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This is a place for the rational discussion of the science of climate change. If you want to post about politics or climate policy, try /r/ClimateNews or /r/climatepolicy.

This is a place for the rational discussion of the science of climate change. If you want to post about politics or climate policy, try /r/ClimateNews or /r/climatepolicy.

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A big climate change reading list by /u/discoastermusicus



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Trustworthy balanced global weather reports about unusual weather patterns.

Hello, I want to hear from climate bloggers if there is a need for them to keep up with weather anomalies that are happening around the world - that is methodically keep track and reference heat-waves, cold-snaps, wind, rain-events that will help them in their writings about climate change. I built a tool/web-site that attempts to provide context (data and visualizations) about both current weather events and changing climate in different cities around the world.


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Medium-scale geoengineering projects?

Any discussion of geoengineering to mitigate climate disaster usually involves large-scale projects. Like injecting sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to redirect solar energy. Or removing carbon dioxide from the ocean by enhancing certain biomasses.

But what about smaller, but still impactful, projects? Like what if a city instituted a building code that all new construction should include a white rooftop? American sunbelt cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Dallas could do this relatively easily and with minimal controversy. Immediate effects would actually be a reduction in cooling bills for residents and businesses.

It's certainly not a silver bullet. And it does little to mitigate the greenhouse gas issue as a whole. But would it be worth it in the short run?

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Apocalypse is here - Delhi AQI in severe category


Delhi has been suffering with poor air quality for years now. Now it has really peaked. Schools are being shut down for a little while. We are already heading into doomsday

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Is there a single most likely and soon to occur effect of climage change that may make the world wake up?

We already have some awful extreme weather events that are causing devastation to countless peoples lives and still nothing has changed.

Will anything make the world wake up? Is it going to be massive crop failures and essentially a war for food - the poorest will just die from malnutrition.

Any of the weatlhier will just insulate their homes better and crank up the air con, buying masses of food in bulk, throttling any hope for those (most) less well off.

11:17 UTC


grid battery capacity globally

I was just reading about another grid battery (850MW) being built in Australia. Makes me wonder how much capacity has been built so far in other countries. Does anyone have any figures on that? Thanks

08:31 UTC


Legitimately Questions…

How much do fossil fuels affect climate change - what exactly is the metric which is used?

How much would eliminating fossil fuels change the weather?

What would the weather be like without any fossil fuel use?

If carbon dioxide contributes to climate change, why not just plant more trees?

How do we know this data is accurate on climate change, the data provided before said the east coast would already be underwater, and other data said the earth was cooling - both of those were widely accepted data sets.

If our weather and climate models are so accurate, why can’t we accurately predict how many hurricanes will form in a year, or their actual trajectory?

Educate me plz!

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polar bears and penguins

Hii im currently writing an essay (just for fun and learning,not for school or anything) and its about how climate change is affecting penguins, i know penguins never had to worry about polar bears but now due to the ice melting is them being pushed closer together a possible problem? thanks in advance and feel free to comment any other useful penguin stuff!!!!

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Looking at this graph it seems that Antarctic ice has suddenly started increasing - why?

I've a geology textbook at home from the late 70's that talks about global warming, so I'm on board with reducing greenhouse gases.

But I was debating with a denialist who pointed out that Antarctic ice has increased over the last few years. Please check out the attached NASA link. Does anyone have a theory as to why?

Ice Sheets | Vital Signs – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet (nasa.gov)

Edit: Thanks for some great answers, it's much appreciated.

Edit: I can't believe that people are downvoting a valid question! Science is asking questions & then verifying or proving the answers. ie Pretty well every down voter of this question doesn't believe in science.

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What is water vapor from combustion's role in Global Warming

A lot of attention is paid to the role CO2 emissions play in the greenhouse effect and rightfully so, but H2O is also a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 that can lead to massive direct climate change effects like precipitation, humidity, wet bulb temperatures, etc.

Discussions around water vapor typically arise in the context of evaporation; more heat trapped > more H2O evaporation > more heat trapped. But not a whole lot of discussion happens around the actual combustion reaction of petroleum products, waste incineration, or deforestation.

The general combustion reaction is: CxHy + (y/2)+1O2 → xCO2 + y/2H2O

Is the consensus that the water vapor created by combustion is very small compared to evaporation increases due to temperature rise? What am I missing?

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Orsted cancels two New Jersey offshore wind projects....

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Thermostat freakeconomics

A/C is cheaper than heat but being cold is not as healthy as staying warm, so the seasonal climates overcompensate by overcooling/underheating.

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