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i think the show has gotten more boring to watch in the newer seasons, but it has gotten objectively better in a lot of ways. the old seasons were far from perfect, and bad at times.

i honestly think the old seasons of ahs are typically shitshows and they get way too much praise- i think the older seasons are best at the dialogue, lines, and the entertaining aspects of it all but i think the older seasons are objectively bad in a lot of ways. also, i think the show has gotten better in recent years in a lot of ways, but it got less entertaining. i think peoples opinions on the recent seasons are far too subjective. nyc, red tide, and maybe even delicate at times are all very well put together, but the show has progressively gotten more boring after 1984. 1984 was the last overly stimulating and entertaining season i think- red tide was almost boring but was still fun but nyc ended up being really boring sometimes despite theoretically being one of the best seasons to date (it was almost perfect, but lacks energy dramatically and has its flaws)

but like- i think ryan and the ahs team still have "it" but i think they, probably mainly ryan fears messing up like he used to, which in turn makes the show more boring. i think we need to give him more chances. i think if ryan and the team finds a balance, they can make a season that could go down in tv history for all the right reasons.

but to be honest i think the BEST most LOGICAL thing for ryan to do is to give up ahs and work on a new project. maybe he can just give it a rest for some time if he doesn't want it canceled yet. while i don't think ahs has lost its ability to be good, if he were to make a phenominal season it would go under the radar unlike the old seasons, and i think if it ever were to become a popular, profitable season, it wouldn't do well right away. it would resurface years later, probably up to a decade or so before people actually care about it. i think that might happen a bit with red tide one day even though red tide was not a masterpiece. i also can see some of the artistic nyc scenes resurfacing one day. not sure about delicate though- unless part two ends up blowing my expectations-

one last thing- i genuinely do not fully understand why ryan still is on ahs. he most likely is attached to it and can't get rid of it. hardly ANYONE is watching the new seasons- like the amount of ratings are lower than ever before- and since its an anthology, all ryan would really need to do at this point is make new shows with the future ahs ideas and switch up the way its marketed and maybe change a couple things and then nobody would even question that it was an ahs idea. just doing that would make more people watch- i mean look at his recent shows like ratched, pose, crime story, dahmer, even the watcher- they have all done better than recent ahs seasons. and you couldn't convince me that all the shows i mentioned couldn't easily be ahs seasons. i'd say other than pose but like i can see pose being an ahs season if there was more gore- that basically would be nyc but mainly about the trans community instead of the gay community-

but yeah... my main point in all of this is that someone like ryan can't easily "lose his spark" or whatever you wanna call it without a fight in my opinion. while i know i could be wrong and it happens to writers, someone responsible for putting so much energy in their shows at one point can't just stop having the ability to produce said energy unintentionally most of the time. i think ryan probably is overthinking it. he probably is scared to do what he used to for a lot of his recent work for some reason. i think if he snapped out of it then he'll be back on track. i don't think it's writers block, i think hes an actively good writer. a crazy and problematic one at times- but still pretty good. i think theres a big chance hes only lacking lately because he put rules in his head that he didn't have before. he doesn't let creativity flow like he did before. which is both a good and bad thing. its creating better stories and ideas, but in turn it is causing a boring watch. he needs to find a balance in his writing. ok im done here. what do you think?

16:49 UTC


Why are the ghosts in Roanoke trapped in the house (or the land)?

So as we know, there are a lot of spirits trapped in the land of the events of the season, but i still don't understand why. I get it that the ghosts of The Butcher and her "followers" are trapped because of Scathach, but what about the Chens, or the two crazy girls? Are they trapped only in the house or in all the land like the other ghosts? And are they trapped by Scathach too? Also, do ALL the people that die there become trapped ghosts? In the end basically all the cast dies in there. So that means that they are ghosts too or just dead? it's kinda confusing tbh.

15:56 UTC


Finn = Male Neve

For the longest time, I’ve felt that Finn Whitlock could’ve easily played the son, nephew, brother, etc. of one Neve Campbell. Cause the resemblance is uncanny.

14:46 UTC


Can somebody make a Coven edit of Zoe with the song “P Power” by Gunna. You know why this song.

03:09 UTC


Best one liners?

00:14 UTC


Since part 2 is almost here, what do you expect or would like to come out of it?

23:48 UTC


painted an AHS coven poster!! What colour should I make the border??

