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This community has a simple function, just to be a resource of game ideas for DMs to collaborate and build their stories. Whether you're looking for an idea because of writer's block or you want to post some fun hooks you thought of we welcome the community!

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This community has a simple function, just to be a resource of game ideas for DMs to collaborate and build their stories. Whether you're looking for an idea because of writer's block or you want to post some fun hooks you thought of we welcome the community!


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AI D&D campaign generator update

13:33 UTC


Planehopping Campaign - Ideas for Planes and their Effects

Hey there ! I'm planning a Planehopping Campaign ! Right now I'm looking for ideas for interesting planes and their effects on gameplay ! For instance a knightly plane where magic can only be cast using weapons and players need to find special weapons that allow them to cast a certain school of magic or they have to prepare a certain amount max like a ring of spell storing ! I really try to not hinder them too much and give martials something to do as well !

I'm happy for any input ! :)

13:56 UTC


Arabian DnD campaign?

I really like the idea of running a Arabian inspired DnD setting, but I'm having some trouble finding campaigns or stories that I can build upon. Any recommendations out there?

19:33 UTC


Looking for advice on generals for my campaign

So I’m planning on running a campaign that is gonna from level 3-20 and I was looking for some advice. The basic idea of the campaign is probably nothing too special but it is that a fallen Angel who took his ideals too far after finding a prophecy about a warrior of light and is trying to conquer other kingdoms to force the country into peace, and he’s willing to do almost anything to get his desired peace. So I am looking for advice on what a good number of generals for his army would be. I had ideas for upwards of 6 but I am heavily questioning that because it’s probably too many. I feel like 4 would probably be the ideal number but I was looking for some opinions. As context the ideas I had for the generals are a Sun Giant (update from old DnD to 5e by Dungeon Dad on YouTube)a Death Knight, a Narzugon, an Archmage, a planetar, and an Adaptor (which is also taken from an old version of DnD and updated to 5e by Dungeon Dad on YouTube). If y’all do think it is too much which ones do you think I should remove? Thank you in advance for any advice!

07:07 UTC


I have an idea for a One Shot if you're interested

I'm a beginner DM qnd want some criticism and/or players for a one shot. The basic plot is that there is this evil wizard casting a powerful spell that takes a week to cast, but if they manages to the whole world will be destroyed. So the party needs to find a way to stop them.

Comment on here of you are interested

14:04 UTC


Future setting

I'm currently planning a campaign thats mostly set in the future. I play to have the group players go thru a few levels as standard DND then the characters are thrown about 3000 years into the future where magic has almost entirely died out and technology has advanced to a cyberpunk like world (flying cars, star wars like blasters, robots, ECT.) The bulk of the campaign will take place inside a walled city ran by a dictator trying to survive against the large hoard of dragons that live outside the walls. Wanted to get your thoughts on it.

23:28 UTC


Looking for advice on my first oneshot!

Hey guys,

I've never DM'ed before, but have played quite a bit, and I've decided this is the year and the party thats right for me to give it a shot!
Im going to start with a oneshot, that im writing, but im looking for ideas/advice!
The basis of the oneshot is that the players unexpectedly get transported to a fantasy version of their world at the start of the session, and they need to find their way back.

I'd really love some help with ideas for how to "guide" them through ie. plotpoints, and also some advice on how to make combat situations??

Thanks allready
- The budding DM

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Looking for tips on starting a spelljammer campaign in 5e

I'm starting a new high level (12-20) campaign that I am advertising to the players as being spelljammer, but I'm starting the player characters on a homebrew ocean world.
Anyways, how and when should I make the swap to spelljamming in such a way that it feels natural and flows well into the story?
I don't just want to drop them in randomly to spelljamming, but I want to ease them into it with a plotline.
That plotline involves a mad/evil wizard on their home plane uncovering a draconic prophecy involving the player characters, and a climax at 20th level against an all powerful unnamed Fiend God.
I'm lost on what to do, and thought I'd ask for ideas on how to get the player characters into spelljammer.

19:07 UTC


Good Idea For Campaign?

