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A subreddit for Warhammer 40,000 based writing prompts to help those with an interest in writing stories in the grim dark future.

A subreddit for Warhammer 40,000 based writing prompts to help those with an interest in writing stories in the grim dark future.


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Once upon a time there was a Tyranid.

A big Tyranid; one of the yellow ones with pointy teeth. Before her: a juicy planet filled with squirming, tasty humans. A small force of defenders grips their meager las-guns with shaky hands. Drool oozes from the Tyranids mouth. She was very hungry.

Her brothers, were not.

They had eaten too many vegans on the last planet, and the vegan gene was part of their biomass, infesting her hive fleet. “We only eat plantsss now,” the’d chitter across the psychic channels. “Yesss...” another hissed, “...let usss passs thisss planet and let the humansss live in peassse.”

One Tyranid stands alone against this unprecedented threat. Can she save her fleet from fleshy abstinence before it’s too late? Can she bring her brothers back to mindless hunger before they pass the human planet by?

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Say, BIG LUGGA, why’d you join the fight for the Greater Good?

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An Explorator fleet sends a landing party to the surface of a former planet of the Imperium. It is clear from auspex scans and observation that some catastrophe befell this place. A lone Magos finds a lone working data slate, the last few entries on a forum tell what happened to the doomed planet...

This sub is looking too much like Sanguinius these days. Unlike him, let's keep it alive!

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There used to be a whole group of you but now there is only two.

What happened?

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A detachment of Order of Our Martyred Lady Sisters have been sent to cleanse chaos on a forge world. They find an all male Slannesh cult. That get very sexually excited by any an all pain sensation.

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An accident with the Golden Throne worked in The Emperor’s favor. He stands and leaves the Golden Throne.

What happens next?

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The Custodes Arrive (AKA "A Head Start")

"Oh mighty custodians of the god Emperor, it honours us greatly to see you before us in all of your-"

"You are the planetary governor of this... Place?"

"Indeed, oh auric purveyor of His indomitable will. As you can see, we have roused and armed the populace to meet whatever-"

"You are three cycles too late. You could have evacuated the populace and saved many able bodes from this doomed place."

"I am sorry, oh gracious spear in His hand. I was tending to my servo-factorums to ensure profit margins remained constant in the face of-"


"You there, menial."

"Y-yes my lord?"

"You are now in charge of this planet's defense. Try to choose better priorities than your predecessor."

"O-of course, my lord."

"Excellent. Oh, and make sure you clean up the bloodstains. Rather bad for morale, don't you think?"

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A demi-company of Rainbow Warriors is stranded on a far-off agri-world after their strike cruiser mysteriously falls from orbit.

No text.

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You wake up, groggily and immobile. The smell of burning flesh fills your nostrils, and an ominous chanting can be heard around you...

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As a planetary governor, you have heard whispers of conspiracy and treachery before. This time, however, they take a new and terrifying form.

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The Emperor walks in as Sanguinius hits the floor and engages Horus. After the battle Sanguinius gets up and says “just kidding guys”

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Your son has been selected for the ranks of the Astartes.

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Discussing a particular weapon! (let me know what you think of this one)

“This looks good on him don’t you think?”

The woman's fingers tapped the brushed metal part as she walked past towards the back of the dimly lit room. She opened a cabinet and reached to grab something.

“Care for a drink, Mister Quellion?”

Not addressing him by his formal rank and title would have resulted in a power sword through the abdomen were it any other person in the Imperium so blatantly disrespecting him. He knew that his frustration could be read on his face. he knew that she knew, and he knew that she did it on purpose just to anger him knowing that he could do nothing but stand there and accept it.

“No thank you my lady” the angered warrior spoke with as much calmness in his voice as he could.

“More for me then” the lady spoke with a smile on her face, seemingly happy with the frustration she saw on the noble’s face.

“What do you think of him? He was completed a few days ago”

A finger clad in bright silver armor gleamed softly in the dim light of the candles in the room. It pointed towards a seated figure in the back corner next to the entrance, next to where Ser Huescar Quellion of the house von Iserlohn stood.

