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This subreddit is for anyone who is going through the process of getting into graduate school outside the US, and for those who've been there and have advice to give.

This subreddit is for anyone who is going through the process of getting into graduate school outside the US, and for those who've been there and have advice to give.


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Can you please tell if my Dream, moderate and safe universities are correct for a research oriented MS in AI?

Hi Everyone,

Can you please tell if my categories of universities are correct based on my profile. Looking for MS in AI Research oriented for 2026

  • Bachelors: KIIT University | B.Tech in IT (THE 601-1000)| 8.04 CGPA
  • PG- Diploma: CDAC Pune | PG Diploma in Big Data Analytics | 73.8%
  • TOEFL: 100 (may just improve)
  • GRE: Planned on 25th (should get 320+)
  • GATE: Planned on Feb’25
  • Work Ex: 6 months as Software Trainee working on NLP. Now looking for JRF and Research Associate positions
  • Internship: 8 months as a Data Science Intern
  • Projects: Several advanced Computer Vision Projects
  • Research Paper: 2 in the works as a sole author
  • Basic knowledge of german


  • ETH Zurich
  • EPFL
  • NTU
  • NUS


  • TU Munich
  • TU Delft


  • TU Berlin
  • LMU Munich
  • RWTH Achen
  • University of Bonn

Feel free to recommend other universities

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Masters in computer science with specialization in robotics

Do we have any universities in USA which offers specialization in robotics as a choice for masters in computer science?

04:34 UTC


Suggestions for Masters and Job opportunity

I am looking forward to apply for Masters in Artificial Intelligence or Robotics for spring but i am really confused and concerned about job opportunity after my graduation. I kindly request whoever completed Masters or perusing masters now could suggest some good university with available level of job opportunity.

02:10 UTC


Is it a good time to be doing Masters? (CS)

Many of my peers have told me that this may not be a good time for doing masters if your goal is to earn more money eventually because of the US Canada economy being down and the job markets being bad for atleast next 2-3 years. Then taking up a huge education loan with the very high interest rate currently, is gonna put up a lot of financial pressure if it you don't get a good job after graduating.

Also, US elections are coming up in November which will affect the visa and immigration laws.

I have already given my GRE and TOEFL exams and was planning for January 2025 intake. My reason for doing masters is that I've always wanted to gain deeper knowledge (since my Bachelors was in Electrical, not CS) and do research and if all goes well I would wanna do a PhD eventually as well. Also, I have been working professionally for 4 years now, and I wanna make a bigger career jump next, both in terms of designation and income. So I thought getting a Masters degree will help with that as well, increase my skills and credibility if in future I decide to start a venture.

I don't understand economics and markets and all very well. So that's why I'm putting a post up here.

03:21 UTC


Deadlines for applying for Jan 2025 Intake in CS

I have given my GRE and got a score of 312 (153 Verbal + 159 Quant + 3.5 Analytical). My TOEFL exam is in a few days.

I am not happy with my GRE scores and would like to give the exam again, mostly by the end of June. I wanted to know if it would be too late to start sending out applications to Universities by then or not. I know that for Spring 2025 (Jan 2025) intake, applications have started in June.

06:34 UTC


Italian Student Visa w/ Partner

22:35 UTC


WES email address?

Anyone has used WES and had their documents sent by email? My university doesn't have any agreement with WES for any of the electronic methods they mention (SFTP, API, etc.) so email is the only option in my case (postal mail is expensive and slow). However, I have been looking for the WES' email address that my university should send the documents to and I haven't found any address so far, not even in the FAQ. Does anyone know what is their address?

20:35 UTC


[PHYSICS] PhD or MS from abroad? What should I choose?

I'm from India. My_qualifications: Completed first year of MSc physics, BSc physics with 8.357 CGPA, both at the same central university. Completed 6 month intern project, 1 paper may get published soon (in condensed matter physics).

My question is, should I apply for MS this year or wait and apply for PhD next year? (In context of job, seats availability, scholarships...)

Which is easier to get?

Which will cost more? (Do even PhD cost money?)

13:18 UTC


Can some do my profile evaluation for masters in computer science in US?

I am a 3rd year Computer Engineering student at a tier 2 or 3 college in India

Following is a gist of my profile:


  • 10th - 87.40%
  • 12th - 92.50%
  • Avg GPA - 8.9
  • GRE - 320+
  • TOEFL - 108/120

Courses done:

  • Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate
  • Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate
  • EC Council - EHE
  • EC Council - NDE
  • Some small courses


1 internship as Research intern in TCS in Software Development


One research paper proposed in conference - results not released yet

Preparing another research paper


  • 2 good and unique LORs - one from research internship and another from Professor under whom i wrote the research paper.
  • 1 normal or a good LOR.

I am applying in this September for FALL 2025 admission.

Review my profile and suggest me for development.

I am opting for cybersecurity or related domains since it is what I like and second is general Software engineering domain.

Please someone guide me towards getting myself on a right track or improve my position from here onwards. I do have my dream to go to Standford for MS, and I want that your guidance might help me achieve it. I know my profile isn't great for getting accepted into Standford but it's important that I try my best to hold no regrets. Also suggest me some colleges that would be fit for my profile if possible.

