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The animated surreal comedy focusing on an adolescent blue cat and his adopted goldfish brother traversing their dysfunctional world of weird and unusual characters.

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The animated surreal comedy focusing on an adolescent blue cat and his adopted goldfish brother traversing their dysfunctional world of weird and unusual characters.

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This subreddit is for fans of the British-American animated series, the Amazing World of Gumball! Have fun, practice good reddiquette, and be sure to flair your posts, especially spoiler content!

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Was Gumball saying "ay caramba" a reference to Bart Simpson in "The Ex"?

Idk how common this expression is in the US, but the fact that he said that after Banana Joe threatened him with suing for intellectual property after he imitated him makes me think it was a reference to bart's common phrase

17:17 UTC


Was there a WW2 reference in S3 E35?

While Gumball and Darwin were trying to fix their timeline, there was a quick scene where all the characters were speaking German. I think this was saying that Gumball and Darwin some how helped Hitler win WW2. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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I drew Gumball as Garfield for no reason. I will give no further explanation or context. Good day.

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04:35 UTC


Awesome surreal Gumball made by AI

02:00 UTC


They have Gumball on Disney+ now (if you have hulu subscription)

22:36 UTC


He watches

00:21 UTC


in spain there's a show simulating a streamer reacting to cartoon network and in its intro there's a "Nyan Gumball"

23:44 UTC


Anyone else notice these generational dynamics in TAWOG?

Okay y'all, hear me out:

Mr. & Mrs. Robinson = Boomers

their son Rocky = Millennial

Richard & Nicole = Gen X

their kids Gumball, Darwin, & Anais = Gen Z

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21:36 UTC


Need suggestions

I finished gumball and was wondering if u have any suggestions that might be like The amazing world of gumball.

10:04 UTC


What was the worst and best season of the show.

What in your opinion is the best and worst season of the show. My favourite is season 2, and my least favourite is season 1 (not saying the season was bad, just not great as the other seasons)

03:12 UTC


predictions on who we might see in the gumball movie

1: pilot designs
2: rachael. aka tobias's sister
3: i dont know

02:19 UTC


Thoughts on gumball morality

Gumball is no saint but his heart is never evil

17:54 UTC


The Other Story of 'When Anais was born'

Today, while watching episode The Choices (S5) I saw at the end that scene when Anais rearranges letters in her name to form Anais instead of Anias. I've realised that it's been a long time since I watched episode with this scene. But when I started looking on HBO I couldn't find it. Also when I Google 'Anais born episode' etc. the only episode I get is 'The Rival'. I know this scene did not come from nowhere. I remember somebody was dressed as a dinosaur, Gumball or Richard. Someone had handcuffs on. Anais birth was sudden and everybody were scattered around town. Episode is generally about Watersons trying to get to hospital. It may be Halloween. I guess Anais changing name scene is in last few seconds of episode. Is it another Mandela's Effect, my imagination, or is there really another episode?

10:07 UTC


anyone know how i can watch full gumball episodes? (for all seasons)

09:25 UTC


Seasons 1-2

I want to get into this show. I'm a fan of Adventure Time and Regular Show, and I had a lot of interest in Gumball so I started checking it out. I love the artstyle and there are some pretty creative moments (so far my favorite characters are Teri and Penny), but currently I'm on S2E30 and I'm still feeling iffy overall.

Season 1 was decent, my favorite episodes were The Gi and The Party. But I found it pretty generic humor wise. Most of the humor felt generic and loud, even mean spirited at times. I felt like these issues got worse in season 2, but tolerable, especially with some pretty good episodes mixed in. However, it was a really rough patch seeing The Pony, The Hero, The Dream, and The Sidekick back to back. Gumball was a gratingly unlikeable character to me in those last three, and the way he treated Penny in The Dream was particularly upsetting to me. It felt like they leaned too far into making him a major piece of shit, and I thought way too much of the humor in season 2 so far has especially been about treating characters like punching bags.

I have heard that the series improves greatly from season 3 onward, which is a big part of why I've stuck with the series thus far. I'm assuming this also means Gumball (the character) becomes more nuanced as the series goes on, but I've also been told by a friend that he's consistently horrible for the whole series. Are either of these statements true? I really want to like this series but season 2 is kind of being a big hurdle.

