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This is a subreddit for all things camels!

A camel is an even-toed ungulate within the genus Camelus, bearing distinctive fatty deposits known as humps on its back. There are two species of camel: Dromedary, or one-humped camels, which are native to Arabia and other parts of the Middle East, and Bactrian, or two-humped camels, which live in Central Asia. Both species have been domesticated; they provide milk and meat, and are working animals.

This is a subreddit for all things Camels!

A camel is an even-toed ungulate within the genus Camelus, bearing distinctive fatty deposits known as humps on its back. There are two species of camel: Dromedary, or one-humped camels, which are native to Arabia and other parts of the Middle East, and Bactrian, or two-humped camels, which live in Central Asia. Both species have been domesticated; they provide milk and meat, and are working animals. Camels are known to be incredibly awesome.


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Can/will a camels drink water every day if water is available?

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The Wonderful World Of Camels

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Dog attacks camels and owner - Dense camel hair prevents even worse injuries (Austria)


"On late Tuesday evening, a dog attacked four circus camels in Mauthausen (Perg district) and lightly injured their legs. An as-yet-unknown man had let the dog off the leash after the performance."

"The dog then subsequently entered the stable where the camels were housed in individual boxes. When the 23-year-old son of the circus director intervened, he was also lightly injured on the shin."


The owner walked away and hasn't been found yet. The camel hair entanglement may have been the reason the dog began going after horses instead, or the reason it was unable to reach them. Up until I read this, I was unaware camels sometimes shed their hair and that it's used for clothing.

Side note, what do you think of camels in circuses? Is there merit in a conversation about how they are treated in the circus?

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I'd walk a mile for a camel.

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To which charity should I send a donation for Bactrian Camels?

Hi! As the title states, I would like to help with the conservation of Bactrian Camels due to them being critically endangered. Have you ever donated before for this cause? So far I found that I can adopt one with WWF or I can donate to The Wild Camel Protection Foundation. Which do you think is best or do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!

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How different is riding camels from horses?

I have experience in horseback riding as someone who used to spend a few weeks every summer at a farm during my college years and I been looking at indoor mechanical horses as a training method since I live in the city and don't have any easy access to horses in my current lifestyle. So the question came to me when I rewatched Lawrence of Arabia in a local indie theater today and Omar Sharif as sheriff Ali rides both camels and Arabian horses throughout the movie, going to battle on either during the spectacular war set pieces at different points.

So it makes me wonder how interchangeable is the skills for riding camels is with riding horses? Is it safe to assume as seen with Omar Sharif's character in the movie, someone skilled in either one can easily transition in between and even if you only rode a single one of these different types of animals, it'll be much quicker for you to learn the ropes of handling another the first time you get on them? That for someone who's had experience in both even if rudimentary (as seen withh many extras in the movies and the more European cast in particular Peter O'Toole), it'll be easy to transition in between?

As a bonus question whats the specific differences of riding between the two creatures? Like is there a certain gait and posture you have to learn for traveling on camel that won't be effective for horse riding and vice versa?

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Is it true camels were a direct counter to horse cavalry in warfare?

In so many computer games like Rise of Nations, camels arre one of the best way to countering cavalry attacks. Camel cavalry gets bonuses in different games such as in the case of Rise of Nation +20% damage against horsemen. Other fames such as Total War follow the same stats bonuses when you send camel corps to battle European heavy cavalry and so on.

I'm curious does this have a basis in real life?

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Will a regular horse stable work for a camel?

Or will it not do for keeping a camel in longrun? Will your typical horse stable even allow you to rent out space for a camel? How well would staff only familiar with horses be able to look after it? I'm really gonna buy a camel but I'm not sure if my home as it is will be able to keep it and thus I'm probably gonna leave it shortrun at your typical stables which is on the norm specifically for horses. Can a camel survive of horse food and average living conditions in a Western stable? Or would I need a place speficially for camel? Or at least staff that knows how to look after a camel? Should I get a camel shelter built near my home instead and hope the vet knows how to look after it? Or is that not enough and I even need doctors who specialize in camels and hire a local staff to live in my home who's knowledgeable about camel care and uptake?

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Can camel survive winter and general cold weather?

Been wanting camels for years but I live in a state where it gets cold enough to snow during winter with degrees being 40 F and lower. Its super rare but the lowest temperature I remember during winter was 3 years ago where it was -2 F for one day. So I'm wondering would a camel die in winter season if I leave one in a regular stables and not a specialized facility that has warm indoor temps during winter and an expert staff looking after it? I'm thinking of buying those with one humps so that are ubiqitious in the Middle East I think dromedary is what they were called.

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What’s this camel doing?

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Tactical camel

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Come here mfker!

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Shammar camels at King Abdulaziz Camel Festival

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Camels: The Deserts most important Animal

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Awesome Camels

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New little chocolate princess baby, that means i get to share the fresh milk!

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How well do Anatolian Shepherds and Related Breeds Get Along with Camels? What has Past Studies shown on their Relationships with these beasts?

Eccentric neighbor of mine has a camel so I'm wondering if as a breed from Turkey, would an Anatolian Shepherd get alone with these hoofed animals?

Also quite curious what the relationships between ASDs and camels have in the past? Did they herd camels like sheep and bodyguard them during caravan trades?

Just ask because nothing shows up on google about these two animal interactions. I would be surprise if Anatolians and their sibling breed esp Kangal were never used during camel merchant activities as part of the caravan of supplies!

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Question: do camels still carry howdahs?

I saw a painting of a camel carrying a howdah on its back. It looked like fun! But it was just a painting and a search didn't turn up many photos. Do people still use them? Ate they worse for the animal than saddles?

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A human and a dromedary on a traffic light

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