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Favorite walking simulator?

Just finished first chapter of Anthology of Fear and graphics and atmosphere is so good I was shitting bricks despite not much really happening and I was more scared when there wasn't an enemy

02:18 UTC


Jaw on the floor after Playing “The Windows Are Gone” on steam.

Good god, just had my shit absolutely rocked by a FREE indie horror game on steam. Absolute master class put on by Scary Cube. A dread inducing wallop of an experience with superb writing. Unsettling chills ran through me at least 4-5 times. Can’t believe I got to go on that ride for free. I’ll be following this developer extremely closely from here on out. Please don’t watch someone else play it on YouTube. Go experience this game immediately for yourself. Lights off, sound up.

01:25 UTC


Complex feelings about Still Wakes The Deep

Played SWTD finally and Im torn on how to feel about it. On one hand, what it does well, it does really well. The voice acting, the plot beats, the dread/atmosphere - top notch. On the other hand, it feels like it doesn't quite know what it wants to be.

You have so so many "fork in a hallway, one side is cut off with steam...walk down the other side, spin wheel, walk back to other hallway" style busywork activities that I found myself reallllly wishing I was either just watching a film/animation/tv show with the plot/characters.

The plot is fun and interesting and it felt like two different game directors were fighting for what the game should be - which left me wanting either a more gamified experience (actually meaningful gameplay outside of timewasting/padding) or just a more streamlined walking simulator. I am TOTALLY fine if the level of interactivity is low - as long as the story beats are interesting, Im here for it. But having to keep doing these silly nothing tasks so someone could check the box of "gamification" annoys me - mostly because of how great the other work is and how they seemingly keep trying to pull me away from it.

I think a good example is - theres a vent you need to enter but it's blocked off by a cover. Theres nothing around so youre not running/fighting/scared - you purely just need to go somewhere. Instead of just climbing in the vent, you have to press one button to unscrew it, which takes time, and then you have to pull it off with a different button - which more time. You do that, a lot, and the time you spend watching just, "doing mundane task" animations really adds up.

Another gripe is again the kind of...half commitment to game mechanics. For example, at some point you have a scene where your foreman tells you to just kick open this blue door. Because the locks are cheap and so a simple kick can open it. Its a phone conversation, your player comments after they kick it - its a thing. But correct me if Im wrong - you never find another locked blue door that you can kick open again. There are plenty of them around - you just cant kick them open. So my question is - why formally introduce a mechanic if its promptly then removed entirely from your capabilities - which again, seems like a waste of the players bandwidth and just leads to the player (me) trying to kick open doors until i realize that "oh, that was abandoned i guess"

Im rambling but I think Im so frustrated because they did so much right - and honestly, I absolutely dont regret playing it. It's short and a worthwhile experience - but it got some damn close to being like, incredible - it bums me out they made such odd gameplay choices.

Anyone else feel similarly? Or think Im entirely wrong? Ha honestly, I wanna be convinced Im being overly critical because I really want to love this game.

21:52 UTC


Observer: system redux

I lose tracks of the killer because I went to do another case, is there a way to get back to the tracks? I tried to go back to flat 210 but the door is locked and there’s nun there. I looked for the tracks almost everywhere 🤦🏻‍♀️

21:35 UTC


Horror games with REALLY good stories

Heeey guys!! I was looking for horror games that have a really good story, as much as I love resident evil it is not what I am looking for, I am looking for depresing, pychological horror stories like Rule of Rose or Silent Hill 2, I want games that have stories as powerful as them, any recommendations? An amazing sountrack is a plus.

19:04 UTC


I heavily recommend Indika for everyone who loves indie horror that subverts cliches

A nun on the search of absolution meets a prisoner of war and together, they have to find their way. 

Believe me, whatever you think this story and game will play out - it will surprise you. 

First of all, this is one of the most fun puzzle games I’ve ever played. The puzzles make sense in their environment, there is no weird locks in front of kitchen doors, no code hunting, no backtracking. 

The story is fantastic and manages the balance between comical and absurd moments perfectly with the very heavy, dramatic themes it features in an alternate history version of Russia (war, shame, religion, redemption). As such, it reminded me of Kafka, combining horrible things happening to ordinary people and the surreal dark comedy in it.  

I also think that the visuals are breath-taking, the oversized, oppressive but beautiful environments, the religious relics and trinkets - it all looks amazing. 

Personally, I think this could be a strong contender for my game of the year, because I’ve never played anything like it before and I had so much fun, I was so surprised and delighted throughout and the way it tackled incredibly deep topics, was picture perfect.    