:) :) Thank you <3 <3

20:45 UTC


How Do People Pay For Graduate School Abroad ?

So I am nearing the end of my senior year. I am graduating from a top 20 university in the U.S. and I am considering going to the UK for law school. I was just wondering how people who were on financial aid afford to live though? All of my undergraduate studies were covered by grants and scholarships but I do not know the process of how it works abroad. Does anyone have any idea? Or experience?

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On US and Canada for Undergrad as an international student

Greetings r/gradadmissions_intl,

I am an international student that got into a few US (Georgia Tech, Purdue, UT Dallas, Boston University) and a few Canadian (University of Toronto, UBC etc.) universities for my physics undergrad (Applied Physics at Purdue and GT).

I currently have enough money to fund at most 50k USD (~67k CAD) per year (quite the stretch but yes), and am very worried for the future: i.e. can I get a job in Canada/US as an international with a bachelors in Physics?

If I do indeed need a PhD in a specific field, it might be incredibly hard for me to fund that too.

Would appreciate inputs from anyone on this, and any advice you'd have for me on the college search. Cheers!

13:45 UTC


Applied computer science vs computer science (MSc) and Master @ IBM program at hector school


I'm. in the process of shortlisting unis in germany for masters. I'm a Computer engineering graduate hence the preference for computer sci.
Can someone share some info on the pros and cons of going for applied computer science or is computer science better when it comes to long term goals where employment is the main factor?

I dont know German yet but I will be learning soon and right now I'm looking at english taught programs.

Additional question : I've been looking at Master @ IBM program and was wondering if someone had more info that what they advertise online?

  1. What kind of support does the school provide to students in the Master@IBM program? How was the interview process and the difficulty level of the questions asked?

  2. Have you had any opportunities for hands-on experience or projects with IBM during the program and is it more technical based or administrative or a healthy mix of both?

  3. How is the course experience?

  4. What were the stats to get into Hector


07:12 UTC


Americans Abroad - How to Vote in the Primary and General Election

You can request your ballot at: https://www.votefromabroad.org/

In recent elections, the overseas vote has determined the winner in many close races, so your vote does actually count.


Also, if you know someone who was born in the US or has American parents, they can also vote in US elections.

This post is intended to be non-partisan, simply showing how to exercise your voting rights even when abroad.


13:10 UTC


Has anyone attended Global Business School Barcelona?


I'm currently looking into obtaining a master's degree and came across Global Business School Barcelona. I was wondering if anyone on here is currently attending or has completed one of their programmes and what you think of it (so far).

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16:13 UTC


Is there any Master program in CS/IT in relevant institutions in France that fits my profile ?

Hello everyone !

I'm a South Asian looking to study masters in France in CS/IT/relevant programs where it will be fully taught in English in schools/institutions . I have a undergrad CGPA of 2.82/4(passed in mid 2022) with no research and publications and an IELTS score of 7.5 but no French language credentials. I have been doing a tutoring job in a tutor centre ever since. I have some questions and confusions regarding the whole process :

  1. Which should I apply for ? Ecole, University, or other institutions where my focus will be on the professional sector/industry ? How to find those programs on the internet ?(Campus France doesn't include all of them some say.)

  2. Is it possible to get into any low/mid tier Ecole, University, or other institutions even with this score ? I have a maximum budget of 7500 Euros for tuition fees per year(considering it will be a 2-2.5 year study at most)

  3. My country is not on the Etudes en France list. Some say I can apply into 7 programs maximum if I apply to the concerned institution directly to their website online. Is this true ?

  4. Will my study gap cause any problem here ?

Please help me with as much as info and suggestions you can provide quickly as the deadlines are looming. Thanks in advance.

14:21 UTC


They won't let (me) attend a university in Germany.


my friend is from the US and she would like to get her master's degree in Germany. The university doesn't want to allow her to apply though, since she didn't write a bachelor's thesis to get her bachelor's degree and that's a part of the application criteria. However, she told me those aren't very common in the US. She fully completed her bachelor's degree in the US. Has anybody been through or encountered a similar situation? It's pretty weird to be honest.

16:19 UTC


Worth getting an Masters in International Management (MIM) with 2-3 years of work experience?

Hello everyone.

I have a question that I've been looking around the internet for a little while now. So I want to live and work in Europe permanently, right? Well I'm looking to start over there by going to graduate university, specifically in Germany due to the low cost.

One of the universities I've had my eye on is the University of Cologne. And it has a couple different degrees, specifically Masters of Science in different business topics (Analytics, Marketing, Supply chain, etc.) It also has an International Management (MIM) program. However, it doesn't have a just general MBA program.

I was wondering, having worked for the past 3 years, would an MIM be worth it? The internet has generally explained that MIMs are for those without work experience and just getting into the working world.

For some background, I graduated bachelors with a degree in the arts of psychology, but haven't used that. So I don't really have a background in business outside of working in the stock business realm for the past few years. Meanwhile, a bunch of these Masters of Science degrees seem to expect a business background.

