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    Glee didn’t have enough character archetypes

    Watching glee back I realised something , (s6 mixed it up a bit but we only got a few episodes)so I’m talking original s1-s5 main characters, not including Rory or joe or sugar as they hardly spoke . There was basically no diversity when it came to their personalities really especially the boys ! Example The boys could be put into essentially 2 categories Douchey but have a sweet side jock type guys (Artie was smart but he was douchey and briefly a jock lol )or LGBT loves performing / theatre

    The girls were either Mean popular cheerleaders or Unpopular outcast girls

    Some character archetypes I believe could have mixed things up - a rich chuck bass type of guy who was smart and cunning and snobby , a jughead jones / Dan Humphrey hipster boy (this was peak hipster time idk why they didn’t have a guy like this ) who loved music but scoffed at the main stream songs the glee club sang , wrote his own deep lyrics and wore a beanie . An actually emo /goth character (Tina dressed goth but her personality/music taste never reflected this , again emo was huge when glee aired ) , a manic pixie dream girl , a bad rebellious girl who skipped class , smoked in school , got tattoos etc ( Quinn in s3)

    Has anyone else noticed this ? And what type of characters do you think would have mixed it up more ?

    23:18 UTC


    Who’s the worst glee couple

    22:51 UTC


    Finn is the dumbass. Next: who is a depressed bitch? Comment with the most upvotes will be chosen. (and no repeating characters, it has to be someone new)

    21:14 UTC



    was anyone else sad that Quinn got in a car crash but also happy because it canceled Rachel and Finn's wedding? like i personally was scared from the second Finn proposed to Rachel and she accepted like girl why😭

    21:09 UTC


    What's your guilty pleasure Glee cover?

    Thong Song is unironically top 5 for me 😕😕😕

    20:17 UTC


    What was your first thought when you saw Matt Rutherford?

    19:40 UTC


    Is this true? I saw it earlier and wasn’t sure, I know he is a POS but I’m asking about this specific event

    Did Blake really have this much pull on the writers and decisions of the show? Did Marley and Jake really break up because he couldn’t deal with it?

    19:36 UTC


    The acting and the rawness of this scene always gets me. The couple isn't perfect by any means but it's still heartbreaking to watch in my opinion especially with the delivery and performance of both of them. (I put it in spoiler and tried to be vague for anyone who haven't seen Season 4 yet.)

    16:58 UTC


    If "Born This Way" had been done in Season Four, what would the T-Shirts say?

    I was just considering this question--if they'd done the Born This Way assignment in Season Four, what would each Glee Club member have on their T-Shirt, and I was wondering what the subreddit thinks.

    Two reminders though. Firstly, in the initial assignment, people like Santana and Lauren missed the point of the assignment, when instead of putting down 'something neutral or good that people have tried to make them insecure about', they put 'a bad aspect of their personality they're proud of'. Secondly, and more importantly, during this discussion, please don't comment on the actor's physical traits, unless they're something that has been canonically referenced with regard to the character, like Blaine's curls or Sam's lips for example.

    Interested to see what you think!

    14:46 UTC


    What Song?

    What song (that came out after glee) would you love to here them sing? I think Alive with the scarlet opera, Rachel and Finn duett 🥺

    1 Comment
    14:32 UTC


    Ahh yes my friends are getting married let me sing a song about a couple in an unhappy marriage and only staying together for their children 😂

    14:18 UTC


    What’s your favorite competition song?

    Mine's probably Paradise By The Dashboard Light or Valerie.

    03:31 UTC


    I made a unholy trinity edit

    02:23 UTC


    quinn is the popular drama queen! which glee character is a dumbass? comment with the most upvotes will be chosen

    22:33 UTC


    The very last one! Thanks to everyone who participated! Here are the choices for the most upvoted songs! <3

    19:58 UTC


    Vote Sue 2024

    I’m voting for sue this year

    1 Comment
    18:35 UTC


    What was your first thought when you saw Mike Chang

    17:54 UTC



    I hear Superstar by Taylor Swift and confirmed or not, I think of Cory. Now I don't even get my own dad's death date wrong. But like in my head i know: "Cory's day is coming up", Now I'l remember because I'm a low-key Swiftie.

    Super Star

    16:48 UTC


    Best Friendship

    15:15 UTC


    Season 1

    I think season 1 is one of the best seasons of a television show in TV history. It’s so camp, it’s so fun, and it’s so cringy (in the best way).