“To be frank, I think these things truly are a waste of resources”

There was a distinct tone of disgust in “Huescar’s voice and he made sure it was noticed.

“You think so? I think they are quite magnificent. In fact I think they are beautiful both in form and in nature.”

The dark haired woman turned away from the cabinet she had been rummaging through. She had a glass in her right hand as she walked over to a closeby table as she continued talking.

“What could be more beautiful than these things Mister Quellion?”

His jaw clenched as he was disrespected yet again.

“Frankly my lady, I perceive most types of sediment to be more beautiful than this abomination. More useful too”

The lady dressed in silver armor was now leaning against the table, sipping on the amber colored liquid in her glass from time to time.

“More useful? When have you ever seen dirt wipe out an entire hordet of heretics?” She smiled at the memory she was describing.

“Never my lady” spoke Ser Huescar with a grimace.

“But in my opinion, the funds spent on converting one of these things could be better spent arming riflemen or maintaining the vehicles that those loyal men need.”

A more serious expression now came over the pale face of the in silver clad lady. Her cold blue eyes now met Ser Huescar’s directly. Her gaze was so intense that he instinctively looked away for a split second. But as fast as that look came over her, it faded away.

“And what of the punishment for this man then?”

Her head tilted to the left, allowing her long dark hair, that had been resting on her shoulder pauldron, to fall. Her beauty caught the veteran warrior of guard.

If only she wasn't equally as terrifying as she was beautiful. Ser Huescar had thought

“Men such as these most certainly deserve the harshest of punishment. But given the current circumstances that our beloved imperium finds itself in. I believe we are to simply shoot these damned heretics in the kneecaps and leaving them to die where they lay. There are far too many enemies out there which does not warrant us spending so much time and effort turning just one of them into”

He paused, turned his head to look at the seated figure on his left, and with disgust in his voice spoke.

“Into this thing

“I appreciate your concern for the strain that the time and resources spent on this conversion that you think have been put on the organisation. But I assure you, oh noble pilot, that the Ordo Hereticus has more than enough of both, and gladly expends them to make sure that heretics ,such as Mertan 751 here, get what they deserve”

The inquisitor stood up from leaning against the table and started walking towards Ser Huescar, who had not moved from where he was standing for the entire conversation.

“You may think Argo-Flagellants are a toy, a way to amuse an inquisitor such as myself for a mere thirty seconds until it eventually dies. And there are some of my colleagues who do see it them that way. But not I”

Inquisitor Malaena stopped about a foot away from the knight pilot and turned to face the seated creature. It sat slumped forward, leaning to his left and with its head hanging. It did not move a muscle save for its very slow breathing. The metal helmet on its head glowed a faint orange in the light.

“When I said that I see beauty in them I meant it.”

Ser Huescar also turned towards the corner that the former heretic was seated in.

“They sit here unmoving for days on end with their pacifier helmets showing them images of the holy emperor. They hear endless choirs and prayers, waiting for the command to give their life for His cause.”

She took a step backwards and the knight clad in his purple and grey pilot suit did the same.

Mertan 751 hear me now”

The creature suddenly sat up straight and raised its head.

“You will come to see the poetic justice soon lord Baron of Iserlohn, as I send this vile heretic to kill the very people he preached to about worshipping the despicable warp entities they call gods.”

She cleared her throat and resumed.

“What is more beautiful than a former heretic literally throwing away his life in service of the Emperor he had turned his back to? And in doing so eradicating more heretics.”

“Sure, a shot to the back of the head would have killed him too, but that wouldn’t have made an example out of him. having their leader simply shot would not instill the right amount of fear into these heretics.”

“In the thirty seconds after I set him loose he will do more than just kill the enemy, he will redeem himself ever so slightly, he will kill heretics, and he will likely kill himself.”

She addressed the Acro Flagellant again and spoke with a calm and clear tone.

“Rise and step outside”

The half machine hybrid complied swiftly to his ladies’ commands.

“Now follow me”

She turned to Ser Huescar and told him to mount into his knight armour and take his position at the entrance of the cave they were standing at and the noble pilot did as he was told.