02:51 UTC


TAWOG Dream /Nightmare Blunt Rotation

My personal rotation:

Darwin (he's chill)

Richard (I want to see him get the munchies, god knows what he will do)

Mr. Small (This guy is canonically a stoner, if this isn't a weed reference I dont know what it is. Chill af)

Alan (balloon)

Larry (He would have the craziest stories from the 800 jobs he works at)


Teri (She is going to get extremely paranoid and tweak tf out)

Simian (Not with that stink breath)

Penny: She has too much going on in the head

Carrie: She would get a psychotic episode, emos and weed don't mix

What is your dream or nightmare blunt rotation out of everyone in Elmore?

23:54 UTC


Many didn't notice this hilarious detail but in the famous scene where Gumball gets on top of Hot Dog Guy, we can see his sunglasses in a glass of water. Writers didn't have enough with this scene they had to include this ridiculous, uncalled for, comical detail. I love this show

22:23 UTC


The Amazing World of Gumball X South Park Part 1

Gumball = Stan

Darwin = Kyle

Julius = Cartman

Anton = Kenny

Idaho = Butters

15:27 UTC


The Amazing World of Gumball X One Piece Part 2.5 (Updated Version)

Clare = Robin

Bobert = Franky

Razor = Brook

15:25 UTC


Favorite YouTube Gumball Reactors?

Ever since ReactsByNight took down his stuff, I've not been able to find any other good YouTube reactors for Gumball Episodes. Any recommendations?

01:14 UTC


Somehow, Gumball and Darwin made it to another universe... And dragged Mr Robinson into it... Meeting SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward in Bikini Bottom

I did this bc they're both my comfort shows, my favourite cartoons 🧽🩵🧡

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22:41 UTC


Yk these movies where a character is attractive according to the public but not to the rest of the characters? Something similar happens with gumball in terms of popularity. He's so charismatic and funny, his sarcasm is good, he's cool. A kid like that would be really popular in school irl

In "The test" Gumball says hes popular now because he isn't rude or mean anymore, that's also not realistic because those traits sadly can make you popular or ar least they wont prevent you from being popular as long as you're cool

20:49 UTC


Kenneth's Current Fate/Whereabouts

What do you suppose happened to Kenneth? You know, that sludge monster baby.

20:43 UTC


10 years ago, while the Total Drama fandom complained about the finale, we got The Finale from this show to make it up for it.

17:44 UTC


Has anyone tried sending fanmail to Nicolas Cantu?

I dropped off a letter into my local postbox to Nicolas Cantu (http://m.fanmail.biz/128412.html if you want the link). I was wondering if anyone else has ever sent a letter to Nicolas Cantu or anyone else in the Amazing World of Gumball cast. I’m mostly curious regarding Nicolas Cantu. I know he’s probably not going to read it, and I’m suspecting that it’s going to take like three months to get a response if he does end up responding.

01:51 UTC


EWW: The Name

Hello and welcome to episode 83 in a series inspired by u/kamikazeb0y and CinemaSins, where I'll be sinning each and every episode of Gumball.

Quick Disclaimer: I know this is just a children's cartoon and isn't meant to be taken seriously. This, like the show itself, is not at all meant to be taken seriously or considered an actual critique of the show. It is all in good fun.

With that out of the way I present you, Everything Wrong With: The Name

Gumball: Argh, I can't beat the final boss, man! I'm weak.
Darwin: You're not weak. You just lack upper-body strength, lower-body strength, and mental strength!
So...the exact definition of weak +1

Gumball: Dude, what's the point in learning all these combos if all you need is button mashing?
Eh, you say that now but just wait til you get to the competitive scene. You're gonna NEED to know your combos then +1

Gumball: Aw, man. it's only three letters in the top score. Mm, what do I go with—"GUM" or "BAL"?
Darwin: Maybe go with the least dumb-sounding.
Gumball: You're right. Let's go with "BAL."
Or...you could just do a shortened version of your nickname like 'GBL' or 'GMB'. Still gets across who you are without sounding as dumb +1

