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Season 8 Episode Discussions (full series list)


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What was your reason to watch Homeland?

For me, it was the pandemic and reading about the fact that the 1st season of Homeland beat the (first half of the) 5th season of Breaking Bad. And also how Brody was inspired by Tony Soprano. (Here's the article for that https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/tony-soprano-changed-tv-forever/story?id=19450420 )

03:12 UTC


Is it worth all 8 seasons?

I recently started Homeland and by golly, I was absolutely glued to the screen for seasons 1 and 2. I think I barely slept and could not wait to watch more.

Season 3 was also good, and I’ll say Season 4 was, too - but man, I did not like Season 5. I hated the weird in-but-not-in aspect of Carrie’s relationship with the CIA and even Saul’s character felt boring (but thank goodness they ended his marriage).

I’ve watched half of S6 Ep 01 and I am just disgusted. I hate what they’ve done to Quinn. Oh, Carrie. Poor Max. Saul is ho-hum again and Dar still hasn’t died off.

So is it worth it to keep going? More of the same? Does Virgil come back? When does Dar go away?

02:02 UTC


The so-called post Homeland void.

I just finished rewatching all 8 seasons of Homeland (I had not watched 7 & 8 weirdly enough), and I can't help but feel a profound emptiness now. It's undeniably one of the greatest shows ever made.

Despite a few less stellar seasons, the storytelling overall is unparalleled.

Claire Danes' acting leaves me in awe every time. I can only imagine the emotional toll playing such an intense character must have had on her. But wow, I feel so empty now. It's always tough to return to regular life after binge-watching a show like this.

02:43 UTC


Just noticed something rather interesting in S8 E11.

About 18mins into the episode, when Carrie is being read out her count charges by the judge, you can see her twitching her right hand, making weird signs with her fingers, almost exactly how she noticed Brody do it while making public appearances in early S1.

Although the analysis didn’t reveal anything significant about Brody’s hand signatures, I found it intriguing that they mirrored it in the last season. It highlights how nervousness, fear, or anxiety can cause people to behave in quirky, natural ways but for some, these behaviours might seem like a coded language.

Did anyone else notice this?

15:29 UTC


Just gonna drop this here

13:58 UTC


Funniest scene in the whole show

Season 5 ep6

Saul: you know what dar, fuck you.

Dar: (silence + sarcastic serious stare) no, fuck you.

07:41 UTC


Carrie & Yevgeny appreciation post ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Honestly if they didn't work for the governments of their countries, they would've made a better couple.

04:43 UTC


What did you think of Quinn when he first appeared in the show?

I thought he was like some gung ho American soldier asshole. Later, it was like "he's the hero we need" through sobs. Did everyone go through this or was that just me?

00:40 UTC


Anybody else kind of disturbed how Carrie was with Aayan?

I get she was trying to recruit him but he’s a younger guy who just lost his whole family, extremely vulnerable.

03:52 UTC


How much you reckon they spend on production?

I'm amazed at how everything becomes more larger-than-life with each passing season, from the sets and locations to the number of extras for instance. Their production budgets must be substantial and likely increase each season. I wonder, on average, how much they spend on each season.

15:08 UTC


Who leaked Brody’s tape? Al-Qaeda?

I know it seems obvious, but I’m just making sure I got that right. The copy of the tape Beirut airport took from Saul was given to Al-Qaeda and they had the Langley plan ready the whole time? Or was that a backup? How did they get Brody’s car full of explosives so fast at Langley if he drove himself there?

21:15 UTC


Finally finished watching this show, and it was not worth it.

What a chore. Please give me back my time. I don’t know why I kept on watching. I guess I thought it would get better, or that there would be a payoff for watching until the end, and I would be able to appreciate it after knowing where the story ends. Nope. I don’t feel that way. It just kept me hooked on a shallow suspense.

I hated Carrie in every single episode. I now hate Claire Danes as an actor. I already disliked Damian Lewis as an actor, and this didn’t help. Most of the characters in the show are unlikable, unrealistic, awkwardly written plot devices.

If I had to say something good about the series, it’s Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn. His portrayal of a man impaired by a stroke is so accurate. The writers clearly did everything they could to ruin his dedicated performance. That aside, great dedication, great talent by him.

Whatever. I’m glad it’s over. The best show not worth watching.

23:14 UTC


What are your final thoughts on Sgt. Nicholas Brody?

15:31 UTC


What do you think would've been Jessica's reaction if she learned that Carrie was imprisoned in Russia but later betrayed her own country and Defected there

19:17 UTC


Does Carie ever takes a bath ? Because I have never seeing her ! She only place a little towel under her armas and that’s all !! 😆😆

02:09 UTC


Season 7 & 8

I am doing my first ever rewatch and just Realized I never saw the last 2 seasons so I’m excited. Please tell me they are good…

I can’t believe I never saw the ending of this series!

16:36 UTC


Re-watching Homeland has been traumatizing, but here we are.

