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A subreddit for anyone seeking to have a commission made or those looking to sell their services. Tons of portfolios are advertised daily, along with many clients looking to hire services. Scroll down to find the flair filtering option.

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A subreddit for anyone seeking to have a commission made and those looking to sell their services.

If you did not create the content, do not advertise it here.

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If you report content you suspect is plagiarized or impersonation, please message us with links to the original artist. There's only a handful of artists we recognize by sight, and we can't follow everyone. Posts that are reported for impersonation without giving context will likely be ignored.

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Subreddit Rules

Rule 1: Post tagging and relevancy

  • All posts must either request a commission or advertise a for-hire artist.
  • Artists must use the "Artist" flair and include "[For Hire]" in their post title
  • Patrons must use the "Patron" flair and include "[Hiring]" in their post title.
  • A minimum of 10 combined karma, excluding award karma, is required to post, enforced via bot.
  • Patrons should edit your flair to "Closed" when your request is filled.

Rule 2: NSFW policy

  • NSFW content must be tagged as such.
  • We define NSFW as content intended to be pornographic, overtly erotic, or displaying the naked human, or human-adjacent, form. NSFL is defined as artistic depictions of "extreme" subjects including, but not limited to, suicide, gore, and rape.
  • Sexual or otherwise graphic content of any kind depicting minors will be removed.
  • Involuntary pornography requests will be removed.
  • NSFW offers or requests by users under 18 are prohibited

Rule 3: Artists must include a link to past work

  • "Artist" posts must contain images depicting or a link to some form of prior work.
  • Your portfolio can be imbedded Reddit images, a professional portfolio, Tumblr, DeviantArt, Imgur album, or anything similar so long as it serves as your portfolio. As long as users can see something you've made before, it counts.
  • If your portfolio contains NSFW content, please tag it as such.
  • Your profile must abide our Heavily Referenced Work policy, outlined in our subreddit wiki.

Rule 4: Fair monetary compensation is required

  • All "Patron" posts MUST offer a minimum of $15/hour for services rendered.
  • "Exposure" is not a form of currency.
  • Giveaways, raffles, contests, and art trades are prohibited.
  • Prospective/Percentage pay is prohibited.
  • Cryptocurrency is prohibited in all its forms.
  • If you do not include a budget in your post, we will assume your budget based on your recent activity.

Rule 5: Harassment

  • Be polite. Racism, sexism, or any other form of harassment or discrimination is not tolerated.
  • If you are habitually rude to other users or degrade the work of artists here you will be removed.
  • Snide criticism will result in a temporary ban. "I can do better" / "What's up with the hands?" are not helpful.

Rule 6: Prohibition of networks/businesses

  • /r/ArtCommissions is intended to help self-employed artists connect with patrons.
  • Posting by companies, partner/spouses, managers, and similar affiliated networks is prohibited.
  • Do not advertise someone else's work on their behalf.
  • It does not matter if you're their partner, parent, whatever. If you didn't make it, don't post it.

Rule 7: Make your own [Artist] post, don't hijack someone else's.

  • Do not use another artist's post to promote your own work in the comments. We encourage you to promote yourself with your own post.

Rule 8: Identity Theft, Tracing Policy, and Heavily Referenced Work

  • Passing off another artist's work as your own, impersonation, and any other form of plagiarism is forbidden.
  • Only post original work. Traced work, heavily referenced work, filtered photographs, reskins, and other forms of other artists' work modified or copied in whole, or in part, by you is not acceptable.
  • If we can find your reference material with a reverse image search we will assume your work is at least partially plagiarized.

Rule 9: Double Posting

  • We have a limit of one post per user every 72 hours.
  • Your post will be removed even if you delete the original. This prevents a select few from monopolizing the front page.
  • If your post is removed in this way, the bot that does so will create a comment that includes the UTC time when you may post again.

Rule 10: All links must be to a whitelisted site.

All links must be from one of these whitelisted sites:

  • Twitter
  • Deviantart
  • Artstation
  • Behance
  • Carrd.co
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit

Link shorteners and links to non-whitelisted sites will be removed.

See our wiki for how to share other content.

Banner commissioned by /u/gaylord465

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[for hire] Hello fren 🩸


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[for hire] DM me

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[For HIRE] ★ Illustrator, Comic artist, Character Design, Animations&Animatics ★

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