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Can I get in trouble by just having an active Freenet node?

About a year ago, I installed Freenet on an old laptop, just to see how it works. I opened a couple of random links but decided that it's all junk and not worth it and shut it down. Later, I read that Freenet is not really safe to use and that was enough for me to completely
I haven't used the laptop since. Until a couple of day ago, when I wanted to update the software and completely forgot about Freenet installation.
I ran the software update but as it turns out, the laptop didn't shut down after the process and stayed on for the last couple of days, and that Freenet autostarted and continued running in the background. It collected about 200GB of data in the cache. But I was just relaying traffic. But I still panicked. I'm worried that I might have been targeted by law enforcemenet for some reason. Can I really get in trouble?

17:29 UTC


"FreenetTray needs to be updated" / macOS Monterey 12.7.3

Hi there!
I just installed freenet on my mac. However, when I want to launch it, a window appears saying "FreenetTray needs to be updated. The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS."
Could anyone please help me with this issue? Thank you!

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07:50 UTC


how can i mirror an entire freenet site with all the local links ,?

I have been reading a sort of a diary of a schizophrenic guy on freenet , the problem is that his diary is sort of a wall of text that takes a while to read through and i dont want to keep freenet running during that time , so i am looking for a way to rip his entire "site", so i can read it on my own time

Is their a way to do it in linux ,

i tried "wget -mpEk" per some suggestion , but it doesnt appear to work , any other idea?

12:12 UTC


I would like to run Frost on a different PC than Freenet itself runs on

(I will not be calling it Hyphanet)

I have some familiarity with Freenet, and I tried this once before, but I could not get it to work.

I have a PC (PC#1) running Freenet, running Windows 11. I have another PC (PC#2) running Ubuntu. I want to run Frost on PC#2. They are on the same LAN. Could someone explain to me, step-by-step, exactly how to do this? BTW, I am using FrostNext, if that matters.

22:57 UTC


Is Freenet/Hyphanet (either of them) the same as regular TCP/IP networking where all nodes use IP addresses like on Hamachi/ZeroTier networks?

11:44 UTC


Freenet address verification

Hello! I'm currently working on a project that requires Freenet address verification. Any advice from the community would be highly appreciated.

11:16 UTC


Help requested (Debian): Issues compiling FMS, running Freenet outside of wrapper

Hi Friends,

I am trying to get back into Freenet as I miss the people and conversations I used to have on FMS, but I ran into some issues. I'm running Freenet on an unusual CPU architecture so the normal binaries for FMS aren't working and I ran into some issues compiling. My Debian install is very barebones. I'm thinking I must be missing a needed package? Also Freenet is giving me this error about it not running in a wrapper, any idea how to fix these errors? Help is greatly appreciated. I hope everyone is doing well!

My errors are:

"You are running Freenet without the wrapper. This is not recommended. Freenet will not be able to restart itself, so auto-updating won't work, and if Java crashes, it won't get restarted either. Also Freenet can't generate stack dumps in some places so debugging will be marginally harder."


"/home/freenet/fms-src-0.3.85/src/stringfunctions.cp:380:61: error: narrowing conver sion of "-1' from 'int' to 'char' [-Wnarrowing] 380 /* F */ -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1 make [2]: *** [CMakeFiles/fms.dir/build.make:384: CMakeFiles/fms.dir/src/stringfunctions.o] Error 1 make [1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:160: CMakeFiles/fms.dir/all] Error 2 make: *** [Makefile: 136: all Error 2"


17:16 UTC


Ideal concurrent downloads?

How to tell if 30/40/50/60++++ concurrent file downloads is most efficient long-term? Does it affect memory usage?


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10:25 UTC


Freenet - Logging Outgoing Requests

Hi friends, looking for some guidance here. Is there a way to set up a node that logs outgoing requests for blocks of data indicating which peer the request was sent to, how many blocks were requested from that peer, etc.?

12:58 UTC


[video] Ian's talk from Friday Sept 1st on how to build decentralized apps on Freenet (Locutus)

12:50 UTC


Freenet not talkable

Hi im trying to get on to frost but i get every time i try running the bat
WARNING: A terminally deprecated method in java.lang.System has been called

WARNING: System::setSecurityManager has been called by frost.Core (file:/C:/Users/****/Downloads/frost/frost.jar)

WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of frost.Core

WARNING: System::setSecurityManager will be removed in a future release

**** Freetalk is NOT Talkable. ****

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04:27 UTC


Frost-Next Issue

So i'm reinstalling frost-next after having a drive die, i've reinstalled java yet its still constantly whining about some javaFX stuff which doesn't even HAVE an installer, anyone know how to get around this check?

I have openjdk version "20.0.2" 2023-07-18 installed which should have everything i need afaik

18:10 UTC


Distributed Video via Tor Inproxy: watch the Bloodspell machinima series hosted on Freenet / Hyphanet

If you run Tor, you can now watch the series over a new inproxy: http://xdxvyfgo6d3vwpisd4jexhx5t3xeioynkpiiv3luyahbioconztrmeyd.onion:8888/freenet:USK@JzzvVJt-47Hby7c6i21I1HJjmUQT3EfkViJcXtH0jHk,Vtfn5lZf5lihVC6S-ymJHF69Z2qG8zHfcKNMGxrTcjQ,AQACAAE/bloodspell/32/chronological.html

(the video starts gray)

This uses a version of m3u-player that’s been reviewed by Core Devs to polyfill m3u playlist support, so it needs Javascript enabled. We’d like to avoid JS there, but surprisingly almost no browser supports playlists out of the box.