Man, I sure forgot about the mental impact this show had on me years ago keeping in mind I stopped watching after Season 4. And now that I'm re-watching it with the intention to finish all 8 seasons, damn this show gets heavy ha! I suppose it's heavier when you're binge watching all seasons versus 1 episode a week and a gap of a few months between seasons. Nonetheless, still one of my favourite shows of all time but yeah, it sure gets dark in here.

05:05 UTC


Near the end of my season 1 rewatch and oh my god, I forgot how electric this show was.

Damian fucking Lewis man… what a performance. Episode 7 where he pours his guts out to Carrie, shook me to my core.

Are the later seasons worth watching? I’ve only seen the first two seasons when they aired.

04:18 UTC


Spooks (BBC series about MI5)

Anybody watched it before? Like Homeland it’s got a lot of accuracy surrounding real life events, for anyone who isn’t aware, it’s a British spy series about MI5. The CIA feature heavily (there is a very attractive CIA officer called christine 🤣) It’s fairly old now but would recommend.

Fun fact: Alex Lanipekun, who played Hank Bonham in S5 of homeland, also stars in Spooks as an MI5 officer (he also starred in 24, there is clearly a theme!)

20:36 UTC


Thankfully we won't be seeing this schmuck anymore

16:03 UTC


I had to stop the show at mid of season 3


As i found the two first season really good in term of plot and topic, I had the need to stop the show at mid season 3 due to how Iran was depicted, and how much one sided the story went.

First i would like to know if they really shot scene in Teheran? if it is the case, well the Teheran city hall is very open minded to let movie maker take scene for a show that will depict their country as evil.

Obviously the show tend to highlight a state of war between Iran and USA, However if it is True that Iran kept some Al Quaeda follower for politic purpose, i dont recall them doing any terrorist attack on their name on US Soil. Everyone knows who funds AL Quaeda and co, mostly emiratis and Kingdom of Saudi. Iran got his own branch on terrorist group or foreigner tasks forces as Hezbollah and Yemenite activist.

Yet, despite all this Iran is highlighted to be the main suppliers of terrorist against USA. And if i m not a fan of the current politcal system in Iran, It feels unfair to show them as the only real threat in middle east, specially when you know the story about USA Iran.

In 1953 Mossadegh has been removed by the CIA and the Shah has been set up to defend western Interest. Then after some decade of "soft dictatorship", the Islamic revolution happened and the Shah is removed. In consequence USA put embargo on Iran, and supported Saddam Hussein for the Iran Irak war who takes 8 years of horrors.

Today Iran has its own agenda, and surely they plotting against USA at some point, but not a the level of the terrorist group supported by emirati. Also when the season 3 been released, Obama found a deal with Iranian on the Nuclear topic. It was a period of chilling relation between the two country, which should be supported really.

Even if both part have bad side or good side, Iran is for me the defender, and USA the attacker. It is Iran who has to deal with an embargo, not USA. Iran who is more exposed in war than USA.

Above all the political consideration and ideology stuff, it just close the people of Iran to be all hater of USA and summing up their culture and History to that.

There were a terrorist Irannian attack on france made around 1995 or something. It was an horrible slain in the street of Paris. But the Iranian point of view is "Since you support our enemies we have to act against you and that the way we found to bring consequence of your action on our country"

I blame USA and France for doing crappy stuff on different countries that provoque this kind of event. We dont know war anymore since 80 years, but surely other countries that have to deal with our own aggression wont just stay doing nothing because we are the peace part of the world.

I cant expect of course an US show to have shade in its story telling, and i can understand this, every country build up its own story telling and so on. But it reaches a point where myself i cant accept such black white vision and bringing a lot of darkness to countries that probably deserve better consideration, whatever the disagreement and differences we could have with them.

Middle East is a complicated Area with alot of plotting schem and so on, and because of this i would prefer that some show just skip those part and build up their narrative differently.

Anyway i wanted to express my mind about it and i m not here to arm people , or praise any side in a war.

I know the show is 15 years old and i just started to watch it,

09:12 UTC


Who had the worst imprisonment? Carrie or Jesse Pinkman

06:55 UTC


Considering all the hate for S5…

Can I skip it completely and start with S6?

13:57 UTC


Saul gave Carrie the title of her biography. I'm rewatching season 4 and look what I saw!

1 Comment
19:33 UTC


Just finished my first ever watch

All the way through, one or two episodes a day. Anyway. I've realised by reading some comments that Yevgeny giving Carrie the necklace because 'its finished' is regarding her book. My only other question is... Maybe I have two actually. One, why did Yevgeny and Carrie rush off because of Israeli counterintelligence over Saul warning Anna she'd been made And two - did Carrie just not go back for her court case, she is a fugitive of the US which makes her look like a defective. She then doubles down and stays with Yevgeny so she can spy. Absolute amazing last episode. I thoroughly enjoyed every season. If there was ever a S9 with the same cast I'd be watching. I also read Clare Danes isn't playing the character anymore, I think because of the intensity? Thanks!

