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Artificial womb will be interesting

Reproduction is one of the most important quality of life. Due to a specific past, only women at a certain age can have a functioning womb - meaningless to list the weaknesses, there are too many. Sharing the growth of a fetus is going to do a lot for a better equality.

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URGENT action needed on new equal rights resolution - impacts reproductive rights

15:39 UTC


Muslims in India - Life after the Gujarat pogroms (2024) -More than 1,000 people were killed in the anti-Muslim massacre of 2002 in the Indian state of Gujarat. Women were raped, homes destroyed and families displaced. [00:42:25]

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Equality for ALL living things.. not JUST humans..

Anyone else on board?

looking for like-minded people.


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Bigoted Behavior: BLS Germany in LA

I cannot believe a service center in US can treat clients like this. They have a hateful, discriminatory, and disrespectful manner towards those who need their service. I share details of our encounter with them in following paragraphs. Please let me know if you have suggestions to make them pay for what they do, and make them stop insulting people.

My wife and I have an appointment for visa application at noon today. We flew early in morning and got to the center at 6380 Wilshire Blvd #1100, Los Angeles, CA 90048, 10 minutes before the scheduled time. A guy showed up at the door, checked our appointment times, then our driver licenses. He scowled suddenly and asked. “Are you from San Francisco Area?” “We live in Davis”, I replied. He said, in a hostile tone, “we cannot let you in. The only center than can give you service is the San Francisco one, we have that in our website and you should have checked that before coming here!”. “I’m not sure if I received that information once I booked the appointment”, I replied, “we spent too much money and effort to come here. Is there anyway you can help us?”. Again with a hostile tone he said, “It’s not our responsibility. You have to read our website before coming here.” Once I made sure the guy has no intention to help, I requested to talk to his manager. He answered “Yes, if you want to waste your time you can wait here. My manager is busy now, he’ll come to you once he gets time.” and closed the door in our face, made us wait in the hallway.

Several minutes passed, another guy with even more hostile manner showed up at the door and asked with a sense of entitlement “where is your proof of residency?” I showed him my license. He closed the door again and came back after a moment and repeated the same things as the other guy. I said, “look, I know I made a mistake, I requested to talk to your manager.“ He replied harshly, “ I am the manager here, what is it you want?” I asked his name in the hope to cool down his temper and have a reasonable conversation with him. “Arthur” he answered. “Look Arthur”, I continued, “you gave me an appointment here and I have the right to know exactly why you are refusing to give me service.“ He suddenly asked, “What’s your country of citizenship?” Not sure how it was related to our conversation. Once he figured out my background goes back to middle east he escalated his harsh manner and after some circular insulting comments he added he left us behind the door.

Well, if BLS has any intention to serve people I think there were several things they could do to stop giving us this pain.

  1. I entered my home address several times in their page for different forms. They could simply asked the address, or the zip code in the booking process and tell me then, when I have not spent hundreds of dollars to come to LA, that they can’t give me service here.

  2. They could help us reschedule an appointment in the right center.

  3. The bare minimum is they could have someone respectfully explain the situation to us at the center here. There were no need to make hostile comments, there were no need to misbehave us because of our nationality.

Ps, there was another poor client who appeared to the door a few minutes after us. He was originally from china and currently living in Arizona. For him, the right center was the LA center which we were at. He got here a few minutes after his appointment because his flight was delayed. The second guy, who called himself Arthur, told him you missed your appointment. Next time plan to be on time! He left him behind the door like us.

22:16 UTC


Basic Income, Passive Income, and the Stuff of Dreams

When thinking about “basic income”, we tend to view it as necessarily coming from the government in the form of checks so enormous that no one ever has to work again. But basic income is, in essence, simply a form of passive income, which can come from many sources, and which, even in very modest amounts, can be absolutely transformative in people’s lives. This piece explores how basic income changed my own life, along with some data about how basic income could change many other lives, too.


15:19 UTC


End gender roles

I am so sick of society pushing gender roles on people. Other than physical strength and physical mold there is no difference between men and women. I really hope upcoming generation would be free of such biases.

