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I thought you might get a kick out of this guy I drew 10 years ago

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Fodder Inc #272: Heed all Warnings [OC][ART]

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Help deciding what Artificer subclass to play.

So next week, I'm going to be in a campaign. Vecna: Eve of Ruin. Starting at level 3 for intro, then a long break (in game world) and come back at level 10.

Currently 4 players, 5th had to dip due to child care scheduling.
Right now we have the following:
a rune knight
a minotaur forge cleric

a barbarian (zealot) i think

and myself as an artificer.

Now I have no idea what subclass to go. I want to round out the party and just have no idea. Never played artificer before either.
I've done two rangers (shitty old one and gloom stalker/scout rogue multiclass), a paladin which didn't get far due a TPK (shitty ranger was first character in that game and I died early due to someone keeping something that revived and threw a fireball in a locked room and me failing my saves), a fighter and barbarian, and one session as a bard.
Pretty much all martial classes.

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Druid and an animal friend

Hi all, it seems weird to me that druids, even circle of the shepherd, do not get an animal companion or familiar. I know you can cast animal friendship, but that it only lasts a day.

Is there a mechanical way to get an animal friend as a druid? Or are we just looking at roleplay and DM support?

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Warlock and Barbarian

Hi! I have a question:
if I want to use Warlock's TERRIFYING APPEARANCE, how long will it last? Because my character make a bonus action as Fury from Barbarian as TERRIFYING APPEARANCE from Warlock. So, if character use TERRIFYING APPEARANCE, can I use a Fury in the next move? Thx

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3rd session ready for action 😈

This will be the ultimate test of freindship and grit 💪

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Playing D&D by yourself

It's been many years (editions, even!) since I've been able to get together a group to play some good D&D, because y'know, life just gets in the way. But I never stopped reading about it, and being generally immersed in that world. So, a couple weeks ago, I couldn't stand not playing anymore, and I had to do something... But getting together a group, even online, is always a pain when RL stuff means the commitment is hard to keep up. So I decided to take a bold step: playing entirely by myself. That way, I can do it whenever I can squeeze in some free time.

The way I've been doing it so far is by using electronic stuff only (PDFs, online dice roller, Excel for character sheets and battlemats, etc.), including a Word file where I keep a log of everything that's happened, for better convenience and portability. This way, I can get set up quickly and unintrusively, and stop just as easily if I need to. My idea was to create four PCs, run them through the four single-player Character Challenges (I'm running 2nd edition, since I don't have to convince anyone else to, lol) and then get them into a single group to run some other adventures, but so far I've been just running the fighter through some preliminary stuff created on the spot (courtesy of donjon.bin.sh) to gain some XP. And, lemme tell you... It's been actually a lot of fun! Having a couple brushes with death already has led to some cool moments, even if I'm alone in them.

As for how do I handle adventuring, player knowledge etc... That's actually a lot less challenging than I anticipated at first. I can easily get myself to think both as DM and as player simultaneously. Just think as a player when deciding the character's actions, and as a DM when deciding everything else. The point is to create a cool story, so there's no "cross purposes" to worry about. As for metagame knowledge... Well, it's just a matter of leaning heavily into roleplaying. What would I choose, given what I'm supposed to know? It can be fun to work the two sides (DM and player) off each other deliberately to reach interesting results.

So, has anyone else tried this? What are your experiences with it? And would you have any recommendations, or interesting stories, or anything else you'd like to share?

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[OC] The Ballad of Ol’ Ahab

The Ballad of Ol’ Ahab [OC / Art / Music]

Playing Curse of Strahd for the very first time, and it happens to be a revamped version, where we are also using Foundry for the first time. I’ve no idea if this is stories and quests known to all, but this is too good not to share.

Little back story,…

After the death of the Burgomaster, and her brother, our party of foreigners to the land of Barovia have been tasked with transporting Lady Ireena to an abbot.

En route, we come across a bridge over Tser Falls, and on the banks of the river an old fisherman by the name of Ahab.

Ahab was intent on capturing a Giant Bogfish, a mythical beast that had eluded him all his days. Curiosity got the better of us, and our party made of a Rogue, Paladin, Cleric and Bard, took up the opportunity to try and catch this fish.

After hooking a few trinkets, one of us rolled unbelievably and hooked the beast.

We found hard and dragged it ashore, but unfortunately, the fish fought back. However, poor Ahab perished in the struggle, and after much discussion, we wanted to tell the story of slaying the beast, but give full credit for doing so to Ahab. A story we want to tell across the land.

Our party agreed, and using AI, our bard chose to immortalise his legend in song to be sung at every town in Barovia, so I present

The Ballad of Ol’ Ahab

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Weapon Mastery

For those who play tested the weapon Masteries in their own campaigns, did it slow down combat?

Legitimately wondering because I had a player for my group ask if we could for a campaign than ran short and even after we agreed, it was never brought back up besides I think nick. (The one that allows you to attack twice in a single turn I believe.)