Darwin: No. Wait. Why don't you use your real name instead of your nickname?}
Gumball: Great idea! Wait. What is it?
Darwin: What do you mean, "what is it"? What kind of guy doesn't know his own name?
Gumball: You don't know it either, do you?
Darwin: Nah.
Goddamn, how long has he had the nickname Gumball? I mean, he's been using it for so long he doesn't remember what his actual name is. Plus Darwin says here he doesn't know his real name, which we later see is because he already had the nickname when they adopted him,. And waaaay later on we find out that he had a best friend as a toddler who also knew him as Gumball. Like, he must have been a few months old at most when he got it. We seriously need to see the origins of his nickname at some point, specifically who came up with it and how. +10

Place your bets in the comments now though before it's potentially revealed in the future, how do you think he got it, and from who? Nicole, Richard, Granny Jojo, Fuzzy, himself?  
Personally, I'm going with baby Zach sucking on a gumball and either Nicole or Richard saying something along the lines of 'Awwww. look at my little Gumball!' and then having a lightbulb moment and really liking it.

Gumball: I'll kick a crab in the face! And I'll steal a watch from a ghost! I'll eat a beard! I'll marinate a plumber! And when they write about me in history books, they will say, "He did what had to be done to find out his real name."
Nicole: Your real name? It's Zach
One season of hype and theories later and there you go! They dropped his real name just as nonchalantly as they did the reveal of Gumball not actually being his name. 

And I wouldn't have wanted it done any other way -5

Gumball: Whispering Zach.
Darwin: Zach.
Gumball: Yawning Zach.
Darwin: Growling Zach.
Gumball and Darwin: Zaach.
Gumball: Za-a-a-a-ch.
Darwin: Za-a-a-a-ch.
The two of them keep saying "Zach" quickly, back and forth and then contemporarily
Gumball: Zaaaach.
And this is exactly how i would've imagined Gumball reacting to his name! -5

In the school hallway, Zach is jumping around on a skateboard
Zach: Hey, coach, great game last night!
And now suddenly without any transition or build up or explanation what so ever Gumball is now Zach. Like not even some small hint or tease of some switch or change in Gumball on the bus or anything, I mean, the cut is fine but it just feels extremely abrupt and out of nowhere.

I feel like it would have flowed a lot better if the bus scene had go on a tiny bit longer and showed him finding and putting on the shades and/or saying an uncharacteristically jerky remark to someone, and insisting he be called Zach when Darwin calls him out on it, before Darwin makes some remark about the situation looking bad or him having a bad feeling, then cutting to this. The way they did it here just feels...rushed I guess. +25

Zach: Hey Carrie, I think we really nailed the song last night. We're totally gonna win the battle of the bands, man.
Carrie: You're not in a band. I'm not in a band. I bet you can't even give me the name of a band.
Hahahahahahaha, I love Carrie's sarcasm here! She couldn't give less of a fuck and I'm here for it! -5

At the cafeteria, Zach skates past the tables and grabs an apple, taking a bite off of it and then tosses it away
Banana Joe: Hey, that's my cousin!
Kayvon cries
Why was a kindergartener at school with his older cousin? Shouldn't he be...y'know...at kindergarten? +1

Also, Zach literally just took a large chunk out of his head. You might wanna get him to a fucking hospital. Like. NOW. +1

Darwin: Sorry, but who exactly is this Zach? I thought he'd be like Gumball but with a shorter name.
Zach: No! Gumball's a loser.
Like I said way back in my remastered EWW of The Date...no he isn't. He has tons of friends, reasonable popularity amongst his classmates, definitely more so than some other students in his class, and soon a girlfriend who herself is one the most popular girls in the class. Meanwhile, Zach is disliked by everyone, has no friends or girlfriends, and is the exact kind of person Gumball would despise. I think it's clear who the actual loser here is. +5

Zach: No! Gumball's a loser. Zach is the man. Zach doesn't ask. Takes and licks Sarah He takes Sarah's head falls
Darwin: Dude, what are you doing?!
Eh, i wouldn't worry too much about this one. I'm sure Sarah was more than okay with him doing that. Let's just be glad he didn't go any further and do something Gumball would never be able to take back -1

Darwin: Zach, listen to me.
Zach: Zach doesn't listen. He hears.
Darwin: That's the same thing!
Zach: Oh, wait. What was that? I'm afraid I can't listen you.
Oh my god I just want to climb into the screen and punch him +1

