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Terminology, just to clear up a few misconceptions:

  • Darknet: An anonymizing overlay network, usually running over the internet. Examples: Tor, i2p, freenet.

  • Meshnet: A decentralized peer-to-peer network, with user-controlled physical links. Usually wireless. Examples: Seattle Wireless, Wireless.org.au.

  • Clearnet: The Internet at large, or any network which has no inherent cryptographic security, authenticity, or anonymity. Examples: internet, unencrypted meshnets.

  • The Meshnet: Used here, "the meshnet" refers the transitional CJDNS internet overlay network currently known as Hyperboria.

  • /r/darknetplan: A place to organize efforts to create a hardware/software stack for a globally scalable system of interconnected local meshnets. We realize that the inclusion of "darknet" in this name does not properly describe our current objectives, but the meshnet is a necessary foundation for the final goal of a truly resilient darknet.

Thanks to bepraaa for getting these definitions in order

Anything we missed? Message us mods & we'll gladly fix it.


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My story

I am a Russian man who escaped from Russia and was granted asylum in the USA. I pray to God for Russia to be free from its bad leader, who is bringing the world close to its end because of his huge ego still lingering from KGB failures in East Berlin. It is very sad, a great shame for us Slavic men. We need to stop following these bad rulers who take everything from us, leaving us with no hope. I pray for a democratic Slavic world, without this bad man. We Russian men say no to this government, don't believe Putin, USA. Russian people desperately want peace from this bad man. He's like an evil oil boss, similar to the characters in the first Dune movie, you understand? Putin even uses horses to carry his terrible ideas for the country while he punishes us severely in Siberian gulags for speaking against him. We want to be free, please have compassion; we are trapped and want the same freedom as the rest of the world. We desire no war; Putin is murdering anyone who doesn't obey his absolute evil authority. Slava ukraine.

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P2P Whatsapp, Instagram and Metaverse As A PWA


Hello everyone,


I'm excited to share with you an instant messaging application I've been working on that might interest you. This is a chat app designed to work within your browser, with a focus on browser-based security and decentralization.

What makes this app unique is that it doesn't rely on messaging servers to function. Instead, it works based on your browser's javascript capabilities, so even low-end devices should work.

Here are some features of the app:

  • Secure messaging: Your messages are encrypted, making them more secure.
  • File sharing: Easily share files using WebRTC technology and QR codes.
  • Voice and video calls: Connect with others through voice and video calls.
  • Shared virtual space: Explore a shared mixed-reality space, similar to a metaverse.
  • Image board: Browse and share images in a scrollable format, similar to Instagram.

Your security is a top priority. Here's how the app keeps you safe:

  • Decentralized authentication: No central server is required for login, making it harder for anyone to gain unauthorized access.
  • Unique IDs: Your ID is cryptographically random, adding an extra layer of security.
  • End-to-end encryption: Your messages are encrypted from your device to the recipient's device, ensuring only you and the recipient can read them.
  • Local data storage: Your data is stored only on your device, not on any external servers.
  • Self-hostable: You have the option to host the app on your own server if you prefer.

The app is still in the early stages and I'm exploring what's possible with this technology. I'd love to hear your feedback on the idea and the current state of the app. If you have any feature requests or ideas, I'm all ears in the comments below!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Note 1: As a solo-developer, i dont have the capacity or knowlege to do anything like an "official launch". i expect the app will progressively get better with feedback from users (as it has so far).

Note 2: I think the app has (approximately?) reached a feature-complete state, but i'm not sure. I'm looking for feedback on what features are missing, and what features are not needed. The next step would be to grow the number of users by making the app more user-friendly and easier to use. (I need your help on this)

Note 3: The app is not open source yet (sorry), but im open to answering questions about how the code is working (more details can be found in the docs). Open sourcing the app is something i would like to do in the future, but not a priority right now. Some parts of the app are open source.

Note 4: The UI is a clunky implementation of Material-UI. It's something i will fix as i move towards open sourcing the UI components. i will take the opportunity to also give more attention to a "desktop friendly UI" (right now the app is best experienced on a mobile device).

Note 5: Id like to keep the wording i have for "pods" although i have recieved feedback about it not being clear what it means. A pod is what you might think of as like a "chat room" and will be further developed to support group-chat. you can create a pod with a connected peer in the contact-details-page. The wording "pod" comes from how a group of whales is called a pod.

15:12 UTC


File Sharing By QR Code

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14:59 UTC


Meshtastic LoRa Base Station

I’m new to this but very interested in creating a mesh network over a 5-10 mile suburban area using multiple LoRas. So long distance is a priority which I know creates greater latency considerations, but this is emergency communications after all - I’m fine with it. My question is what are the specs I should be looking for to maximize the distance / power including the main unit, antenna and anything else.