17:07 UTC


Are there any games reminiscent of P.T. on the Steam Deck?

So I’m a bit of an odd horror player. I love horror movies but don’t like horror games that constantly require you to be stealthy or fight off your enemies. I remember that P.T. left a lasting impression on me but I have never been able to find anything close to that. Games I used to play in the past: the Amnesia series (was good at the time but I was always nervous like playing it that I’ll be caught), Outlast 1 and 2 (haven’t finished either as it got a bit too much and the idea of constantly hiding was driving me nuts) the Clocktower series on my PS when I was still a kid. Now, I’ve played some point-and-click side scrollers and they have been great in terms of story telling (the Cat Lady, Sally Face, Little Misfortune, Fran Bow) and as much as I love them, I’m looking for something a bit more immersive and realistic-looking… where I feel like I’m a part of what’s going on). I’ll be playing on the Steam Deck.

14:28 UTC

13:13 UTC


Is there anything like cursed horror images?

Hello ive been on the look out for what i like to call "Cursed Horror." This video is a great example of what im talking about


But examples like golden light, siren (2 has better monster designs) monsters with horrific, contorted, geotesque forms. I want the type of monster that'll actually make me scream if i see it. Not startled, any recommendation would be deeply appreciated, you can recommend steam curator's as well.

08:42 UTC


[FREE] Play my first horror game on itch.io - Morte

Hey guys Elysian here , I'm a solo game dev and finally released my first game demo on itch.io. Please play my horror game, its a short psychological demo. Don't forget to give the feedback and rate it soo it can get better reach!
It would be soo helpful for me- thankyou!

05:52 UTC


Indie HORROR GAMES That Defined 2023

Absolutely ready to be trashed for calling an amnesia game “Indie” 😂

22:30 UTC


What other games are like Fears to Fathom?

I've played the 4 chapters, and each one is better than the last. Would love to pick up some similar stuff during the steam sale, any recommendations?

00:06 UTC


What's do you think the best title of any Horror game is and why? (The game doesn't actually to have been any good).

I've been thinking lately about Horror and the roles that titles have on games. The most famous horror games ever - Resident Evil & Silent Hill - certainly have unique titles but not necessarily ones I would say were amazing. Resident Evil is basically a nonsense term (I do think Biohazard as it's called in Japan is much better but not amazing) and although I love Silent Hill, on it's own, it's now a jaw-droppingly amazing name.

My shout for the best title is Alone in the Dark.

Regardless of your opinion on the game, I would say I absolutely love how the title really conveys a certain mood and theme. It's a title that invokes horror on it's own. Although I would say it never really reached the potential of the title (for one you're not alone in the dark, but Alone In The Mostly Well Lit Mansion doesn't hit as hard) but damn if it's not the best title I've seen in horror gaming.

I'd also shout out Darkwood and Five Night At Freddy's, as again both really convey a certain feeling of dread.

Be great to hear others thoughts on some of the greatest titles in horror and what they think makes a good horror title.

21:56 UTC


Good German video games?

I'm learning German right now and in the past I've had success with using video games to improve. Horror is absolute favorite genre, anyone have any good ideas?

Looking for games for PC that are fully in German or have German audio, not just subtitles! Extra points if it's on Steam!

21:03 UTC


I made this game for 4 years alone with my dad, it's our first game

20:54 UTC


Good unpopular horror games on Steam summer sale?

Hello! I'm looking for some good horror games that aren't mainstream(Resident Evil, Dead Space, Outlast, Alien Isolation etc) that are on sale rn. Extra points if they're under twenty US dollars. Thanks!

19:42 UTC


Best free horror games for stream

I would prefer quick one shot games

17:05 UTC


Please help me find a game

It was released around 2020 or so. 1st person view, you are a boy like 10 years old or so, there is a girl about your age. You two live in a boarding school or orphanage something like that. The girl was a blond, ponytail hair. The environment was cold and dark. At the last stage you will find her dead (at least one of the endings), hanged in a staircase. You called her name sadly, but I can't remember the name. I believe she was abused by a teacher and was killed to cover up. Please help, I tried GPT, it doesn't know. Thank You!

11:30 UTC


Still Wakes The Deep is a Lovecraftian Horror Gem! 💎

I recently discovered Still Wakes The Deep and I’m having a blast. It’s got some serious Lovecraft inspirations, and the Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 setting and amazing voice acting really add to the overall experience.

Has anyone else here played it? What did you think? Are there any other similar games that are worth checking out?

10:42 UTC


Good horror games for switch?