Darwin: Follows Zach to the front of the line You do realize you've done all this, and you have nothing to buy, right?~
Zach: Yeah, that's why you're gonna stay here and hold my place.
Hank: Hey, kid, get in line like everyone else.
Alison: You've got three seconds to move, or I'll bingo-wing you!
Marvin: Have you got no respect?!
Hank: Get to the back of the line!
Everyone in line starts throwing objects at Darwin
Wow, what the hell!? Zach pushed through first, and Darwin was only trying to stop him, yet Darwin is the one they're mad at!? +1

Zach: Zach doesn't apologize. He uses his charm. Can you pay for this, buddy? Thank you.
Darwin: All right, you lovable rogue
Darwin agrees to this for some reason +1

Darwin: What are you doing? What happened?
Anais: Zach! He said he needed his own "hang space," so he threw us out of the bedroom. This is where I sleep now...
AWWWWWW, she sounded so genuinely upset at the end there! Darwin, give your poor sister a hug! -1

Darwin: What?! What about me?
Anais points to the turtle's lair. The turtle hisses evilly, and Darwin whimpers
And here we have the first confirmation that they actually did keep the Evil Turtle from The Puppy like Anais said they would. And they snuck it in in such a natural and funny way too! -5

Richard: Zach made me sign away my position as man of the house. What am I now? Assistant mom? Vice mother? Man mom?!
Were...were you ever man of the house? Cause honestly it doesn't feel like any of the guys in the house really fit that role +1

Nicole: I tried to teach him a lesson by beating him at anything he chose.
Darwin: What did he choose?
Nicole: Crying Being obnoxious!
Really? Nicole would never let Zach run around and boss around her family like this. She could easily scare him into submission with a single glance. +10

Darwin: Look at yourself. You're such a jerk now, you've started popping your collar.
He's...wearing a sweater. Sweater collars can't be popped like this +1

A flashback of Gumball in "The Curse" is shown, where he is trying to jump the unfinished freeway
Gumball: Gonna make it! I'm gonna make it! I'm gonna make it! Fall] I'm not gonna make it!
So for some reason they re-used the original footage her but had Jacob re-dub it, which is a pretty weird in-between option to go with. Why not just all the way and have either the OG footage with Logan's original lines or reanimate it to fit the new style? +5

Though its pretty cool to see them actually callback to a previous episode! They so rarely do that it's awesome when it happens! -1

The memory rewinds and changes. Zach jumps the gap effortlessly and manages to pull off a stunt
Zach: Yeah!
Aww, c'mon, they didn't animate Zach in the S1 Gumball style for this scene? Not only would it have fit in better with the rest of the scene, but it would have been really cool to see! +1

Nicole: We need to get rid of this Zach, permanently.
Anais: One step ahead of you. Hefts a baseball bat, and whispers I knew this day would come.
Nicole: By changing his name, to Gumball, at the town hall.
Anais: Puts away the bat, laughing nervously Yeah, Yeah, that's what I- that's what I meant...
Since when would Anais be this eager to kill Gumball? I mean, I know she wanted to as a baby but she's long past that. She loves him and Darwin deeply now and would never want to harm or get rid of them. So unless she's secretly been harboring and fighting the urge to kill them for years, in which case she needs professional help, this joke just doesn't make sense +10

Also, that'd make a damn good fanfic idea...someone get on it!

A truck blocks the way. Nicole tries to stop the car
Nicole: The brakes don't work!
Anais: Aah!
The car's roof gets torn off by the truck as they move under it
Gumball: Groans Where am I? What's going on? Why is Dad dressed like a woman?
Anais: No one really knows.
Gumball: Ow. Why are these in my pocket? Takes out a pair of wire cutters
What!? When on earth would Zach have had time to do this? Darwin was only slightly behind leaving him so he could have only had a few minutes at home before Darwin got there, and with all the things he did to Nicole, Richard and Anais there's no way he would have time for this too +5

Also, I highly doubt Gumball knows how brakes work or what to cut to stop them working, and surely Zach would only know what he does right? +1

Gumball walks through a street of a bunch of memories squashed together
Darwin: *Off-screen; echoing]*Gumball, don't let him change your memories!
Gumball: Echoing And how exactly am I supposed to do that?
The camera zooms out, revealing Gumball being inside a brain-shaped cardboard maze with his memories scattered around
Aww man, I love all these callbacks around him! Halloween, The Finale, The Sidekick, The Job, The Knights, Christmas, and so many more! This whole scene is such a treat for hardcore fans of the show! -25