13:19 UTC


Which moments on the series never left your mind?

Carrie saying good bye to Franny for good

16:45 UTC


What would you do if you were in Jessica’s position?

What would you do if you thought your husband was dead, you get into a new relationship, and your husband magically shows up? Would you continue your current relationship with all those current feelings you have, or would you do what she did and be with your husband? I feel like that decision would be one of the hardest you’d ever have to make. I feel like either way you could be made to look like the bad guy.

On one hand, you would feel like shit for even getting into a new relationship, and then you’d have to break up with someone you love (or have strong feelings towards) which would be difficult. On the other hand, if you stayed in the relationship, you would look like shit for “abandoning” your husband, a “war hero”.

00:40 UTC


Carrie wants to save the “Country “ but inbetween kills many innocent boys and girls !! What kind of morals those this Homeland have ?? I’am quitting this basura !!

00:13 UTC


My idea for a season 9

Ever finishing Homeland last year and rewatching a lot of times, I really want to see how would a season 9 be like. So here it goes, part 1.

The first episode opens with a dawn view of Moscow. The city starts to get busy with the day and then we shift to Carrie who is out on a jog at a park but she looks worried as she feels like being watched. Then, she stops at a mailbox and puts an envelope which she took out of her jacket and heads home.

Meanwhile, we shift to Saul who is now the new Chief of Staff for President Chris Warner (Ralph Warner's son). Saul meets with the President regarding the Russians and Iranians carrying out joint military operations in Syria and Ukraine. President Warner seemed worried about Russia's plans but Saul assured him that they will have their assets (Carrie and another woman) to gather any intel regarding the operations.

Carrie then returns home and greets Yevgeny who was on his way to work. Carrie quickly gets fresh and prepares Nikolai (Carrie and Yevgeny's son who is named after Brody) for school. While preparing, she accidentally bumps into a shelf where a picture of Franny falls to the ground. Carrie picks it up and has a flashback of the time when she was able to see Franny again after her defection and promised to be able to be with her again. However, Carrie quickly gets Nikolai and drops him off at school.

(Just point something out, Carrie and Yevgeny got married at some point after the finale)

Saul on other hand has to deal with his own problems. The new National Security Advisor to President Warner, Bill Caldwell has similar personalities and views like John Zebal and constantly butts heads with Saul. Both of them jump down each other's throat the first chance they get. Bill suggests that they should start striking the Russians in Syria and a full scale invasion of Iran to which Saul objects to.

The President is against the idea and suggests that they should investigate first before jumping to any dangerous conclusions. Saul then speaks to the new CIA director about the growing problem in Syria and he is also not very comfortable with the idea. Saul then goes to his office and opens a package addressed to his cover as the Professor and sees Carrie's book.

When seeing the book another flashback scenario goes on. Saul was watching an interview that Carrie did for RT news. In it, Carrie was discussing some of the chapters in her book and her work she did for the CIA, especially with the Langley Bombing and Brody. To make herself look as a truly a traitor to her country, Carrie blamed the incompetence of the CIA to prevent the attack on Langley and how they did not clear Brody's name by not exposing the real bombers and she exposes the Suicide vest issue and how she pushed her bosses to have surveillance on Brody but was met with being fired for trying to protect her country. In some ways that interview does have some change about the public perception of Brody.

In present time, Carrie calls a mysterious number and informs them drop off has been made and the voice on the other side instructs her to look out for any clues regarding the Iranians. Saul on the other hand, takes out the intel left by Carrie and he learns that Russia is moving their troops closer to the Golan Heights and GRU officers have been seen meeting Hezbollah commanders in Beirut.

Carrie goes to pick Nikolai and on the way back, hears the news of growing tensions as Russian troops are getting closer to Kiev and NATO moving closer to the borders of Western Ukraine and she feels like someone is following her, like she was being watched in the morning and notices a hooded figure disappearing in a crowd.

However, Carrie doesn't mind and drops Nikolai at his grandmother's (Yevgeny's mom's) house. Yevgeny on the other hand has been busy and finds out another mole spying for the US government inside the Kremlin and sets out an investigation for who it is. Saul, after having read the intel, calls the president's assistant and notifies her that he has some personal issues and won't be back for a few days. He quickly calls for a private jet for Moscow.

The final moments of the episode would be Carrie entering her apartment and feels someone is in there. She pulls out a gun from a nearby cabinet and goes to check it out and finds the same hooded figure. The hooded women takes of her hoody and mask and reveals herself to be Franny (who is 20 years old). Carrie is gobsmacked and in confusion utters Franny's name.

And with that the first episode comes to end. If you have any ideas or changes you want to make. Let me know in the comments.

19:30 UTC


Carrie is horrible she almost killed her daughter! I really hate her!! She is crazy and the father of the girl was crazy too!! It’s too violent the series and not pleasant!!

02:26 UTC

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