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The art and appreciation of historical costuming whether it's your own work, something you bought, or inspiration you enjoy. Share your photos, your suggestions, your skills, and your thoughts on historical costumes.

The art and appreciation of historical costuming whether it's your own work, something you bought, or inspiration you enjoy. Share your photos, your suggestions, your skills, and your thoughts on historical costumes - everything from boots and breeches to dresses and accessories to breastplates and pauldrons.

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Keywords for this style of boots?

Hello! I’ve been scouring the internet for ages trying to find a similar style of this boot without that steep of a price. I was wondering if there any keywords that help bring up similar styles? I tried equestrian, but that usually brings up boots where the laces end near the ankle. I don’t really mind if there are buckles or not, just a nice leather lace up boot with a low heel. Thank you so much!

11:10 UTC


Looking for Pattern Suggestions

I am trying to find a pattern to use for this jacket - I know the base is a spencer but it flares down to the ground and has a hood. (Apologies for the bad image, hard to get a full shot) I have tried looking up things like “long spencer” or “spencer with attached skirt” and no luck. I know there is an old McCalls pattern that is similar-ish, but am hoping someone knows of something out there that is more similar.

08:13 UTC


Is anyone doing bronze age clothing?

02:35 UTC


What is the best place to buy a simple black cloak?

01:39 UTC


Does TV ever have pattern sales?

Sorry if not allowed, I’m just wondering if anyone knows if Truly Victorian ever puts patterns on sale?

21:00 UTC


1902 footage of fair in Leeds [In Color]

17:52 UTC


Where to buy a regency-ish era shirt

The title, basically. I want a men's shirt from anywhere from around the late 18th to mid 19th century — not sure of the distinctions between the eras/how much the shirt might have changed in this time period, but they all kind of look the same to me and I don't really mind which era it's from. I don't want to make it myself

Someone who I follow on social media who is really into historical costuming recommended this, but I wanted other opinions. Is the one I linked any good?

Also, I'm 5'1" (21m) and rather skinny, so any suggestions would have to keep that in mind — not many places cater to people of my height I'd guess lmao

17:10 UTC


Pattern- follow natural measurements, or corseted?

This might be a silly question, but I'm new to working with historical sewing and I've never needed to fit something over a corset before!
I'm following some Truly Victorian patterns. Specifically, right now, the Edwardian Petticoat (TVE03), but I'll also be making a shirtwaist, walking skirt, maybe a jacket.

Should I follow the sizing of my natural waist/hip/bust measurement; or my measurements when corseted?

15:24 UTC


What kind of undergarments were worn?

I saw this posted on instagram and I realized I have no idea what kind of undergarments would have been worn with it. Would they have been visible due to the low back? How would the neckline have affected the undergarments? And what are your thoughts on the difference in sleeve lengths? I thought maybe one was just pushed up but now I don’t think so.

05:36 UTC


Help! I’m okay just need some advice

I just recently gotten ahold of my sewing machine and kit and a bunch of new fabrics thanks to my stepdad. But I’m kind of stuck. I really love historical clothing and all things antique but I don’t really know how to actually make clothes/costumes. And all this fabric keeps piling up. So if anyone has any helpful advice I would really appreciate it because I want to sew SO bad. (Btw I’m 20F so I work and stuff so if you have any advice for working and sewing please let me know-any deals or ways to save money and time)

00:43 UTC


Can anyone identify this type of hat for me?

This is the only picture I have and I have to give this hat back to a friend and he doesnt know what they're called either so if anyone could tell me what type of hat this is called it would be appreciated.

22:13 UTC


Sorry for the photo I did not know what the original was

But what is this called and where can I find something like it or sewing pattern

21:21 UTC


Sources for sewing instruction/information similar to Bernadette Banner, Mathew Gnagy, Nicole Rudolph *but* for the Western States in 1800’s…

I am looking for people and videos with the similar type of quality information about clothing and sewing for the ‘Wild West’ that I have so appreciated from the above and Abby Cox, Margo Anderson and others …


19:59 UTC


Steel Boning Tips Alternatives

Aside from plasti-dip, how else could I tip straight steel bones? I've already curved the ends decently with a Dremel but I'm hesitant to insert them into stays without something else.

Edit: straight steels as in flat steels

19:52 UTC


my proportions vs. a men’s waistcoat

i’m in the process of drafting a late victorian (~1890-95) waistcoat but keep running into an issue. context: i’m trans (ftm) and haven’t had any sort of medical transition, so my proportions are still very feminine. the issue is, i can’t figure out how to draft any of the women's waistcoats without having them accentuate my hips/boobs. most of the men's ones aren't anywhere near my proportions so i'd end up changing them beyond recognition. i'm using the keystone guide to jacket and dress cutting from 1895, but if anyone has any recommendations for other times/sources that might help the issue, they are so very welcome! (my bust is about 35 but not centered towards the front because binders, waist is ~30, hips are ~42) edit: i don’t plan on wearing a corset with this (will build stucture in) bc i'm more historybounding than doing an accurate recreation. (also a corset is a whole other, very complicated project)

tl;dr- how do you make a masc looking waistcoat on a fem looking body that doesn’t want to look fem

any help is greatly appreciated!!! i have so little drafting experience, especially with more fitted pieces 😭

edit 2 to summarize tips: pad/widen shoulders, don’t make waist super fitted (potentially pad it) but keep relatively tight on bust/hip (more boxy than curvy overall), use more straight lines instead of curves (especially center front), minimal darts, and work from a men's pattern. thanks for the help!