05:02 UTC


Adding the "decentralized" to decentralized-chat

18:38 UTC


Using AWS S3 as a Chat App Infrastructure

15:16 UTC


Open Sourcing Webpack and Storybook Microfrontend Starter

17:35 UTC


A Different Kind of Chat App

10:43 UTC


Introducing P2P Voice Messages

18:55 UTC


How I Want to Approach Open Sourcing My App.

09:49 UTC


Help us prioritize features for our decentralized p2p chat app

Hi everyone,

We are developing a decentralized peer-to-peer (p2p) chat app that uses end-to-end encryption to keep your conversations private and secure. We are excited about the potential of this app to enable users to exchange information in a completely decentralized way.

Our app will allow you to store data on your device and create a decentralized social network, while still retaining control over your data. We believe that this is a critical feature, and we are committed to delivering a platform that puts users in control of their data.

As we continue to develop the app, we would love to hear from you about the features that you would like to see. We want to prioritize our development efforts based on the features that our users want the most, and we believe that this will help us to create a better app that meets the needs of our users.

So, if you have any suggestions or ideas about what features you would like to see in a decentralized p2p chat app, please let us know. We are open to any and all feedback, and we would be grateful for your help in shaping the future of our app.

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to hearing from you!


If you have any questions about our project or our app, please don't hesitate to ask. We are here to answer any questions that you may have, and we are happy to provide more information about our app and our development efforts.

Open the app.

Open the site.

18:19 UTC


DUG #4 & vPub 0x9 opensource online party! - this Thursday at 5 PM UTC

19:01 UTC


Introducing Decentralized P2P Location Sharing

17:24 UTC


P2P Video Calls in VR/AR Space

08:20 UTC


Decentralized Metaverse Clone PWA

07:47 UTC


Browser to Browser Direct File Portal

19:22 UTC


Decentralizing Social Media: Your Thoughts?

20:05 UTC


Decentralized WhatsApp Clone in Javascript. Opinions?

I'll try make this short and sweet. Using PeerJs its possible to connect browsers over a fast WebRTC connection. So i slapped on material-ui to see what is possible using this technology. The app is being developed as a personal project.

The app is testable here.

The app is not production ready, but it is provided as a testable work-in-progress demo. it would be great to hear opinions on how the project is shaping up.

(feature requests + bug reports welcome :) )

16:34 UTC


SplinterCon in Montreal

People in this channel interested in practical applications of decentralized tech for real-world objectives - please know that https://splintercon.net is now open for CFPs and registrations. The conference ambitions are to:

  • Measure the practices and impacts of network isolation and shutdowns
  • Evaluate technology solutions for communication with and within sovereign networks
  • Invest in practical and user-focused solutions for connectivity and content distribution
17:24 UTC


POC: Decentralized P2P Secure File Transfer

13:35 UTC


edgerq: feedback for this tool's documentation on tcp-udp-tcp remote tunneling

Hi. I'm working on edgerq & I believe I'm super lousy on explaining it & doing any documentation/Readme - I'm looking for feedback on my work in progress - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cyV53YJ7zqwwvkqa6V_BjkrHmDyqO6hh5_m5emyCLjs/edit?usp=drive_link - where I enabled comments. My thinking on this is somewhat specific - I'm sending messages between the remote & local systems through UDP in a custom format - where the remote & local services that are connected are TCP. Thanks.

12:55 UTC


positive-intentions: Yet Another Chat App


Im working on a decentralized chat app. A decentralized infrastructure has many unique challenges. Ive taken feedback from previous posts and have made updates. Its still a work-in-progress, but it's testable and it would be great if you can tell me what you think.

Some of the features of the app include:

  • Free
  • Decentralised
  • No cookies
  • P2P encrypted
  • No registering
  • No installing
  • Group messaging
  • Text messaging
  • Multimedia messaging
  • Video calls
  • Offline messaging
  • Data-ownership
  • Screensharing (on desktop browsers)
  • OS notifications (where supported)

More details can be found here: https://chat-staging.positive-intentions.com

I have a long list of todo-items on the project, but i'd like to hear your thoughts on how i can improve it (maybe i can prioritise it?).

21:42 UTC


On my Decentralized Chat App i Want Some Kind of Decentralized Reporting.

im creating a decentralised chat app that works in a browser (you can see more details here).

this app will allow people to communicate to each other. but i want to priopritise user safety. while only the peers can see the messages, i would like to empower them to be able to report bad actors themselves, (if an unfortunate situation arrises and cant be solved by blocking a contact or creating a new profile)

im looking for something like "911" but as an API. this is tricky to implement because i need to consider a few things:

  • how would/could this work globally?
  • what "moderation as a service" tools is available for my use case and what data will they need?
  • how can i vet any third parties to involve
  • anything i havent thought of yet?

my system architecture is quite cheap and scalable at the moment because unlike a traditional chat app, there isnt a backend (2x AWS S3 buckets for app and website). i expect running a server myself for the purpose of having this reporting, could become unaffordable and unscalable.