    14:29 UTC


    I Ranked Every Glee Song: Part 13

    Hi friends! I've made the slightly unhinged decision of sharing my ranking of all (well, close to all) the songs that were featured on Glee. This is part 13 out of... probably like, 50. Because Glee has a lot of songs. A LOT.

    4 years ago, I also hosted a very extensive ranking where the sub got to participate in ranking the entire Glee soundtrack, and you can see the results here!

    If you coincidentally also have ranked all of the Glee songs, you are more than welcome to join and reveal your rankings as well!! Or share your opinions, everything is welcome :)

    Just a quick reminder of what I've had in mind while ranking these so you guys understand more: I scored them based on vocal performance, context of the show, how it compared to the original song and how much I liked the actual production/arrangement of the Glee version. So a song could be really good, but if it was used in a bad or cringy scene, it'll affect the score negatively or the other way around!

    We are officially in the great tier and we have about 300 songs to cover in this tier, so you can safely say I'm a fan of Glee music. Here's the definition of the tiers:

    • Trash tier - I absolutely cannot stand these songs and you'll never catch me enjoying these ever / scores 0-39 / 15 songs in this tier
    • Meh tier - I either can't be bothered by these songs at all or I don't like them, but it's not like a passionate dislike, it's just... I don't like it and I don't care. Or they're so incredibly boring / scores 40-54 / 77 songs in this tier
    • Good tier - These songs have good qualities about them, but also bad. Some are also just good, but boring or I can acknowledge they're good, I just don't connect with it enough to think of them as really great songs / scores 55-69 / 175 songs in this tier
    • Great tier - Kind of self-explanatory. I think these songs are great in the sense that the vocal performance is great, the song itself is good and I have good associations with how the song is used on the show / scores 70-88 / 314 songs in this tier
    • Almost perfect tier - Songs that I think are absolutely amazing and I would not skip them whatsoever if they came on, and some of them probably could be considered some of the best songs, but they just barely make the cut / scores 89-94 / TBA
    • Perfect tier - This collection of songs is the best songs on the show and I will fight anyone who says otherwise (in a kind, respectful way) / scores 95-100 / TBA


    444. Hall Of Fame

    Performed by New Directions, with Artie Abrams, Jake Puckerman, Joe Hart, Ryder Lynn and Sam Evans as leads. Featured in season 4, episode 22, All or Nothing.

    I love this song for these characters, it suits them all so well. A very Regionals-esque performance, if you will.

    Score: 70,5/100

    443. Girl On Fire

    Performed by Santana Lopez. Featured in season 4, episode 13, Diva.

    I have had a roller coaster kind of experience with this song, because when it first aired, I loved it. Had it on rotation, it was great, no complaints. Then a couple of years passed and I was like, wow I can't stand this song. I can't even appreciate Santana's voice in this, I just don't like it at all. Then, I realized, maybe it's just the original that I don't like, and maybe I actually like this one, because I do think Santana sounds better than Alicia Keys does. So, now I like it again.

    Score: 70,5/100

    442. Cool Kids

    Performed by New Directions (season 6). Featured in season 6, episode 9, Child Star.

    This reminds me of a group number they would've done in season 4. And the plain t-shirt and jeans combo... You know it's going to be a good group number. Also, this looks like an actual Glee club. They're all so ordinary looking, but they all have specific traits about them that makes you go, yeah, they're definitely a theater/show choir kid. I think this is the only time the Glee club has looked like... a real life Glee club. Does that make sense? Also love seeing Finneas in his teens pre-Billie Eilish.

    Score: 70,55/100

    441. We Will Rock You

    Performed by New Directions, with Artie Abrams, Blaine Anderson, Jake Puckerman and Ryder Lynn as leads. Featured in season 4, episode 20, Lights Out.

    Kinda wish they did this when Finn and Puck were still in glee club because they would've sounded amazing, but these guys did so well, I can't complain. Love the use of props in this scene too.

    Score: 70,6/100

    440. Christmas Eve With You

    Performed by Emma Pillsbury and Will Schuester. Featured on Glee, The Music: The Christmas Album Vol. 2.

    This song is so cute, I don't care. They complement each other so well, and Emma's voice is so sweet here. Since it wasn't on the show, I can't really say anything else about this, but I would've liked to see this on the show!

    Score: 70,6/100

    439. Wishin' and Hoping

    Performed by Artie Abrams, Blaine Anderson, Brittany Pierce and Sam Evans. Featured in season 6, episode 6, What The World Needs Now.

