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For those redditors who cut their own hair or are interested in learning how.

For those redditors who cut their own hair or are interested in learning how.

Who can post here?

Anyone, of any gender, age, hair type/style/length is welcome.

What can I post?

Anything you like! How about:

  • Self-posts with tips or questions
  • Links to helpful videos or articles about cutting hair
  • Equipment you use
  • Original tutorials on your own techniques (feel free to link to your own blog if related)
  • Pictures of your hair you cut yourself

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So.. how did I do? Literally bought the last pair of clippers off the shelf at Walmart and watched one 8 minute YouTube video.

14:21 UTC


Been a while since I've had short hair but I thought it turned out really great for an at home cut!

09:22 UTC


This is how my last home haircut grew out, but I also trimmed the bangs and the hemline a few times while it grew (to keep a shape)

17:53 UTC


Taper vs Wedge blade for beginner

I'm looking to get the Babyliss lithium fx clipper which comes with the wedge blade, I've heard that taper blades are better for beginners. Should I buy a replacement taper blade and swap them out? Im very new to cutting

18:40 UTC


Advice for an undercut bob/pixie for a dude?

This’ll be my third attempt (photo is not me, it’s what I’m going for) and I admittedly will have help from my girlfriend for the back.

From the research I’ve done it will necessitate an undercut, I just am wary about going too high and looking like some peaky blinders/alien resurrection freak clone.

Also wondering about how to get a layered, textured look on top.

My previous attempts have me looking like a mushroom man. And barbers don’t listen to me and just give me a regular fade like everyone else.

Any advice or tutorial videos would be greatly appreciated! I’ll share photos in the comments if useful comments are posted in the comments.

16:53 UTC


Can I just cut the sides and back all the same length?

I've cut my own hair a few times, but still don't quite have the hang of it. Sometimes it's been pretty decent other times not so much. Usually I try to do somewhat of a fade on the sides and back. My question is wouldn't be a bad idea to just cut the sides and back all the way up to the top to around a quarter or half inch? And then cut the top down to an inch?

My hair is pretty straight, but I have some annoying cowlicks on the sides around the crown, so if I just cut them down they don't stick up as much.

Any thoughts on this? Or suggestions?

14:46 UTC


How can I improve

16:08 UTC


How do I make my bangs not side swept to one side?

My bangs sweep toward my left but I want each side to swipe to its own side (so if I parted my bangs down the middle neither would point towards the middle of my forehead). How do I do this? I know it has to do with the angle of the scissors/direction I cut but I can’t figure it out. I’ve tried looking it up but I can’t phrase it right. Lmk.

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03:56 UTC


How do you fade a #1 “even-all-over” haircut?

If I am cutting an even-all-over at a #1 base length, how can I fade the hair smoothly? Taper or skin fade. For the tutorials that I see on YouTube, all of the fades start at a #2 base length or above. Can you walk me through the steps or point me to a video that explains it well?

I am using the Andis Master Clippers and T-Outliner. For my guards, I have a #0.5, #1, #1.5, 2, 3, and 4.


02:21 UTC


Just save you guys $220 🫡🍻

17:53 UTC


The Wahl Peanut trimmer

CurYourOwnHair invites stories of tips and questions, so here's mine.

During COVID I did not want to go to the barber. I had a Wahl Peanut (tm) trimmer that I used for eyebrows. On Youtube there was some info on using The Peanut. The best reason given by one barber was that it generates less heat than a full size and you can hold it longer.

From various small clipper comb breakages from the Peanut, I had a number of sets of the trim guides. Where I live has a major supply store which has everything for barbers.

I stacked some of the extra guides with glue, did some shaping and got the trim height of about an inch and a half for the largest guide. So I'm using about six of the Wahl guides altogether plus finger/scissor cutting and also curved combs.

Once I made a pitch in a mail to Wahl about how they could make an extended set of guides. I never heard back on it.

17:41 UTC


Open and closed mean

Hello I’m using a hatteker hair clipper and the lever isn’t exactly the same it’s a twist that goes from .5 to 2.5. My question is does .5 mean I’m cutting more hair off or less hair vice versa with 2.5.

15:12 UTC


which clippers and trimmers?

looking to start cutting my own hair, would the babyliss lithium fx clipper and trimmer be a good start?

00:21 UTC


guys how do i cut the hair on my balls, im scared i will cut off my b allsack

please help me,... its serious

22:47 UTC


How to get this cut at the sides please?