Pretty much the title, I have a steam deck on the way and wanted to see if there are any titles that would get me to use the switch until then

08:44 UTC


What would YOU want in a survival horror game inspired by Toy Story & Small Soldiers?

Premise: In a house filled with toys hideously abused by their owner, one tries to fight & sneak their way out.

Plot: You play as a simple, mildly scarred doll that was once owned by a loving child. Today, you are a prisoner in the dilapidated, garbage-filled home of a physically & mentally unwell shut-in who's long made a hobby of collecting many kinds of toys to later inflict sadistic abuses upon. You are one of very few who have witnessed these atrocities but thus far managed to avoid the same fate. Alongside a small group of similarly less damaged outsiders, you have been forgotten after years of hiding together in the thickly cluttered attic.

Isolation has taken its toll, however. Despite the relative safety of your makeshift refuge and your comrades' protests, you dream of freedom. Your only source of joy & hope is one locked, dusty window, watching the seasons change, the world go by, and (best of all) children playing with their far better treated toys. After what feels like a lifetime staying in this depressing, smelly little corner of trash, watching one friend after another break, rot away, or just give up, you can't take anymore. You will escape this nightmare or be broken trying.

It is known to every toy in the attic that those who dare to venture to the levels below NEVER return. Apart from the threat of the deranged owner himself, this small house is a labyrinthian death trap from the perspective of someone your size. Every floor is increasingly challenging to navigate and filled with indescribable horrors. The unrecognizably mauled bodies of several different types of tortured toys roam these halls & rooms. Suffice it to say, they make Sid's creations from Toy Story look like preschool by comparison.

Long since driven to madness, they will attack you on sight and try to make you look as dismantled as them (sort of like Bioshock's Splicers). Worse, some of these playthings turned monsters were tough enough to dominate certain domains of the house (once the owner lost interest in them), becoming feared bosses that will defend their territory as you intrude ever deeper into it. To progress through each level and ultimately try to escape this house of horrors, you must use whatever you can find to fight back, looting & crafting various weapons. To a human, many of these items are not very intimidating. For a toy, they can be an arsenal.

From melee tools like a rusty nail or sewing needle to ranged weapons like an improvised mini-flamethrower, crossbow, or taser, every bit of scrap could mean the difference between success and failure. You can even replace parts of your body that get damaged beyond repair with pieces from certain enemy toys (including bosses) to gain new abilities (Ex- Attaching a robot action figure arm with metal-spiked knuckles). Naturally, resources will be limited. Sneaking & hiding are also an option, especially when the owner appears (Ex- Going to the bathroom).

Every foe you face reflects the suffering that awaits if he catches you. Specific choices you make will also affect both your fate and your friends', offering multiple possible endings. The question becomes: How far will you go for the freedom you've craved? What are you willing to do? How much will you sacrifice? Will you even recognize yourself by the end? Will you aid other surviving toys you meet along the way, helping them find peace or even salvation? Or, will you only look out for yourself and leave everyone else to the wolves? Most importantly, if you do make it out, what will you find? Will it have been worth it? Will you be alone?

Comment below, what would you want in a game like this? Feel free to offer your suggestions & ideas for gameplay, characters, plot, level design, enemies, combat, etc. Feedback is welcome, have fun!

02:06 UTC


Looking for recommendations

I feel like all the games I’m playing have the same plot. Family member died, come to their house to claim inheritance, something fucked up (typically having to do with experimenting) happens.

I tried games like Charon’s Staircase and Insomnis, and sure it was good, but again, so stereotypical.

I enjoyed Mortician’s Assistant a LOT

Fran bow was also good, but it was insanely long and I’m not looking for more cartoony styles in the future. I’m going more for an insomnis type of thing.

I love games that have some sort of lore that’s unique. I’m tired of the same dead creepy kid or lab experiment trope

I love games where I’m walking through somewhere and I turn around and I’m like WOAH that’s not what that looked like two seconds ago. Games that actively make me feel like I’m losing my mind.

I like puzzle games, but It’s not really a big thing for me. I’d rather have that psychological horror where I leave going WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST PLAY??

+side note, I buy games on ps4, if that matters (and I’d prefer the game on a cheaper scale but I get if I got to dish out a bit)

22:08 UTC



I’m looking for vtubers who happen to play horror games like these most of, if not all of, the time

Content Warning Sketchy’s Contract Murky Divers Panicore Lethal Company Phasmophobia Devour Forewarned Demonologist Ghost Bros Midnight Ghost Hunt Pacify Labyrinthine Ghost Exile In Silence

21:37 UTC

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