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Tarantula Tattoo Idea

Hey y'all, I'm hoping someone can help me with this idea.

A tarantula that is made of flowers maybe some leaves if it fits in. All my tattoos are black and grey.

I have a scorpion just like this idea but now I want to do a tarantula and can't figure out a creative layout..


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18:23 UTC


creative design ideas needed

I’m in need of some inspiration for a creative way to to combine a humming bird and acoustic guitar

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01:58 UTC


Re-designing art for tattoo

Hey everyone, I recently commissioned art from a good friend of mine (who isn't a tattoo artist) with the intent of getting it tattoo'ed.

Im looking for someone with the knowledge of tattoos to make alterations/check it over - as it is now I think details will be lost/the design will get muddy as the tattoo heals and ages

Details: The tattoo is a fairly simple stylized lineart piece, inspired by medieval alchemical illustrations Placed on my inner forearm from wrist to just over halfway up

If you're interested shoot me a message and I'll send the piece for reference :)

Also if you have any general tattoo design advice I'd love to hear it!

15:52 UTC


Tattoo to represent stroke survival

Hi all, I’m almost at the three year mark having survived a stroke at the age of 31. I’ve thought about a tattoo to mark 3 years.

I saw some designs of a brain that’s like a small jigsaw puzzle, and I thought about having one piece in black, or something like that.

But I’m the least creative person ever so I’m open to suggestions! Much appreciated!

14:05 UTC


Can someone draw me Half a mans face half coyote face.

Anybody out there that can draw me half a mans face with the other half of the face a coyote. Just the face, it’s something I’ve always wanted to get on my left arm.

06:47 UTC


Creation of a Tattoo design

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for someone who can help me design my first tattoo, or at least assist with creating an initial design.

I have a clear vision of how it should look, but I'm not very skilled at drawing, and my attempts haven't turned out well.

The concept revolves around an infinity symbol, which would serve as the outline for everything else.

The most important aspects of my life are my family and football, so I want to incorporate both elements into the design.

For the family part, I was thinking of a tree of life. I know it might not be the perfect fit, and I'm open to other suggestions.

Regarding the football element, I'm not exactly sure what I want. A simple football feels too basic. I play football and wear the number 2, so perhaps we can incorporate that somehow.

I haven't decided on the placement yet, but I'm leaning towards having it on my arm. I also prefer it to be small, possibly in a fineline style.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

21:49 UTC


My wife’s tattoo idea!

My lovely wife had her first tattoo idea and I want to get it designed for her. This is her exact text “Mt. Fiji on top of the leg then it faded into a cherry blossom tree with a old fashioned Japanese house under it with a river or a pond with koi fish going down the rest of the leg. It was all colored. “

She told me she had to stop watching anime because she dreamed this.

20:41 UTC


Recommend me some good fonts/languages for my quote tattoo

I'm doing a tattoo on the right back side of my neck/behind the ear. I need help from a professionals

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14:12 UTC


Need cool fine line work ideas

Looking for a simple black and white design for the lyrics

"When a telephone was a tin can on a string"


"why'd you lock them in a drawer"

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12:49 UTC


Need help with tattoo design

Im want a tattoo of a wolf in sheeps clothing under my right pec(just below the pec and on the ribs) I want it facing in towards my belly, all black so no color or anything. Size will be around 7x7 cm so not to big, hopefully someone has a good idea:)

01:13 UTC

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