Why can't we teach men to do household chores. Like what's the actual issue or hindrance????. I know many men will now come at me for saying this but please come with facts and genuine things and make me change my mind. No one could change my mind since 12 yr old when my mom used to scold me to do household chores and not my brother who is much older than me. Now I am 23 yr old and I still don't understand this gender roles concept. Doing household chores and cooking should be basic skills not specific to a gender. In this growing economy where woman and man both are working person why is it only woman's job of looking after household? Why can't we teach sons everything which we teach daughters?. Listen dear men please learn how to run a household if you are looking to get married in future cause we woman can't be superwoman like your mom doing everything plus going to office also. I know some men will say "no one told you to work, go back to kitchen". Woman want to work because they want to be financially independent and contribute in the house finance and support her family. Isn't 2 income better than 1? So.... isn't 2 people(husband and wife) doing household chores and cooking better than 1 person(the wife) doing it all???? I know all the arguments which I will get after this post especially from men. I'm really tired of making my family understand this simple thing so nothing else can tire me.

13:45 UTC


"Members of the “Traffic Light” Coalition in the German Parliament, Renata Alt (FDP), Boris Mijatović (Greens), and Frank Schwabe (SPD), have issued a statement calling for the release of Gubad Ibadoglu and other political prisoners in Azerbaijan…”

06:06 UTC


"Azerbaijani land borders have been closed since spring 2020 as part of pandemic control measures. Despite objections from the opposition and activists regarding the illogical closure of land borders for four years, the authorities have not taken them into consideration…”

23:05 UTC


Steve Goodrich Head of Research and Investigations, Transparency International UK: “Azerbaijan is an increasingly repressive state with a widely-recognised corruption problem. This is one of a series of investigations by journalists exposing vast amounts of UK assets held by the Azerbaijani elite…”

22:35 UTC


Can Equality exist if there is no higher power that created us?

And if we can have an equality without a creator, then what is Equality, when do we know We finally reach the point that we’re all equal? I keep hearing that we don’t have Equality but I never hear anyone say what the goal is? does anyone know how close we are or how do we get there?

23:31 UTC


“In the past 6 months, up to 20 journalists and civil society activists in Azerbaijan have been detained on various charges, primarily on charges of “smuggling.” Local and international human rights organizations have declared that these detentions are carried out on political orders…”

20:52 UTC


Hind’s Hall

This Macklemore number is lit 🔥


#FreePalestine #Period 🇵🇸🙌🏾🇵🇸

05:56 UTC


Do men not matter?

I'd really appreciate 10 mins of your time to complete an anonymous survey. I am conducting a study to investigate whether adverse childhood experiences (ACE,s) & domestic voilence/ intimate partner voilence makes men feel like they don't matter. With suicide being the biggest killer in men under 40, could this be a contributing factor? https://forms.gle/quJ9eBKJ1eAuU3Dz7

22:34 UTC


Chairperson of the National Council of Democratic Forces Jamil Hasanli: “Whenever corruption or the laundering of illicit funds is investigated worldwide, the corrupt activities of the Azerbaijani government and ruling family come to light…”

22:32 UTC


Why do women always get paid less?

20:09 UTC


I feel discriminated as a person of color due to an accelerator program 😔🥺

There's a glass ceiling in the US. I'm a decently accomplished entrepreneur in the country I belong to. I want to get into Silicon Valley, checked a program that can help, applied, the team had a look at my credentials, I give our deck and more details. I follow-up through mail for more than 2 months, requesting them for a decision. I tried, again, and again with few more applications, and this keeps on happening for 8 months after various inflection points in my startup, whereas other applicants who are white people and just starting out with a startup idea from being a college student get in the program with little to no experience, nor team, nor traction in their ventures.

This accelerator program expected warm intros. I finally get an intro with great difficulty. This accelerator program's team then replies since they've created a social media image that their program is all about helping people. Now I get a message from their team, I ask him for a brief call anytime he's available, follow-up for 3 weeks. Again they ghosted me for 2 months and I never get a reply. What really disappoints me is how they've created an online image that their entire team is kind and helpful, but the reality is just cold, rude and discriminating.

It feels like a club, a club in which I am not allowed to enter despite being eligible, and this doesn't let me sleep at night. Is the entire US like this ?

I am no stranger to feeling terrible, but for the first time in my adult life I feel discriminated for who I am. I feel so let down and am totally broken from within due to this incident and mind you I have a fairly thick skin due to the struggles I've been through personally in my journey, but this broke my core 💔

14:45 UTC


Trump Would Let Republicans Track Your Pregnancy

They don't do this in China. They don't do this is Russia. They don't do this in Iran -- but the GOP (now known as MAGA) will take religious crackpottery to a new level and if given the opportunity will monitor the pregnancy of all American women. Forget about your right to privacy, the Christo-fascists will decree you must submit to multiple vaginal examinations in order to maintain complete control over women and their bodies.

