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Had a dream about "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide"

Might be my favorite episode, but made for a kind of scary dream. I woke up and didn't recognize my bedroom at first, I was so disoriented.

No, I didn't take anything before bed.

07:38 UTC


I bought this the same day I finished the series

05:18 UTC


The Road Not Taken

I love this episode. We are starting to see the other side and Harris meets his well deserved crispy end. I really hate that guy.

04:35 UTC



The bloom effect, or whatever they used, on S3E15 absolutely triggers my brain every time I turn the episode on. I understand why it's used, and it was cool for about the first 5 minutes and I might be the solo one out, but I hate it. Makes my eyes feel like they have a film over them, or that my astigmatism got worse. Brain does not want to compute SO. MUCH. BLOOM. Why was it incessantly used at such a level?

03:25 UTC


*Fringe theme intensifies*

03:11 UTC


Season 5 episode 11 - The Boy Must Live.

I'm on a rewatch and this has struck me as a really beautiful episode this time around. Some great images of fatherhood.

Also. Donald is a total snack.

02:45 UTC


Did they ever tell the audience

Who was behind the alternate Oilivia's accelerated pregnancy? I always wondered.

02:02 UTC


Started watching "FRINGE" for the first time about a week ago. Halfway thru the 2nd Season. My take so far ...

09:27 UTC


Watching episode 210 "Grey Matters" and I'm loving the classic film references.

Peter references both Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre in a conversation with Olivia. And one of the mental patients they're investigating is named Stuart Gordon, which I have to assume was an intentional reference to the director of Re-Animator, From Beyond, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids among other varied works.

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00:47 UTC


Majority of the cases happen near Boston.

How do the majority of the cases seem to happen in Boston or Massachusetts? I have not yet seen one in California. Is this because Bell Dynamics has it's home office in Boston? Or because ZFT is based out of Massachusetts?

21:51 UTC


A while ago I posted asking about this and on my 2x17 rewatch I saw this

I'd asked regarding the 6 fingered handprint back then. To me it certainly looks like a 6 fingered handprint.

Honestly I'm so glad I'm rewatching, aside from the fact I absolutely love this show🥺, it's so cool spotting things out! And just having more questions about stuff as well.

For context this is from 2x17 the handprint of James Heath a Cortexiphan subject who's sick with cancer and going around killing other Cortexiphan kids. Man this episode was so good, I always love any flashback episodes or ones giving more context about the Cortexiphan trials or the whole Walter crossing over to the Alt Universe


07:00 UTC


John Noble at Wellington Armageddon

Hi all. Just realised some people might be interested in my experience a couple of weeks ago.

John Noble came to Wellington Armageddon which I was lucky enough to attend. Being in New Zealand, our conventions aren’t frequented by all the stars you want to see, let alone in your hometown, so I absolutely had to go meet him (and Holly Marie Combs).

The photo ops are a very fast experience so it’s a “hi nice to meet you” snap a photo and done, but you get a bit of a chance to chat during the autographs and he was so lovely! He said Walter Bishop was his favourite character ever played and when I commented on all the Australians in the cast he said that he and Anna Torv used to go ramble in their actual accents with all sorts of Australian slang and no one on set would understand them at all.

At the panel he talked a lot about how the show was about science but the heart was the family and the love they all shared, which of course we all know but it’s nice to have it validated. He remembered the “my very favourite thing” line as part of that and when he was asked about Lance Reddick he said he was always an absolute professional on set and had far less bloopers than the rest of them but vagenda was the time John looked over and Lance was stifling his laughter.

I asked a question at the panel about one of his favourite episodes or moments from the show and he said Brown Betty was a highlight but also having to go into a studio to sing for it threw them off a bit.

I’m trying to remember everything else so I’ll try update this later! Just thought people might like to hear about it.

00:07 UTC


Question about Walter

This actually has nothing to do with the show, but the actor who plays Walter, ive never heard of him before fringe, and I've noticed one of his eyes has a shine at certain angles, does anyone know what this is?

21:39 UTC


Fringe 2x16 rewatch questions (heavy spoilers)

So Peter's just died😭 omg I hate rewatching this episode it's so good but extremely sad. After peters funeral Elizabeth says they didn't give him a good life, he was always sick, didn't do to school had no friends...