A soldier who had been waiting at the cave entrance with the other men whilst the inquisitor and the knight pilot were inside the trailer was order to give his report to the lady of the holy Ordo.

“All other Exits to this cave system are sealed and secured my lady. The servitors you requested we find and take from the hive city have been stationed at the cave entrance and are awaiting your command as well my lady.”

Lady Malaena looked the young man in the eye and saw the question that was on his lips.

“You are wondering why I would request servitors that have lights mounted to them but no weapons. Am I correct?”

The young soldier nodded in response and as he did so a peculiar smile emerged on the inquisitors face. It was a smile that only someone who hunts heretics for a living could have, or so Ser Huescar thought as he observed the conversation through the eyes of his now activated Knight Warden.

“I am in position my lady inquisitor” spoke the knight pilot through his vox casters.

The inquisitor confirmed that all other men stationed around the cave entrance were also ready.

And when the final unit confirmed that they were ready and waiting for her command she turned to the young soldier standing in front of her. She told him to go to the men with the servitors and that he was to be the one who gave the servitors with their lights the command to move into the cave on her command.

The lady dressed in silver and black power armour commanded the Acro Flagellant who was standing behind her to move into position at the mouth of the cave.

She then cave the command to the young soldier to have the servitors turn on their lamps and to send them walking into the cave. He did as he was commanded and ordered the servitors to move.

The four creatures were slow and seemingly moved with great difficulty. The group of men who were standing with the inquisitor were order to come with her to fall back beyond the gunline aimed at the cave.

And while they were walking the inquisitor leaned towards the soldier she had been previously been addressing. And with a smile and a seemingly happy tone of voice said:

“They are here so the heretics can see what is coming for them.”

Upon hearing that the face of the soldier turned as white as the three moons above their heads. And on that moment too, the first screams from the cave could be heard.

The inquisitor noted that the servitors must have made it to the group of people inside. She turned to address everyone under her command.

“The light carrying servitors have made it to their mark. This means that the heretics will now be able to see what is coming for them. On my command I will unleash the Emperor's justice upon these wretched heretics. I will unleash these heretics’ former preacher to go and kill them without mercy. And when they see him they will truly have a reason to scream. Not all of them will fall though, some will make it past their former friend and make it to this exit. And that is where you loyal men will do your duty and put these beasts down.”

She turned to face the hulking metal giant piloted by Ser Huescar and gave him another order.

“I will humour you, should this creature succeed in killing all of the heretics and make it out alive I will allow you personally to kill him if you so wish.”

Without waiting for a reply she turned around and screamed.

Mertan 751! Purgatus!”

And on that command the creature started screaming at the top of its lungs as the cocktail of psycho drugs, adrenaline and other chemicals entered his bloodstream. And with incredible speed it dashed into the darkness of the caves.

Everyone was silent at the cave entrance and only the humming of the Knight’s plasma generator could be heard but a few seconds later the screaming started again, but this time it was much, much louder.

The men at the cave entrance looked at each other tensely as a new sound could also be heard over the sound of the screaming in the caves.

That sound was the goodlady inquisor Malaena of the holy Ordo Hereticus.

At the sound of the screaming and dying heretics.

She was laughing.

Laughing so hard her knees buckled and she sank to the floor…..

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Today is the day you lost faith.

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An Astartes of the line, on a hellish battlefield of a planet that has no name is struck by an attack by a rogue psyker and blacks out. He awakes as Billy, the 16 year old he was before his first hypno-indoctrination.

What happens next?

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After a long day of battle all you want to do is sleep, but the newest recruits in your unit are determined to hear the legendary tale of how you lost your arm.

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The story of a squire (C&C appreciated)

“A league and a half worth of plains between the forest to the South and the walls, high mountains to the East and to the North, and a river to the West. Whoever built this castle knew his positioning.” Ser Simeon walked into the courtyard of the long abandoned castle still wearing his pilot suit. The men of Iserlohn’s 9th Infantry Division named “Iserlohn’s lancers” 4th Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 1st rifle company had made their camp in the ruins. Small tents were still being set up by some as rain began to fall softly from the grey skies above. Those who did not have guard duty hurried to get to their shelter as quick as they could for the rain started to grow heavier.