15:42 UTC


Update 2- Trying to make a Callot Soeurs 1928 Evening Dress

How It's Going:

Pretty well, actually. I received the toile saree the day of my last update and steamed it (hanging it from the chandelier) to pretty much no avail. It came wrinkled; it has stayed wrinkled. I have accepted it. After steaming I laid the saree out on my floor (boy are they long) and laid my pattern on top (I had cleaned up the lines but hadn't trimmed it up to look nice). I cut out the saree and draped it on my mannequin. Then I pulled it off my mannequin to burn/melt the cut edges because it was a fraying nightmare.

The next morning I basted my rough edges (awesome thing about using a saree is that most of the edges are finished, so I only have to finish the edges I cut). Over the last couple days I have fiddled, adjusted, pinned, unpinned, repinned, and stabbed my fingers more times than I cared to count. Letting the fabric stretch on the mannequin over a few days was excellent advice. I also moved both of my planned darts, one a little and one to a completely different place. This is because I want the thick saree boarder to come to a point at the place where all the fabric meets at the lower back. For ease of wearing, I think I will have to get creative with how that all gets sewn together, but that's a later today problem.

Currently, the toile dress is pinned in shape to itself (not the mannequin) in the places I intend to tack together. Once it's tacked (later today) I'll try it on and make my poor husband help me figure out what will need further changes/adjustments.

The image with the white paper triangle shows where I plan to place a triangle applique on the final dress that supposedly dates to the 1920s and gives me a little giddy feeling about including.

Completely Unrelated: The dog's name is Bingley. We were hoping for that affable, good natured character, but got something more of a Darcy/Wickam combo. He's terribly loyal to his friends, intelligent, loud mouthed, not good at meeting new people, and rather pretty to look at until you realize he's a prideful and selfish fuzzbutt.

Original Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoricalCostuming/comments/1dl4u87/i_want_to_make_this_dress_and_i_need_some_help/

Update 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoricalCostuming/comments/1do6bmn/update_trying_to_make_a_callot_soeurs_1928/

Link to Poly Saree: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081LTFNX7?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

Link to Vintage Antique French Gold Metallic Triangle Applique: https://www.etsy.com/listing/205907286/vintage-antique-french-gold-metallic?ref=yr_purchases













13:17 UTC


Asking for resources for petticoat making and historical undergarments

For those of you who studied specific historical undergarments, what were you most helpful books? I want to study more and Google is just saturated with crap that it’s hard to sift through quality materials to learn from.

I genuinely am trying to learn but I feel like I’m being pulled towards quick cash grabs for beginners rather than in depth educational books.

04:18 UTC


18th century men's clothing for women!

I don't quite know if this is a question properly geared for this community (perhaps fashion history otherwise), but it's worth a shot!

I am beginning my process of making 1770s costuming for AmRev colonies. I would like to make a basic men's outfit. But...is there a historically accurate way to handle boobs? I have them and they are not easily ignored, I require some kind of support for them.

Would I simply bind? Or is there a garment meant for this? Stays are worn over the chemise, and that would be awkward if I am trying to wear a men's costume...

04:03 UTC


Favorite historically accurate movies and shows?

Looking for sewing inspiration while my partner is away for two months! Please share your favorites. I am especially interested in colonial us, eastern european, and viking/early English.

23:16 UTC


Collar of Victorian bodice has a HUGE gap in the front though it didn't in the mockup

I"m coming down the stretch on my new Victorian bodice, and right when I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I put in the invisible zipper (please don't put an arrest warrant on my head, historical accuracy police), but there is a two or three inch gap at the collar that was not there when I did the mockup. I'm a tour guide and it gets chilly at night and I HATE having a cold throat. (Yes, I have a scarf, no, I don't want one more thing to remember each night.) Not to mention the huge gap looks horrible. Will I have to completely redo the collar? I just want this bodice to be DONE!

17:49 UTC


Authentic Victorian Fashion Patterns by K. Harris and the Grid Method?

Hey Everyone. I would be interested to hear peoples experiences with the books patterns and The Grid Method (page v). If I understood correctly, you are instucted to enlarge the pattern by scaling it to your major body measurement (waist/bust). But then the whole pattern is going to get bigger in the same scale, both lenghtwise and hightwise? For example, if my bust is 1,5 x the one that the pattern was originally made, then the height of the garment is going to change a lot also and distort the pattern, right?

Is there something that I am not understanding correctly. Have you succeeded using the patterns and the Grid Mehod?

(The book in question: Authentic Victorian Fashion Patterns, A lady's complete wardrobe, edited by Kristina Harris, 1999)

12:55 UTC

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