Could someone explain why this is? Since at the beginning of 2x16 Walter told Olivia as if the sickness which led to Peter's death was the first and last occurrence. But based on what Elizabeth says he's probably had this illness since he's was really young or even may have been born with it? For which they had to isolate him to keep his condition safe... Also any thoughts as to what genetic illness Peter may have had?

And with regards to the Observers claiming Peter is important and that he must live.. Did September sort of malfunction which led to him distracting Walternate discovering the cure? Also let's say September hadn't disturbed Walternate and Peter was cured in the Alt Universe, that would then negate our Walters need to cross over therefore making Peter important for the machine.. I'm so confused😭 and I'm totally open to spoilers in any answers since I'm rewatching it.

Not a question but I wish we saw more of Peter and Nina's relationship, we got Nina and Olivia in S4 but I think Nina being so fond of Peter is sweet too. I also wish throughout the seasons we saw more of Elizabeth but 😕 we don't get much of her.. I really like Elizabeth

Edit: does anyone know any video tutorial for the coin trick Peter does with his fingers when he's sick? I've always tried it even on my first watch last year and failed miserably.. I tried it today too a couple times but I just can't do it🥲

Last but not least Walter telling Olivia "You can't imagine what it's like to lose a child." 😭oops Walter foreshadowing S5, you're wrong Walter she definitely goes through what you went through 😭

This episode just made me cry so much....

12:28 UTC


The most precious object in my collection. Does anyone else have it?

06:21 UTC


At least put a pillow or something against the wall 😆

24.years stuck in amber, and you got woken up by thrown against the wall 😆 Walter too. I was like "dude put something against the wall" 😁

02:39 UTC


Just Observer Things

Lol! Didn't think I'd get quite the looks I am, bringing my own hot sauce to the local cafe... I just like hot sauce, geez. 😅🕴️🕵️‍♂️

18:37 UTC


(stolen from the PJO sub) Game: I'm a Fringe fan, of course I...

pour extra hot sauce and have a tonne of jalapeños with every meal I eat

Complete the post's sentence in the comments😁

13:40 UTC


Fringe rewatch 2x08 Walter/John Noble is left handed?? Omg

This makes me so excited 🤩 because on my first watch I had only noticed that Peter/Joshua Jackson was left handed and that made me really happy, I never noticed anybody else..

Are there any other cast members who may be left handed on the show or in real life too? So I can keep a watch out for them too


Edit another question: spoilers for 2x09

Why does Peter sleep on the couch in the new house they've gotten in S2? I remember Peter saying there are bedrooms upstairs and even on my first watch I saw Peter going up when >!he has a date with Olivia when she sees him glimmer.!<

But so far I think this is the third time I've seen Peter sleeping on the couch downstairs. I assume he's just tired after these crazy insane cases and crashes on the couch? 😂poor Peter I wish he'd sleep on his bed comfortably.

10:10 UTC


Late to the party

Hey y’all! I’m on my 6th or 7th rewatch, and realized I should probably have joined this lil community a long time ago. Found the golden spiral rewatch podcast and wanted to see if I should just skip ahead so I can follow along and engage? Worth it? Opinions on the podcast? Or anywhere else I can discuss each episode one by one with a group of people who are also convinced this is the best show of all time.

My favorites are always changing, but currently-

Favorite episode - Firefly (3.10) or Johari Window (2.11 I think?)

Least favorite - Marionette (3.9)

Favorite scene - Walter listening to “Only You” in that broken down taxi in (5.1)

Favorite character - The only favorite that never changes, Walter, but Aspirin is a close 2nd.

Favorite quote - “I had a fruit cocktail once, in Atlantic City. Mind you, I’m not the fruit cocktail sort of guy.” (2.7)

Side note - been trying to scratch my Fringe itch since the moment Walter told Peter he was his very favorite thing. So here’s some other shows I love.

Dark- good for the alternate timeline stuff

12 monkeys- great for time travel & likable characters (Plus Charlie is in it)

Resident Alien - If Fringe/Monk/Psych had a baby and the Sci Fi channel provided a halfway decent budget

X files obviously led me to Fringe, so I have to include it.