First, their aim is to outlaw contraception, but if their efforts should fail their back-up plan is even more odious. Again, if Republicans are voted into office they will track the menstrual cycles of our wives, sisters, and daughters to determine if a woman had an perfectly legal, medically needed abortion, and then bring charges against her.

This is madness, this is MAGA, and this is what will happen if you vote for any Republican, anywhere in America!

Read this report -- italics mine.

In a new, wide-ranging interview with Time magazine, former president Donald Trump said he would be fine with states tracking people’s pregnancies in order to prosecute those who have abortions past a given state’s gestational limit. “I think they might do that,” Trump said in response to the question of whether states “should monitor women’s pregnancies so they can know if they’ve gotten an abortion after the ban.” “Again, you’ll have to speak to the individual states,” he said.

When the reporter asked whether Trump would be comfortable with states prosecuting women for having abortions — a throwback to the notorious 2016 campaign moment when he received backlash for saying women should face “some sort of punishment” for illegal abortions — he said, “It’s irrelevant whether I’m comfortable or not. It’s totally irrelevant because the states are going to make those decisions.”

The answer went viral on X, where several journalists, politicians, and influential Democrats compared the notion of pregnancy tracking to the plot of The Handmaid’s Tale. But this is not some far-fetched scenario. It’s already happened in recent years, both under the first Trump administration and in Missouri.

News of the Trump administration’s pregnancy tracking first surfaced in late 2017 when four teenage migrants sued the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) for keeping a weekly spreadsheet of information about the pregnancies of minors in its custody, including the gestational age of the fetus, whether the pregnancy arose from consensual sex, and whether each girl had requested an abortion. While a federal judge forbade the agency from trying to interfere with pregnant minors getting abortions in March 2018, Vice reported the following year that the agency continued to maintain the database despite the court order.

Later in 2019, the director of Missouri’s state health department admitted during a legal battle over the license for the state’s last remaining Planned Parenthood clinic that he had directed an investigator to compile a spreadsheet monitoring patients’ period. The purpose of the database, according to the Kansas City Star, was to try to identify patients who’d had “failed abortions” as the state attempted to shut down abortion clinics. The subject line of the email circulated among health-department staffers, which was found through legal discovery, read, “Duplicate ITOPs [Induced Termination of Pregnancy] with last normal menses date.”

Both the Missouri and ORR revelations occurred years before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022. But the threat of similar surveillance looms large post-Dobbs. Democratic state legislators in Virginia, a purple state that allows abortions up to 26 weeks and where the issue often swings elections, tried to preemptively block a pregnancy-tracking situation in 2023 by passing a bill that would ban search warrants from obtaining people’s menstrual data. Democrats were responding to a new threat flagged by privacy experts that law enforcement could seize data from period-tracking apps to prosecute women for having abortions. But Governor Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, reportedly thwarted that measure from becoming law. The same year, the Florida High School Athletic Administration’s board of directors voted to remove questions about high-school girls’ menstrual histories from a questionnaire students had to fill out in order to participate in sports after weeks of controversy about how the information could be used under Governor Ron DeSantis’s anti-abortion and anti-trans agenda...


12:19 UTC


Human Rights House Foundation: “We urge the United Nations and Council of Europe bodies, as well as the European Union institutions and all like-minded states to use the momentum created by COP29 in Baku to raise the issue of growing numbers of political prisoners with Azerbaijani authorities"

22:08 UTC


Cat or Woman

(This is to get back to the bear shit)

Cat: May scratch you, may hiss at you. But if you feed it and leave it alone, you might even get to pet it

Woman: Will never leave you alone whatever you do, gets mad at you multiple times every day. But she loves and cares for you

14:00 UTC


Normalising devilising men

Hello people,

More and more, people on social media openly talk about men as if a group of dangerous creatures and predators. People openly talk about how mens' rights should be taken from them.

I am aware that many men take advantage of being who they are, but we all are not all this. There are so many genuinely good-hearted men who try to make the world a better place for everyone.

Today I came across a popular IG page which openly says that the male population should be limited to 10%. They agree on an opinion of an activist that openly supported this view.

There is no room for such opinion in our modern society.

Could you please report their comment and their story sharing the same opinion?

It can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bzq4u-6h8g_/

The more we report and limit such posts, the safer this world will be for everyone.

Thank you.