Just looking for some help or if anyone might have some good explanations/ideas.

Thank you!

17:32 UTC


Which EU country to study masters and immigrate after completion of study ?

I'm a Non-EU citizen(South Asian) who wants to study my Masters in Europe in CS/IT related subjects. I have a low Bachelors CGPA(2.82 out of 4) in CS which I completed in the middle of last year. I gave my IELTS on January this year and got 7.5 . Been trying to get out of my country but I couldn't do it finally due to some financial, personal and family related problems. My budget in total over my Masters period is 12500 Euros and I want to stay in Europe permanently upon completion of my study.

Considering all the informations above which countries in Europe should I be prioritizing ? My shortlist includes Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, France and Spain for now. (I chose these countries as they are the only European countries with their respective embassies present in my country.)

I need a quick solution as the application deadlines are ticking. Please help me with as much as information you can provide.

Thanks in advance.

16:13 UTC


Do I have any chance?

Do y'all think there's actually any possibility of getting a full scholarship (or atleast 70%) as an international student with minimal ECA? (I study Edexcel IAL, my finals are next year May, I'll get A/A* in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, I've qualified for the National Math Olympiad in my country too(Bangladesh))

16:09 UTC


Is UPC Spain ESEIAAT good for student exchange programme?

I'm a mechanical engineering student with interest in aerospace domain. I got offered an opportunity to an exchange programme at ESEIAAT. There are English courses offered at the uni and the reviews are pretty good. I don't know much else apart from this. Is there anything I should know before hand about Spain or how the foreign exchange situation is over there? I understand that doing masters is completely up to me and the work I do over there.

09:29 UTC


For PhD Physics when I mailed professors whose field of research aligns with my research project, replied that they are not taking new students this year. And now I have faced scarcity searching other professor whose research aligns with my project under universities which is suitable to my profile.

I am from Nepal. I have done research projects related to theoretical and computational plasma physics and solar physics. I had planned to apply to US universities for PhD in plasma
or astronomy/astrophysics, where the professors had similar research fields as my research projects. However, all the professors I emailed directly or indirectly replied that they are not taking new students this year. And the other professors' research in plasma and astrophysics differs from my project. Though I am interested in those topics, I do not have much knowledge about them, and some are even experimental research, which I have not been exposed to. Due to this, I am having trouble making decisions and writing the SOP. What shall I do when choosing universities and writing my SOP? Shall I write a broad SOP, and how do I write it? PLEASE HELP
I do not have a research paper or thesis, but only a term paper project.

01:24 UTC


23M Indian, Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, 2 years work experience, Can I become professor abroad? Countries where this is feasible option?

15:32 UTC


Grad School Suggestion - Computational Biology

Grad School Suggestion

I am planning to apply for Ph.D. the next fall in the USA. I have good results(3.87/4.00) in my CS bachelor's from the best university in my country(Bangladesh). I am currently doing masters in the same institution. I have published 5 papers and worked on multiple research projects. My published papers are mostly related to the COVID pandemic. I want to pursue my PhD in computational biology.

I am finding it difficult to shortlist programs. I have so far narrowed down a list of schools:

  1. CMU
  2. MIT
  3. UIUC
  4. Princeton
  5. UCSD

Can you suggest some more programs based on my profile? You can check my website.

Thanks in advance.

09:24 UTC


How hard is it to find accomodation and job in Edinburgh for international student?

What the title says.

02:50 UTC


What are the chances of getting a job in Spain after graduation as an international student?

Hey guys, so I have a Bachelor's degree from a UK university (outside the UK), I got an internship in consulting this summer, but otherwise no formal experience. I am now focused on getting a full-time job, but I have been also considering applying for a Master's degree in Spain and moving there for a while. With that, I am also hearing a lot about high unemployment rates and generally difficulty of getting a job there. I would love to hear from any former international students who studied in Spain - if they actually experienced this and overall would you recommend Spain as a destination for a Master's degree? I'd like to ideally get a consulting job.

I also wanna briefly point out why I started considering Spain in the first place - I have learned the language for a few years and enjoy it a lot. Obviously, without regular practice, my level is probably much lower now, but I think I can get it to B2 by studying and maybe taking a language course.

10:01 UTC


just want to know is their any scholarship who want to pursue bachelors in Switzerland.

i am a high school student who is looking to pursue bachelors in switzerland.

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15:21 UTC


Need help with CV/motivation letter for your graduate application to ETHZ?

18:13 UTC


Advice for doing a Masters in Psychology abroad not looking to return to the US

Hi! Im really hoping to get a Masters in Psychology abroad because my partner is Italian and I would like to be closer to her and would like to find a way to live in Europe. It's been a dream for such a long time. I dont know what country I would end up and don't know if I would try to get a license. Has anyone on this sub taken this path with any success and have advice or university recommendations?

01:36 UTC


Hi! I’m an American who’s just been admitted to a masters program at Freie Universitat in Berlin. Looking for any advice

If anyone’s done a program here, I’d love to hear about it and get your two cents on making the move/making the most of this experience. Danke!

19:18 UTC

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