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For information on pet hedgehogs (so-called "African Pygmy Hedgehogs") and wild hedgehogs.

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Is the hedgehog made of spikes or are the spikes made of hedgehog? She screams for she does not know. - /u/SinisterPixel

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    hedgehog body language?

    what do ur hedgies look like when they’re happy/ content?

    i’ve been taking babs out of her cage daily around 8 pm to sit on my lap for a bit (40 minutes to an hour usually). she’s started to do this thing where she flattens onto her belly and her feets stick out (cute asf). i was wondering if this ment she’s getting more comfortable with me? is this the hedgehog equivalent to a cat loaf? thanks :3

    02:46 UTC


    Sick hedgehog?

    My hedgehog is about 6-7 years old and he has been getting these green gummy poops. And on many occasions I find him struggling to make it to his little house in the mornings, so he is cold when I find him. I recently switched his food to wet cat food if that might be the cause but I am still very concerned. Should I bring him to the vet? Or is it just because of his old age?

    00:27 UTC


    Insects stored in fridge??

    hey so I was wondering if i could bulk buy tons of insects (mealworms,crickets and pheonix worms/bsl)

    and put them in a mini fridge- would they last/survive? I would probably get the insects out before to feed veg :) but i cant rlly keep insects in tubs or anything. this would be best :) I cant keep them and keep buying live as i dont have many stores around me so i wanted to go down this route :)

    -Hayden :)

    19:55 UTC


    Heat lamp accident

    So when I was moving my babies into their new homes, I accident bumped into one of their cages And the heat lamp fell. I snatched it up immediately but it still burned my baby girls quills :( she is acting fine, and her skin has no burns at all. Is there anything I should do? I gave her a bath and double checked her entire body and it is intact just her quills. I’m never going to forgive myself :(

    19:34 UTC


    Let everybody know u need too take your baby’s to a vet for check ups I found out Heaghoges

    Getting close to 2 years old that’s the age I cancer starts in for my experience. Now from losing our Baboo I am going to start taking my girl at age of one for check up. I feel like if I would’ve known this for my baboo he might’ve had a chance his cancer was bad. UF university hospital in Florida had a great team. If you need to take your hedgehog somewhere, that’s the place to go. They tried everything to save him.

    18:34 UTC


    Hedgehog Toys

    What kind of toy your hedgehog likes to play? Mine likes to flip his food bowl 😂 He doesn’t like his other toys but I need some help what toys I would try.

    15:12 UTC


    Where to purchase

    I have been wanting to buy a hedgehog for a long time now but don’t know where to purchase one. Any website or places in las.Vegas you can buy them?

    05:13 UTC

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