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If the inflation rate goes down, do prices go down or do they continue to rise just at a slower rate?

Please help me understand the basics of inflation!

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My daughter loves to collect coins, like a myriad of them. It is heavy by weight ..but by value?

Can she really bring recession if she collected almost all the coins in existence, it's a passion of hers.

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Petitioning assistance relating price management to principles AND intermediate micro/macro courses.

Hello fellow economists,

TIA! I need to do some formal writing for myself to really solidify how my job pertains to economics. I want to be able to explain things masterfully. I want to discuss what material each relevant economics course I've taken contributed to me doing my job, specifically principles of and intermediate micro/macro classes.

Does anyone have any good models or examples of good writing as it pertains to their jobs or work?

Brief description of duties:

I have had a position with a general restaurant supply company for 6 months. We have a store and an ecommerce department. It is billed as an "IT assistant" but I deal with price changes all day. Basically, I update our inventory with new prices the vendors send us. I can do the price changes individually, or my boss runs a "report" (from a SQL based software called MITS BI) to isolate the items from the "vendor price update lists" to only update products we have in stock. (Because the vendors send us massive lists, and we only carry about 50-200 items depending on the vendor).

The only real calculations we do are just adding "burdens" (or percentages to cover transportation costs) to our cost (what we got it for).

Although many are and have been in place for years, we sometimes make a new price "type" which is just a pricing series for markups and discounts. We can assign different items that fall under different categories different price types (for example, "equipment" versus "disposables").

I know this isn't much, but it's what I do every day and I gotta find a way to effectively yet concisely explain how principles of and intermediate micro and macro pertain to my pricing duties. I need to write about 1000 words on it.

For a more comprehensive explanation, please just ask (I interviewed our CEO for 45 mins–we are limited in vendors and are looking to Asia as prices begin to fall–but we don't wanna buy too much and be stuck with expensive stuff when prices drop). I wanted to keep this as short as I could, as long posts never seem to do well.

Thanks for your input!

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True or False

Capitalism is more fair than socialism. Socialist leaning countries always have high rates of income inequality. The best way to level the playing field is capitalism

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