You can also run a node yourself to get better privacy and speed and watch the video on the local node:,Vtfn5lZf5lihVC6S-ymJHF69Z2qG8zHfcKNMGxrTcjQ,AQACAAE/bloodspell/32/chronological.html

Install and run a node:

Decentralization of video — CreativeCommons hosted without server.

15:25 UTC


23 years of Freenet / Hyphanet: the long game — vision, foundations and progress of the friend-to-friend network (slides of the 2022 talk now online with English translation)

Slides and content of the talk I gave in 2022 at the SUMA e.V. congress held at the venerable University of Hannover: https://www.draketo.de/software/freenet-hyphanet-the-long-game-de

This describes the vision and foundations and the progress since 2007 when the friend-to-friend networking layer was introduced. After the talk there was a running Freenet / Hyphanet node with an already published sharesite and we had seen video-on-demand running live in the browser within seconds after opening the video freesite.

21:59 UTC


I have opened UDP ports, but not receiving any UDP packets

Installing Freenet to a system where I have not run it before. My other system in the same network ran it flawlessly. What would be the reason I am not receiving any UDP packets? How to fix it?

10:52 UTC


Feenet is (still) useless


Quote: "

... followed by five years on supervised release following the completion of his prison term for the crime of receiving and possessing child pornography images and videos via the Freenet file sharing system as well as “other peer-to-peer file sharing programs in which the device’s user requested files with titles that were consistent with child pornography.” He will also have to register as a sex offender with the national federal sex offender database.

Here, federal investigators as part of Project Safe Childhood, accessed the dark web Freenet site where files are shared anonymously and tracked down the various IP addresses discovered to be requesting files from the file sharing system.  Once they had identified the defendant through his IP address, law enforcement then obtained a federal search warrant allowing them to search the defendant’s home as well as his computer devices. ..."

Thank`s I delete that crap!

Freenet is still useless.

The Friend to Friend (F2F) Connection doesn`t work because no one is crazy enough to even install freenet, if you have to convice/beg people to install something, it`s just not worth it.

Opennet is Insecure as hell, because you automatically connect to other (random) people (they could be the bad guys).

Freenet is still slow as a turtle and consumes to much ressources (the Web of Trust plugin is mostly to blame) . An old Laptop/pc or an Raspberry Pi, good luck get it to work with the mandatory Web of Trust plugin (don`t give me that crap that it is not mandatory, Freemail, Sone & Floghelper are all DEPENDANT on Web of Trust).

The development efforts are mostly none existant see https://freenet.mantishub.io/roadmap_page.php

Most of the Roadmap is not resolved, that is going on for several YEARS! (look at the Scheduled For Release date), the Date just gets pushed further and further into the future, whenever the Date hits the deadline, pathetic. Freemail in particular is in development hell.

Good luck uploading or downloading Movies etc., it take`s days to weeks until it`s finished (IF it get`s finished, that is).

Don`t get me wrong i like the underlying concept/philosophy, but the user experience and "anonymity" is just not good enough to justify the risk of getting the FBI kick down your door.

18:22 UTC


Question on "Being a Node" - Freenet

I wonder if someone can help me by answering a question on essential how Freenet works with regards nodes. More specifically:
If you connect to Freenet in an "unsecure way" - so not only connecting to friends, allowing yourself to connect to any and everyone, from what I understand, you become a "node". Does that mean that people can effectively use "you" to download content?
Difficult to explain - I would draw a diagram, but I fear that would make things worse. OK:

I connect to Freenet and I leave myself connected for a few days, there are things I want and I leave those all downloading. I've not restricted who I connect to or who can connect to me.
Lets say someone connects to me (I'm a node right) and starts downloading things (I don't actually have the things this person is trying to download) would it be me (node) downloading these items on behalf of this user - so a temporary copy of said files would appear on my machine, before said user got the files?

I've got this (ex) work colleague who is in a bit of bother - let us just say there is "questionable, explicit" items on his computer. He swears blind that he has no interest in this, it isn't something he would ever do.
Now I'm sure he wouldn't be the first person to be caught in this situation and say "It wasn't me" - I've known him a few years and felt like giving benefit of doubt.
He says he has used Freenet, but he hasn't downloaded this material - and says "it must have been the people connecting to him and using him as a node".
Is he talking BS here? Or does what he is saying have any legs at all?

15:45 UTC


[xpost] Ian doing an AmA about Locutus on r/privacy right now

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[xpost] Post and discussion about Locutus on r/privacy

23:28 UTC


Freenet 2023: does it have SOCKS and outproxies?

Congratulations for the effort, great project!

I wrote a comment with questions on https://www.reddit.com/r/privacy/comments/13xsj4h/freenet_2023_a_dropin_decentralized_replacement/ about the new Freenet, but it got ignored, probably due to many comments being there. I will ask here.

IMO the introductory material about the new Freenet lacks important info such as

- what protocols can be proxied through the new Freenet (TCP only or UDP as well?).

- Is there a SOCKS proxy provided by it? Can i torrent through it, or some other kind of high traffic apps, or is the network not designed to sustain such load?

- does it support clearnet outproxies like i2p? If so, does the HTTP(S) or SOCKS proxy also resolve DNS queries? (leaking the user IP by DNS would not be desiderable)

- are user IPs anonymized by default? even for high load apps like torrenting? (except MMOG, because of latency, that's ok)

12:47 UTC

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