Hey I have been working on a homebrew campaign for about a year so far. I call it a "Mega Campaign" cuz what I am doing is making a bunch of campaigns connected like a timeline, where the player's actions and then large decisions chooses which of the completely different campaigns comes next. For example: the Mega Campaign is Sci-Fi and I being lazy just called it "D&D: In Space" when fighting the BBEG (the battle takes place in a huge Death-Star like spaceship), the BBEG's right hand man activates the Spaceship's self destruct, as the players realize this right when they are about to fight the BBEG. The players without much time to think have to choose between sparing the BBEG so they can escape with their life, or continue to fight the BBEG, sacrificing themselves to kill him and then dying themselves to the Self Destruct. If the players spare him and escape, it leads to a campaign where the explosion from the self destruct knock's the player's spaceship and breaking it, causing them to crash land on a very far away planet in a different solar system. If they choose to kill the BBEG, it leads to a completely different campaign where they play as new characters, living out the aftermath of their previous character's actions, (For some context, the BBEG was the ruler of robot society. BBEG wasn't really a Bad-Guy as rather he was just leading his people through the war again non-robot people. The war has a bunch of traumatic lore stuff that I won't talk about right now). So now that the BBEG is killed and the Spaceship blown up, the Right hand man becomes the new ruler over the robots, as now war becomes even worse with the old leader killed. After doing the math, my Mega-Campaign is going to contain around 40 different campaigns. Sooo... is this a good idea? I already fleshed out about 3 of the campaigns, and the lore behind all the characters, gods, and planets.

03:23 UTC


Wild Magic: Expanded

Wild Magic: Expanded is live on Kickstarter!

These Wild Magic Tables are absolutely jam packed with wacky Campaign Hooks and Quest Hooks. There's options for just the effects tables alone if you don't care much for the other resources.
I've been working tirelessly on this project for the past few months and it would mean the world if you could check it out. It's my first ever Kickstarter project. Here's what it entails below:

  • 400 Wild Magic Effects over 4 thematic tables
  • 2 New Sub-Classes for Bard and Druid
  • New Wild Magic Monsters
  • Thematic New Feats
  • A Bunch of Other Madness

Wild Magic: Expanded - Kickstarter

Click the link and have a little look.

Wild Magic Sorcerer has always been one of my favourite classes to play for it's sheer hilarity and unpredictability, so I wanted to create a system that expands on the concept on a massive scale. More imaginative and out of the box effects and the consistency to not roll the same effect on the table twice.

I hope you like it.

15:14 UTC


S.TA.L.K.E.R shadow of chernobyl DnD Monster Manual in the works.

I'm currently finishing up my Stalker DnD Monster Manual. I Was wondering if there was any interest in it. If so I'll upload it for anyone to use. Rather than it be just used as my campaign I would like to share with fellow stalker fans.

10:59 UTC


So I'm trying to do a mad max/fallout type campaign any tips?

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Help making a start for a httyd based DND

So I have a campaign idea and it’s a httyd dnd, I have a class made up and I know the setting is gonna be in between 2 and 3, so stoick is dead, pickup is Chief, and everything in the race to the edge show happened. I just need to figure out a good way to start it, any ideas??

08:54 UTC


Dming for the first time.. looking for all kinds of tips

Hey, me and 6 other friends wants to start playing dnd after we have been glued by the pc after bg3! And I got the role of dm.. (feeling kinda nervous over the whole thing) so I was looking around for tips and thought I would reach out to Reddit to see if anyone of you guys have any tips that you would have loved to get when u started “dming” for the first time. Like the setting of the world or what to think when u are writing the “story” that my friends will be staring / leading. Much appreciated 😁

22:04 UTC


Need Ideas for an Old Lady Adventure

I run a campaign with my friends but my mom wants to play so bad. She has a lot of friends so I had the idea of running a campaign with a bunch of sweet old ladies (aged 60-80). They have great senses of humor so I am sure I can keep them entertained but I need ideas for fun encounters...and maybe even a plot...I don't even know what ages their characters would be but I want to cater to their generations.

What shenanigans can a bunch of old ladies get into?

16:42 UTC


[MOD POST] 5k Subs!!!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for letting this group grow as big as it has!

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How to sell homebrew lore?

I love making lore/storylines for homebrews. I'm wondering if anyone knows how/where I can do commissions so I can write people's campaigns/lore for them.

03:51 UTC


Need campaign direction ideas

I have been working on a pirate themed campaign for a while now and have yet to run in I want the players to become pirates themselves after starting from the bottom and working their way to become famous pirates but I can’t find a good hook to get them motivated into this plot line and I’m having trouble having a dedicated villain when they themselves will be a bit villainous also disclaimer this is my first crack at creating a home brew campaign so any and all tips are welcome and accepted

18:24 UTC


Dnd content

So I guess I can't find a single free slot for dnd beyond to join in after weeks of search in Google reddit and so many other sites. It's been month I'm out of spells and feats I wanna look for and I can't bought content though this filtring in my country. So if is there any person So generous just give me chance even if you just, just have one single book like player handbook I would be appreciated to be join in your campaign. Thank you

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The Mist of Lavender

A week ago a mysterious mist rolled into the city of Lavendell, In the days preceding mysterious monsters have been sighted outside the castle wall and people have been found dead in the crop fields. Quickly, the city issued a lockdown. Inside the walls of Lavendel have proven to be safe but the city is running out of food and supplies. The city in a desperate attempt has been drawing random names to go on expeditions outside the city walls in search of food and supplies, but so far none have returned. The party is drawn for the next expedition.