The rain didn’t bother the old veteran, as he made his way through the courtyard towards the one small room in the whole castle where light was being shone. Duke Alphonse Galanta was standing over a table with a holo map projected on it. “These heavy clouds have brought evening early my lord” spoke Ser Simeon with a deep and raspy voice. “The riflemen have set up camp and started rotating their guard” he looked around the room at the faces of the other pilots on his lance. “Madeleine, you are with Ser Theodore in the second guard group. Ser Casimir, you and Arabella will be third. I will take first guard duty with Isabella.” The Duke looked at the young pilots under his command and then turned to look at his old mentor. “Ser Simeon, am I correct in assuming that the master at arms is comfortable with taking the last guard by himself?” The old veteran nodded and spoke: “Of course my lord.” He bowed, turned on his heels whilst adding another command to those that his lord gave: “You heard our lord, now those of you that can should rest. We have another long day of chasing our foes ahead of us tomorrow.” And with those words he had stepped out of the candle light and into the now dark courtyard. The rain was now coming down so heavy that some of the younger riflemen in the courtyard had found themselves laying in water puddles, much to the amusement of the more experienced men around them. “I told you not to put your stuff there Tax!” One had shouted, but was quickly shushed by a sergeant who had walked in to this courtyard. “Sound discipline, private!” He barked reasonably quietly but.

The sergeant caught up to Ser Simeon and matched his step. “The men are in good spirits despite the heavy rain and the long road here Sergeant.” He looked around the courtyard and then at the soldier walking next to him. “My lord Baron, we searched the ruins, there are no breaches in any of the outer walls” Ser Simeon looked the Sergeant in the eyes. “We are secure then Sergeant.” He spoke. “Yes my lord, we are secure.” The sergeant responded.
The two men reached one of the stone stairs that led up to the wall surrounding the courtyard. The master at arms stopped walking, put his left foot on the stairs and addressed the sergeant. “Go tell our lord, Duke Galanta that the castle is secure” The sergeant bowed, turned, and swiftly walked away back towards the courtyard.

Atop the walls were a few riflemen, each spaced a good distance apart. Most were leaning against the battlements, tired from the long days traveling in their Taurox transport vehicle. As Ser Simeon looked over the battlements to the North his augmetic eye could just barely make out the silhouette of the mountains beyond. “Even this top of the line eye of mine can barely make them out this rain is so heavy.” He thought to himself.

The Sergeant found his way to Ser Alphonse just as he was about to climb aboard his Knight Castellan named “Interitus.” “This castle is still secure after so many years, that is impressive” He told the Sergeant after having heard his report. “Stand clear now Sergeant, I am about to awaken my armour.”

With those words the Sergeant disappeared into the night. Ser Alphonse sat upon his Throne Mechanicum, closed his eyes and started his prayers of awakening, just as he had done so many times before. “Awaken, oh plasma generator, and pump thine blood of fire. Awaken, oh cannons, oh rocket, oh blades and fists, and prepare to smite the foe. Awaken, oh ion shield, and muster thine bastion of light. Awaken, oh Throne Mechanicum. The time for war has come” With every word he uttered screens came alive, hydraulic lines pressurized, gears started whirring and Interitus’ twin plasma generators started growling. When he opened his eyes, he saw a view of the courtyard augmented by tactical overlays. He was looking through his armour’s eyes. Interitus had awoken once more.

“I am ready to move on your command” spoke the young senior squire Isabella over the vox net. “She has become one of the finest warriors our planets have seen, and at such a young age.” He thought. “When she turns twenty-one next year she will gain the right to try to bond with a “true” knight armour. When she makes it she will leave her days as a squire behind her and will become a force that even Ser Simeon would find it hard to win against. “

“As we have some time Isabella “ Ser Alphonse replied on the vox net. “I received good news a few days ago, I had thought to save it for when we got back after this assignment, but I took you on first guard to tell you know.” Isabella lifted her deep blue eyes from the ordinance display inside the cockpit, unfocussed her eyes and focused her mind. She blinked and found herself looking through the eyes of the Armiger Warglaive she was piloting again. “Do tell, my lord.” She spoke with an unusual amount of excitement in her voice Ser Alphonse thought. “It is good to hear you so excited, we don’t hear it often enough.” He spoke, but before Isabella could reply he pinged the voice net with another transmission. “ Look around you in this courtyard, in front of you is my Knight Castellan “Interitus”. Ser Alphonse tasked Isabella with naming all the other knight armours in the courtyard.

