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Tick the 'I'm over 18 years old.....' box (like this) and SAVE those settings.

When to upvote

If the title of a post gives you a compelling choice, upvote!

Compelling choice means that one option encourages you to click and the other option discourage you from clicking. Don't just upvote because you liked the actual outcome.

What is Original5050?

An Original5050 post provides two possibilities in the title with only one actual result. Since you don't know which you'll get until you click the link, you have a 50/50 chance of getting one or the other. When the sub first started, this was the only way to make 5050 posts. You can submit an Original5050 here.

What is True5050?

A True5050 post has two options in the title with two possible results. It will randomly pick and give users one of the two options. These posts are given a [TRUE] flair. Use 5050.stannaz or 5050.lowyiyiu to create a True5050 post.

View Only True5050 Posts

If you only want to browse True5050 posts, click here. This will filter out all Original5050 posts for you.

Submit a True5050 post

Go to 5050.stannaz or 5050.lowyiyiu and enter both options there. The site will generate a link, which will randomly switch between both outcomes. Submit this link here.

Rules for Comments

DO NOT link the outcomes of any posts in the comments. Users that do so will be BANNED. This applies to True5050 and Original5050 posts equally. Asking for links/DMs is also banworthy.

Rules for Submissions

I. Title Formatting (Good option | Bad option)

Your title has to start with [50/50], have two clear options in your title (one must be good and one must be bad), and include either "NSFL", "NSFW" or "SFW".

Formatting example: [50/50] Bouncing boobies (NSFW) | Man Disembowelled in Pool (NSFL)

One option should encourage people to click and the other option should discourage them from clicking.

If an option is just neutral or boring, the submission will be removed.

II. Only Use Approved Image Domains

Post have to be hosted on Imgur, Giphy, Postimage, Gfycat, Minus, YouTube, Vimeo, Liveleak, 5050.stannaz, 5050.lowyiyiu or directly on /r/FiftyFifty.

III. No Illegal Content

The following options are examples of content that is NOT PERMITTED, even if they are the made-up option:

  • Depictions of Murder or Torture

  • Depictions of Suicide / Intentional Self-Harm

  • Sexual Violence

  • Animal Cruelty

  • Dead or Injured Children

IV. Descriptive, Distinct & Clear Options

If users click your link, they get either the first or the second option. Both options have to be descriptive, distinct & clear. Posts where both options are the same word(s) will result in bans, especially when the words are body parts.

  • Descriptive: It's not necessary to interpret your title. Before clicking the link, users know exactly what 2 options they can expect. Do not insert your opinions about the content in the title.

  • Clear: It's not possible to confuse the 2 options. Instantly after clicking the link, it's clear which option the users got - without relying on context (like video titles or 18+ warnings).

V. True5050 for Porn, Cute Animals & Spoilers

The following options MUST be in True5050 form (5050.stannaz or 5050.lowyiyiu), even if it's only the made-up option:

  • Porn (sexualized nudity, actions or body parts)
  • (Cute) Animals
  • Spoilers

VI. Other Forbidden 50/50s

  • Memes or low effort posts (Rickrolls, Spongebob, Sonic, Shrek and cursed content are instant bans)
  • Self-Promotion (Instant perm ban)
  • Fake or hacked nudes
  • Trans, gay, or male porn presented as the bad option.
  • Loud noises / Jump scares
  • Music / Opinions
  • Animals that sound like body parts
  • Villains as the Good Option (like Hitler)

VII. Moderator discretion

Mods reserve the right to remove any offending post or comment at their own discretion. Bans may also apply. The rules above are not exhaustive.

You may appeal any mod action taken against you, but you're not entitled to a response.


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