveymonkey.com/r/FDDRG58

Three questions:

  1. Who would use this word?
  2. What does this word mean?
  3. In what context would this word be used?

About the following ten terms:

**1. ''to slay''**Example Sentence: ''I am here to fucking slay''

**2. ''Extra''**Example Sentence:''you bitches were so extra this season ''

**3. ''Shade''**Example Sentence: ''You were trying to be shady ''

**4. '' trade''**Example Sentence: ''did nobody say there was actual trade in here?

**5. '' gagged''**Example sentence: ''Oh you was gagged''

**6. '' Tucking''**Example Sentence:''Are you familiar with tucking ?''

**7. '' Yaaaaasss!''**Example Sentence:''Yaaasss Queen!''

**8. '' Condragulations!''**Example Sentence:''Condragulations to the stars, the queens!''

**9. ' Squirrel Friends'**Example Sentence:''so just between us squirrel friends ''

**10.''Queen''**Example Sentence:''You cunty bitch queen ''

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Hello Academics - Asking Advice (xposted on AskAccademia

Hi there,

My name is Tansy and I am a writer. I am changing writing a book based on a gang in Australia to a non-fiction one. However; as a part of the book I want to look at the literature that supports the ideas at the time.

You see, my gang is a bunch of people with disabilities. They were called the Crutchy Push.

I want to use the story of Valentine Keating (leader) and the Crutchy Push as a framework of 1. telling the story of a disabled gang in Australia, and 2. How their portrayal in the media was vastly different to how disability is reported today? I am wanting to explore the true crime/disability stereotypes and challenge the 'put them in an institution' narrative? or the 'disabled people are sweet and innocent' one?

I am not sure and would love some advice if possible.

This isn't for any formal study. I am a librarian by trade and love deep diving into a topic. I am just not sure what path to focus on and what area of study it falls into. Is it Humanities or Sociology?

My idea of the finished public book would be telling the story of Crutchy Push, with supporting primary sources (I have trial records etc) with my contextual knowledge coming from articles I read.

Sorry if this is a bit convoluted, I just need to bounce ideas in my head.

Regards and thanks in advance,


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Technology and human values

Any hum teachers have any thought-provoking readings/articles they use in class about technology and the humanities? Reputable readings, but not necessarily scholarly. This is for a community college level course for non-hum majors so I really want to keep it exciting for students with a variety of interests and backgrounds.

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Graduates of humanities, what are you doing now?

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need help with my humanities homework

i’m in a humanities class and i’m stuck on this question I need to answer i’m looking around google and reading up about it but i’m kinda stuck, I can’t put anything I read into my own words. can someone help me:

the question: In what way were the plebeians, slaves, and freemen critically important to trade in the Roman Empire? How would the absence of slave labor have impacted the spread of the Roman Empire and its wealth?

17:11 UTC


Searching For Interesting Theories Similar To "Monster Theory"

Like the title says, I recently came across a theory called "Monster Theory" which essentially is the theory that our representations of monsters can teach us a lot about our culture and society... more specifically: "Monsters provide a key to understanding the culture that spawned them. Beasts, demons, freaks, and fiends as symbolic expressions of very real fears and desires, signs of cultural unease that pervade society and shape its collective behaviour." I am fascinated by this kind of idea and I was wondering if you all knew of any theories similar to this- or theories which touch upon science fiction, technology, or the future? Any input would be greatly appreciated- thank you!

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Too cheap to talk to a career counselor.

I'm 16 and am very interested in philosophy, polisci, history and economics (marxist & keynesian mainly not super huge on macro/micro or classical economics) does anyone have any recommendations for career options to look into? TIA

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uk law

i'm watching prime suspect: tennison, set in london in the 70s, and the police arrested a man and held him without charging him for days. it seemed like they weren't concerned with any time limit. i'm wondering, in the uk in the 70s did the police not have any sort of time limit on how long they could hold someone without charging them? do they now? just curious and not sure where to post! thanks

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What impact does studying late roman and medieval humanities have on our lives?

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To Humanities or Not to Humanities

I currently am a declared humanities major. I have a completely free ride in college. But I feel like even that won't amount to much.

I feel like the only viable path these days is STEM. But the thought of tons of math and staring at a computer screen writing code all day will drive me insane. What advice do you have for me and is the job market really that bleak?

01:53 UTC


What makes humans so unique.... We ate shrooms!

This makes so much sense to me. Our conciousness was irreversibly influenced by the consumption of psilocybin. I believe this is the origin of our compassion and humanity. Just spit balling, but I would love to hear your reactions to this interesting conclusion.

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Velázquez, Las Meninas

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Israel and Iran: A love story?

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We Love You - Iran & Israel

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Studying humanities in Japan

Hello sub. I studied journalism in my graduation (a couple of years ago) and I just got my masters degree in Social Communication here in Brazil. I want to get my PHD now and I thought about trying for a scholarship in Japan, to do a research there in my field of study - that is, the political spectrum of our relationship with our media and the comprehension of the impact of modernity in our everyday life.

The thing is: i don't know about the methodologies and the objects that are accepted in the humanities researches in Japanese universities. I mean, i know that studies with a more philosophical or theoretical approach of the different processes that surround the communication in the modern societies are very well accepted here in Brazilian universities. But what about in Japan? I wonder if they only conceive a different kind of research, more "practical" or more quantitative, in a way.

So, that is my concern. How can I know what kind of research are made in the humanities courses of Japan (preferably those that research media)? Does anyone here know anything about that? Or even, how can I know if there are researchers that are interested in guide a research about the politics that perpass Japanese films and cartoons, for example?

And please, sorry about my english.

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Hey guyz I need some career guidance. I'm interested in pursuing humanities but I'm not sure what colleges to apply. I would be very thankful to anyone willing to help. TIA

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