“Ser Simeon’s knight Preceptor “Iudex”, Ser Theodore’s Knight Styrix “Pertinax” those two Questoris knights were stood to her left, her two sisters’ armiger warglaives were stood beside hers on either side. She shifted her eyes right now and looked upon a truly Menacing looking figure. “And then finally there is Ser Casimir’s Cerastus Knight “Ultrix”

Ser Alphonse smiled to himself knowing the joy he will bring to his senior squire. “Very good indeed Isabella. It is no news to you that you will be among these true knights soon, but the news that I do have for you today is that the Council of Five has decided what armour you are to be assigned”

And in an exceedingly rare moment, and only for an instant, Isabella let her true emotions through. A tear of happiness rolled down her left cheek. For she had not known if someone who was not of true blood would even be allowed to become a true knight, for it had never happened before. Her last name was not Fehlihr, one of the five great families in the unified house of von Iserlohn. Her name was “Fur Fehlihr” meaning she was adopted into the family. Her sisters and her were taken in because their father had given his life one faithful day, to save the life of a three young Fehlihr children.

And because the three young girls were now truly alone according to their neighbor, who explained to the good lord Fehlihr that the girls’ mother had died long ago, he took pity upon them. He reasoned that because their father had saved his three children, that he would do the same for his and took them into his family. Where they grew up strong and even showed the rare talent of being able to pilot knights.

“We were told there had been an outrage at the council when our good father told them he wanted to see my sisters and I become squires” she told her lord with a tremor in her voice. “But by his persistence we were allowed the honor.” Tears were now well and truly rolling down her face. ”And by your work at the council, my lord Duke. Through the training of Lord Simeon, as well as the council of the others. I have been graced with the opportunity to become a true knight.”

Ser Alphonse kept quiet for a second, and hesitated on speaking his mind about how he thought it good of young Isabella to show emotion, as he knew she very rarely did so because of how much she disliked doing so. “Yes, but it is through your own prowess and hard work that I can now give you this joyous news.” “The council was not hard to convince given the combination of your immaculate record, my recommendations along with the recommendations of everyone else in the lance, and the words of your father the good lord Prince Fehlihr.”

“You are to be assigned the armour named “Subversor”. Ser Alphonse could hear an audible gasp through the speakers in his helmet. “Congratulations Isabella, your skill has convinced the council to make you the pilot of the revered Knight Porphyrion.”

The vox net now fell silent. During the conversation the skies above had cleared to reveal a magnificent view of the stars above. So too had clouds seemingly parted in the cockpit of Isabella’s Warglaive, and curiously, those very clouds fading away had caused rain. It brought rains.

Rains that had been a long time coming.

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A group of rogue inquisitors decide to assassinate the emperor so that he can use his perpertual abilities to be reborn in glory.

What happens next?

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The forgotten 21st Primark: Coinus of Balth

Very little is known about Coinus youth. It is believed that that he was raised on the planet of Balth, an Adeptus Administratum

core world, which is tasked with maintaining / managing the materials for ornamental skull production throughout the Imperium.

The core adminstrator (after filling the correct paperwork) adopted Coinus and begain to instruct him in the ways of bureaucracy.

Due to lacking the correct birth documents, Coinus was unable to progress past junior adminstrator level.

Until that faithfull day the Emperors starship the Phalanx, apeared in the system....

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Deep behind enemy lines your squad is under heavy fire, just a stone's throw from the objective. Your squad-mate is wounded and you're left with the choice - them or the mission. Time is running out....

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A rogue trader stands outside an under hive bar called the Wild Snake. The stench of Rotgut wafts over her as she enters, her piercing eyes taking in the dangerous patrons. What she’s looking for has to be here...

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40Kprompts has been created

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