    Brittany couldn't have done this song in season 2, which just says a lot about her improvement vocally. I also think they found her thing because they were giving her songs with similar vibes (Tell Him, Shout, Something Stupid) in season 4, and I really think she suits older songs like that as well.

    Score: 70,67/100

    438. Extraordinary Merry Christmas

    Performed by Blaine Anderson and Rachel Berry. Featured in season 3, episode 9, Extraordinary Merry Christmas.

    I'd prefer for this to be a group number, but this is such a cute song! Christmas songs are hard to write, especially when there are 100 classics that cover it all, but I do have this on my Christmas rotation sometimes. This song is perfect for Blaine, though.

    Score: 70,67/100

    437. Girls On Film

    Performed by Sam Evans. Featured in season 5, episode 20, The Untitled Rachel Berry Project.

    Gosh, I just went down a Samcedes spiral after re-watching this scene. Anyway, I love 80s songs for Sam. He also looks hot in this scene. I miss Samcedes.

    Score: 70,7/100

    436. Listen To Your Heart

    Performed by Jesse St. James and Rachel Berry. Featured in season 6, episode 11, We Built This Glee Club.

    I know this was a setup so that Rachel could have an endgame that didn't pop out of absolutely nowhere, but to be honest, this still feels like it came out of nowhere, lmao. They had me at "Hello", though ;)

    Score: 70,7/100

    435. Merry Christmas Darling

    Performed by Rachel Berry. Featured in season 2, episode 10, A Very Glee Christmas.

    Honestly, these type of songs are my favorite kind for Rachel, when she sings softly and tones back the melodrama in her voice, but still gets to show off that she's a good vocalist.

    Score: 70,8/100

    434. Doo Wop (That Thing)

    Performed by Mercedes Jones and Santana Lopez. Featured in season 5, episode 18, The Back-up Plan.

    I'm not a recording engineer, but I just know recording a song that way just does not work. A shame, because they sound amazing. Mercedes can truly do it all, like her rapping is??? sublime??

    Score: 70,9/100

    433. Best Day Of My Life

    Performed by Blaine Anderson and Sam Evans. Featured in season 5, episode 14, New New York.

    This is so Blam-core but you know what it is even more? New Directions-core. This could only be better if this was a New Directions a la season 4 group number instead, but Blam in New York is cute too.

    Score: 71/100

    432. Pompeii

    Performed by Artie Abrams, Blaine Anderson, Brittany Pierce, Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones, Rachel Berry and Sam Evans. Featured in season 5, episode 22, The Untitled Rachel Berry Project.

    "I would kill to break out in song right now" is lowkey the funniest segue into a song. Such a good way to end what was a pretty mixed feelings type of season, I'm happy that they managed to close this season in such a way that felt like nothing was really missing and that it was very clear where each character would do next. In a way, it almost feels like a series ending, although if it was, it would not be a complete one at all, so good thing it wasn't. Rachel looking up at the sky at the end makes me so emotional every time.

    Score: 71/100

    431. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

    Performed by Ryder Lynn and Sam Evans. Featured in season 4, episode 20, Lights Out.

    These two sound really good together, I'm surprised there weren't more of these two, even if it was just a tiny section of a group number or something. Also, Sam and acoustic guitar = <3

    Score: 71,1/100

    430. I Want To Break Free

    Performed by Mason McCarthy. Featured in season 6, episode 9, Child Star.

    I think we were all Jane during this performance*.* It's a shame that these characters only got half a season as side characters, because we didn't get to know much about them at all, but the glimpses we got were intriguing. This side of Mason was interesting and I wish they were able to explore this more.

    Score: 71,2/100

    429. Roar

    Performed by New Directions + Pamela Lansbury. Featured in season 5, episode 4, A Katy or a Gaga.

    We stan a performance where Tina not only is starting off, but is leading the chorus as well. Remind me again why she wasn't utilized more? We also get another iconic, meme-able Artie moment with him slinging on the vines WITH the wheelchair attached to his butt.

    Score: 71,25/100

    428. Popular

    Performed by Kurt Hummel & Rachel Berry. Featured in season 6, episode 12, 2009.

    Does this performance make sense based on their relationship and dynamic in early season 1? Absolutely not. Did I enjoy watching 2015 Lea Michele and Chris Colfer try to be their 2009 selves even though they possibly couldn't? Absolutely.

    Score: 71,25/100

    427. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

    Performed by Artie Abrams and Kitty Wilde. Featured in season 5, episode 1, Love, Love, Love.