Painted as a gift for my friend

23:12 UTC


Murder house ahs question

I am watching AHS season 1 and I am so confused how the murder house ghost thing work. Like do they get trapped there if they die in there and they are buried there or if they only die in there. I don't get it.

21:26 UTC


I brought my Moira cosplay to PAX! 🩸

18:42 UTC


Roanoke's cast

I'm currently re-watching Roanoke, and I got on the end credits where there's like the main cast. It says: Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lily Rabe, André Holland, Denis O'Hare, Wes Bentley, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson AND Angela Bassett. And then, “Guest starring Adina Porter”. Maybe there's something that I don't get but, why is Adina considered a guest starring if she appeared more than Wes, Evan and Denis? She should be with them on the main cast, like she was in Apocalypse. The last fucking episode is all about her and you consider her a guest starring?

17:29 UTC


Leave Audrey’s Saturn Alone! Lmao

16:52 UTC


Currently in college for psychology, and that being said, would Dr. Ben Harmon have lost his license for psychiatry long before the end of season 1?

I've worked as a relatively low level employee for a few years, and the rules regarding conduct are pretty strict. I'm surprised he didn't get into more trouble after sleeping with one of his students.

21:42 UTC


What is the scariest season ?

Hello, I recently started AHS, I’m usually not really into horrors series or stuff I like it but I always regret it before getting to sleep xd I’m currently watching season 1 which isn’t that scary for the moment; but I’ve heard that the others seasons are really. So could you guys tell me what the season should I avoid watching if I want to keep sleeping at night ? And also not being traumatised?

17:20 UTC


Who are your favourite seasonal one-shots? Here's mine.

16:27 UTC


We needed more of her

16:17 UTC


How big do you think the casts should be?

I was thinking about how some seasons have a lot more characters, while others have less. How much do you think should be in a season? Or does it not matter, as long as they contribute something?

11:06 UTC


My theory on each season and it's setting

I have had a theory for a long time but I've not seen it posted so forgive me if this has been done.

I think that most series of AHS are set in a world similar to ours only with ghosts and magic. There is another world that doesn't not have paranormal or supernatural forces and this is where the other seasons take place. So if we take the seasons in order...

S1 Murder House: Ghosts, Devil stuff, Magic

S2 Asylum: Serial killer, Aliens, Evil Humans

S3 Coven: Magic, Ghosts, Devil stuff

S4 Freakshow: Evil Humans, (1 ghost with Mordrake)

S5 Hotel: Vampires, Ghosts, Addiction Demon, Devil stuff

S6 Roanoke: Ghosts, Magic, Gods

S7 Cult: Evil Humans

S8 Apocalypse: Magic, Devil stuff

S9 1984: Ghosts, Evil Humans, Devil stuff

S10 Double Feature: Addiction, Aliens, Evil Humans

S11 NYC: Evil Humans (?) Addiction (?)

S12 Delicate: Evil Humans (?)

So I'd group Murder House, Coven, Hotel, Roanoke & Apocalypse together as the "magic/supernatural world" and Asylum, Freakshow, Cult, 1984 & Double Feature together as the "real world".

I'm a bit iffy on the placement of 1984 because it does seem relatively grounded in reality apart from the Night Stalker coming back to life bit.

NYC I'm not sure what the evil force was but I'd group it in the real world along with Delicate as there doesn't seem to be any supernatural shenanigans going on so far...

Anyway I'd love to hear your thoughts on this guys.

Feel free to disagree it was just a fun headcanon I thought I'd share.

"Bitch, I will eat you!" ~ Queenie

09:56 UTC


I'm 100% straight guy... Maybe 99%

04:32 UTC


What’s Billie Lourd best preference in ahs

20:59 UTC


Say ONE thing NICE about your least favorite character.

11:45 UTC



My first time watching NYC I was hesitant for a while because a lot of people said they didn't like it. So far I actually think it's really good it definitely did take a bit to get into it but was curious on your opinions!

00:29 UTC


The best Billie Dean Howard moment

21:28 UTC


I’m rewatching Asylum but I just can’t deal with the Lana being held against her will thing. I can handle a lot but i just hate sister jude and everyone there.

I don’t get why people like the character and think she’s interesting, she’s just awful. I can handle a lot every season but it’s really making it difficult for me to watch this season. I just hate her so much. And that dr Arden I even hate that actor bc of this season lol. To me sister jude is a villain just like bloody face

19:21 UTC


New Poster for “American Horror Story: Delicate” Part Two

16:35 UTC


Pick A Character You Would Want To Party Hardy With On A Friday Night


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