This is probably way too much information at once, but I just wanted to pop in introduce myself, because if I bring this show up to my wife one more time she’s gonna divorce me, and I need to talk about it with someone.

06:20 UTC


If you’re like me and fringe is your fave show b/c of characters

I loved fringe for the characters - subject matter was irrelevant. Just finished the final season and so bummed it’s over. What other shows did you love as much for the characters? Looking for my next show!

03:40 UTC


Just watched the final episode - questions

Spoilers — please don’t read if you haven’t watched

  1. Is Walter erased from the timeline if he’s living in the future?
  2. He can’t be, because otherwise Peter wouldn’t be there because Walter brought him back

3 if Walter exists in this timeline, when does he “leave” for the future?

03:03 UTC


Just got to S3..

Ep1 is so daunting and horrifying with the implication that our “Olivia” is essentially dead now, trapped on the other side with her memories slowly being swallowed up by “Other Olivia”…

23:24 UTC


Resident Alien

I found this gem on Netflix and I've never cried and laughed so much watching TV. Chris Sheridan truly is talented! If you haven't checked it out, give it a watch. You won't be disappointed!

16:41 UTC


Season 1 skip guide?

Hello everyone.

Does someone have a good skip guide for Season 1 of the show so I don't have to watch any of the fillers? This is my first time watching btw.

I just finished watching ALL of Person of Interest which is another network show. I was told in that show's case not to skip episodes and honestly that really impacted my enjoyment of the show for the worse. In POI seasons 1 and 2 only had about 7-8 "relevant" (pun intended ;) ) episodes out of 23 or so episodes. With Seasons 3 and 4, it was about half relevant half filler while the last season was entirely relevant.

I've been told Fringe is a lot more serialzed than POI and that's why I plan to watch the whole show...after Season 1. Also I looked at individual episode ratings for season 1 and they were so low 😭. So if someone could either tell me or link me to a "filler guide" that'd be great.

13:23 UTC


People that couldn’t tell the difference are delusional! Lmao

This is not that serious! But I’m gonna be honest, the first, and the most important thing that I noticed about alternate Olivia impersonating OG Olivia was that she didn’t wear her hair back in a ponytail. I’ve seen a couple of Reddit thread trying to explain it away but they’re all in denial. Olivia would never do that and she can not. She always has her hair pulled back. That’s the whole schtick and difference between the two. The other her, not recognizing her life (og olivia) I think is a major pothole. Because OG Olivia had a photographic memory and the other didn’t so that means everything that 0G Olivia experienced faux Livia should know, but yet she doesn’t because she’s garbage.

12:43 UTC


People that couldn’t tell the difference are delusional! Lmao

This is not that serious! But I’m gonna be honest, the first, and the most important thing that I noticed about alternate Olivia impersonating OG Olivia was that she didn’t wear her hair back in a ponytail. I’ve seen a couple of Reddit thread trying to explain it away but they’re all in denial. Olivia would never do that and she can not. She always has her hair pulled back. That’s the whole schtick and difference between the two. The other her, not recognizing her life (og olivia) I think is a major pothole. Because OG Olivia had a photographic memory and the other didn’t so that means everything that 0G Olivia experienced faux Livia should know, but yet she doesn’t because she’s garbage.

12:42 UTC


Season 4 questions

Just finished season 4 and I'm so confused.

1st: what happened to the Charlie on the other side in the new timeline? I don't remember them mentioning he died or left ...he just disappeared?

2nd: why did Olivia go to the other side if there was no Peter, how did the Olivia's swap? its implied in the new timeline that they did but it doesn't make sense how or why they would if there's no Peter.

3rd: why is there another Nina who also has a robot arm? It wouldn't make sense for other side nina to have a robot arm unless she happened to lose it some other way and then William found her and also made her one ig?

Ummm i think there's more but that's all I can think of rn. If anyone has any answers please help.

07:21 UTC


S4 E4 - Chadwick Boseman

Rewatching and completely forgot Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman, was in this episode. Teared up seeing him 🥺

23:29 UTC


Happy birthday Aspirin

18:30 UTC

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