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The place for all of your Tennyson related needs. Originally by Man Of Action, Ben 10 is an animated series about a boy who finds a watch that allows him to transform into aliens!


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Ben 10 should be watched chronologically in the following order:

Original Series > Alien Force > Ultimate Alien > Omniverse

If you wish to include the movies in your viewing experience:

Original Series > Secret of the Omnitrix > Destroy All Aliens > Race Against Time > Alien Force up to S03E10 > Alien Swarm > Alien Force from S03E11 onwards > Ultimate Alien > Omniverse

The Heroes United crossover episode with Generator Rex can be watched at any time around Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.

The Ben 10 Reboot is a separate continuity and can be watched on its own with "Ben 10 Versus The Universe" set after season 4.


  • Ben 10 (Original Series)- Hulu, Amazon Video, iTunes, HBO Max

  • Ben 10: Alien Force- Amazon Video, iTunes, HBO Max

  • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien- Amazon Video, iTunes, HBO Max

  • Ben 10: Omniverse- Hulu, Amazon Video, iTunes HBO Max (we recommend using this link to aid you in watching Omniverse through Hulu due to the fact that Hulu has some episodes uploaded in the wrong order.)

  • Ben 10 (Reboot)- Netflix, Amazon Video, iTunes, HBO Max. Ben 10: Versus the universe is airing 10/10/2020.

All Ben 10 Series are also available on DVD (please note that Omniverse was not released in its entirety on DVD)

(All Ben 10 movies can be found on iTunes. Each Ben 10 movie can also be found on DVD with the exception of the Generator Rex crossover, "Heroes United".)



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Is it me or XLR8 and NRG have the perfect fusion name?

NLR8 (annihilate)

11:26 UTC


OV batch 1

08:43 UTC


If the Plumber's Helpers Got a Spin-Off, How Would You Plan/Write It?

07:51 UTC


You ever notice how Yuri/Ben's voice is slightly higher in OV compared to UAF?

I can't tell if this is a conscious decision or if it's because Ben generally yells more in OV.

07:39 UTC


Fanmade redesign for heat blast

06:38 UTC


I made a new fusion alien by spinning a wheel. I dub this alien Bloxxlrillofreak

06:18 UTC


I'm just curious

Is ben 10 left handy? why he used left hand to pick the Omnitrix?

05:12 UTC


Takes an alien name and changes one of the letter, and i'll tell how he will look like and/or what their powers would be

(again, nothing to put here)

03:48 UTC


What would you change or add?

I’ve been wanting to write a fan made rewrite of the Ben 10 series from OS to Ben 10k and I thought it would be pretty cool to get some inspo from other fans so I was wondering if there’s anything you could change/add/remove what would it be

01:55 UTC


How Would You Change this Episode

AF season 2 in the episode "Grounded" Ben's parents learn about the Omnitrix. In my opinion they were really annoyed to deal with tbh. They grounded Ben from ever using the Omnitrix again, even though he was trying to SAVE KEVIN'S LIFE! So how would you change/rewrite the episode

01:27 UTC


How would you improve “Fool’s Gold”?

01:05 UTC


Goop + Echo-echo

Could Ben become multiple echo-echoes, turn back into Bens then have each one turn into Goops THEN combine to make a giant Goop amalgamation?

1 Comment
22:01 UTC


Michael morningstar

19:36 UTC


Ah yes, i remember this especially when 4 me was thinking ''Why Heatblast?''

19:14 UTC



It's shitpost time

18:52 UTC


OC Aliens Part 26: Ultimate Boogaloo.

What's up guys it's I once again returning after my week long absence. I thought since I've made so many aliens, it would be cool to tackle the various gimmicks of the franchise and give them to my roster so to start off I'm doing the most popular gimmick of the series, the Ultimate Forms so with that out of the way let's go Ultimate starting with:

Ultimate Tempest (Stormbreaker): Ultimate Tempest is now 59 feet tall and has a much wider body with 1 large dome on the top that is now his head, and he has lost his humanoid shape and limbs for an angular disk shaped body to allow for better maneuverability while in the air. He has 4 pods on each side of his body, and his body's colour scheme is now jet black with violent dark red electricity pulsating inside his dome with dark red clouds swirling inside and he has a large exposed bottom half that also contains his clouds and electricity with 4 large tubes poking out. His abilities from his base form are now significantly stronger due to his larger size and bigger amounts of storm energy being able to pump out clouds out of his tubes to create devastating weather effects and he can even alter it to a much better degree being able to create things like acid rain, drought sandstorms, and even cosmic storms that can destroy entire cities with ease just to name a few and he can also dispense up to 4 autonomous drones from the pods on his body that are just as powerful as Tempest's base form and he can use them to create a wider weather effect and as surveillance to analyse his surroundings better as he can see through their sensors he is also significantly more durable than his base form and can take way more of a beating without suffering damage. His trade-off is that he loses all of his limbs so he can't grab objects and manipulate tools, he loses his ability to shoot bolts of electricity from his main body, and due to the effect he has on the atmosphere his weather can last for days on end at most with no way to reverse it and he causes catastrophic damage when using his abilities due to the intense weather he creates given he could accidentally make Bellwood have a violent blizzard with hurricanes for the rest of the week if he's not careful with how powerful his weather effects are and his large size, there is very little reason to justify turning into him regularly, especially near populated areas. The Ultimatrix symbol is located on the centre of his body, and his voice is now much deeper and more aggressive sounding.