    Season 5 had the craziest start because how did Artie and Kitty end up dating and getting two songs in the season premiere? I'm convinced it's just because of their real-life friendship because this was so random and I don't even remember how they broke up? Or how their relationship progressed? I'm pretty sure they broke up off-screen with no explanation, but what was even the point of creating this couple for it to absolutely go nowhere? Despite that, this is one of the better songs for Kitty. I'm not a fan of her voice, so it's nice to hear a song where her voice is a bit more appealing to my ears.

    Score: 71,3/100

    426. Sway

    Performed by Will Schuester. Featured in season 2, episode 8, Furt.

    I love a Michael Bublé moment, and I fear he nailed it.

    Score: 71,33/100

    425. A House Is Not A Home

    Performed by Finn Hudson and Kurt Hummel. Featured in season 1, episode 16, Home.

    This is one of those cases where I'm pretty sure they made a scene purely so they could use a song, because Kurt starting a song with "a chair is still a chair" when they just fought over a chair is absolutely sending me. So much props to Cory for going all in on this song because his part was in a such strained part of his vocal range, but he still sounded really great.

    Score: 71,33/100

    424. How To Be A Heartbreaker

    Performed by Brody Weston and Rachel Berry. Featured in season 4, episode 16, Feud.

    Whenever I listen to the Glee soundtrack, this is one that I listen to often. I just think Brody's voice is so good in this song, and Rachel kind of nails it too.

    Score: 71,4/100

    423. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

    Performed by Blaine Anderson and Finn Hudson. Featured on Glee, The Music: The Graduation Album.

    I often wonder about what their intention with this song was if they included it on the show. Anyway, great duo, I really like that they got to duet again and I really like this genre for the both of them.

    Score: 71,5/100

    422. Don't Rain On My Parade (Season 5)

    Performed by Santana Lopez. Featured in season 5, episode 9, Frenemies.

    I honestly think Santana would do just as well, if not better if this wasn't like a pop mix of Don't Rain On My Parade, but she still sounded amazing. She really made it her own. Would've been higher if I didn't prefer Rachel's version a lot more and because I didn't really like Santana in this storyline.

    Score: 71,6/100

    421. My Life

    Performed by Jake Puckerman. Featured in season 5, episode 6, Movin' Out.

    I love the parallel between this and his previous solo before this (My Prerogative), absolutely hate that he did this song in spite because he was being called out on his own bad behavior. You can dance and sing your ass off as much as you want, Jake, but you made the choice to cheat on your girlfriend, so live with it. Love this song though 😩

    Score: 71,67/100

    420. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend / Material Girl

    Performed by New Directions, with Marley Rose and Unique Adams as leads. Featured in season 4, episode 15, Girls (and Boys) On Film.

    Marley really went from being a 16 year old girl to Melissa's actual age in this costume. Such a cute, fun number. I wish they did a more daring mash-up because apparently this is an already existing mash-up...? Finn's face when Unique says "let's make love" is so funny. Love the performance and the reactions to it.

    Score: 71,7/100

    Is your favorite song on this list? :)

    1 Comment
    14:27 UTC


    Baby It’s Cold Outside

    I know certain songs have lyric changes for rating reasons but, I’m confused as to the lyric changes in Baby It’s Cold Outside. Why does Kurt sing “the neighbors might faint” instead of “the neighbors might think” ? What’s the difference? I don’t see anything wrong with the original lyric and what they changed it to doesn’t even make any sense.

    13:52 UTC


    Cory Monteith

    Sometime when I’m watching tv I’ll see certain characters and think about how Cory would’ve been good in the role instead. What are some roles that you think he could’ve been great in?

    For example, since The Flash has had so many cameos by glee stars, I’ve always thought that we would’ve made a great Zoom or Godspeed in the show.

    04:51 UTC



    DOES ANYONE REMEBER A VIVID SCENE where either will or sue wake up from a dream where they fuck??? my three friends and i all remember this vividly but we can’t find any evidence of a scene where they do. We rewatched the episode where will seduces sue and they don’t even really kiss.

    We feel crazy. Does this exist? Is it a mandela effect or are we just perverted?

    Does anyone else recall such a scene?

    We’ve all watched it since we were like 10 and have all seen the whole show like three times over minimum.

    02:21 UTC


    Has anybody started rewatching or watching it again?

    I know I’m late, but I just started watching it for the first time and I don’t want to go through this alone lol

    23:49 UTC



    Do you watch any other Ryan Murphy shows due to a sense of loyalty to Ryan ?

    20:43 UTC

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