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04:45 UTC


This place is a message...

The PCs are hired by an archaeologist, scholar or similar NPC. They are obsessed with references of a long dead civilization to an "eternal" power source, or weapon, the translation is a bit iffy, but all context clues indicate it powered their civilization and had a limitless potential.

The patron sends the PCs on quest after quest, hunting down scraps of lore, books, journals, maps etc. And finally...they have a heading, a deposit created by the ancient civilization. The PCs are sent there, delving deeper and deeper into a cave systems, the natural stone walls giving way to salt and lead bricks. Finally...they find a great door, sealed in three different manners, an inscription graven on its front.

From all of their investigating and translating of old notes, they interpret the first lines easily, it reads:

" This place is not a place of honor... "

17:13 UTC


You are awake

the three of you (Arkeliks trey and ander) awaken. You look around. You are in a village surrounded by a dense forest. It will be best to be in the village. With no recollection of how you got there, you must decide on a shelter. Will you go in the tavern or take a shelter in the blacksmith's house?

04:44 UTC


Free Campaign Idea Generator (AI Dungeon Master)

Hi, new to the thread and Reddit in general :)

I've been working on a free DnD campaign idea generator that I'd love to share with you guys.


Right now it just does a plot overview and a dodgy image but I'm going to build it out to generate full custom campaigns, npcs, stat sheets and dialogue. I'm also going to be upgrading the image generation to a better API so I can generate custom character and enemy avatars.

In the tool you can select from the presets or enter literally anything you want (except things that are sexual, racist etc!)


Please have a go and let me know any thoughts or feedback :)



12:15 UTC


Create a character!

I have been trying to get a group, but nobody I know is interested, so create your character and i will the story begins!!

15:35 UTC


You awaken in a tavern

10:42 UTC


You awaken outside a small village with a baby dragon by your side and a sword in the other

14:24 UTC


Opinions on this hook?

All players have individually been offered something of great value to them (gold, blessings, information, etc.) in exchange for rescuing a countess who is being held hostage in a small palace outside of a moderately-sized village. None of them know why any of the other players are in the palace (even though they are all there for the same purpose).

As instructed, all players break into the palace from different locations at the church’s first toll of 22:00, when the guards will be at their most tired.

As all three players enter through a window, door, chimney, etc., they find themselves staring at each other through a palace devoid of furniture, paintings, rugs, everything, with discoloured spots showing they have been recently removed.

The only things to be found are a hastily-written note from the Countess, hidden in a doorframe, saying she’s going to be taken somewhere, and a scrap of a uniform from a guard of another palace, around a day’s walk away, caught on a bent nail.

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23:26 UTC


Bad Dnd Campaign Idea

Need an idea to stress out your players, I can help you...

So basically;

The PC's are simultaneously present in the mortal plane and the Abyssal plane, and they are forced to act in both of these realms simultaneously.

This unique nature gives the players an advantage over those who live in only one plane. They can tap into the energies of both worlds, harvesting their energies and using them to fuel your spells and abilities. But it also comes with a cost. While they have a greater mastery over magic, and are able to cast spells that others cannot, their connection to both realms makes you a vulnerable target for natural predators and threats that may come their way.

In order to survive and thrive, the PC's must learn to navigate both worlds, leveraging your dual existence to your advantage but also taking steps to safeguard your own existence.

The DM can make up some random lore for the players as a reason for their dual existance... and yeah fighting in both planes at the same time is a possible occurance...

10:29 UTC


Villain goal decided, need reasoning behind it…

Does anybody have ideas for reasons a villain in a dnd campaign might want to get rid of magic?

Currently I am setting up a campaign based around pirates. The main quest revolves around the party members all deciding to sail to a lost isle to find a magical macguffin which will grant one of them a single wish. All members want this macguffin for their own selfish reasons- however they must push their personal desires aside and team up when it is revealed the antagonist character that’s also after the macguffin, wants it can wish magic out of existence…

I really like this idea- however I seriously have no idea on what would cause the antagonist to want to destroy all magic- does anybody have any ideas on what would lead an antagonist on doing so? I have the goal now, but I need a reason behind it…

10:21 UTC

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