Darwin: Off-screen; echoing By remembering you're a loser!
FOR THE THIRD TIME HE'S NOT A-oh you know what, forget it  +15

Gumball flashes back to "The Knights" when Tobias was hitting a trash can he was hiding behind]
Gumball: Hey, I remember that. Gosh, I really am a bit of a loser.
Awww, come on, that wasn't your fault! Tobias was literally assaulting him! +1

Zach transforms, and suddenly he's holding a bazooka and is in his paintball gear
Oh god did he really have to wear that specific paintball gear!? The Fridge is one episode I would very much rather not be reminded of thank you very much! +5

Richard: What? I'm stress-eating! You're not the only one who gets hormonal!
Nicole: Are you sure you don't want to take off that wig? I think it's messing with your head.
Richard: Oh, first I'm fat, and then you don't like my hair?! My mother was right! Starts crying

Donut Cop: Hey, lady! Pull over and step out of the stolen vehicle!
Richard turns to look at the Sheriff
Donut Cop: Ah! I meant, put a bag over your head, pull over, and step out of the stolen vehicle.
Nicole: Stolen vehicle? What's he talking about?
Anais pulls out a phone from Gumball's pockets
Phone: Thank you for your call, sir. The officers are about to stop the people who stole your car.

What!/ How the fuck couid he have made that call without ANY of them noticing of hearing. He's literally right next to them! +10

Also, surely they should have heard it was a child's voice and dismissed it as a prank call, right? Like, what kid owns a car? +1

Anais:A mouse trap clamps her hand Ow!
Zach: Zach is always three steps ahead. Laughs evilly
Anais punches Gumball just as Zach loses control
Gumball: Ow.
Anais: Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.
Awwwwww, her genuinely feeling bad for hitting him is so cute! Much more like the Anais we know, unlike earlier... -10

Darwin: Hey, remember that time in the tree house when you thought you were kissing Penny, but kissed me instead?
Gumball: Actually, I wouldn't mind if he erased that one.
Darwin: Yeah, me too. Well, try and find something else.
What? Even if they were told it was each they kissed, he would still remember the moment as it being with Penny. +1

Nicole: I'm sorry! We don't have a choice!
The Wattersons drive by the roadblock, which was placed on a different road
Hahahahaha, this joke was brilliant! -1

Anais: Mom, stop the car! The town hall is straight ahead!
Nicole turns the keys and the car slowly drives into the hall. The car stops, lightly touching Alison, who then surprisingly flies off
What!? Turning the car off wouldn't make the car immediately slow down to a crawl like this. It still should have smashed right through town hall +5

Gumball walks through Zach's edited memories, with him wooing Penny, being the star of the football team, and hanging out with Alan, Tobias and Banana Joe at a party
Penny being interested in Zach? Pfft, in his dreams! She couldn't stand someone like him and would avoid him like the plague! +5

A memory of "The Fridge": Zach is laughing, holding the flag

Also, why was this memory altered when he already won in it? +1

Gumball: I don't remember my name. There's no memory of mine left. He's changed everything!
Gumball sees the memory of the arcade
Gumball: Wait! Apart from the time I actually won something!
What? There's no way that's the only thing Gumball has ever won in his entire life. Surely he must have won against Darwin, Anais, his friend, etc in video games, rock paper scissors, bets, etc. And if he memorized the medieval textbook then his assignment with Penny must have gotten an A! Not to the mention The Fridge like I already mentioned and the times we've seen him win bets with Darwin and his father, and against Bobert and Kenneth. +25

Gumball: But the combos are useless against button mashing!
Gumball forges through Zach, pushes away the past versions of himself and Darwin and types in GUM onto the game. It expands to say GUMBALL. Zach begins to fade away
This was an amazing way for Zach to be defeated, and an incredible way for the episode to go full circle! Props to the writers for making such a trilling climax to this story! -10

Gumball farts and awakens, then rushes to write his name

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand you ruined it. Good job. +25

Total Sins: 107

Most Sinned Episode So Far: The Hero (1,490,894)
Least Sinned Episode: The Kids (-230)

Previous Episode: https://www.reddit.com/r/gumball/comments/1899fot/eww_the_recipe/

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