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Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years. It may be a change in average weather conditions or the distribution of events around that average (e.g., more or fewer extreme weather events). Climate change may be limited to a specific region or may occur across the whole Earth.


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Environmentally Concious Educational Children's Toy Survey


This semester I am working with a team of students to develop a new product for the children's educational toy industry. We have created a survey to better understand our target market and their preferences. If you could please take 5 minutes to complete this survey and pass it along to anyone who is a current parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, it would be greatly appreciated! I have included the link below.


Please let me know if you run into any issues, thank you!

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The Peoples Walk For Wildlife #PeoplesWalkforWildlife

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Motion graphics Project for WEBSUMMIT 2018 Unlike any other! Big Data Vizualization in Music! AUDIOWIKIA Change the WORLD! FREE JOB Co-Found with us! Do you know anyone suited for the Job? SAVE THE WORLD!

I have a well rooted Idea For Audiowikia\Music maps, etc, a website and software where you can see music maps and listen to Great music on them! You can map all Accents in Accents map, NATURE SOUNDS, All animal sounds in one map, city sounds, All Music in one Map, etc!

Motion Graphics Script, while you make an instructional video of a guy navigating a "prototype" with Infinite Zoom Trend (like this one https://vimeo.com/201150328 but it will be like navigating trough the website ):

Script (needs to be shortened and juiced):

Audiowikia is going to be a major revolution in the way we search and listen to music, and music producers search for samples and song templates.

You can type any map or music or sound that you want, or just simply state what you want, or navigate the sci fi menu.

You hover on the maps to play the songs (Like a UFO, no need to click), and you can scroll to be teleported to diferent maps using the samples as bases.

you gain karma points by uploading, rating, tagging, reacting to samples and songs in which you can use to download songs

It will also incorporate a Magic Music School subscription with a lot of features* , including learning melodies and rap trough rap and singing templates , which

are suggested from your favorite sounds and songs,

You can learn music trough your favorite Songs!

one of the genius part about audiowiki is that you don`t even need to rate a song, it collects data from your bodily and facial reactions to create your emotional

portrait of the song which gets added to the overall portrait of that song.Emotions like fear, surprise, joy, inpiration , relaxation and dance are all included in the

emoptional painting of that song, you earn karma points just by being yourself!

a simple S button and you can save the sound on the folder you drag it to.

you can then download all the music and sounds that you want, you can even totally costumize the sounds of your cellphone in a simple way, imagine having every

contact with a new song based on how the person makes you feel!

you can then search music by the emotion it will make you feel, based on your past reactions and favorited sounds.You can search music trough many ways, THERE ARE

even 6 ways of shuffling for premium users!

With audiowikia we will Surf into a new era of a Diamond Age in music industry, with much more richness in music samples, more rap templates , more study of sound

and APIS developed for the ongoing project

, like a dating app which pairs compatible moans, a cool dancing Karaoke with quick learning dance videos, you can even

schedule a jam with your favorite artist or friends if they like the "radiopreview" of your best song.

Moderators will be crutial and on every map to sellect the most characteristic part of a song,so called a "radiopreview" so you can navigate and get a good notion

of what the music is without having to listen from the start, and to rate and let shine the samples with the most quality.

this technique allied with connecting your music folders to other folders with similar tastes will potentially save us countless centuries of having to listen to bad

music to find the holy grails we are searching for.

Never listen to bad music again.

Audiowikia, New Audiolife for Everybody!

PS>Next step will be to create an augmented music library on shrubberies and trees in parks and forests, where each seed or leaf contains a piece of musical information,

and you can gently hover with your finger or use it as a laser and touch the seeds to play Music! Invite your friends to the park to listen to music with you! All the parks and forests in the

world can suddently become Spacy Silent Augmented Discos that Respect Nature!

We can Occupy* the forests with Dancers and Music to save the World!

http://sixdegrees.hu/last.fm/interactive_map.html prototype 2

Prototype 1 http://exandro.com/prys/sampler/

https://imgur.com/a/kXRp68v not final view of the map, I`m going to do a contest on artstation for big data vizualization to make music maps Perfect

Would you like to Co-found with us? We can't pay right now but with your skills this will be a "Hits Wonder" at WEBSUMMIT 2018 in Lisbon! We Will get funding and we will pay you! You will also join the team and be able to go to the Web Summit for Free!!

Add me on skype so we can talk: Astralhicker@gmail.com

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How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory

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What our kids think.

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What is 'In Commerce' on Vimeo

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Help save the world in under one minute!

I hope I am not wrong for posting this here. Please let me know before you kick me from the subreddit. I just wanted to share a great opportunity for anyone that purchases ANYTHING online to help save the environment and offset global warming. If I break the rules it is because this is a FREE and PASSIVE way to save the earth in under one (1) minute of effort.

TL;DR Signing up, in only one minute, connects users to a platform that uses 66% of commissions from 3500+ business partners to support Reforestation and Protection Projects, Methane Capture at Landfills, and Renewable Energy Technology installations. AT NO COST TO USERS! Link is at the bottom of the page.

Full disclosure I am a Student Sustainability Coordinator at my University. I am also serving as a Brand Ambassador for Ucapture on my Campus. It is important to say that the carbon offsets generated by user activity are recorded under the name of the school that referred the user to our platform. This is why I posted a personalized link. With your help, my university can offset a meaningful portion of our carbon footprint without blowing the sustainability budget. Our goal is to offset 30% of our 100,000 metric ton annual carbon footprint.

Ucapture is a FREE google browser extension that activates automatically on any given partner’s website. If you sign up now an email will be sent when extensions are back up and running on Firefox and Safari. There is also an iPhone app, but the extension is the best because it is passive.

If the businesses are a partner then they pay a commission on your purchase, at no cost to you! Ucapture uses two-thirds of commissions earned to fund carbon offset projects. Currently Ucapture averages eight pounds of carbon offset per dollar spent with our partners. Take Expedia an average person’s foot print from a flight is about 1000lbs of CO2. If bought as a Ucapture partner, avg ticket price $110, Ucapture can offset 800-1200lbs annually for the length of the project (8-15yrs). So one plane ticket could offset 10,000lbs over the projects life! Most of the time it offsets the entire flight, but even if you don’t fly that is still less than $10 of online spending a MONTH Some partners don’t even have a large carbon footprint, so the offset is higher. These projects are certified for the carbon offset by agencies like the Climate Action Reserve (CAR).

Ucapture has over 3,500 business partners such as Best Buy, Budget, Dish, Fandango, Groupon, and Walmart. With the amount and variety of partners it has never been easier to support projects such as reforestation, renewable energy technology, and methane capture at landfills (26X denser that CO2). It only takes one minute to take advantage of this platform and help slow global warming. The attached link will take you to the sign-up page. After signing up, install the browser extension in the upper right corner and you’re done! It really does only take one minute!

The browser extension will also automatically pull up any applicable coupons for your purchase. Ucapture offers a way to push the cost of environmentalism back onto the corporations and businesses. I think Ucapture has alot of potential and the more poeple that use it the more change we can create. Please take one minute to save your wallet and save the Earth.

Sign-Up: www.ucapture.com/krisk

Over 380 tons offset in 700+ acre Arcata Forest Reserve


Over 1,000 Tons Offset at Wolf Creek Landfill


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Ban Mylar Ballons!

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