12:02 UTC


🐋 positive-intentions: Introducing Decentralized Group Messaging.


Group messaging is common feature of any chat app. So i created group chat functionality in the app. As a decentralised app, there were/are some unique challenges but basic functionality is testable. Im keen to get feedback.

Some of the other features of the app include:

  • Always free
  • Decentralised
  • No cookies
  • P2P encrypted
  • No registering
  • No installing
  • Text messaging
  • Sending photos
  • Video calls
  • Data-ownership
  • Screensharing (on desktop browsers)
  • OS notifications (where supported)

More details can be found on the website:

Website: https://positive-intentions.com

App: https://chat-staging.positive-intentions.com

18:02 UTC


Just dropped Webmesh v0.4.1 with some fun new features

21:11 UTC


Decentralized and Self-hosted P2P Chat in Javascript


positive-intentions an instant messaging chat app that's different.

Using PeerJS and the peerjs-server to connect peers. The entire app can be served over a static server (AWS S3).

Some of the features include:

  • P2P encrypted
  • No registering
  • No installing
  • Text messaging
  • sending photos
  • video calls
  • data-ownership
  • screensharing (where supported)
  • OS notifications (where supported)

It's still early in development and there are many features to add, but it can be tested between your devices (like phone and laptop) without installing/registering. I'd love to hear your thoughts. I would be happy to answer questions about the app, but more details can be seen on the website.

Website: https://positive-intentions.com

App: https://chat-staging.positive-intentions.com

Not reccommended unless you know what you are doing... static bundle zip: https://chat-staging.positive-intentions.com/positive-intentions.zip

09:05 UTC


Where did everyone go?

Within the past couple of years, I've become very interested in the idea of a PHYSICAL mesh network over Wi-Fi, that would self organize and allow one to build inter-connecting networks wirelessly. But the interest levels seem to be parallel absolutely everywhere -- on youtube, on articles, on Reddit, EVEN GITHUB, everywhere!!! Its dropped off. It looks like it had lots of steam from 2010 up to about 2014/15, only a tiny bit from then up to 2018, and since then, it's like everybody who was interested were all silenced.

What happened? Where is everyone? Why did github contributions mostly stop happening in 2015? Why is darknetplan dead?? Why is nobody making youtube videos about physical mesh networks? Did some overreaching power like a government or big company use their influence to prevent an internet revolution? Did the expansion of the modern internet and ease of access (also necessity to have it) phase out any utility for a mesh network? Did social media and advertisers brainrot us enough to make us stop caring about privacy & control over our network???

I really want to know what you guys think about this--if there's even any of you left. I'm baffled.

02:34 UTC


23 years of Freenet / Hyphanet: the long game — vision, foundations and progress of the friend-to-friend network (slides of the 2022 talk now online with English translation)

22:07 UTC


Embracing the Future of Communication: Introducing our Decentralized P2P Chat Prototype!

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since our last post post, and we wanted to provide an update on the progress of our decentralized P2P chat app. Based on the valuable feedback and advice we received from the community in our previous post, we've been working diligently on the app to align it with the needs and expectations of our users.

To provide a more comprehensive overview of the app's features and functionalities, we have launched a dedicated website. This website will give you a better understanding of what our app is all about and how it can revolutionize your communication experience.

But wait, there's more! We are delighted to announce that our test app is now available for you to try out. Although the app is still in its early development stage, we can't wait for you to explore it and provide your valuable feedback. Your input is crucial as we continue to fine-tune the app's features and functionalities.

Here are some important points to keep in mind while testing the app:

  • The purpose of this proof of concept is to shape the app's future trajectory based on your valuable input. We acknowledge that there may be UI limitations and other aspects that may not meet your aesthetic expectations. Rest assured that in a production version, we are fully committed to allocating ample resources to create a visually appealing and intuitive user interface.

  • The test app is a work in progress, serving as a technical proof of concept that showcases the immense potential of our decentralized P2P chat app. While we are currently focusing on optimizing the app, we understand that your experience may vary depending on your device and browser.

  • Going forward, we are committed to making significant enhancements to the app. However, to streamline our development process, we will not be announcing specific feature changes as we iterate on the proof of concept.

  • As with any evolving project, bugs may be encountered during the testing phase. While we are a small team and may not be able to address all bug fix requests, we truly appreciate your patience and understanding. If you encounter any outstanding issues, please don't hesitate to let us know, and we'll do our best to investigate and resolve them. In the meantime, you can try refreshing the page or clearing your browser's site data, which can often resolve minor issues.

  • While the current version of the app may not include all the features described on the website, we assure you that we are actively working on aligning the information provided with the app's current capabilities. Your feedback will help us prioritize and implement the most sought-after features.

We truly value your input, and we are open to feature requests and suggestions from the community. Your feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the future direction of our app.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas! You can view the docs and access the test app from our website.

07:59 UTC

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