16:01 UTC


There is no shame in MAGA

In the past Trump has sunk to limitless depths to at least demean black voters when he wasn't trying to disenfranchise them altogether. He has aligned himself with every racist, white supremacist and pro-Nazi group while enjoying the support of the GOP and MAGA cabal in a never ending battle to keep blacks from the polls.

Now, in a move beyond shameless, he is pandering to the same voters he so viciously slandered. Trump will lie about any subject at any time, and then when it seems convenient will contradict himself without a blush or stammer, and now is actually seeking support from the very same people he frequently disparages.

You can't make this stuff up.

Look at this -- Italics mine.

Trump supporters target Black voters with bigoted radio ads.

An organization allied with Donald Trump is relying on ads chock-full of right-wing lies and propaganda to deter Black voters from casting ballots for President Biden.

April 29, 2024, 4:03 PM EDT

By Ja'han Jones

Donald Trump and his allies are trying to appeal to Black voters with overpriced sneakers, fried chicken, past-their-prime rappers and, now, some plain old bigotry to boot. In recent months, Trump-allied groups have begun running radio ads targeting voters in largely Black areas that push a raft of offensive claims as they seek to undermine support for President Joe Biden. The ads were highlighted by sports journalist Jemele Hill over the weekend during her coverage of the NFL draft in Detroit.

"Don’t know if people have heard these ads Trump’s campaign is running on urban radio but they are WILD,” Hill wrote, “as in wildly filled with massive misinformation, sprinkled in with some bigotry.”

Hill didn't share an example, but a similar-sounding ad called “Our Communities” was launched by the pro-Trump organization MAGA Inc. in March and schedule for airtime in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The ad is chock-full of MAGA misinformation. In it, a narrator claims that Biden is “letting Mexican cartels pump drugs and fentanyl into our streets,” that he’s “busing rapists and murderers into our communities,” and that the “crooks in Congress are handing our tax dollars to illegals.”

It’s hard to choose where to start with the corrections.

Trump has promoted racist generalizations of Mexican immigrants as drug-dealers, killers and rapists from the moment he publicly launched his first campaign bid in 2015, despite that data shows immigrants tend to commit crimes at lower rates than U.S.-born citizens. There’s certainly no evidence the Biden administration is letting cartels “pump drugs” into American streets. In fact, there’s ample evidence to the contrary. And despite zero-sum rhetoric about immigrants receiving jobs, privileges and welfare benefits over American citizens, these claims keep being proven false.

The ad also pushed anti-trans bigotry, underscoring a phenomenon I've highlighted in the past: Trump and his minions trying to spread their anti-trans agenda through Black communities. The narrator claims Trump will “protect our daughters’ sports teams” from “men competing against women” and “stop the sexualization of our children.” Experts who oversee women’s sports have said trans people’s involvement doesn’t rank anywhere near their industries’ top issues. And let’s just say that Trump is an unusual choice when making the case against sexualizing children.

The ad is an obvious attempt to indoctrinate Black voters with a MAGA worldview. But it was so packed with bigoted propaganda, it felt like it needed a disclaimer at the end like a prescription drug ad. Perhaps a fast-talking narrator at the end could note that side effects of electing Trump include attacks on Black election workers, installation of judges who’ve gutted Black voting rights, accusations against largely Black cities of election fraud, vows to shield police accused of violent misconduct, open association with neo-Nazis and white supremacists, a full-on assault on Black history in schools, and routine public attacks on Black women.

Ja'han Jones


11:06 UTC


Men with sex toys is "weird" but women with sex toys is normal..Why....?

Women always complain that men have more privileges than women but they forget that they can have sex toys, wear male/female clothes, make-up, etc etc.

As for work, women don't go into the high paying jobs on average. Women earn more than men in the Porn industry, Only fans, modelling, etc

19:31 UTC


Being a tool

Today I had such an infuriating conversation with a man I used to like. It was almost like he was purposely hitting such a sexist sore spot to hurt me. And for a moment I thought he couldn't possibly understand what it is like to be a woman, to be so constantly sexualized and seen as a toy. The more I thought about it the more I realized how wrong that was. He knows almost exactly what it's like, being a man and being seen as a protector and provider...a lot of men are used as nothing more than emotionless tools. We have everything we need to understand each other....the pain of being nothing more than an object. So why can't we? I often get so angry at all the men that made me feel this way, that treated me so poorly...I resent men..how can I ever trust that I won't be disrespected. When he says sexist things...I can feel the hurt and resentment towards women ....we made each other this way and will we always be stuck in a cycle of resentment and disrespect? How...do we break this..

04:49 UTC

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