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To all the old-school players, did you use the Optional rule Hovering on Death's Door, or did you use the standard at 0 HP the character dies?

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How do you start getting into dnd?

I'm going to be completely honest I have no ideea what dnd even is.All I know is its a board game in a fantasy setting with role-playing.I scrolled a bit here and its safe to say I felt like I was reading another language.

I recently finished an anime named dungeon meshi and I REALLY fell in love with the story and characters. I was told dnd is very similar and I really wanted to get into this community for a very long time because it seems really fun!

Sadly I live in a very small town and I don't think that many people play it that are also near my age(teens are very judgmental😭

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My kids want me to become their DM

I'm a 50 yo parent of 3 autistic (HF) kids who decided they want to play D&D and I have to be the Master. I played as a PC for some time when I was in my 20s and I NEED HELP. Please, where do I start from?

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It is genuinely staggering to many how many people have not read the PHB.

I come onto this subreddit every few days, mainly to lurk. I try to make positive posts and replies, but I admit, there are times when I'm in a foul mood and good looking to make a bit of a stink. I try to avoid doing this, but sometimes, I can't help myself. I guess that's just a part of social media!

Now, I'm a DM, currently running 3 tables and about to start 3 more (one for each day except Sunday). As a DM, I am more than happy to walk people through rules, help them learn the game, even teach them how to socially interact with other adults at the table without getting that heated tunnel vision that causes so many horror stories. Hey, if it works, that's another player in the hobby who will stay for years and years! A bit of effort goes a long way. That being said...

It is genuinely staggering to many how many people have not read the PHB. The amount of posts I see on this and other subs asking general questions that could have been answered with a single glance at the PHB is insane. New players who don't even know what the classes are and what they're capable of, rolling up characters because of some very terrible TikTok videos or influencers feeding them logic that doesn't actually hold up, then getting mad when learning that no, you can't make a Wizard that can cast Fireball four times per turn at level 5 or whatever. People who legitimately think Bards are a combat-focused class, or that Rogues can 1-shot any enemy, or that they can roll 50's and above without very heavy homebrewing.

Not to mention all the basic rule questions like being able to cast multiple spells in a single turn, or thinking they can drink a healing potion without needing an action, or even really simple things like cantrip scaling and how rests work. I always take the time to explain this to new players at the table, but once it's become clear to me that they've never opened past the 2nd page of the PHB, I let them know that they need to read it before next session, and I'll be available all week to answer any questions they have after reading.

Seriously, it shouldn't take longer than 6 hours to read through the rules. If you want to look at every spell and item, maybe a full weekend. I have crippling ADHD, which also causes massive mood swings. I break out into hives due to stress if I have to do tasks that I'd rather put off - and even I've found the time to read every book. Do I have them memorized? Of course not! But at least I've read through them.

I don't understand - do you enjoy the hobby? Do you not want to learn more about the game? Why would you not read the PHB? You can find digital versions for free all over the place. This makes no sense to me. It's one thing if you haven't read the PHB fully before you start playing the game, but once you're rolling up stats and getting ready for your adventure... don't you want to learn how to play? How are there so many people - including people who have been playing for literal years - who refuse to read a rather small booklet?

I dunno, if this is just me, feel free to chime in, but I feel like sometimes I'm wasting my patience and time trying to help people play a game that they have such little interest in.

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How You Should Buff Kensei Monk (credit Bone Wizard)

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[OC] [Art] Sir Swoll Hopps! Cecil B Hopps (Art by MeaKitty, OC by me)

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Deepforge Mines [Part 03] [33x20] [Battlemap] [OC]

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D&D alternative suitable for small kids

Long story short - my 5 year old is very into role playing, and I’m wondering if there’s any alternative to D&D for little kids both in content and also ease of rules?

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(oc) a punk girl with hidden powers

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A humble collection, but a good one.

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Dragon description generator?

I have Fantasy Name Generator’s tool a try, but the descriptions are all a bit too…template-y for my liking, and the results don’t feel very unique from each other. Is there a collection of d100 tables or the like in a book (official or third party) for coming up with the physical features of a dragon?

EDIT: No AI suggestions, please

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Blighted Treants (CR11 Undead) | The Grimoire of Curses

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Is this a bug or am I allowed to cast fire bolt twice

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Baldurs Gate/ D&D themed wedding

Hey all, my friends are getting married and I'm the maid of honor! We are coming up with ways to make the wedding more D&D themed, and one of the ideas I had was adding side quests. These include "kill a goblin"- take a picture pretending to kill a plush goblin, and "Toss a mouse to your Witcher"-their cats name is Geralt, so doing a ring toss with catnip mice and the cats head photoshopped into Geralt. Here's my current question: they also have a dog named Birch, and I'm struggling with a quest that wedding goers could do that would represent him. If you have an idea, or even ideas for other side quests, please let me know!

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