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16:50 UTC


iFade first experience - Results + review

For everyone thinking about buying it, I did, and I'll give you a detailed review and share my results. To give you a short answer, it’s likely much better than you expect it to be.

First, Shipping. When I ordered it (on sale, $80 + free shipping), I received a confirmation email 10 minutes later. From that point, it took exactly 20 hours until I received a second email with a tracking number, indicating that it was on its way. Then, after 4 days, the iFade arrived. I live in Texas, US.

Now, the packaging. It was extremely carefully packed, with small plastic bags inside to protect the actual box, which was also very well-made. The box itself had "carefully, there's glass inside" printed on it, so the shipping man wouldn't throw it around.

Now, let's get to the actual review. I was really skeptical about the product—when I say really, I mean really skeptical. The only reason I gave it a shot was because a friend recommended it to me.

First, I read their instruction manual. It's decent and includes a lot of visuals, which I prefer over text. Then, I watched their tutorial, which was honestly much better than the manual. I followed the instructions slowly and exactly as described. To my surprise, it actually cut a good fade with "a swipe". Sometimes you need to go over the same area again. Three cuts in a row it looked quite impressive. The fourth cut was kinda messy, but that was because I went over it too quickly I assume, which I later on fixed.

After that, I cut below the fade and eliminated a few lines. Tbh, you will need fading experience to eliminate lines. Someone with 0 experience would not have been able to do that. The results turned out to be really impressive. The fade was clean for like 90-95% of the hair. I guess next time it will be even better.

Final words: It's a good product. If you actually take the time, you will get a really good fade. Don't be impatient for the first cut and go slowly. Make sure to read their instructions and watch their tutorial. Whether you buy it or not is up to you. If you know how to use a normal clipper and wanna save some barber money I would suggest you go for it.


23:05 UTC


Looking for a left hand curved comb

I've seen and bought by mistake a curved comb that curves down-- like a frowny face emoji. Not at all pictured correctly and I told them so at Ebay. Then I got one of the dime-a-dozen curved combs a second time from Ebay.


But these plastic combs do not come in an opposite hand (or handle on the other side) model that I have seen anywhere. The right handed curved comb to do the left side of my head cannot be held in any reverse manner without dropping it to hold in the opposite hand etc.

Does such a curved comb described exist? A curved comb to use with the left hand to trim the right side of my head?

I also thought of getting another thin flat top comb and heat bending it but that usually goes badly. ;-)

21:09 UTC


How to cut my very long hair (reaches my lower hip), and prep it for pro barber to cut it to a two-block?

17:17 UTC


Every. Damn. Time. 😅

13:51 UTC


Like my Norelco 9000 but...

Since COVID, been using the Flowbee which is pretty good in most ways but not ideal for beard or for getting the right length in the front of the head. So I've been supplementing with a Norelco 9000 from Costco, which I've realized lacks two attachments that would make things a lot better.

Am 64M with thin hair and some baldness, which if you know this sort of thing, thin and balding hair is harder to get done right than thick (read: young) hair. Anyway, I found the adjustable comb for beard but it seems Philips combs only go up to 16mm, which is roughly 2/3 of an inch. I'd like to go up to 1 inch with stops along the way.

Anyone know of such combs to fit Norelco trimmers? Or does the design not support more than 16mm for some reason?

19:41 UTC


Flat back of head (short hair)

Ive been cutting my hair for a while now… an issue i have is that my head does not have the occipital bump which makes my back look flat.

Does anyone know a self cut technique to solve this or like a cheat technique?

00:29 UTC


One blade for trimmer

I just bought a clipper, but no trimmer. Can i use Philips oneblade as a trimmer for skinfades

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14:38 UTC


Trimmer fucked me up (don’t mind the cut) What should I do?

I have a cheap starting kit and I’ve always used it with mid results. Yesterday to shave the lower part for the first guide line I used it reversed going downwards and that shit fucked me up. Should i give it a bigger gap or should i throw it away? The point of the trimmer should be to cut the hair shortly without cutting my shit right? Or is this normal and I should have used a foil shaver for that? (Don’t mind the cut cause I stopped mid way)


12:17 UTC


Any guide on how to layer 3c curly hair?

I wanna layer my hair since its looking quite flat recently ,its not thaaat long ,basically just below my ear(with shrinkage,whennits fully wet the back of it almost reached my shoulder and the front cover my face) so yeah any good and easy guide for that?i never tried it andni dont trust barbers where i live with my hair

08:00 UTC

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