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Newer reader needs targeted suggestions

I've been reading comics/graphic novels for about a year now and I need recommendations based on what I've liked so far. My favorites have mostly been non-superhero comics and I have never been able to get into Marvel. I'll list some of my favorites below, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Some of my favorites in no particular order:


Manifest Destiny

The Fade Out

Kill or Be Killed



Ice Cream Man


Locke and Key

100 Bullets

Superman: For Tomorrow

Justice League Dark/Zatanna comics

23:29 UTC


Recommend Marvel NON-MCU tie-in comics that I would like as an MCU fan.

So I got into Marvel first through Spider-Man Prime Earth comics namely, but I can't get into 616. When I started watching the MCU movies TV shows like Agents of Shield and Daredevil, and then I found out there were some MCU Prelude and MCU tie-in comics I really enjoyed reading those because it's the same universe as MCU. Over the years Marvel has Rebooted the universe and I was hoping to find some Comics that most closely resemble the MCU but not actually taking place in it because I already know about all those. Should I look at the Ultimate Universe? should I look at Fresh Start? Mainly interested in Spider-Man, the Avengers and the Defenders. Also characters that aren't in MCU yet like Venom and Spider Gwen. Thanks.

17:45 UTC


Comics like these?

I just re-read Copra and I can't stop imagining how fun it has been to read it.

I have realized that besides Ostrander's Suicide Squad, Fiffe also pays tribute to the 90s era of Image comics. What other comics pay tribute to that era of Image Comics.

I am familiar with Fiffe's Bloodstrike. What else is there that would interest me.

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07:20 UTC


Writing a paper on the no kill rule

For my English class we are talking about ancient to modern day Heroes. We have just begun work on our research projects and the topic I picked to talk about was the no kill rule held by a umber of villains. I plan to cite some philosophy, some bible stories, and some comics.

The different reasons I've found for reasons heroes won't kill have been a sense of innate human value, the potential for evil in themselves, the potential for redemption in the villains, and the formation of a better world.

I already have a lot of sources for one's potential for evil, but if you have any suggestions for comic books or anything else that address these points or points I have yet to bring up, I'd greatly appreciate it!

16:26 UTC

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