Ultimate Doombstone (Necromander): Ultimate Doombstone is now 26 feet tall and is in a dormant sitting position with his legs curled up and his arms lowered on the floor with his hands holding together, he's now a bright white with black runes and glowing greenish purple inside his body. He has a large skull like pattern on his body, and his whole body can open up to absorb and release souls. His old abilities are now immensely more powerful, being able to create full body astral protections of himself to fight enemies, able to sense any lost souls in his vicinity, and he's much more durable being able to survive heavy weaponry and intense physical trauma. Due to him being more in touch with the spiritual world, he is capable of opening up portals to the afterlife to draw in more souls that he can then manipulate to do his bidding like fight or perform daily tasks and he can open up his body to absorb the souls around him to dramatically increase his abilities and he can read the soul of anyone near him being able to sense their emotions and identity their goals and personality before even speaking to them allowing him to figure out their plans and motivations so he can stop them. His trade-off is that he loses his ability to move completely and is now entirely immobile due to his body being more in touch with the spirit realm and he has to either get his projections or his army of the dead to do physical tasks for him, absorbing souls causes whoever he absorbed to permanently die thus making this an ability he practically never uses, and some of the souls can be left behind after he transforms back so he has to quickly rally them back to the afterlife as to keep their forms from disapating due to being in the mortal world for too long. The Ultimatrix symbol is located on his forehead, and his voice is more ethereal and ominous sounding.

Ultimate Glitch (Hellware): Ultimate Glitch is now 11 feet tall and significantly bulkier than his base form with a wider upper body and much larger arms, his body is now bright red with a visible orange skeleton and there are constantly cube like particles coming off his body even when standing still. He has 4 large demon like wings on his back, a longer face with 6 horns curling backwards, and he has bigger legs with goat like feet that help him keep stability when on the ground. All of his old abilities are now exponentially more powerful, with his telekinesis now being strong enough to allow him to effortlessly hurl medium-sized cars at enemies, his glitching of reality now has a large area of effect and he has full on reality warping capabilities being able to perform feats like teleport people, manipulate the size of objects, and very limited degree of time manipulation like freezing things in place just to name a few, he's now much stronger than his base form and could wrestle with a Petrosapian and come out on top, and he can fly much faster and has far superior air maneuverability. He can also "corrupt" living organisms into devil like minions that obey his every command and possess a limited form of his abilities, and he can now shoot beams of pure glitchy dark matter that instantly obliterate regular matter on contact. His trade-off is that he emits such a high level of dark matter that anything around him is at an immediate risk of being permanently distorted and glitched with no way to reverse the effects so he can't be used anywhere near another person and especially a populated area, and everytime he uses his abilities, he risks causing permanent damage to his surroundings and creating cracks in reality that can potentially expand much further if he doesn't fix it and it happens very frequently due to how unstable his powers are, given that there's a chance of shattering reality if he uses his abilities too much, there is very little reason to ever justify turning into him period and he's strictly only used in battles where no one is around. The Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest, and he can no longer speak instead only demonicly screaming and roaring.

Hope you all enjoyed the 1st batch of Ultimates and comment down below what other aliens you would like to see receive an Ultimate Form for the next post!

18:50 UTC


UA aliens in gacha

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18:09 UTC



What are those things?

17:51 UTC


I used to think that Blitzwolfer’s name was WolfDown

Did anyone else think this or just me? I think it works better than Blitzwolfer tbh

16:54 UTC


I tried making a ultimate shockrock (I didn't want to draw an ultimatrix symbol)

The plan is that he basically goes more into the high overrides powers but has some new ones 1.electrokinesis,he uses this to control beings like ampfibian and other filming 2.shapeshifting,based off ink tanks ultimate goop,the more electricity he absorbs,the bigger he can possibly grow 3.magnetisim,replacing the rock on his body,he now has metal on his body that he can move around and replaced. Powers removed:Electric constructs and enhanced durability

16:42 UTC

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